Wednesday, July 21, 2010

May God Have Mercy On Our Souls...

I love the way the Tiahrt-Moran has turned out. Both camps are in full attack mode. Both sides are doing their very best to make their opponents look like one of the worst people to ever live. Depending on who’s latest attack ad you’re watching, a vote for so and so, is either a vote for the abortion industry or a vote in support of illegals and terrorists who want to destroy this country. A vote for my opponent would be a vote against all of humanity, and may God have mercy on our souls. Whatever.

I have no idea who’ll be the last man standing in this stupid fight. But it’ll be awesome to watch the loser to turn right around and try to convince us the victor in this mess is one of the best men who’s ever lived and is the only person capable of saving the world when it comes time for the general election in November.

You gotta love those politicians…

Kevin McGinty


  1. My guess is Moran's got it. They obviously think that whoever wins has the general locked up. Steve Kraske said last Sunday in the KC Star that this will be the office the winner retires from. So, in that sense, this is their last real election, maybe. Of course, I mute the t.v. or the radio when they come on. Seriously.

  2. Yeah, you can mute them Fred. But what are ya gonna do about big mouths like me thriving on this crap? LOL!!!