Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Blog Coming...

Just a quick update. I've agreed to start a blog on our local paper www.cjonline.com and will link it to this one as well.

And just so you all know, we'll probably be getting a little more traffic over the course of the next few days. Oh, and it probably won't all be good either. CJ has a lot of left-wing loons who love nothing more than to hurl personal attacks as a way of shutting someone up.

Anyway, I plan to have it up and running by this weekend. This ought to be fun...


  1. Hey, 9uy, thanks for stopping by. Not sure congrats are in order though. Let's see how it goes first.

  2. Congratulations!! Bring on the lefties - you can more than hold your own. I look forward to engaging them with you.

  3. LOL, Hawk. All I'm waiting for is a couple of passwords they're supposed to be sending my way. In the meantime, should have the new column posted here in a day or two...

  4. Sounds great Kevin. I will enjoy the banter! BTW, Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to the discussions 2010 will bring. Epspecially those leading up to a certain Tuesday in November.

  5. Just see all traffic as good. I love the irony when these loving, tolerant liberals wish death on you. It's the truth that irritates them so. Bring in on, Bro!

  6. Yeah that certain Tuesday is going to be sooooo much fun, Shawnee.

    And, Fred, you must have been reading my mind. Just I checked out the Huffington Post just to see what our loving, tolerant, liberal friends had to say about Rush Limbaugh.

    Well it's pretty fair to say that a majority of them were really disappointed when he didn't die from a heart attack. Yeah, they're so loving, aren't they.

    I've never had them come after me quite that hard yet. I did have one idiot threaten to burn my house down though. LMAO!!!

  7. Welcome to CJ online my friend ...

    Myron Holter

    cjonline blog


  8. Thanks, Myron. We'll just have to see how it all goes.