Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wussification of America

The stupidity just keeps coming, doesn’t it. The other day a six-year-old boy was suspended from school and condemned to reform school for 45 days, all because he brought a stupid boy scout knife to school with him.

Somewhere a parent was arrested for the horrible crime of washing out their kid’s mouth with soap. Imagine that.

Just the other day, an apartment complex manager in Albany, Oregon threatened to evict a tenant because of the American flag he was flying on the back of his motorcycle. They were worried it might offend someone.

The kid with the knife thing. Yeah, I can see where a school wouldn’t want a kid’s bringing knives to school. We all get that. How about this approach though. How about taking it away from the kid and calling his parents to talk about the incident. Nah, that would make way too much sense.

The soap thing. You gotta be kidding me. If that had been a law when I was a kid, my mom would still be in jail. We’re living a new kind of world today. It’s a world where the government has more and more say about how you raise your own kids. It’s just going to get worse if we let it, too. During the campaign anyone calling Obama a socialist was labeled crazy by his followers. Now that all doubt has been removed about his agenda they ask, what’s so bad about Socialism?

Oh yeah, the apartment complex fiasco. Why would anyone be surprised by that one. Hell they’ve been doing the exact same thing with God for years now. The American flag is the next logical target for the left-wing loons. In their world, America is the root of all evil. Well, that and God. So the only logical thing left to do is to remove all symbols that remind us of who we are.

The crowning moment for the extremists had to be the day Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? For embarrassing us by kissing the world’s ass? And what do we get in return? Nothing!

A man of peace my ass. He’s divided this country deeper and faster than anyone has ever been able to do before him. His attacks on those who disagree with him are an attack on millions of Americans, we‘re offended, and we‘re mad as hell. Don’t think for a minute we haven’t noticed or that we’re going to forget.

The 2010 elections will be here before you know it. You had your chance, but it’s time for the adults to take over again…


  1. Just for any left-wing loons who might be reading this, I'll answer the question what's so bad about socialism.

    There was a college professor whose students were crazy about Obama's plans. They loved the idea of socialism. The professor wasn't a typical liberal nut, so he proposed an experiment. He said to his class, "Why don't we give socialism a try here? After every test, I'll average everyone's grades and every student in the class will get the same grade, just like everyone gets the same amount of money in pure socialism." The class agreed, so they tried the experiment. Just like any class, this class had some students who studied like crazy to get good grades and some students who didn't do squat and just partied all the time. So the first test rolled around, the professor averaged the grades, and everybody ended up with a B. The slackers were pretty ecstatic; a B was great for them. But the hard workers weren't very happy at all because they had worked hard enough to get an A. Between then and the next test, the slackers figured, "Well, I don't really have to do anything to pass this class, I'll just depend on those hard workers to pull the class average up." So the slackers slacked off even more. And the hard workers figured, "What's the point in working hard? I don't get rewarded for my hard work, I just get the same grade as everyone else." So the hard workers didn't work so hard anymore. The next test rolled around and everybody ended up with a D. By this time, nobody was happy. They started blaming each other and bickering. The problem just got worse, and everyone got an F on the next test.

    So, in other words, this experiment in socialism failed because no one is willing to work hard for someone else's benefit while not getting rewarded for their own work. This is why socialism will fail in America.

  2. The other half of that is the people who depend on the government for everything. They are really depending on the hard workers of America whose tax dollars they are living off of.

  3. Political correctness has tried or succeeded in crushing much of what this country was founded on. What's interesting is that we are supposed to tear down all sign of Christianity in this country, yet we are supposed to be supportive of signs of other religions. Kind of makes you go hmmmm.

    Maybe when we go to church this Sunday I should tell the minister to take down the cross because I'm offended. If he tells me I'm wrong, I'll just tell him he has to because everyone is welcome in a church and it should accommodate everyone.

    Maybe when April 15th rolls around I'll tell the IRS I'm not paying my taxes because I'd have to use money that says "In God We Trust" on it. I shouldn't have to be subjected to that.

    If the political extreme left and right have one thing in common, it is their desire to control people's lives. What they think is right and everyone should follow it. Plain and simple.

    This country was built on hard work, sweat and blood. The far left is going to realize their Utopian ideas of everyone having a good job, a nice house and platinum health care is never going to happen. Simple fact of life. They'll also find out the the hard working people in this country, many of whom already give millions to charity and community programs already, are not willing to be treated like the Sheriff of Nottingham and have their "riches" taken away from them.

    I could go on, but I shall digress. Hope the Hawks strap it on tight today. Beat those Buffs!

  4. It's gone way beyond political correctness, Shawnee. We're heading into a world of chaos.

    The far left hated Bush for some of the things he did. Okay, they hated him for everything he ever did, no matter what it was.

    But now, we have Obama acting like Bush/Cheney combined on steroids and they cheer him on...

    The far-left has taken over public schools. The far-left has taken over the public schools. They wanted to make sure the 6-year-old boy with the knife never ever looks at another weapon again.

    You know, the whole, all weapons are dangerous and evil thing. In their world, a knife has no other purpose than to kill someone with.

    It's the same thing with gun control. Same thing thing with the cap and trade fairy-tale they're going to ram down our throats. And it's the same thing they're doing with health care.

    A lot of people seem more than willing to roll over and let the government take more and more control over their lives.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Every once in a while, I fly my American flag on the front of my house. And if by doing so, I've offended someone. Well, tough shit!!!

  5. You're right, Kevin, it does go way beyond political correctness. It's all part of this whole Progressive, one-world, open-minded kinda thing. Open-minded in this case meaning blindly accepting anything that comes down the pipe, unless of course it makes logical sense. You see it when the government tries to tell you how to raise your kids. They're trying to get us away from the "old-fashioned" family values that have made this country great for our entire history. It goes way beyond Republicans and Democrats, it even goes beyond conservatives and liberals. It's about Progressives who want to see an overly tolerant, overly accepting country and Traditionalists like us who want their kids to grow up in the same America they loved growing up in. I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything, and I want my kids to experience the same thing in the future.

  6. The far left is quivering with excitement over finally moving us toward their long time goal to make the USA like Europe: Two social classes - a few ultra rich and the rest of us lower middle class; ultra high energy costs; government control of health care; no legal weapons ownership (firearms or knives); political correctness that outlaws public displays of religion or patriotism; and an economic system that penalizes work while fostering a dependent welfare class.

  7. Hey, Man, thanks for carrying my blog in your sidebar.

    I love this weapons thing. It reminds me of the Okinawans for the last several centuries. They got tired of the Chinese or the Shoguns in Japan (or whoever else) outlawing weapons, so they just made weapons out of farm tools. Those throwing stars were nail-pulling tools. The sai (look like three-pronged forks) are ox-cart hitch pins. The nunchaku were harvesting tools as were the kama. The bo (long staff) was a tool for carrying buckets of water. The reason we bow when we enter our practice area is that eventually the Chinese and the Japanese forbid the study of karate, so the Okinawans practiced in their temples where they could expect some privacy. So, naturally, they would bow when they entered.

    Ever since the printing press and eventually the free press was invented, the more effective weapons are becoming the free exchange of ideas. You guys are fighting the good fight here. Keep it up. "The pen is mightier than the sword." Of course, if they try to take away these open forums and free press, then we'll have to go back to shooting bullets again. But, until then, keep up the good work, Men!

  8. It definitely goes way beyond political correctness, but the left likes to CYA by telling everyone what they do is PC.

    If the far left thinks they hand an uproar on their hands with people upset about health care, they'll be flat out shocked at the response they will see if they go down the path of over-the-top gun control. I can understand controls on assault weapons, armor piercing cop-killer rounds and things of that nature. However, if they think the citizens of this great country will just stand by and have the shotguns, rifles and handguns removed from them, they're(the left) is going to have a very bitter pill to swallow.

    Speaking of rifles, I hope to use my .270 to stock my freezer with some elk here in a couple of weeks. Maybe I could invite Nancy Pelosi over for a nice elk dinner and let her know what she's eating and how it got on the table. Of course, that would mean wasting a perfectly nice elk steak on someone I'd rather just serve a warm bag of what I see in Daniel's diaper.

  9. Sorry I haven't had time to respond to your guys comments for the last couple of days. It's been kind of crazy.

    I've been caught up in a cross country, free for-all the last two days. Well, across Nebraska anyway.

    I'm stuck in Superior tonight and tomorrow. Then I'm off to Hays Friday and should be home by Sat night.

    I've driven my ass off but I've got a bunch of good stories to tell, too. One of them involves digging up 150 year-old buffalo bones. Very cool.

  10. Your comment on Obama...priceless!!!! I wrote a post on September 10th called Teacher's Gonna Show You and it seems the school system is being dumbed down by a number system.

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Sacrifice.

    That's just the way I feel. Just sit back and watch. Watch as this president crashes and burns. His approval is dropping by the day.

    Even fair-minded liberals and Democrats are starting to turn on him.

    You just watch, his true colors are starting to show and finally people are paying attention.

    His approval numbers are dropping like a rock almost by the day. But that's what happens when you put extreme, left-wing lunatics in charge of anything.

    Thanks for stopping by, Sacrifice...