Thursday, March 18, 2010

United Socialist States of America...

You lib’s, progressives, socialists, or whatever you’re calling yourselves nowadays are so predictable. In the last post I asked the question, what has Obama actually accomplished since taking office. Right from the very start it became perfectly clear you couldn’t answer that simple question so you went straight for the name calling. Let’s see, I was a failed truck driver. I had been fired from the local free newspaper. I was and idiot, a freakin idiot, a racist, and a Klan boy. LMAO!!!

Well, you’re not going to like this question any better but I’m going to ask it anyway. Is there a single Democrat politician left out there who hasn’t sold his or her soul to Obama? Is there one left out there who still has at least a shred of honor left? I doubt it.

Do you realize this health care bill still hasn’t been voted on in the Senate? They don’t have the votes to pass the Senate version in the House. So, for the first time in the history of our nation, a bill that will change every single one of our lives will go to the president and be signed into law without the support of either houses of congress.

And you’re alright with that? I know, that was a stupid question. Of course you’re alright with it. Anything for free stuff, Obama promises to give you, right?

You know as well as I do that if the Republicans were trying to do anything even remotely close to this crap, you’d be screaming in the streets. You’d be whining about those evil Republicans trampling on your rights and destroying the Constitution. But when your guy is doing exactly that, it’s somehow okay.

Yeah I know, the CBO office released it’s projections today. In their best guess, this will be one of the best things to come along in a lifetime. We’ll be able to add tens of millions of people to an already over-burdened health care system and still save money to boot.

Well, rant and rave all you want. Hold up their figures as proof that your president is right. Because figures don’t lie, do they?

No they don’t. But liars do figure…

Kevin McGinty


  1. Lets see the government says that health care will only cost 2 trillion. Does anyone remember that medicare cost 9 times what they said it would. Hmmm that would on be about 18 trillion.
    When the republicans wanted to cut medicare the democrats raised all kinds of hell. When the anointed one wants to cut medicare by 500 billion that is okay.
    The bribes that are taking place for this bill are insane. Trading water for votes, just goes to show that the democrats will stoop to any level to get what they want.
    Food for thought, I wonder if anyone remembers after a presidential election rally for Obama what this one lady said? I don't have to worry, he's going to put gas in my car, he's going to make my house payment, if we help him he will help us. I wonder how she is doing?

  2. Sorry I took so long getting back to you, Jeff. My schedule's been pretty hectic the last few days. But, that's just an excuse.

    What you need to do though, is go to and check out my blog there as well. I've never really been able to get much going on this one. As you can see, this blog generated exactly one comment. Yours.

    But this exact same column on cjonline has generated right at 80 comments so far. At first it was just the left-wing loons attacking me but I've gained a few supporters along the way as well. Check it out if you get a chance...