Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's That Sucking Sound...

You know, people are funny. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear someone claiming to be outraged over something going on down at City Hall. Over the last couple of years they’ve been outraged by the police helicopter issue. I supported the idea. I still believe a helicopter does and has saved the lives of officers who routinely put their lives on the line while they’re looking out for the rest of us. Some of the most vocal people saw it differently. They were outraged by the price tag that went along with the helicopter. They saw it as a waste of tax payer’s money. They claimed to be outraged over the software thing. Remember that one? They’re outraged by the condition of our streets and demand the council do something about it. They want us to believe they’re outraged by the way the this city’s being run. They’re outraged by the non-stop fighting that goes on between council members. They complain that the city’s wasting our tax dollars. There’s talk about recall elections and boycotts because they’re outraged by the way someone on the council voted about one thing or another.
More recently they’ve been outraged by the proposed sales tax increase. They’re convinced the city’s needlessly squandered millions of dollars in the past and this time will be no different. How about the whole fight over four books at the public library? According to some of these outraged people, it’s either censorship, booking banning, book burning, anti-gay, or just simply an attempt to destroy everyone’s constitutional rights.
So, where was all this outrage Tuesday when they had the chance to actually do something about it instead of just complaining. Come on Topeka, is 13% voter turnout the best we can do?
I know, a lot of people will say they didn’t bother because it was only a primary and they’ll get out and vote next month in the general election. Whatever.
I wonder how many of these outraged people who didn’t bother to vote have stopped to think that a small group of people like myself have decided who they even get to choose from. That’s okay with me. But I know first hand there are a lot of people who don’t agree with a lot of things I believe in. But hey, if they’re okay with that, so am I. Just don’t complain the next time you don’t get your way about something.
Before I wrap this up today, I’d like to throw out a congratulations to Governor, Kathleen Sebelius on her new job. And yes, I’m serious. It’s a good opportunity for her. She worked hard to get it and now it’s all hers. I doubt there’s a politician out there who would have done it any differently.
I’m not going to get into all the things I’ve disagreed with her about over the last six years. I’ll just say she’s the prefect fit for the Obama Administration. She’s a far-left Governor and is now joining a far-left President’s cabinet. What else can I say?
I know Kansas Democrats are excited about her being on the national scene and all. She’s literally been the leader of their party for years now. Why wouldn’t they be excited?
I have to wonder how long their excitement will last once they realize that giant sucking sound they’ll be been hearing once she leaves them behind, is the sound of the wind literally being sucked right out of their party’s sails.
Anyway, I’ve been working on what I think is an appropriate farewell to the Governor as she leaves Kansas and moves on to her next assignment in Washington. Here goes. Bye!
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  1. This is the perfect joke, Kevin. We are a ridiculous people-- outrageously outraged by the outrageous outrages of our elected officials. And then, on election day, 13%. It's a "Monty Python" skit. Hey, I didn't vote either. And you know why? It's all the City Council's and the mayor's faults. And let's throw the election lady on the pyre, too. She's probably elected or something. But anyway, it's outrageous that I wasn't able to express my will as a citizen of this outrageous city. Grrr!

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. "Bye, bye, Katie. Hello Governor Brownback." Far left governor or not, I don't care, I'm keeping my impure fantasies about Gov. Sebelius.

  3. You and your impure fantasies crack me up Fred...

  4. Looks like it's just you and me this week Fred.
    Evidently everyone else agrees with me.

    First time for everything I guess...

  5. Well, it's kind of existential or something. Your column was about apathy, and everybody who is not commenting is actually commenting inadvertently with their apathy. I'll just say "Governor Brownback" a few more times. That should get somebody. Governor Brownback! Governor Brownback! Governor pro tem Parkinson! There!

  6. It's about time!

    Kansas is on the map!

    Up till now when I've thought of Kansas, Dorothy and Toto were pretty much all that came to mind...

    Well, there was that weekend in July 1964, when we were camping at Tuttle Creek and a freak storm came up and dropped baseball-sized hail, and felled some supersized trees...

    Oh. And sunflowers. When I think of Kansas, I always think of sunflowers.

    I guess you were on the map all along.


  7. Repeating Governor Brownback over and over is just outrageously outrageous, isn't it Fred...

  8. Nothing says, No way in hell am I ever going back to that place again, quite like baseball-sized hail, and felled supersized trees.

    And yeah, we've been here all along. Like people everywhere, we have our problems but it's still a very good place to call home.

    I'm actually working in Ogallala, Nebraska right now and will be for the next couple of weeks. I do enjoy my travels and try to make the best of it wherever they take me. But still, like Dorthy said as she clicked the heels of those ruby red slippers together. "There's no place like home."

    Oh yeah, our sunflower's do indeed, "rock ass," thanks for noticing. Thanks for stopping by Cat...