Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Just a few random thoughts to wind up the week:

So Tiger Woods comes out and apologizes for cheating on his wife and like so many other multi millionaires, he uses an addiction for an excuse. Whatever. It’s funny too, he really wanted to make sure people understood that his wife never did hit him. He’s a lucky guy. If his wife had been anything like mine, she’d have beat him half to death, sex addiction or not.

Just the other day, Hillary Clinton shocked the world by announcing that it appears that Iran is slowly becoming a Military dictatorship. And Thursday, the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) delivered a shock of their own by telling the world it looks like maybe, just maybe Iran is actually working toward a nuclear weapons program. Duh! You just can’t get anything past these people, can you?

Last but not least, a couple of weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Corporations should be allowed to contribute to political campaigns of their choice. The outrage was swift and severe. But when Obama unveiled his 1.5 billion dollar, tax payer supported, plan today to bailout victims of the housing crisis in the state of Nevada while he just happened to be there campaigning for Harry Reid, we don’t even hear a whisper. Hmm, weird…

Have a good weekend guys, talk to you later…

Kevin McGinty


  1. The U.S. Supreme Court decision on campaign financing doesn't open the flood gates for anything that isn't already being done one way or the other. It may provide a basis for - at last - requirements for real time reporting of contributions by source so we can finally see solid evidence of what we know already -- the money spent by corporations and unions to purchase Congress every two years. Anyone who doesn't believe this probably also believes in the tooth fairy and global warming.

  2. Bam!!! Well said, Hawk!!!

    You know, I really could use your help on my blog. ShawneeHawks has been stopping by quite a bit. Some days it's just the two of us against a sea of stupidity.

    And yeah, we're usually able to kick most of their asses. LOL

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    Yeah, I know it's a pain the the butt but you'll have to register and all but I'm pretty sure you're up to it the challenge.