Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Divide and Conquer...

Hey, before we get started today, I’m going to throw Obama’s Snitch Line ( ) out there just in case someone wants to report me to the, “One.”

Responding to the outrage during her Town Hall meeting in Missouri the other day, Claire McCaskill, said, “I don’t understand the rudeness, I honestly don’t get it.”

That’s the problem, Senator. You really don’t get it, do you? Somehow, the Obama administration and his puppets in Congress can’t grasp the idea that anyone has the nerve or even the right to question their decisions.

Well, let me try to explain it. We’re sick of the whole damned thing. We’re sick of your arrogance. We’re sick of you mocking us. We’re sick of you calling us names. We’re sick of you trying to shove your socialist programs down our collective throats. And we’re sick of your lap-dogs in the media going along with you every step of the way.

Remember the Democrats outrage when we found out that the Bush Administration had been tapping into e-mails and phone calls from overseas in their attempt to intercept terrorist messages? Remember how they called that one of the worst cases of destroying our Constitutional rights they‘d ever seen. And now, these same people have the nerve to provide direct access to the White House through an e-mail address where we’re supposed to report fellow American citizens for criticizing their “health-Care“ bill. You know, for exercising their first amendment right, the whole “Freedom of Speech“ thing. Now that takes a hell of a lot of nerve.

Every time Obama gets on TV and tells us to get out of the way and shut up just makes it worse, too. When you send out your fellow Senators to compare us to “the type of people who pushed Timothy McVeigh over the edge,” it widens the gap. You call us racists, extremists, and angry mobs. You’ve even trotted, Nancy Pelosi out to call us Un-American.

You accuse Republicans of using scare tactics. Give me a break. How many times has Obama used the word “crisis” since he took office. First, he followed Bush’s lead when he said if his stimulus package wasn’t passed in a couple of days, America was doomed. Bam! He got it.

How many times has he used the phrase “Climate Crisis” as he spreads his message of how the world will suffer if we don’t sign onto his “Cap and Trade” fiasco? Depending on how they're spinning the latest crisis, it's either the "Health Care Crisis," or the "Insurance Crisis." According to a report from the U.N. the other day, we've only got four months to secure the future of the planet.

Wow, nothing scary there.

A lot of people believe Obama simply misspoke when he inflamed racial tensions with his “the Cambridge Police acted stupidly” comment. I don’t believe that for a minute. Ever hear the phrase “Divide and Conquer? He wants us divided. He knows if he keeps us at each other’s throats, we’ll be less likely to pay attention to what he’s trying doing to us. It’s the same thing when he goes out of his way to mock and ridicule “people holding those little tea bags.”

On September, 11th, these same people are bringing those same tea bags to Washington D.C. for a little "Tea Party" and they’re bringing about a million friends with them. It's funny as hell when you look down your noses and say it's all organized and manufactured. You bet your ass it is. You see, we've figured out how to use the internet just like Obama did to get his message across too. We're organized, mad as hell, and there are millions of us. Believe me when I say, you haven't seen anything yet.

But still, you guys really have no idea who we are. We’re the “Joe the Plumbers” of the world. We’re the baker, your waitress, or maybe we’re the cop on patrol. We might be the mechanic, who fixes your car because you can’t. Maybe we’re the electrician who fixed your wiring. We might be the carpenter who built your house. Maybe some of us drive a truck for a living. Some of us might even be found hanging onto the back of a trash truck. I have a hell of a lot of respect for those guys. We’re the farmers and ranchers who feed your family, we’re oilfield workers, and we even have a few doctors and lawyers to boot. We're the American people. We’re also the one’s who'll be expected to pay up when the bill comes due. And it will.

We’re the tens of millions of regular, working class, Americans you've been trying to push around. We outnumber you and we're here to push back. Don't make the same mistake others have in the past by underestimating us. We will not sit down or get out of the way, and we're sure as hell not going to shut up.

Senator McCaskill, maybe you’ll understand the American people's anger in next years mid-term elections when we kick you and the rest of Congress to the curb.

Stop on by the blog this week. I’ve posted a bunch of videos I’d like to hear your response too at:


  1. Wow Kevin! I'm impressed with your abilty to write what I feel and what many others are feeling. When I was young I learned that if you had to work to get something instead of having it given to you, you valued it much more. Us hard working Americans are tired of seeing the few make choices that effect our lives. We speak out against the bailouts and the "free" healthcare and now we are radicals. We are angry because our elected "representives" aren't listening. We take pride in working hard to make a living. We aren't against helping our fellow man, actually we are usually the first to help. But we don't bust our ass so some fat cat on wall street can get his bonus and some lazy sob can get their handouts.

  2. Exactly, Open Road. I'm sick and tired of being called selfish because I oppose the constant efforts of politicians to raise our taxes.

    I'm already paying almost 25% of everything I make in taxes. When's it going to be enough?

    Anyway, thank you for giving us your thoughts today. It's always good to hear from you...

  3. I think the bottom line makes universal medicare cheaper for everyone. IOW, if everyone is kept healthy, then other costs will go down.

    Millions of Americans receive only Emergency Care. Imagine the billions saved if they could see a NP or a PA, or even a GP early on...before their symptoms are such that they need emergency care? Imagine surgeries that could avoided...or costly hospital stays, if only those patients had access to medical care early on...when diet changes/supplements or a few days of medicine would have fixed them?

    We are all the government. If we all pool our resources, we can save money in the end. If we make certain that everyone has access to medical care early on, we will save more money in the end.

  4. Glad to see you're out and about, my very liberal friend.

    Truth is, I really don't disagree with you. I wish they would focus more on the one's who, for whatever reason, don't have insurance. I can't imagine how hard it would be if you had a child and wasn't able to get them the care they needed because you can't afford it.

    My problem with the whole thing is, why mess with those of us who have insurance and are happy with the coverage it provides.

    Besides, that's really not what we're so pissed off about. We're pissed off by the way Obama, the Dems, and the media are trying to portray us.

    No doubt some of us are idiots, some of us would probably fit quite nicely in the "extremists" category. And I'd be lying if I tried to say none of us are racists. But the same can be said of your side too.

    But the vast majority of us are just your everyday Americans who are tired of the way this is being forced on us without even knowing what we're getting.

    We're tired of being called names and ridiculed by Obama. That really pissed us off. During his inauguration speech, he promised us he'd be our president too. Bullshit!!!

    So far, all he's accomplished. is to further divide us.

    In a nut shell, that's why we're pissed off.

  5. When Bush was prez, I was called a traitor because I opposed invading Iraq. I was called seditious, terrorist, etc...

    Truth be known, as much as I like Obama...he's too far to the right for me. In fact, both he and Clinton were not that much different from McCain in their general views...My first choice was Kucinich, but I'm a pinko, commie, tree-huggin' cat-lover.

    Obama's wishes for universal heathcare are founded not in justice for all, but in the bottom line. He sees that in the end, it will be cost-effective to allow all Americans the same access as we do congress and the military.

    (Having grown up military, I was raised on what you call "socialized" medicine. I can't bring myself to believe that our troops and their families...and our senators and theirs...and our congressmen and theirs...should be allowed access to something denied to millions of others who are working just as hard to keep their families safe, warm, fed, and healthy.)

    I'm glad to be here, Kevin. It's always good to see you. I hope the stuff I post, and the comments I make on others' blog can stay coherent. Or at the very least, not full of typos and misspelled words. iy yi yi.

  6. When Bush was prez, he didn't mock you. He didn't ridicule you. He didn't call you names. The main stream media didn't either.

    Now that Obama's the guy, they're very openly doing just that. It's become so popular they almost stand in line just to get a shot at us.

    The only other thing I can say regarding you, Cat, is man, I've got my work cut out for me if I'm ever going to bring you over the the right side.

    LOL, always good to hear from you, Cat...

  7. I'll tell you what. Stop by later. I'm going to look around you-tube and find a few more videos that prove my point. I'll get back to you later this afternoon...

  8. your pathetic videos dont prove a thing. anybody can cherry pick through the internet to build any kind of case they want. nice try though, you pathetic, old, dried up racist.
    obama and this heroic congress will pass this health care bill in spite of all you limbaugh drones. it's about time america joined the rest of the world and took care of it's citizens.

  9. Yeah, Kevin. If you weren't such an old, white, redneck, hillbilly, caucasian, middle-class, aged, rural, wrinkled, backwoods, bigot, you'd be more open-minded like Anonymous, here.

    Seiously, I find one of the most wonderful things about the town halls is that most of the people speaking out are old(er) people. They seem to care about the future for us "young" people. Any reforms probably wouldn't be too screwed up in their lifetimes. The real problems will hit ten or twenty years down the road.

    Another wonderful thing is the way your column has figured out Obama. He's not stupid. That Cambridge cop story was a bean ball to make us flinch. No doubt. Pelosi tried it with the "un-American" thing. Neither attempt worked, but Obama's attempt was much more skillful.

    We are a better people for all of this. Keep on writing, pal!

  10. Sorry about taking so long to get back with you, Fred. I've been busy all day going from one KKK meeting to another. And you know, it's not as easy getting around as it used to be. You know, with the walker and all. But hey, I get by the best I can.

    To tell you the truth, I like my Anonymous little buddy.

    He's doing exactly the same thing Obama and his minions in the press are doing.

    Every time they open their mouths to run us down, we get stronger. Let em spew.

    Thanks for stopping by, Fred...