Wednesday, September 29, 2010

True Colors...

We all know that in order to fix a problem, we must be willing to admit there is one in the first place. And America, we definitely have a problem. A big one.

On the day, Obama was sworn into office, he spoke directly to the five million Americans who didn’t vote for him and promised he’d be our president too. After hearing that statement, I remember thinking, okay, maybe things won’t be that bad after all. Maybe he wouldn’t turn out to be the radical leftist I thought he‘d be. Well, it turns out I was right and that he lied.

Tell me, was he being our president as he trotted around the globe, bowing down to foreign leaders, and bashing America on the world stage we handed him? Was he being our president as he forced Obama-Care down our throats? Was he being our president as he sided with Mexican President, Felipe Calderon as he launched his all-out, verbal assault on the citizens of Arizona during a joint session of Congress? Was he being our president when he directed his Justice Department to sue Arizona for trying to enforce the immigration laws the feds have ignored for years? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Anyway, with the mid-term elections only four short weeks away, and with his grip on total control slipping away, Obama has decided it is time to rally his base. He’s going to throw a little rally in Washington DC this weekend, on October, 2nd and he’s pulling out all the stops in order to get as many people involved as possible. He’s joined forces with just about every far-left, anti-American, Socialist, Marxist, and Communist organization he could dig up to spread the word.

Besides the usual left-wing organizations. You know, organizations like Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO, The NAACP, ACLU, and The National Council of La Raza, Obama has aligned himself with others that in my opinion are a little weird for any American president to be involved with Organizations like, The Communist Party of America. Democratic Socialists of America, Detroit Socialists of America, The International Socialist Organization, and The New York City Democrat Socialists of America. Isn’t it time we stopped pretending Obama’s not at the very least, a socialist? By aligning himself with these anti-American and Communist groups, Obama has shown us once and for all his true colors. These are the people he’s chosen to stand with.

Obama’s made his choice. Now it’s our turn. We can either start paying attention to what’s going on in our country and fire his corrupt enablers in Congress on November 2nd. We can decide to embrace his ideas and accept the fact that we’re headed down his Socialist path. Or we can just sit on the couch watching American Idol and pretend everything’s okay.

I know exactly where I stand. Now it’s up to you…

Kevin McGinty

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