Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama's Not Looking Out For People Like Me...

I remember it like it was just yesterday. Well, six months ago anyway. Obama had just been elected president. During his inaugural address, he spoke to people like myself. You know, the fifty-six-million of us who didn’t vote for him. He said he’d work to gain our support and assured us he’d be our president too.

It‘s funny, but I did take a little comfort in that statement. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t be the far left zealot I was afraid he’d be. I hoped he govern more as a centrist and that we’d be okay.

Well, it’s not exactly working out that way, is it? Was he working to gain our support as he trotted around the globe blaming America for pretty much everything that’s wrong in the world today? How much support did he gain from us as he bowed down to the Saudi Arabian King and then lied about doing so?

How about the whole global-warming con he’s promoting? How much support from us has he gained with his “Cap and Trade” fraud that’ll do nothing what-so-ever to slow down the Co2 emissions the global-warming crowd is so scared of? How’s much support is he going to get from us once thousands more people begin to lose their jobs because of this fiasco?

How about the health care thing he’s trying to force down our throats? If he thinks he’s looking out for people like me, he’s out of his mind. If you use the numbers he keeps throwing out there, there are approximately 47 million Americans without health care insurance. Okay, but that also means there’s somewhere around 250 million of us who are insured, and most of those are pretty happy with the health care they receive. Why in the hell should the health care of so many be drastically altered to accommodate so few? I guess it’s kind of like he told “Joe the Plumber,” he likes to spread the wealth around.

How about this idea? How about just doing something for the one’s who aren’t insured and leave the rest of us the hell alone. How about doing something like a temporary medicare for those who’ve fallen on hard times because of a loss of their job or whatever.

I say temporary because it should be handled just like unemployment benefits, it should be there only as a safety net until you can find another job. I’m sure it’d mean a tax increase for the rest of us, but I think most Americans are willing to help their fellow man as long as he’s willing to help himself.

How about when he chose sides in a racial dispute the other day? I’m talking about when he took sides in the racially charged, dispute between his buddy, Cambridge professor, Henry Gates before he even knew all the facts in the case. He just automatically assumed because it was a white police officer arresting a black man, it just had to be a case of racial profiling. How much support did he gain from us over that one?

You left-wing loons can rant and rave all you want. And just for the record, I love the “Flat-Earth Society” label you’ve tried to pin on us because we refuse to fall for this, end of the world global-warming crap you get so worked up about. And it amuses us when you have the nerve to call us selfish for expecting people who are able bodied to stand on their own two feet and support their own families. It amuses us because since that’s what we’ve done all our lives, we know it can be done.

Obama’s approval ratings are falling like a rock and it’s because people are finally waking up and seeing his true colors. He’s as far left as you can get, and we’re not going to let him shove his socialist agenda down our throats.

Oh, one more thing. You libs had better enjoy your brief time in power. Because sooner or later the adults will take charge again. And we will take our country back.

I know some of you have something to say. What are you waiting for? Jump right in there and let us know what's on your mind.


  1. That picture of Nancy scared me, and I'm a big, strong man, Kevin. What are you trying to pull, here?

    Regarding your idea about just covering the unemployed temporarily, I just want to say that a state or two will try that during fat budget times in their Medicaid programs, and they always go too far. They end up dropping people by the tens of thousands when revenues fall, as they eventually do. Remember the hell Blunt caught over in Missouri for it? And Bredesen down in Tennessee? Same thing.

    I know, you're turning into an old softie, and you want to help folks out. Just look at Nancy's picture again. That'll straighten you out.

  2. Yeah, maybe I'm getting soft. But there have been times in my life when I've been in between jobs and didn't have health insurance. I was offered COBRA but there was no way in hell I could afford it. So I do understand what it's like to worry about your kids getting sick or hurt or whatever.

    What I don't get though, is why they want to turn the entire health care system inside out to accomodate so few. I say help them and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

    Oh, Fred, sorry the picture of Pelosi scared you. Can you believe this witch is the third in line to be president? Now that should be enough to scare anyone...

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  4. It's like Brit Hume was saying last week: the problem is not health care reform, it's the stimulus and its breathtaking cost. We went overboard with the stimulus over a year ago when Bush was still prez. And now, we're going overboard with health care reform. I think Brit's statement could be paraphrased by saying, the problem is not health care reform. The problem is going overboard with it.

    I wish conservatives were still conservative. Slow, gradual reform defines conservatism. But Bush (bless his heart) couldn't control spending as he tried his reforms. The beautiful thing in this whole mess is that we taxpayers are still conservative! Isn't it wonderful to watch even Democrats apply the brakes after hearing us bitch about the cost? Let's hope the brakes hold.

  5. Exactly, Fred. The goverment goes overboard on every single thing they do. What the hell, it's just taxpayer's money, right?

    And, Myron. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you're using your website to the Glory of God and all. But I'm not sure what that has to do with the topic at hand...

  6. you and your two pathetic friends might as well face it. the people have spoken and obama is just carrying out their wishes. youre right mcginty he isn't looking out for losers like you. youre the ones standing the way of progress. the sooner your kind die the better the world will be. like always i'm just trying to help. and remember love always wins.

  7. You know, Kevin, how theoretical physicists, from Isaac Newton to the present, have never found a source for gravity? They are starting to theorize that it comes from another dimension, you know? Well, I'm reaching the same hypothesis about "love always wins" Anonymous, here. He thinks Obama is carrying out the majority's wishes? Obama is getting his underwear shredded on this deal . . . at least in the coventional realm of space/time that the rest of us are in. And his problem is NOT Republicans.

  8. Bingo!!! Like always, the left-wing loons are over-playing their hand. They've told themselves they won by such an overwhelming majority so often, they believe it.

    No way in hell do I trust the Government, Republican or Democrat, to take over the health care industry.

    Obama didn't win by the much. 56 million of us voted against him. And a hell of a lot of us are getting real pissed off at the way things are going. Just watch the town hall meetings that will be going on now that those bastards in Congress are on recess.

    And, Anonymous, you can rant and rave all you want. Empty words from an empty head are all you have. Believe me when I tell you that We Will Take Our Country Back...