Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Time To Take a Stand...

I don’t remember whether it was a comment to a news article or a response to a letter to the editor. It really doesn’t matter, but the other day on CJ Online an anonymous blogger put forth another one of his long-winded, conservative-bashing, left-wing responses. When he finally finished his rant he stated his beliefs were based in fact and weren’t subject to public opinion. Really?

Ever since the far-left hijacked the once proud and powerful Democratic Party this way of thinking has become the norm. Just look at the way the left-wing loons have reacted to the killing of George Tiller. They’re blaming anyone and everyone who has ever had the nerve to speak out against someone who made millions of dollars by killing babies. They want us to believe we were the one’s who pushed, Scott Roeder over the edge. Don’t you believe it.

Don’t buy into the intimidation tactics of the left-wing loons out there. A recent poll showed that 40% percent of Americans consider themselves conservatives, 20% liberal, and the rest of them being undecided. You do the math and you'll find we have the numbers.

Yeah I know, by electing their Supreme Leader, Obama, the left has become more emboldened and louder than ever before. They’ll tell you that to disagree with them amounts to treason. They’ll call you names, like extremists, radicals, hicks, rednecks, they’ll try to make you believe you’re ignorant, and uneducated, unimportant, and out of touch with the mainstream. Whatever.

They’re going to do their best to silence conservative voices and thought throughout the nation by reinstating the so-called, Fairness Doctrine. If you question the wisdom of, Obama’s quadrupling of the national debt in his first few months in office, you’re an idiot. If you call the government taking over the banks, insurance companies, and the U.S. auto industry socialism, which it is, you’re an extremist.

If you have the gall to worry about whether or not you’ll still have your health insurance once the government’s taken over the health-care industry, you’re just being selfish and don’t care about the children of those who either can’t or won’t provide for their own kid’s well-being.

If you have the nerve to say that an abortion leads to the death of a baby 100% of the time, you’ll be labeled a religious zealot. And more than likely, you’ll be put on some list somewhere designed for people who need to be watched. Good!

If there’s ever been a time for conservatives to take a stand, it is now! We’re in the majority, and it’s time we started acting like it. No matter who or where you are, the time has come to get off the fence. It’s time to start writing letters to the editors. It’s time to start calling into talk-radio programs. It’s time to talk to family members, friends, and co-workers. It’s time to call or write letters to our elected officials to make your opinions known.

If you have kids in public schools, it’s time to pay attention to what they’re being taught in these schools. It’s time to remind the left-wing teachers and administrators that conservatives are part of the public too. In fact, we’re a bigger part of it than they are.

Go ahead and let them try to shout you down. Let them call you names. Let them make their empty threats. That’s all they have. If these anonymous bloggers were as brave as they’d like you to think, they wouldn’t need to hide behind made up screen names.

It’s time, people. It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to get off our butts. It’s time to make our voices heard. It’ll soon be time to get out and actually cast a vote. Who’s with me?

Well, you've gotten this far. Surely you have something you'd like to add. I know some of you believe the way I do. And yes, I know some of you hate everything I believe in. But that's the way it is.

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What are you waiting for?


  1. I'm with you. Hey, thanks for the debate on my blog.

    And I would like to add that we need a leader. We have a good list of people, too. Two excellent elder statesmen in Newt and Cheney. Bob Dole is not bad, just not all that active. But who will get out there and lead? Newt looks soft, but he's an animal underneath. We have a good list of possible leaders in the states, too. Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Mark Racicot, and I can't leave out Sam. I wish I could list more women, but I'm just not aware of too many.

    I'm saying that guys like you and me and the rest of the grassroots are doing pretty well writing and raising hell. But somebody has to run with the football.

    I guess all I'm saying is that I'm getting antsy. I hope the rest of my party are too.

  2. You know, Fred, I've often mentioned I'd like to see a Newt/Palin ticket. And I mean that.

    But, as much as it pains me say so, I really don't think she's electable. The liberal press has done an exellent job of destroying any and all credibility she's ever had. I still support her though.

    And, Newt. Well, he comes with a hell of a lot of personal baggage and all. It might be too much to overcome.

    But can you imagine the firestorm a Cheney/Gringrich ticket would create? This might actually push the liberals completely over the edge.

    Oh yeah, Fred. There's no need to thank me for the debate on your blog. I enjoy every bit of it. Of all the blogs I follow, I think I enjoy yours the most.

    To anybody reading this stuff. I would engourage you to click on "Fredwrite" in the above post and join in on the conversation. I promise you, it'll be worth your time. I don't think there's a subject he's afraid to take on...

  3. Hey, Man thanks for the plug!

    One huge political disadvantange we conservatives will always have is that we do not enjoy destroying lives. Liberals love it and do it well. We can do it, but we don't enjoy it. So, we don't do it well.

    We have a more precious advantage in that most people live their lives as conservatives, so when a good conservative leader comes out, the people follow him/her as a majority. That's what will put conservatives back into power.

  4. Hey Kevin, Anonymous has had six days to come on here and puke his/her inane leftist ramblings all over your article. Has he/she died and I missed the funeral?

    I couldn't agree with you more. The problem is most of us conservatives are too busy working, paying taxes, paying for our own health care and taking care of our employees to get as involved in the debate as we need to be. We need another Reagan to carry the flag in the parade and I'm not sure who that might be at this point.

    God bless Dick Cheney for shooting back at the Marxists a couple of weeks ago, but he's not as likeable as Ronald Reagan was. I happen to love him but the middle of the road voters tend to believe the Darth Vader label that the dumbocrats and the main stream press have tagged him with so I don't see him leading us out of the wilderness until long after the NYT and PMSNBC have choked on their own vomit.

    Newt is a brilliant historian and spectacular communicator but he has a similar press problem and if he were to actually get any traction, I'd hate to think what those bastards would come up with in order to destroy him.


  5. I loved what you had to say about conservatives being too busy working and paying taxes to get involved in the debate. Exellent point!

    And you're right about the Darth vader tag the liberal media has pinned on Cheney too.

    He's earned my respect the last couple of months as he came out and defended everything he and Bush had to do in the aftermath of 9-11.

    Predictably, the liberals want to stick their heads in the sand and act like the attacks of that day never happened in the first place.

    I have no idea who'll run with torch when the time comes. But one thing you can count on is that no matter who it is, the liberal media will do everything in their power to destroy them.

    It's my hope that by then, enough people will have finally had enough of Obama and his monions to take our country back.

    Thanks for stopping by, Farmer. You bring a lot of good insight with you...