Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We've had it...

Wow, have you seen the latest Gallup poll? Evidently, President Obama’s approval rating has now dropped to an all time low, and his disapproval numbers have risen to an all time high.

How about the poll that says that conservatives now outnumber liberals in 47 of the 50 states? Seen that one?

Last week I talked about Obama being one who wanted to divide us. Maybe I jumped the gun on that statement. What the president and the Democrats in congress have actually done with their non-stop name calling and personal attacks on conservatives is to unite us like no one else has been able to do since the days of Jimmy Carter.

And they wonder why so many people are fed up with them. It’s because we can’t get a straight answer on anything. Go ahead. Ask any of them a simple question about the massive health care plan they’re trying to sell us. Good luck trying to get an answer though. Sure they’ll talk a lot. In fact they’ll probably talk 10 or 15 minutes non-stop and by the time they’re through, you have no idea what they just said. But neither do they.

Then last weekend they trotted out my favorite ex-governor, Kathleen Sebelius to tell us Obama might be willing to drop the public option in order to pass his proposal. She told us, the public option wasn’t really essential to getting this done.

That same weekend, Obama told a crowd in Grand Junction, Colorado pretty much the same thing. He described the public option as not being that important. Actually, he said it was only a small sliver of the plan in the first place.

Then on Monday, they sent press secretary, Robert Gibbs out to tell us what we all heard wasn’t what they were saying at all. He explained that Obama and Sebelius have always favored the public option and there was no reason to think they had changed their minds.

Note to Robert Gibbs: That, Jedi mind trick you keep trying to use was pretty cool in the Star War movies, but it doesn’t really work.

Look, conservatives aren’t unreasonable people. But we don’t like being lied to and we like to know what we’re getting before we just blindly buy what you’re selling.

I know it’s a stretch, but how about just being honest with us. How about answering simple questions with simple answers for a change. How about just explaining it to us, the whole thing. Not just the parts you want to talk about. We want to know what’s in the bill and we also want to know, if you know what’s in it. Is that too much to ask?

When we ask you how much it’s going to cost us. Give us an honest answer. When we ask how you’re planning to pay for it. Don’t tell us by taxing rich people. With all the spending you’ve done since taking office, you’re going to bankrupt all the rich people we have. Then what?

When we ask if this plan will mean tax-payer funded abortions will become the norm. Answer the question. Don’t tell us it depends on how you look at it.

You act like you’re shocked because so many of our 40 million seniors citizens have turned on you. Did you really think they’d be okay when you announced your intentions to cut medicare funding by $500 billion.

Then you tell us, all that means, is you’re going to go after the fraud in the system. Hmm, why aren’t you doing that anyway? That’s your job.

And now, a note to the Republicans: You can stop slapping yourselves on the backs. We’re sick of most of you too. You had your chance to get things right, you blew it.

Mid term elections aren’t that far away. I believe the American people will finally come out in droves and vote for the people who they believe will have their best interests at heart. You carreer Congressmen and women had better start looking for another job. We’ve had it with you.

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  1. I couldn't agree much more with any of this. I've always thought the majority of people actually live as conservatives, regardless how they vote. You've given a damned good analysis of last week's waffling among the Secretary, Obama, and Gibbs. And, of course, the Republicans need a swift kick in the ass. Taking back the House in 2010 would be a slam dunk for somebody like Gingrich. I just don't know whether Boehner can pull it off. We may have to wait for some long coat-tails in 2012. Jindal, Huck, whoever you are . . . . Come on, now, Brother!

  2. Obama and his liberal friends have so underestimated the American people.

    But you know, Fred, it's getting a little scary. I'm not really big on conspiracy theories but this administration really does seem hell bent on destroying the America we grew up in.

    I really do believe 2010 will be one of the most important elections we've ever had. At least in my lifetime.

    And I agree, it should be a slam dunk. But it's going to be ugly...

    Oh yeah, things have changed for me in the last few days. Now I have to decide whether that's a positive or a negative. I'm probably going to ask you for some advice in the near future...

  3. Kevin, been reading your blog for a while and you finally dragged me in. LOL!!! 2010 is definitely looming. I'm curious to see which party adjusts to actually go back to representing the people.

    I feel like the GOP got thrown out mainly because the core fiscal conservatives so many appreciate let the far right wing kooks take over their party. There's much more to it than that, but that's the big sticking point for me. The GOP's new motto should be "Enough of the huge moral debates, just run the darn government and do it efficiently!" Are morals important? Absolutely, but in these times we have much bigger fish to fry than gay marriage and I won't even touch abortion because that argument already has years of proof of going nowhere.

    On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats are going to manage to squander their huge majority in a even shorter period of time than the GOP. Allowing the likes of Pelosi and Reid to control their party is alienating the American public to no end. They know their time is short. Otherwise, they wouldn't be trying to ramrod everything through so quickly. Problem is, Joe Taxpayer isn't stupid and knows a product that is rushed is likely to have major problems.

    Why are these parties screwing themselves? To me, it's because they are too focused on what's right for the party and not the people. I'm ready for the American people to go back to being the most important constituent for the politicians, not their stinking party!

    So, that's my political soap box for the day. Take it easy and I look forward to seeing you Labor Day.

  4. Kevin, I heard a big journalist supporter of Obama refer to him as another Jimmy Carter in the making. Very interesting coming from this guy. See you Labor Day weekend.

  5. Well, Shawnee Hawks, thank for stopping by today. You bring up so many interesting points, I'm not even sure where to start.

    You're right about the Republicans needing to drop the whole moral issue thing. I believe that ship left port a long time ago and not many of them were on it.

    And you're right about their priorities, too. But some of them are looking out for themselves even more than their party.

    And I'm glad you jumped up there on that political box of your, you do it very well.

    I guess I'll find out who you are come Labor Day.

    And SDHawk, I think the journalist you mentioned had it right except one thing. In my opinion, Jimmy Carter was the most incompeyent president we've ever had. But, Obama actually scares me...

    See you guys in a couple of weeks...