Friday, July 9, 2010

Ignorance of History? Probably...

“Like you, Kevin, I resent being called a racist because of my political party affiliation or my political opinions. If MrWednesdaynight (MWN) is correct and you’re doing the same thing to Obama, then it’s just part of getting sidetracked by a non-issue.”

Point taken, Fred and maybe MWN has a point. And so did Mick. He kind of jumped right in there, slapped me around, and in the process he made an excellent argument. I respect that.

Alright, so I chose my words poorly. Sorry. Calling Obama the most racist and divisive president ever was probably over the top. I’m not even real sure why I wrote about the subject of race in the first place. Well, I do know and I’ll get to that in a minute. But it’s a no win topic, no matter who’s talking about it.

Let’s just drop all the other stuff and talk about the Black Panther voter intimidation case. That’s what really set me off in the first place and what led me to write this in the first place.

Until people in this country can be honest about what happened at that polling station in Philly, we’re never going to get anywhere. You’ve seen the videos. You’ve seen the man who calls himself King Samir Shabazz screaming into his microphone to anyone who’ll listen how much he hates crackers (white people) and calling on blacks to kill crackers and their cracker babies. And you’ve seen this exact same man wielding a night stick and his Black Panther brother standing guard standing outside this polling station. There’s no question as to what they were doing there. But for some reason people refuse to see it. MWN refers to them simply as a couple of dudes with glow sticks. Nimper wants to ignore it all together by pointing out real voter intimidation in the Jim Crow South. Whatever.

And now, Obama and his Justice Department have sided with the guy who calls for cracker babies to be killed.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this isn’t about racism after all. Maybe it’s all about pay back. You know, pay back for things that happened before anyone living today was even born. Yeah, that makes sense…

Kevin McGinty

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  1. No, way. I don't think you are wrong at all. I just think these last two posts have gone in a direction that went far beyond your original point. You are right about so many things. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ is in some embarrassing trouble. I love it. You keep on, Buddy. There's nothing wrong with your points. The racism that the DOJ wants to ignore is alarming and carries the threat of criminal harm to citizenss. You keep on, my friend.