Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What can I say...

America has spoken and spoken loud and clear. They made it known they wanted hope and they wanted change. You got it.
But what happens when the tears stop flowing, the hugging stops, the singing stops, and the euphoria you’re all feeling right now starts to fade away? What happens when the props, bling, and all the glitter are sent back to the warehouse and you realize Barrack Obama’s just another politician who simply told you everything you wanted to hear? What happens when everyone goes back home to their hum-drum daily lives and find out that everything’s the same as it‘s always been? What happens when people who bought more house than they could afford still lose their homes even though Obama told them he’d take care of that? What happens when you get behind on your heating bill this winter and the gas company cuts you off for non-payment? Do you think Obama’s going to be there for you? How about when you fill your car up with gas? Is Obama all the sudden going to pay for it because you’re down on your luck? No, it’s not going to happen.
What happens when you realize we’re always going to be in Iraq regardless of what you‘ve been told? You’ve bought into the notion that we should be doing more in Afghanistan. We probably should too, but you’re really going to hate it when they start sending our dead kids home by the thousands once you get your way.
Do you really believe now that your guy’s in the White House the Muslim extremists are going to stop hating us? You want to believe it’s all Bush’s fault but I’ve got a news flash for you, they hated us way before Bush ever came along. What happens when Russia deploys missiles against our NATO allies in Poland of they invade Georgia? Couldn’t happen? Already has. Do we go to war with Russia? I gotta tell you, you’re really going to hate that.
What about the collapse of stock market? The Freddie and Fannie thing? The housing crisis? Bush’s fault, right? Give me a break. Both parties have screwed this country over for as long as we’ve been around. And if you think electing Barrack Obama as our newest President is going to change that, well, I’ll just say you’re mistaken and leave it at that.
It comes down to this. If you want to get ahead in this world, all you’ve got to do is get off your butt and do something about it. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to come to your rescue. That’s the way it’s always been and the way it’ll always be no matter which political party happens to be in power at any given time.
Just look outside. The sun came up in the east this morning and it’ll still set in the west tonight. Life goes on. It’s up to us as individuals to either make something out of ourselves or not. Don’t buy into the notion that some politician is going to do it for you.
Here’s the deal, yes, we have our problems. But I truly believe we live in the greatest country in the world. I certainly didn’t vote for Barrack Obama but he’s still going to be my president. I’ll do my best to support him and my country any way I can, we all should. Just remember though, 2012 is just around the corner, we‘ll fight another day.
Hey, before I wind this up though, I’d like to throw out a “hell yeah” to our new Shawnee County District Attorney, Chad Taylor. No Chad, you didn’t have much of anything to offer as far as qualifications go so you whipped up the Phill Kline thing almost as good as Paul Morrison did. I guess in politics, winning is the only thing that matters, right?
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  1. You're completely right that we still have a long road to travel, and it's going to be a BUMPY road...

    But Myron said something on CJonline I had to respond to. He's right that Democrats will start acting badly, now that they think they have a "mandate" from the people.

    They'll probably start passing laws that are unconstitutional, restrict people's freedoms, give their political buddies nice contracts, expand government, and run our economy down even further.

    Pretty much the same Republicans did when they got into power during the Bush II years.

    It's a cycle that won't end until "the People" (eg voters) pull their heads out of their @$$e$ and quit supporting the political parties that keep screwing them around.

    BUT as we've seen throughout American history, the voters will just support the OTHER party (that screwed them around before this party got elected).

    All the voters have done is tell Republicans AND Democrats, "If you screw us around this time, we'll make you wait 4 or 8 more years before we'll let you screw us again!"

    How does that teach them to NOT screw us around?

    Vote Libertarian!


    Thomas Lessman

  2. I'm almost with you on the Libertarian thing Thomas. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it this time around. Every vote I cast with the exception of Eric Rucker was a vote against the Democrats.
    I do believe you're right about some of the things they Dems will try to push through though. But I think this will blow up in their faces too.
    This election wasn't so much a mandate by the people. It was more about punishing Republicans bacause of bush. Anyway, that's the way I see it...