Monday, June 2, 2014

King Obama Strikes Again...


I don't know what's happened to this country nor do I know what's going to happen to this country but I do know as long as Obama and the bastards he's surrounded himself with are in power none of it can be good.
The son of a bitch just took it upon himself to illegally release five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world in return for a friggin deserter.

Then he sent his worthless talking heads out to spread the good news that the government of Qartar has promised to keep an eye on these killers for the next year.

So, it's all good, right?


These five world class terrorists will spend the next year rebuilding the roving gangs of thieves and murders and return to slaughtering any and as many Americans as they can.

This son of a bitch need to be impeached.

But will it happen?

Of course not.

The worthless lapdog media and our spineless congress will just roll over like they've done with every other god awful this son of a bitch has done to us since the day he took office.

It's not here yet but the transformation he spoke of is well on it's way.

Sorry about the language.

But this one really pisses me off.

And if you're not pissed off as well, then screw you, too...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Christ I was just getting on a roll on the last blog, but leave this one on for awhile, going to be lots of new stuff come out, and I have no plans on being polite to this dumb ass obama. This guy should be in jail and put on trial, Oh I am talking about obama, the son of a bitch is destroying this country right in front of all the assholes that voted for him, and you dummies think he and this government is going to take care of you shit heads after the Country goes down. Hahahahahahah you pricks are the first to go, you would have no idea on how to protect yourselves or your family. You idiots just should go jump off a bridge now. Just F ing saying..

  2. Right on Kev I too am just at the point where I want to just pack up and go be a hermit some where that has no contact with the media . Its getting so every week this worthless looser and his little band of rats pull something and then just turn around and give the rest of us the finger. They just smile and stick it up us.I want to keep a stiff upper but I don't see any light at the end of this tunnel. With that Bit Itch Hillary Dickery coming on it really looks like these people are going to take this country down. I hope people wake up but without the help we need in DC we are doomed
    I get to see the real Libs around and they are so brained washed it is sicking. I seen a F B post from a liberal gal that compared the four dead to Bush 4,000 dead. Its like these people dont care and they believe every thing that comes out of this bunch of rats
    If it turns out this guy is a deserter and nothing gets done which I bet is how this will go down
    they will have a hay day bragging him up. No matter how many people died because of his actions.He will be the leftist hero and poster boy.

  3. Ran across this from India

  4. Damn I should not be so calm and cool, and say what I really want to say, and just let them come and kill me hell pick me off with one of their new toys, a drone. Than at least the TCJ might cover the story, if they can get off their asses, and not worry about Plum-bob or yellow squirrel, or Mr slap happy making his self happy in the closet. Okay time to call it a night to you all and to Mrs Calabash where ever you are.

  5. Here's another interesting read

  6. This administration is as evil as the most vicious terrorist organization in the world capoi

  7. I forgot to include the sob's in the press. May God have mercy on these animals because I can only hate and despise them. capoi

  8. well I;m doing my best to trash every article I can with every moronic dip shit pinko that shows up
    the wind from Washington picks up and I'll spin like an EF 5 tornado.
    so far that idiot pkinnett is the only one stupid enough to come outta the basement during my Destruction.

  9. but the Commie Calvary will regroup as soon as they get their orders from

  10. I belong to a woman's club and this weekend we held a birthday celebration for a member who turned 100. This lady is very prim and proper and I have never seen her without her hair freshly styles and fingernails manicured and she always has on a pearl necklace. She is still very active and sharp as a tack. Someone gave her a letter from the Whitehouse with a note and picture from Obama wishing her a happy 100th birthday. She opened the envelope and took out the picture and quickly tore it in two and dropped it in the trash. She then exclaimed that was the worst birthday card/greeting she had ever received. Of course the dems in the group gasped and she gave them a stern look and said "I might be old but I'm not stupid nor am I a fool' and that man who pretends he is the president is a complete idiot." I loved it!!!!
    Texas Rose

  11. Are you planning to survive the war your own Government is arming up for right now?

    A war that will take place on American soil...

    At 2am tonight, if your door was broken down and Federal Agents came bursting through would you know what to do?

    Or better yet, is your door so well defended that they couldn't even get in?

    If you can't honestly say you are ready then you must uncover the truth in this free report right now.

    The media has been forbidden to report anything about it and 281 Million Americans are at risk, are you going to be one of them?

    I urge you to watch it right now.

    Always Safe, Always Prepared,

    Frank Mitchell

    P.S. There's a lot of misinformation out there, most of it coming direct from your own government. I can't tell you how important it is to get the real, uncensored truth...

    If you plan to live watch this now.

  12. We train young men as Boy Scouts to “be prepared”.

    They naturally ask “Be Prepared for what?”

    We respond, “For whatever happens.” You never really know in advance, but some things are likely.

    I do not realistically expect to ever use my firearm to defend my life, my family’s lives, or those I am with, yet I carry one. I do not ever expect to run out of gasoline, yet I have an empty fuel can in my trunk. Unplanned things happen. I do not expect to have a fire that requires extinguishing, yet I have a fire extinguisher handy. I have used a fire extinguisher to put out an engine fire for a stranger pulled over on the side of the road. I really did not plan to, but I was prepared when it occurred. My car also has basic emergency supplies – a blanket, poncho, first aid kit, hard candies, water bottle, a fire starter, a good knife and sharpening stone. I will probably never use most of those supplies. I will be happy with that.

    The better question is, what is your excuse for why you do not carry? Why are you not prepared? Why are you relying on others to do what you can and should do for yourself? If something happens that would be best be handled if you were armed and were not, can you live with the consequences of your not being prepared?

    But now I add another reason ( Obama and his administration) # F ing 1 reason.

  13. Be prepared to Play with Barbies

    and LIKE IT!

    we'll make sure you do.

  14. Vent... If the barbies are alive, I think I would like it, Legal age of course. :):):)


  15. How come I just cant understand this?

    Obama’s approval rating rose amid scandal, poll finds

  16. Sara, that may be because we are growing more idiots by the day. As Vent might say we are doomed!

  17. Okay I will try to be plain on this, But you can bet what the other men in his unit is telling it like it is. No one knows him in this situation more than the men that serve with him. Now take that to the F ing bank. End of problem.

  18. Well while I am in the mood, I want to tell the black population in this country, obama is no friend of yours, he is like all the other socialist that wants to do keep you exactly where you are. Are you going to get off your asses and help us do something about it? But while you are thinking about it, ask your selves what has he done for the black population in the last 6 years. Oh for get the obama phone for Christ Sakes.

  19. Here!
    Hopefully this will make you feel better.

    President Obama Job Approval CNN/Opinion Research Approve 43, Disapprove 55 Disapprove +12
    President Obama Job Approval ABC News/Wash Post Approve 45, Disapprove 53 Disapprove +8
    President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 43, Disapprove 52 Disapprove +9
    President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 50, Disapprove 49 Approve +1

  20. Rasmussen must be the one that ScArEd you.

    personally when I saw it ,,

    made me shit my self!

    just a little bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. Wish I was over on the CJ Blog on this POW crap, I have plenty to say ,But it seems like all the people that are Kevin's Regulars have it under control, Obama Just keeps digging the hole, I am waiting for the GOP starts filling it in on top of him. I will say like so many people that have served, they the other troops know more about this guy than his mother does. And this Rice idiot must be a man because she keeps stepping on her Dick. Where do they find these fools?

  22. She's a RoBoT..
    I'm sure if the R0BoT will ask for an Procedure called
    they can equip it with one.

    For now it's just replaying the Benghazi tapes

  23. jesus Christ!
    did you HEAR THE NEW LIE?

    seems that now obama is saying if He would have told Congress that Bergdahl would have been Killed
    But it was learned that Harry Reid new about it the day before.

    Harry Reids response,,
    and this is the GODS HONEST TRUTH<<