Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Once Again Captain (Un) America Saves The Day...

According to our beloved president and his legions of paid liars, the attack in Benghazi in which four Americans were murdered was nothing more than a spontaneous reaction to a YouTube video that sent a bunch of Muslim extremists into yet another one of their murderous rampages and had nothing what so ever to do with terrorism. (See today's lead video)


The key word in that statement is spontaneous.
Spontaneous:  adjective;  performed or occurring as a result of an inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

Once it became obvious the majority of Americans were no longer buying the spontaneous lie they switched tactics and simply began referring to the Benghazi attack as a 'phony scandal' being trumped up by the republicans. (See today's second video)


Over the course of the next two years the lies and scandals started piling on top of each other and started taking their toll on our beloved president's job approval rating.

Action was needed.

So what's he do?

Thinking he'd be once again hailed as a hero, he stupidly traded five captured Taliban leaders for an American deserter.

Before the end of day one that one blew up in his face.

More action was needed.

Oh yeah, that annoying Benghazi thing peole won't quit talking about.

Yesterday our beloved president announced that over the weekend he had captured the 'mastermind' (his words not mine) behind the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi. (See today's third video)

The key word in that statement is 'mastermind.'


Hmm, I thought is was simply a spontaneous reaction to a stupid video.
No planning involved and no 'mastemind' needed.

No, Mr. President, Benghazi wasn't a phony scandal.

But you sir, are most certainly a phony president...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Time for the POOF button!

    PHenry. :)

  2. Lol...

    For once I'm a step ahead of ya, PHenry...

  3. Listen up everyone. by now ever person in this country should know obama isn't even worth the Shit he was made of.

  4. My God how bad is this going to get?
    these bastards have taken control of Saddam's Chemical weapons facility.

  5. in the meantime the Morons on Cj can only blame Bush
    I keep reminding them that Bush didn't take down the world trade center.

    or soak me with a Huge TAX BILL!

  6. Vent, can't be Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction remember> LOL

  7. Knee is not letting me sleep. So, I cannot believe that there are people who still support this evil creature Obama. But then these are the same people who have no problem supporting the killing of 60 million children over the past 40 years. CAPOI

  8. Capoi, woof down a few beers, may help with the pain, but it will do nothing for the pain in the ass obama, but at least you can still type nice hearing from you again.

  9. Hope you don't think i'm defending Homos over there on Cj,,
    well I am defending one,,
    but it's tooo late..
    you see it seem that one of our cross dressing Fags,
    one that pulled it off Beautifully unlike some,
    in fact maybe too good,
    well apparently this one had a date with someone that discovered a snake in her panty's and didn't like that so they shot him/her to death and then set her body on fire.
    It was so hot it completely incinerated him/her. to the point they thought it was woman because only his high heeled shoes remained.
    Anyway, it happened on what is our equivalent of Kansas Ave. a little south of downtown. behind a rent a car facility.
    so the whole city is upset and outraged as am I. There are a lotta transgenders around here ,one that works at my Walmart that works hard and is nice to everyone. Thought of him and I certainly wouldn't want that to happen to him. or anyone.
    I am in no way gonna start flying the rainbow fag flag but I don't want to see this happen either. i'm sure that some asshole got their manly pride hurt when they grabbed this chicks weeny but for God sake, retaliating like that is just heinous.
    plus crime in general is just getting intense everywhere lately it's like three home invasions every other night here.
    I thank God for our Sheriff or I think things would be 40 times worse,, plus he always catches the criminals,,
    most the time,,
    sorry but this shit just gets me depressed,

    comON Jesus!

  10. Anybody catch that Vito guy over at looney Lucy's blog? He reminds me of some one but I just can't put a finger on it. Same attitude

  11. Same attitude, same blind loyalty to the corrupt bastards ruining this country today.

    73 points means he's the new kid on the block.

    Gimme's back...

  12. Vent, I understand. No true Christian wants to cause harm to anyone regardless of sexual preference, gender, color of skin, etc. Violence on innocents is always evil. Jesus loved all mankind so much that he suffered pain, humiliation, torture and death for all. That is where the misguided liberal masses have gotten it wrong, they have equated rejection of sinful behaviors with rejection of the value of a person capoi.

  13. I guess he doesn't get it yet. You would think he would get it through his little pee brain. Guess we will have to send in the big gun.

  14. Wife texted me to go read Kev's CJ blog. Boy did Ralph nail it. I will bet that almost drove NLL to the funny farm. Can't wait for your new blog Kevin. capoi

  15. I checked out this vito asshole, it is gimme, same punk smell. go for it gimme we will give you a week on CJ if you are lucky. And take the Dakotaswife Dog with you heeheehaw.

  16. Lol...

    It'll be up and running in the morning.

    Oh, and the libs ain't gonna like this one at all...

  17. Good morning and God Bless all. Go out and enjoy the day that God has given to us. And if you have to work today to kept the world running, THANK YOU! capoi

  18. Looks like my buddies Raallph and Scrib are keeping things alive on C J. But I am caught up and off for some relaxation and time off. Maybe a little lake activity and some cold adult beverage . You all enjoy the day. Later and Sarge watch out for that MF Gimme. Give him hell for me while I am gone.

  19. Hello to all, thought I should stop in to say hi to those not over on CJ, And capoi God bless you and yours also.


  20. Middle, nice to see you out and about, Kevin and everyone I just Read on the UK Mail that Mooshell obama called Hillary Clinton Hillarybeast, what is up with that? In fighting, I sure hope Hillary doesn't call Moochell GO Gorilla or something. not nice.