Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How about this idea...

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Last weekend my mother showed her true colors. This is going to be hard for me to talk about. I mean with the shame and all. But hey, I’ll do the best I can.

I’m not sure exactly what led up to my mom’s comments but she let it be known, that she believes we owe it the kids to take care of them, no matter what. She believes we have a moral obligation to do so. That and it’s just the right thing to do.

The whole “it’s for the kids” argument has always been popular. It’s also hard for a politician to campaign against. As soon as they try, they’re faced with attack ads, painting them as kid haters. Well, I’m not running for anything, so I’ll give it a shot.

Really, I only have one question. Why? Other than “it’s just the right thing to do,” why do we owe anybody, anything? Hard-hearted? I’m sure some of you will take it that way.

But really, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along? If welfare, food stamps, medical cards, free education, free school lunches, free public transportation, automatic increases in benefits for every new born kid, unemployment insurance, free re-training programs for those looking for a job, free county run health clinics, free rehabilitation programs, free marriage counseling programs, Section 8 housing programs. The list could easily go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Free this, free that. When’s it going to be enough? If these programs aren’t for the kid’s, what is? We’ve been dolling out one entitlement program after another. What good has it done? The poor are still poor. The only difference is, we’ve been doing it for several generations now.

It’s all worked according to the plan, too. Make people dependent on the Government, keep them that way, and sooner or later, it becomes a way of life. And that , my friends, is exactly what this is all about.

Here’s what I believe. We should take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. No question about that. Other than that, I believe there are three more groups we should take care of. Veterans and the elderly. The veterans for obvious reasons, and our parents, well, because we owe it to them. Last but not least, I believe we owe all unborn kids, the most fundamental right there is. Simply the right to live.

Mom, I love you and all, but how about this idea. How about people taking care of their own kids for a change. You know, the way most of us do. But I suppose that’s just crazy talk in today’s world, isn’t it.

Oh yeah, the whole Obama thing I threatened to write about. I was just seeing if you guys were paying attention.



  1. You know, we really should take care of our kids. Maybe one place to start would be to start chipping away at that massive federal deficit that our kids and their kids and probably their kids for generations to come will be working their asses off to pay. And that means not ADDING to the deficit by passing this healthcare bill. I mean, when you're in a hole and you want to get out, the logical first step is to stop digging. But the Obama administration seems to think digging faster will do the trick. Hmmm...

  2. Better be careful there, Jason or someone will start calling you a violent, extremist, hater-monger who needs to be watched.

    But hey, bring it on, right? Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Yeah, might as well come out with it now. I secretly lead KKK meetings in my spare time and I do the Aryan Brotherhood on the side. Hell, I bet you do too, Kevin. I mean with all the common sense you constantly spew, what other possibilities are there? We should get together sometime and talk about the best ways to accomplish our racist goals. (I probably shouldn't be saying this even sarcastically, I wouldn't be surprised to see a black tahoe pull up the driveway in a couple minutes with men in black suits and dark sunglasses and wires hanging out of their ears. Oh, shit, there it is, gotta run...)

  4. If we "owe it to the kids", my only response is "why?" Nobody paid for free health care for me or my brothers, or my parents when they were kids. Today's kids can get their state's version of SCHIP if they need it. But I simply reject any idea that we owe the general public anything. Too bad. Plenty of people out there saying stuff because they think it sounds good.

  5. Run, Jason, run!!!

    That was my question too, Fred. Why?

  6. The primary responsibility for kids rests with those who brought them into the world. When they fail, and their numbers are legion, the rest of us should care enough to do something. I'm no Liberal but I'm not Ebenezer Scrooge either with his " are there no poor houses?" attitude. Community agencies and, yes, public agencies if needed, should be there for those who did not ask to be brought into the world and get crapped on.

  7. Looking back, I suppose I sound pretty hard-hearted.

    I agrre, Hawk. We should take care of them. I did a pretty lousy job of making my point.

    My point was that we're already taking care of them. We have community and public agancies everywhere.

    I've never had a problem with it either until Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the left-wing loons started trying to cram their brand of government run health-care.

    If you figure up how much we are already paying in taxes it'd probably come out to something like 35% of everything we make.

    I don't know about you guys, but if they get thing passed I'm going to have a shit-fit.

    I just really hate they way so many Americans today believe they're somehow owed something other than the same chance we all have. the chance to get off your ass long enough to get a damned job. Yeah, I know, jobs are hard to come by nowadays.

    I'm talking about the 4th and 5th generation welfare people. You know, the one's who've made the decision they're owed that check every month.

    Anyway, I've been in a bad mood lately, maybe I just need to get laid. LOL

    Have a good day, Hawk...