Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tell Us It Ain't So Jeff...

Question: What would you call a guy who wants to be the next mayor and issues a press release that he knows full well is full of misinformation, and misrepresentations?
A lot of people I know would probably come right out and say the guy’s a liar. I mean what the hell, if he’s putting forth information he knows isn’t true, what’s he doing? You make the call.
What would you call him if he’s issued this same press release that’s full of the same misinformation, the same misrepresentations, but he didn’t realize that because of the votes he made he now owns the issue he tried to raise in the first place. Call him what you want. Just don’t call him Mr. Mayor.
In case you haven’t figured out by now, I’m talking about our very own deputy mayor, Jeff Preisner and the press release he put out a few days ago claiming that current mayor, Bill Bunten personally hand picked like minded people to our library board in his successful attempt to push his own agenda. That may or may not be an exact quote but it’s close enough for me. You know the story so I’m not going to spend a lot of time boring you with the details.
What is it Jeff? Did you intentionally set out to mislead us? Or is it that you really, truly don’t understand that when you and the rest of the city council voted for and approved every library board appointee put forth by the mayor, you pretty much took ownership of the whole thing? Tell us it ain’t so Jeff. Please tell us you’re smarter than that.
But that’s really not it, is it Jeff? You knew damned good and well what you were doing. You knew the whole library thing was a hot button issue that’s still fresh in people’s minds. You knew you could use it as a wedge issue to keep people stirred up. Maybe you figured as long as you could keep people fighting with each other you might not have to spend so much time explaining your support of some very unpopular issues in recent years. I’m just guessing.
How about that helicopter vote Jeff. How’d that work out for you? Damn, you caught hell over that. Oh yeah, the whole software fiasco you voted for. Man, it had to be hard knowing you were voting against the will of the people. What’s next Jeff? How long before you drag out Phill Kline’s name. I mean what the hell, Bunten and Kline have both lived in Topeka, right? There’s your connection, run with it man.
Jeff, I think you really screwed up big time. I think you’re only listening to one side of the whole library issue. I think what you’re listening to is a small,very loud, and very angry, group of people. You know, the side that didn’t get their way. What you’re missing here is the fact that this small group of people don't necessarily speak for the majority of Topekans.
Personally, I’m not all that passionate about the library issue one way or the other. To me, it’s more of a standards issue. Maybe I’m wrong here but I really do believe that most people in Topeka really don’t want their kids exposed to the kind of books everyone’s fighting over. I also believe a lot of them think simply keeping them out of the reach children is just common sense.
You handle it however you want. Sure, you’ll have the support of the people who bought into your foolishness. But I doubt it’ll be enough to win an election with. Good luck with that.
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  1. Well, come on, Kevin. If you were going up against a sweet, likable guy like Bunten, you'd have to dress him in a Gestapo uniform and paint a dorky short mustache under his nose. My advise to Preisner is this: why don't you try actually accomplishing something in your life before you blow your wad on trying to become the Topeka Mayor. Seriously, the job should be codified as open only to "sweet old poops who have actually done something with their lives."

  2. I guess ol' Jeff felt the need to lob a first strike at Bunten. Problem is though, his bomb was a dud. Kinda like he is.

    All he really had to do was to keep reminding people Bunten has always wanted to raise taxes and he's been pushing for some kind of river-front development for years. Something most people are against. And now this is the best he could come up with.

    Funny thing is though. There really are people out there buying into his crap. Oh well...

  3. Well written article again my friend ...

    Myron Holter
    Topeka KS

  4. while i agree jeff is a f'n idiot, he really is not right for mayor of this city. i have a diffrent take on the library issue. i agree the books contain content unsuitable for children, but i believe parents should be monitoring thier children, not the library staff. after all these books are in the adult health section. i mean seriously "the joy of sex"??? that book is older than me. how is it harmful to minors? i think people should take responsibilty for thier children. Whats next to be restricted? I've read more sexually explicit things in a stephen king novel than anything in these books that are in a adult health section. why are these books diffrent from the 600 hundered other titles in that section? well let me jump down off my soapbox. thanks for letting me rant. good article! By the way, i watched the forum for mayoral candidates. VERY UNIMPRESSIVE!!!

  5. Although Preisner is a bonehead, You don't have a clue on the helicopter or software issue. You listen to 580 and Cates too much. Bunten is a loser and so is Preisner. Any one but those two will be better than electing those tax and spend idiots. They both love riverfront,tpac,gotopeka, and all the nonessentials.

  6. Thanks for stopping by n. And thank you for bringing your soapbox with you. You stay up there on it as long as you want.
    n, you bring up some good and valid points. Looks like we both agree that parents should be monitoring their kids. No question about that. And in a perfect world, that's the way it would work. But we both know there are unattended kids at the library all the time. Yes I do know about the policy the library has about parents keeping an eye on their kids and all that. But having a policy and enforcing one are two very different things.
    You ask just how harmful is it to minors. Who knows? I was once a young kid and got a hell of a kick out of looking at pitures of "nekid" girls. I really doubt I was damaged by the experience either.
    To be honest, I haven't seen the four books that everybody's talking about. One side describe them as full of very sexually graphic pictures. Your side describe them as being something much different. I would suspect that in all reality they'd fall somewhere in between.
    It's not about 15 and 16 year old minors people are so concerned about. It's the 6 and 7 year old's. A lot of people believe keeping this stuff out of their hands is a good thing.
    Stop by anytime n, and by all means, bring your soapbox.

  7. One thing about it Bill. You're a guy that likes to get right, straight to the point.
    You're half right about the helicopter/software issue. I do have a clue on the police helicopter issue. In fact I was one of the few people who supported it. If I remember, there were like three of us. It just made sense to me that it would be a huge benifit to our officers on the ground. But the software thing. Yeah, that was all pretty much over my head. No, I didn't have a clue. You got me on that one.
    The point I was trying to make was that instead of having to answer questions about his own voting record he tried to use the library issue as a way to devert people's attention.
    You're right, they're both big on taxing and spending. I wouldn't use the word idiot though. And yes they both seem to love the river front, tpac, go topeka, and the nonessentials. But other people will tell you these issues are the most important things we have. I guess it all comes down to who's telling the story.
    Oh yeah. You're way off base about the Jim Cates and 580 thing. I'm assuming you're talking about Raubin and Megan. Tell me Bill, how do you get too much of a good thing?
    Bill, thanks for stopping by and having your say.

  8. You hicks are all the same. You're too narrow minded to see the truth about anything even when it's laid in your laps.

    Your hero, Bunten is nothing more than another religous zealot with an agenda. He knew exactly what he was doing when he appointed fellow religous zealots to the library board. All Preisner tried to do was tell the truth but you're too stupid to see it.

    I noticed there was a post on here a few days ago. It looked like some kind of rap sheet for Kevin McGinty. You don't suppose he deleted that post. Maybe he has something he'd rather not having to answer for. Maybe...

  9. I love being called "narrow minded" by someone who says that we "hicks are all the same." Please, anonymous, never stop posting. And please, never think about what you're posting. It's too funny.