Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hate-Mongers and Extremists...

The thin-skinned, left-wingers never cease to amaze me. Last week I posted a picture of Obama with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and just like I expected, all hell broke loose. The predictable, worn out, cries of racism were immediate and like always, pointless. First off, there’s nothing racist about smoking a cigarette, and whether you like it or not, your Obama admits he still enjoys a smoke every once in a while. Hell, we all know that, so I’m not sure why you were so offended by it in the first place. And if you want to know the truth, I really don’t care.

Their selective memory is just as amazing too. They twist and turn Sarah Palin’s comment about re-loading into a call for violence. They’d have you believe all those, flag waving old people they love to ridicule from the Tea Party rallies all across the country are all nothing but a bunch of ignorant racists and violent extremists. They act like this is the first time they’ve ever heard of anyone opposing an American President.

So today, just for shits and giggles, let’s talk about the crap this country had to endure from the left during the eight years of the Bush administration.

They constantly whine and cry about Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for being hate-mongers and inciting violence. Where was that outrage when Air America host, Randi Rhodes recommended doing what Michael Corleone did in the movie, Godfather Part Two, to his brother. She said somebody needs to take Bush fishing and then, with a giggle in her voice, imitated the sound of a gun shot. Just fun and games, right.

How about when British columnist, Charlie Brooker wrote: “John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinkley Jr. where are you when we really need you?” Nothing extreme or violent there.

There were a few novels written like the one by Nicholson Baker’s “Checkpoint” who talked about the wisdom of shooting Bush. At an art exhibit at Chicago’s Columbia University, one exhibit was a giant sheet of postage stamps depicting pictures of Bush on them with a gun pointed at his head. There were even “Kill Bush” T-shirts available from, an online retailer. Ah, those loving left-wing loons.

There were countless examples of anti-Bush protests at Universities all across the country in which Bush was set on fire and hung in effigy. At these protests were signs comparing Bush to every vile dictator in the world. There were signs calling for him to be killed. There were even signs calling for the destruction of his family. Remember those? We do.

The crown jewel of the Bush hatred had to be the movie “Death of a President” by British filmmaker, Gabriel Range. Remember that lovely movie? It was about Bush being shot by a sniper as he left a Chicago hotel. Yeah, nothing like a really good “kill the president movie” to take the kids to.

Let’s see now, how many arrests have been made all across the country during the last year at the Tea Party rallies? Oh yeah, none. How many signs have you seen calling for Obama to be killed? None. How many times have you seen a likeness of Obama being hung or burned to death? None. How many fires been set or how many cars have over turned in the streets during a Tea Party rally? None. You see, this is because that’s how adults do things. And that’s the difference.

So you want to talk about hate-mongers and extremists? Good. But when we have this conversation, do me a favor and leave your selective memory and hypocrisy at home. Thanks…

Kevin McGinty

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