Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best of Topeka 2010 Style...

Regardless of the category, I’d like to throw out a well deserved “hell yeah” to all this winners of this year’s, Capital-Journal’s “Best of Topeka” contest. Each and every one of you should be proud of the job you’re doing. Gaining the trust and respect of customers, friends, and associates, especially for consecutive years, doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work and dedication. Ya’ll done good.

But since I spend most of my time hanging around here in the blogs, I’d like to throw out special “hell yeah” to the winners of the “Best Cjonline Blogger” category! What can I say? You guys are all pros and bring so much to the table, it’s no wonder you were chosen the best in this particular category.

Ric Anderson; What can you say about this guy? He puts his quirky and twisted sense of humor out there for all the world to see. I don’t think he’s ever written anything I haven’t enjoyed reading.

Austin Meeks; This guy lives and breathes K-State sports. If there’s anything you want to know about K-State, Austin’s the guy.

Tim Hrenchir; A professional in all aspects of what he does. When Tim speaks, people listen.

Jim Cates; Anybody who’s known me for any length of time, knows Jim and I have been good friends for many years now. I’ve always valued his opinion as well as his knowledge and insight. And I’ve always appreciated his support and encouragement in this whole writing thing. So if you hate the things I write about, you now the truth. It’s Jim’s fault. But Jim hasn’t posted a blog since February and now the people have spoken. It’s time he got back into the game.

Brent Whitten; Ah, what a story he told. Mostly I remember his wife, Rachel’s column she used to write for The Capital-Journal. She told us stories of life. Stories we could all relate to. She told us about her soldier husband being injured in a bombing by a suicide attacker as he and his unit were out patrolling in their humvee. And I remember being truly disappointed the day I read her “Goodbye and Thanks” column. Yeah, their’s was a wonderful story back in 2006.

And Bill Blankenship; Another professional, and no doubt about it, he deserves his spot among the best of the. Funny thing is though, I couldn’t remember ever seen his blog and really wanted to hear what he had to say. I clicked my way through old blogs back to April of this year only to come up short. Then I tried what I should have done in the first place. I found his “profile page.” That’s when I found out Bill Blankenship’s never even set up a blog. How weird is that?

Sorry Ric, but I gotta call bullshit here. But hey, we both know it’s your world and I’m just passing through. Besides in a hundred years, it won’t matter anyway. Do me a favor though, will you? Would you get them to get my new picture (Avatar) up and running?

Oh yeah, I noticed you guys avoided a couple of categories this year. You didn’t include The Best Male and Female Radio Personalities. What’s that all about?

Kevin McGinty

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