Monday, April 21, 2014

Take A Stand Against Fascism...

It's imperative every single freedom loving American stand up to the fascists who are coming at us on a never ending, daily basis.

And no, I'm not talking about some fascist dictator in a far away foreign country.

I'm talking specifically about the fascists who have successfully taken control of this once great nation through their lies and deception.

They've successfully taken full control of the Democrat Party, The White House, The Senate, bits and pieces of the House, all powerful government agencies (think EPA, IRS, NSA, TSA, FBI, BLM), public education, our universities, and even our once powerful and independent media.

And yes, I'm well aware that you socialist loving progressives out there will simply blow that statement off as just more right wing rhetoric.

So be it.

And if you want to get right down to it I don't care what you think.

We're on to you. We're not impressed. And we're not afraid.

We're not just going to sit back while you seek to destroy anyone and everyone who disagrees with you.

Evidently destroying Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for having the nerve to support traditional marriage wasn't good enough for you.

Now that Obama's IRS somehow innocently leaked the names, addresses, and places of employment of the 35,000 people who donated their own hard earned money to help support Proposition 8 in California to the L.A. Times they've all become targets to be destroyed.

They tried and finally gave up on trying to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

They recently tried to secretly place government monitors into news rooms all across the nation to make sure we were receiving the right kind of information.

As soon as that idea was exposed for the censorship it was they backed off.

Now they're going all in with Senator Markey (D-MA) and the bill he's introduced. The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 (S.2219) "which seeks to examine the prevelance of hate crime and hate speech on the internet, television, and radio to better address such crimes."

And if any of you think for one minute that this is anything other than yet 
another attempt to silence conservative talk radio, Fox News, and right wing web sites you're delusional.

It's fine and dandy for your beloved president and his ilk to call American citizens racists and hostage takers.

You don't have the slightest problem with Harry Reid taking to the Senate floor calling American citizens who've lost their insurance coverage due to Obamacare "nothing but a bunch of liars."

And you have no problem with him calling American citizens "domestic terrorists."

But let some right wing talk radio host call them out on it and they're guilty of a hate crime.

Weird, huh?

Let one of the tens of millions of American citizens dare support the idea that marriage is sacred and should remain defined as a union between one and one woman and they must be destroyed.

You fascists have brought this country nothing but complete and total craziness.

And regardless of what you want us to believe I have a pretty good feeling the American people are sick and tired of it.

And November's getting closer every day.

Kevin McGinty


  1. on Bundy...the plot stinkens even Canamex highway and you will see what I mean...agenda 21 project in full play and maps place it adjacent to his fact, that projected corridor runs from mexico to those western states. have only just begun to look into this one but this Agenda 21 used to be blown off as tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff. it is not. and very much tied in with the UN and ICLEI....which starts its ugly roots in local communities and changing zoning laws among other control mechanisms aimed at destroying our sovereign rights to live where we choose...Mclame supported this highway in is one website but tons of info online...and of course Reid figures in...this article says that Reid is on the hook for 4.5 billion already paid by the chicoms for solar development. too tired to research more tonight but will be doing some more digging...

    1. Thanks for the new info. I have been trying to research this as much as I can. There is so much more to this people don't even have a clue. All they hear is what the gov wants us to know. Dingy harry is a crook along with his so called son. People should be paying attention to this as there is more than just the solar deal going on. They have done some sneaky things over in Texas also. Also see where they are trying to grab a bunch of land along the Red river between Tx and Ok.There are mineral and oil etc rights on that land in Nev as they did this in Tx already. Does any one know what is under that soil? Bet the BLM knows. I just hope this doesn't go down with them trying to storm the ranch and take him in.

    2. what's called "rare earth metals" metals used in computer chips....which the Chinese are producing by the megatons these days...

    3. Yhea There's a lot more to this story. It will be very interesting when it all comes out in the wash.

  2. All I will say is keep your powder Dry and Be Prepared,

  3. I am voting with Sargejr on this one, I see bad things happening down the road.


  4. Joey59 04/22/14 - 08:10 am

    Hey What happen to my comment?

    All I did was agree with Nuny. Cj that is not right. My first comment in two weeks and it is pulled. Is there new rules? Forget this place I will comment over at the bunker. See you all later hopefully over there.

    Here is what I said ; " Nuny you are exactly right but they are to stupid to see it." And CJ pulled it.

  5. re: Joey59 From CJ Monitor

    We have an interest in promoting civil discourse, which means not allowing comments that refer to people as "to [sic] dumb to see it," as yours did.

    MY Reply to CJ

    Joey59 04/22/14 - 08:47 am

    CJ Monitor ( I won't mention the Monitors name.)

    May I ask why the comments the El Jefi that calls everyone out here stupid Americans stay up? But I will try to not use Dumb or stupid again even though I didn't direct it at a person, unless they are believers in Fascism. Now on that I can not bend, but thanks for your reply.

  6. Just a quick update:

    I received an email this morning asking (warning) me to cease linking this blog to the one I do on cjonline.

    So effective tomorrow you guys will no longer be able to get here from there.

    To tell you the truth I'm surprised they let me do it for as long as they did.

    1. It is amazing to me that the most successful blog on cj, Room 235, is the one that cj moderators most visit and want to hurt. I am amazed that the wife is still around over there, but she has not been controversial of there since returning. I wonder what would happen if a visitor to Room 235 occassionally linked to the bunker. Think that would get the poster's link pulled? capoi

  7. And from the first time I visited Kevin I have had this site as a favorite.

  8. Ok, new avatar, FG says it is more appropriate. capoi

  9. Hey Sherm the sperm this is for you. And it ain't no Bud either. Ole sperm is just a little donkey. He knows that others post things that we can not find. Every one has seen it. It does no good to flag as CJ doesn't do anything. Just like the time they knew that Gimme was posting as Emmig and refused to ban him. I seen the e mail that they put out on that so I know for a fact they were sticking up for him, just as they are doing know. really I don't mind not posting on C J because of Sperm Smith. It is their sand pile and they can play in there with the left over cat manure. That is about their style.

    1. pretty blue crystals on their manure and not made from the exquisite whitefish either...they use carp...

  10. Kevin and all, your current blog got me looking at our country's actions and where such actions are leading and what it means. I came up with an off the wall thought and my most recent blog, this morning, answers this strange question. Has the United States Government Become a Theistic Government? capoi

    PS. Read it before you freak at the title.

  11. Joey, I signed off CJ a few days ago and I got to abuse warnings this morning. So someone is going back and looking for every little thing. I plan on hanging out here for now on I think, I might sign in just to check every little word of the Fascism pigs and flag them.


  12. Well, you are all correct. CJ pulls comments by conservatives at a much higher rate than the libs. I had one pulled on another thread, and they left some insulting me and attacking me. But we all know that, don't we?

    I still like to rouse the rabble when I can. I'm pretty careful with my wording, but it depends on who the moderator is I think.

    I think I'll start showing up over here a little more often. This is my first time posting and I don't have any of those accounts that let me get a name and avatar so I'll just wing it. So look for some of my usual long winded diatribes. I never say anything in a few words I can take ten paragraphs to say.

    Be seeing you, Still Safe At Home

  13. they pulled one of my posts in which I pointed out that ignoring trolls on websites generally leaves what they post standing all alone and looking rather silly, like when a pair of saggy pants falls down in public...just a general comment referencing a lot of website comment sections I visit...maybe Sherman wears saggy pants....anyway they pulled it...and did not bother sending me an email.
    Sherman, are ya reading this? do you indeed wear saggy pants? or maybe the jefegimmeemmig creature does....heavily weighed down with mouse turds, causing them to fall in public...

  14. SSAH, Hey nice hearing from you again, Please stick around here , your comments are great, we can leave CJ high and dry. We still have that asshole Gimme over here, but he activates the POOF button.

  15. EL Gimme, you should talk a guy that only likes guys calling someone that, you are nothing and always was a nothing but a asshole punk. Now why don't you go over to your mama Lucy.

  16. EL Gimme SSAH home is over on kevin CJ blog be a man and go over there and talk to him , I am sure he will prove anything you say wrong, you never could match him in a debate.

  17. Hmmm
    the open blog has a few comments missing,

  18. They're yanking blogs like gimme yanks.....never mind.

    Sherman sounds kind of whiney in his posts. Never seen a moderator post three in a row.


    1. I read that first sentence and about fell out of my chair! Oh, it's so funny! I'm still laughting. I do agree with what you're saying here and CJ is out of line when it doesn't enforce its own rules evenly


    2. I think Kevs facist blog stepped on one of Sherms nerves and must have pinched it pretty good. He just couldn't handle all of us hammering him so he had to post 3 in a row. I hope he reads these. I was trying to give joey59 a hand over there.

  19. Oh go and say it Safe like gimme yanks Yellow squirrel.

  20. Looks like ole Sperm Smith got his panties on to tight. That's what happens to people that don't get their way or get their poor little feelings hurt. Too bad Sherm. Lap it up like a good little donkey. And dont forget to do your evening worship to your libtard hero.

  21. Gimme really either way, no one here gives a shit ! You are still a Queer Dick head , got it Good.

  22. Your IQ is dropping to zero Punk. EL Pricko Gimme.

  23. The real Gimme, you hear from one idiot gimme, that talk's like a fool and it is a gimme, god forbid that there could be more than one of you scumbags out there. Where is Bob we need a prayer.

  24. I think Kevin needs to use the CJ Poof button. Gone with the wind. And no air fresher will be needed after he disappears. They might never find any trace of him.Wouldn't that be a shame? I bet his mom would have a party.

  25. Did I hear someone saying something about a POOF button?

  26. Every night I pray that the liberal village idiots will be miraculously be given brains, so far my prayers have been mostly unanswered. Resident troll case in point. capoi

  27. What's wrong sissy boy?

    Did cj send your ass packing again?


  28. Welcome home Kevin. Hope your road is safe tomorrow also.

  29. Thanks Proud.

    As far as the road today. It was uneventful and even a little boring.

    Just the way I like it...

  30. Oh and just a quick update:

    Looks like our very own little troll has once again been booted from cjonline.

    I went back and couldn't find a single one of his posts anywhere.

    And to make matters even worse for the little son of a bitch.

    I have complete and total control of the POOF button.

    Sucks to be you, gimme, el feffie, el loser...

  31. Nothing like a nice clean conservative screen in the morning. I think this blog will start growing soon, people are fed up with CJ. But it would be nice to start a discussion on what the blogs are about. We can do that if we all use rule 8 when that punk gimme shows up. it will be hard for me not to jump back at that prick but I can if everyone does it. Good night all and kevin stay safe, and could you please loan me that button for one day:):):)

  32. For the record, gimme,El Loser I don't give a shit what name you go by.

    From now on I'm just gonna call you POOF...

  33. Man it smells good in the bunker this morning. Well Kevin thats good calling him POOF, but I will call him asshole.


  34. Got to think a little

    Man Killed on Golf Course!
    A foursome of guys is waiting at the men's tee while a foursome of women is hitting from the ladies' tee. The ladies are taking their time.

    When the final lady is ready to hit her ball, she hacks it 10 feet.
    Then she goes over and whiffs it completely.

    Then she hacks it another ten feet and finally hacks it another five feet.

    She looks up at the patiently waiting men and says apologetically,
    "I guess all those f***ing lessons I took over the winter didn't help."

    One of the men immediately, but politely, responds:

    "Well, there you have it.......

    You should have taken golf lessons instead!"
    He never even had a chance to duck..........and had just turned 58 last Saturday.

  35. You go ahead and call it whatever you want, Sarge.

    And he's free to run his stupid mouth all he wants.

    But you can always count on the fact that once I get the time every single one of his useless posts will be gone...

  36. Kevin And that is the best part of the day I must say. ( POOF goes the asshole)

  37. The U.S. government's only legitimate, Constitutional role is to help manage the land, not to help itself to the land. It is to be managed in the interest of the locals, who are thus acknowledged to own the usufruct, i.e., the right to derive profit or benefit from the property.

    Of course, the actual intention of the U.S. government's delegated land-management role is of no importance to Obama and his minions. Their aim is to "nationalize" the land, using whatever legal pretext is available..

    As an excuse, they look for some legalistic pretext for asserting ownership the U.S. government was never intended to possess, along with the power to determine how land is used without any regard for what is fair to local interests and good stewardship of the land.

    What is happening in Nevada is just a foretaste of things to come, as proposals move forward that will have the effective of allowing the Obama faction to assert pharaoh-like national ownership of much of the economically valuable land in America.

    Joey59 (This was pulled from CJ) I am History over there.

  38. Don't feel too bad, Joey.

    I doubt it'll be long before I'm history over there as well...

  39. Well you guys that is what they CJ wants. Say did DonkeyBoy get booted over there?

  40. I think Ole MF Donkey closet queen got what was coming to him. he is down on his knees again hiding out in the closet with his backwards buddies, St Jackoo, Yellow Pee, and a couple of his hump buddies. But he will always just be what he wants to be a MF closet queen.
    As for CJ They can kiss me anytime they want. i will be more than happy to show Sperm Smith which part to love. They have made their sandbox and they don't care. They let people make rcist, rude and in general crap comments made for one reason only. And we know what that is.
    I don't think you will ever get a straight up answer as to what the rule is for copying and pasting or just copying some info. It seems that they just decide on who and what is posted . As I have seen and I am sure others have to. They will not put it into print .that way they can control the posting. Seems like all this rings a bell. Now where have I seen this type of control before?

  41. This is just so funny you all have got to read it.
    ‘Open letter’ to the Clinton baby

  42. Dave1001

    All I know as long is if the monitor is Sherman Smith I will not sign back in, he is a hard core Lib I would bet money on it. And Joey59 it would be wise if you did the same thing. Won't belong and all they will have over there is the idiots on the Left.

  43. Was going to post thos over on CJ but thoughtbetter of it. It wouldjust get yanked by the head CJ yanker. I guess the EPA is starting to regulate priveate property through the water rights act. It would seem they want to regulate every crook and cranny ditch that may have water in it only when it rains.

    Here's another power grab by obama admin through the EPA. Nothing like an imperial dictator with the stroke of a pen!

    This is exactly how the government takes control of private property, and starts chargnig rediculous fees for things other than taxation. Don't pay the fees and then look what happens. Exactly what happened to Mr. Bundy in Nevada. This is probably exactly how the Bundy issue started many years ago and festered until now.

  44. Yes Dave. I think the only time he does anything to a lib is when some one up above him hets on his butt for not doing his job.He pass's on a lot of satuff and at the same time he gives out warnings like they were candy. I know we have all seen his posts about something and at the same time some libtard is doing the same thing. He doe not practice what he preaches for sure. Just to much BS from him and his little gang. Ireally dont miss the BS that he puts out and I have about as much use for him as I have MF Gimme and his closet buddies. maybe they are all into it together. You know the closet thing.

  45. Here is a nice poem if some one wants to post on Cj go ahead
    A Poem: 'The Modern Liberal's Lament'

    Poor, poor, poor lucky pitiful me

    Born into a paradise too perfect to see

    Blessed with it all, but still entitled to more

    Too lazy to win we just didn’t keep score

    Told I was great just to sooth their own egos

    My trophies were large, my accomplishments zero

    My “self-esteem” huge, nothing I did much estimable

    My rewards grew great, my soul irredeemable.

    I’ve never known disease, poverty, hunger or pain

    I’d never spent a moment not well entertained

    Rat-tat-tat-tat went every sensation

    But not a drop for the soul or a hint of salvation

    No knowledge, no truths, just non-stop titillation.

    Pornography performed love’s final castration

    Friends and enemies became one and the same

    Now called “frenemies” they were always to blame

    Never grown to a man, just a larger permutation

    The second, the moment, ourselves our fixation

    Nothing great, nothing good, nothing right no sublime

    Endless hours in paradise was just marking time

    Lennon promised us Eden if we all lived for today

    No thoughts of tomorrow, so far, far, away

    Paradise found, naught to kill or die for

    Instead, we got hell, with nothing to try for

  46. Poof!!!! Or as I say it poof asshole.

  47. I didn't forget anything, POOF.

    I didn't link this blog to today's cj blog because I was warned not to.

    You see, that's the difference between you and me.

    I'm smart enough to know when to back off.

    You on the other hand just running your stupid, immature mouth running till you get bitch slapped back to reality.

    And that reality for you, POOF is that once again I got you kicked off cjonline and I control everything you can and cannot say and when you're allowed to say it around here.

    Checkmate Bitch!!!

  48. Hey MF Ha Ha Ha He He He Hee Haw

  49. My My Gimme. You have to be the dumbest MF I have ever witnessed on CJ and now you are proving it all over. You will be POOf before morning. Good bye MF POOF

  50. What i missed it! Damn I hate it when I miss the asshole goes POOF>

  51. You should have seen it, Sarge.

    Caught the little bastard in mid sentence and left him crying like the lying little bitch he is.


  52. Kevin. sure rub it in, hahahahaha seems like we have things under control. Good Job. I want that button so BAD!

  53. I know the feeling Sargejr. I keep hoping emmig would come over to my little blog just once. I would love to poof him. capoi

  54. New Blog Alert.

    Sorry it's so late. But it hasn't been a good day for my family and I at all.

    I'll probably be scarce for a few days due to a funeral I have to deal with.

    Don't worry I'll still have the POOF button with me...

  55. Kevin hope all is okay with you and your family. See ya when you get back, we can hold the Bunker.