Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Wanna Talk About Torture...

I think some of you people need to get a grip. It amazes me to watch the left-wingers agonize over the dreadful practice of what has now become known as “water-boarding.”
Do you even know what water-boarding is? Do you even understand what the word torture really means?
It seems crazy to me that you’ve turned your backs on Bush for doing exactly what he said he’d do following the attacks on New York City back in 2001. Do you even remember that day? Do you remember how scared you were? Do you remember wondering if we’d be hit again? I sure as hell do.
Maybe you just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because they don’t talk about it much on American Idol or Saturday Night Live. You sure don’t hear it talked about on MSNBC.
But here’s the deal, terrorism has become the scourge of the planet. Terrorists have been hijacking ships and aircraft, attacking skyscrapers, and mass transit systems anywhere and everywhere they can find a weakness. They’re responsible for mass murders in every part of the world. And most of it is done in the name of some twisted version of Islam.
Terrorists love recruiting kids, some of them as young as 10-years-old to carry out suicide missions against unsuspecting civilian populations. They purposely target society's weakest people, including the elderly, women, and children, in their effort to instill fear into governments and populations as a way to further their political and religious agendas.
In Iraq, terrorists are using vulnerable or otherwise unstable women as suicide bombers. On two different occasions they used mentally retarded women as unwitting suicide bombers. In both cases they strapped remote controlled explosive devices onto the women and set them off once the women had walked into crowded plazas, all from a safe distance. You know, they sure wouldn’t want to get hurt themselves.
How about the way the Taliban works in Afghanistan? Did you see the recent video of the man and woman accused of adultery? A group of these terrorists simply gathered them up and shot them to death on the spot. How about the young girl who was accused of simply looking at a man? Did you see what they did to her? They beat her half to death with whips and left her bleeding in the street where they found her.
You want to talk about torture, fine. But let’s be honest about it though. Let’s talk about the way terrorists like to decapitate their prisoners. But we’re not supposed to talk about that, are we. We’re not supposed to bring up all the videos they’ve made of themselves as they have a man tied up on his knees pleading for his life as they cut his head off, all the while they’re praying to Allah. Nah, we’re not supposed to bring that up.
We’re supposed to believe the left when they compare Bush and Cheney to Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Let’s see, Hitler and Stalin are personally responsible for the deaths of literally millions upon millions of people in the death camps they set up.
Bush and Cheney had doctors on hand during these interrogations to make sure these scum bags weren’t actually hurt during the process. Yeah, what a comparison.
You people can believe what you want, I really don’t care. But if you think for a minute that outing the CIA agents for what they did and prosecuting Bush and Cheney for war crimes is going to make look better in the eyes of a terrorist, and that they’ll suddenly like us better, then you’re out of your minds.
You can bag on him all you want. He brought a lot of it onto himself by destroying our economy in the first place. But love him or hate him, President Bush did what he was supposed to do. He kept all our sorry, ungrateful, asses safe from another terrorist attack. And if that meant he had to authorize the use of dunking some scum bag, terrorist under water a few times, tough.
War is hell and bad things happen. Want to talk about it? Head on over to the blog this week, I’m sure we’ll be discussing it further: or like always, you can e-mail me at


  1. I took the 9/11 attacks personally, Kevin. I still do. And may Allah have mercy on the soul of any fellow who admits to my face that he participated in terror attacks on my people. I'm not a crackpot. I'm a sane, educated man with the life of another human being in my very hands every minute of the day and night for the last six years. However, the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, and those who support them and agree with them, ought to be put to death. I hereby volunteer to kill them. I think that the terrorists have already started to realize that we are far more powerful and far more willing to kill than they are. That would explain why they are killing their own people at a far greater rate than they kill anyone else's. The only way to stop them is to kill them. The U.S. military considers me too old and deaf to serve in their armed forces, but I can and will kill, quite efficiently and with whatever weapon is available, even if it is my bare hands. Finally, anyone who disagrees with me deserves to be attacked by the friends of those who attacked our people on 9/11/2001. Love you, Pal.

  2. Another well written article my friend.

    When 911 hit us, I watched TV all day. I got madder and madder by the hour!

    I visited the 190th and asked if there was anything I could do. They said I was too old.

    So .. I write and post to our web.

    Hang in there Kevin and thanks for making a link for Sally & I

    God Bless,

    And let's go kill some terrorists.


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Myron.

    Hell, Myron, we're both too old. But I gotta tell you, the way you signed off by saying God bless, and let's go kill some terrorists was a little weird.

    How about the rest of you out there? Come on, I know for a fact there are those out there who agree with Fred, Mryon, And myself. What are you waiting for? Jump in there.

    And I also know there are just as many out there who passionately disagree with us. Again, what are you afraid of? I want to hear from your side too.

    All you gotta do is jump right in there. Nothing's stopping you but yourself...

  4. Kevin: Sorry to be just now getting around to reading this. I guess I've been too busy trying to make a living in retirement! I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the scourge of islamic terrorism we now face. As for water boarding, I probably suffered worse at the hands of survival school instructors trying to prepare me for getting shot down and captured by the Viet Cong so I don't feel much sympathy for some terrorist ass who gets a little water dribbled in his nose as we try to figure out where the next mass murder of American citizens is going to occur.


  5. Thanks for the excellent comments on my blog, Kevin!

    Farmer reminded me about my own fighting instructor cracking me on the wrist Saturday. But that was after I popped him square in the chin. Of course, he disarmed my weapon from my hands and sent it flying into a row of spectators. None of THEM got hit at least.

    The point is if you don't want to see the aggressive use of force, then mind your own business. It's quite simple. This world is, and always will be, governed by the aggressive use of force.

  6. Farmer: It really sucks that you have to be so busy trying to make a living in retirement. Looks like we're on the same page.

    It's too bad that so many Americans can't see it for what it is. Too many so people nowadays really believe that if we're just nice to these terrorist, scum bags, then they'll like us more and stop attacking us. It's really kind of sad if you think about it...

    And, Fred: Your anology cracked me up. If you think about it. It really is that simple. Well said...

  7. Absolutely outstanding article. I so appreciate your perspective, and you are right. Thanks for having the courage to make these statements - and keep on doing it!

  8. And thank you for the encouragement Anonymous.

    But I don't really consider anything I say to be all that courageous. To me it just seems like common sense.

    It's too bad that common sense isn't all that common anymore though...