Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Game This Sunday...

I'm getting off topic here. But I just found out that due to lack of ticket sales, the Chiefs have blacked out this Sunday's game against Cleveland.

I'm sure the Chiefs management or players don't give a shit one way or the other but in my house, Sunday's revolve around the Chiefs game. Win or lose, we've always been there. We all get together, cook up a ton of food. We laugh, cuss, and dicuss everything under the sun. As the game wears on, there are high-five's, and a lot of groans. I always hang out my huge Chiefs banner on the front of the house. Yeah, even when they lose, it's still a good time.

But now things have changed. They tell us that because not enough people are actually going to the game, my family and I can't even watch them on TV.

I'll tell you what, Chiefs. How about you kissing my ass. How about not sucking so bad for a change and maybe people will start going again.

We'll still get together and we'll still have a good time. But there'll be no banner hanging on the front of my house tomorrow. Probably not for the rest of the year either.

Better be careful, Chiefs. You might just run off the few fans you have left and I'm one of them.

Yeah, why don't you just kiss my ass. I can live without you. But how long can you survive without people like me...


  1. Imagine that, they Chiefs just lost another one.

    Quit sucking and they'll come

  2. The Chiefs are a bad, expensive joke on the fans and the taxpayers who improved a stadium for a pro team that doesn't exist.

  3. Correction: "the" Chiefs just lost another one.

  4. Bingo, Hawk. The whole blackout thing really pisses me off. And yes, I do know realize the NFL makes these decisions. It doesn't make any difference though, I'm still pissed.