Saturday, April 5, 2014

Typical Liberal, Progressive Democrat...


Have you ever noticed how confused our liberal friends are?

That's because they are.

Check out today's 65 second video as Al Sharpton demonstrates to the world what it's really like to be a liberal...

Kevin McGinty


  1. HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ,,,

    I caught a few of those live.

    , such and ass hole

    but a FuNnY AsSH0LE!

  2. When the world is going up in smoke
    at least the democrats can put go0d ol' Al up there to distract us.

  3. It's no wonder we can't through to these people, Vent.

    They have no freakin idea what's going on around them...

  4. Once We had Rowan & Martin,
    the Dem's can give us"" Biden & Sharpton""

    with special Guest star,,
    AL GORE!

  5. God all mighty,
    wake us from this nightmare
    i don't know whether to laugh or Scream in Terror

  6. Now I know why Munch painted The Scream.

  7. Now that you mention it Rose it does makes sense...

  8. All that time our idiot little buddy wasted was all for naught.

    Sucks to be him...

  9. YiP!! Another find job you did, Just doesn't get any better than that.

  10. to this, we much...and resist...we much....
    definitely a contest between the not-so-sharp one and good ol' lunchbox Joe...lololololol!!! that said, we cats are logging off for the evening...worked in my yard, raking out flower beds all afternoon...all my transplanted peonies, iris and daffodils are popping through the work last fall was definitely not in vain...
    sleep well, all! purrs...

  11. Bet the smells emanating from the Earth are wonderful!
    Won't be long til' the meadow larks will be at full pitch
    bright and early in the morning.
    It's stuff like that that makes a Jay hawker a Jay hawker for EVER!

  12. Cats, That is one thing I miss about Topeka is the peonies. I dug up a peony from my yard in Topeka and brought it to Texas. It lived for 10 years then one year it just disappeared. I always think of Topeka when I see peonies and lilacs.. I spent all day working in my flower garden until it started to rain. I love working in the garden and watching the wildlife play in my flowers.

  13. I encourage anyone to go to Keri's latest blog entree.
    After reading it and the assorted comments,
    especially from Lucy
    you can see EXACTLY what's wrong with the Republican party.

  14. Hey abrakadabra aka mf gimme went poof on cj......LOL

    What a Richard Head


  15. Abra abra cadabra,,
    Some body reached out and SMACKED YA!

    You Pecker headed moron.

  16. AbraKadabera ,, the man who Knew too much,
    yet knew nothing at all.

  17. That's too bad.

    I really wish Sherman would let me use his POOF button over there.

    Give me ten minutes and I'd have the place all cleaned up...

  18. Kevin you and the other conservatives need to read the Idiotic LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS ENTREE,

    A compleat IDIOT wrote it.

    as far as I'm concerned there needs to be a damn history test before ANYONE is allowed to vote.

    They sure all hell ain't learning it in sko0l!

  19. a complete idiot corrected my spellin'

  20. "You know as well as I do that people are scared to death to tell you what they really think. The left has politicized everything -- everything -- to the point that people are afraid to go against what they know to be political correctness, which is nothing more than liberal fascism, nothing more than censorship." -Rush
    I can't post stuff like this on CJ, 4 abuse letters for copy rights bull shit, I did what they told me I could do post pats and add my impute to it and post the link, that damn sure doesn't work. Lost 4 comment on Kevin's blog over there. I signed off again for awhile, So you are stuck with me over hear.


  21. This should drive punks like St Jacques Nuts.

    Until last year, Illinois was the only state to ban concealed carry. A U.S. Appeals Court struck down their ban as unconstitutional and required that the state enact a concealed carry law. Last summer in July, lawmakers came up with such a law, albeit a very restrictive one:
    The law as approved by the Legislature permits anyone with a Firearm Owner’s Identification card who has passed a background check and undergone gun-safety training of 16 hours — longest of any state — to obtain a concealed-carry permit for $150. The Illinois State Police would have six months to set up a system to start accepting applications. Spokeswoman Monique Bond said police expect 300,000 applications in the first year.
    The predictable response from the left was of course that more guns would mean even more violence, especially in places like Chicago. But so far, that hasn’t happened yet. In fact, quite the contrary:
    On Tuesday, the Chicago Police Department announced that the city experienced its lowest murder rate since 1958 in the first quarter of 2014. There were 6 fewer murders than the same timeframe in 2013 — a 9 percent drop — and 55 fewer murders than 2012, police said.
    Further, there were reportedly 90 fewer shootings and 119 fewer shooting victims compared to last year. There have also been 222 fewer shootings and 292 fewer shooting victims compared to the first quarter in 2012.
    All crime is down 25 percent from 2013 and police say they have confiscated over 1,300 illegal guns in the last three months


  22. Well Dammit!
    And I've already got the libs crawling out from under their rocks supporting uneducated morons voting.

  23. I will say nothing more until the Donkey bottom AsS wipers challenge me directly.
    Until then I must endure thumbs down.

  24. Sarge I Almost cut and pasted that and threw it up on Rebecca's Blog
    because St j was the first to comment.

    But I don't think he's coming back and besides she took her blog down but it's just sitting there like an open mic,, very tempting but I don't wanna piss her off.

  25. Well Vent the way things are going with some of these people Idon't care who I piss off. Oh wait a minute ,wait a minute, I never did care.

  26. yeah but the main thing is I want st J to see it
    so I'll wait to strike when the moment is right.

  27. At the end of February the number of people that signed up for health care plans stood at 4.2 million. Then as of last Monday more people selected plans in March than in the 3.5 months of the open enrollment period.. Some questions I would like answered are - What percentage of people are going to actually pay the first month premium and then continue to pay every month, - what is the demographics profile of enrollees, - and what % of people who selected a plan were previously uninsured? I am sure there is a reason these questions have not been answered and we may never know the truth. These are not hard questions.

  28. Al Sharpton worked as a FBI Informant? Of course he dismissed it. What else could he say?

  29. Speaking of dismissed. How far does any one think this will go. Holder will not do a thing. These Rinos are a joke.

    ‘I Want to Know Who’s Going to Jail’: Lawmakers to Press DOJ to Consider Criminal Case Against Lois Lerner, Boehner Says
    House Republicans will meet on Wednesday to prepare a letter asking the Justice Department to consider a criminal case against ex-IRS official Lois Lerner for “misleading the Congress,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) revealed on “The Kelly File” Monday. On Thursday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will also consider contempt charges.
    The letter to Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ will be put together by the House Ways and Means Committee and will argue Lerner “violated the constitutional rights of citizens, gave misleading information to investigators and inappropriately released private taxpayer information,” Fox News reports.

  30. Was or was not Gimme, gone is gone, and you ruined my day even thinking there was two assholes like gimme. Man that would make anyone puke, but most of the Lib" sound alike. A bunch of brain dead Gimme's. Got to say it like it is. Heeheehaw asshole.

  31. bho44

    Hell no one out here thinks you are even old enough to vote. HEAR ME BHO?

  32. I never trust people like BHO that is always in the closet wit St Jacques.

  33. Yhea we all know what they say about those closet boys.

  34. No I think he is you a worthless P O S Who aint got the balls to put up.

  35. And besides that you will be POOF in a short time so you are just wasting your life away here. Of course you don't have a life anyway so I guess it is pointless for you.

  36. Hey Bho... There is no taking any Lib Seriously, Got it good, if not get it, Puke. Yup Sara I hear, those little queers have been caught before, Let the record speak for it's self. Heeheehaw I heard it from Learnedhandjob, and Yellow Squirrel. And Mr Happy was a witness and couldn't keep his mouth shut about it. Just Saying...

  37. So now old Sharpie isn't as sharp. I see he is a rat fink narc. Wonder how long he will be breathing air.
    Has any one ever noticed that pictures of him look like they were photo shopped? I have never seen a person with such a huge head on a little bitty body. He looks deformed. Must be that rough life he lives.

  38. BHO before you get in a panic on the word I used, I will help you out. It is your choice what you are. But remember that is my opinion, only because you are a stalker.

    queer |kwi(ə)r|
    1 strange; odd : He had a queer feeling that they were being watched.
    • [ predic. ] dated slightly ill.
    2 informal usually offensive (esp. of a man) homosexual.


  39. Sara Socks, yup he looks like he has aids or something, but his life is getting short after this info gets back to the family of the mob, Sucks to be him, or for that matter Gimme heeheehaw.

  40. BHO you don't think I forgot about the last 2 years do you? You get no mercy from me punk. I won't forget that how you Bastards came after me over on CJ then after Stan, You and the other Assholes ruined a good Blog where people had fun from both side, but creeps like you and Jacques, and yellow squirrel, and 5 or so others came by just to upset the Blog no other reason, so kiss off asshole.

  41. BhO, you are more than welcome to confront me anytime, a few of your Butt buddies had a chance one time in a protective area and couldn't do it, you got the guts. You know where I live stop in some time, come durning the day time and all is okay, come as it is getting dark and you will be at 50, 50 %, now after Dark late and you have 10% survival chance. Now how fair do you think that is. Now lets see how smart you really are. Oh and remember I am pretty sure I know where you live also. Just to be fair you punk asshole. Heeheehaw. Oh I don't blame others for my short coming if I have any. I just take out what seems to be a worthless piece of shit, and sorry bud you fit that just right. Sleep well if you can, remember that noise out side maybe just the wind, hahahahhahahahahahhahahahah BOO!

  42. He will never ever come face to face with any of us. I have invited him to the bar,lots of times. Seems to me if he is 1/3 as bad as he thinks he is he would try one of us. Of course we all know the only thing bad about him is his smell. Stinking turnip plucker. Yhea I looked him up after that time his ID got put out by that C J mistake. Not that hard to find some ones address.

  43. Seems like one of our buddies [RG CHAR] has been having a time with the C J moderators. I seen his post over on CJ friday blog.
    They will keep screwing with him until they get him kicked off. The waym it is know the mod's have all the power to send out abuse warnings for what you post. No matter if you reply or even post the link they are giving out warnings. What happened to our free speech? They post whole articles from other news agency's without any input. Oh! ok! thats ok, but don't you write something and them put a link with it.

  44. Ok So who gets to decide if what you post is entirety or majority of an article.How do you know if its too little content? Talk about a bunch of Commies Geezz

    Posting the entirety or majority of an article from another site, with little or no editorial content of your own, is an infringement of copyright and is not allowed at

    1. Looks to me like this is nothing but their back stabbing commie way of getting rid of any one they want. The way it is written ,they can decide who and how much they post. You can be kicked off for posting one word, one sentence, one paragraph, or the like of another site. .

  45. Sara... Don't worry we will win, they will destroy them selves before us, 1st off they got to learn how to handle a gun. And you know they don't have the guts to use one.

  46. Sorry haven't been around
    My whole town is depressed because our most popular weather man died in a bike accident.
    He worked at all three network affiliates so all the news casters on all the stations are losing it.
    But he was a great weather man. will miss him especially at hurrycain season.
    Then on top of that my Brother in law died.
    I know one thing,
    hug everyone you love and don't go to bed angry

    love you guys.

  47. Vent so sorry to hear about that on Both, and the rest of your comment was on Mark. Talk to you tomorrow. Best to you and yours.

  48. Hang in there Vent.

    It just sucks when you're going along minding your business and out of nowhere life decides to kick you right in the gut...

  49. thanks guys,,
    I've some other unpleasant things on my plate that i gotta deal with so my presence may be sparse

    good night

  50. You do what you gotta do Vent.

    We'll be here when you're ready to come back...

  51. Take care Vent. Hope all works out for you....

  52. Vent...Phil 4:19: And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

    Till your return. Bob444

  53. Thanks BOB !

    He already helped me unclog my backed up Kitchen sink without calling a plumber.
    That helped me a lot.
    I'm going to Cj to see if i can break some windows before I go.
    It's a Beautiful day!

  54. Vent... that is great, and it is going to be 79 here today, enjoy it we are, easy on the windows don't want you booted don't ya know:


  55. Since the handy dandy email notification thing runs about 6 or 7 hours behind I'm just going to start letting you guys know when I've posted a new blog.