Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What A Difference Two Years Can Make...



Just two short years ago our beloved president was out there running his mouth claiming he had killed Obama bin Laden and had decimated Al Qaeda.

Had them on the run and the war on terror is history.

Evidently they never got the memo.

Since then they've attacked our consulate in Benghazi.

They've made huge gains in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and are now they're on the verge of taking complete and total control of Iraq.

Yeah, that Iraq.

The same Iraq that thousands of Americans fought and died for has been abandoned by by Obama and company is now in the hands of the very people Obama claimed to have decimated.

Do you Obama devotees remember when you said experience doesn't matter?

I do...

Kevin McGinty


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  2. When will this country get a real leader. This old deal of just dropping everything and leaving is old. We done this in Nam and now we are doing it again. But this time we know that the leader of this country would rather give the enemy everything they want than kill one.How many more will die because of these so called leaders. We need a leader that will give them the finger. You can't win as war by kissing and apologizing to every damn towel head. And we have libs that want this.Any person that votes for these liberal losers is guilty of murder.I know that I am and others too are sick and tired of having our young people killed for nothing. If we are going to war their is only one way to win. kill them all and let God sort them out.End of problem and it saves a lot of people's lives.Kind of like what we did in Japan.

  3. Christ I got to start 1st again, oh hell it is a nasty job someone has to do it. This Iraq, thing has me so pissed off, all those lives and Billions of dollars for nothing. They need to nab obama put him on a plane and drop him off over there. But make sure he has a chute that won't open, Poof end of all this shit. How this asshole is still in the Black house is be on me. That should get you all started, hey say what you mean. won't hurt ya.

  4. Sara now that was sneaky!!! I am a slow typer.

  5. Iraq upset the hell out of me, too, given my son doing 3 tours there...but God in His Wisdom is my refuge. now we are facing a growing tyranny in this country, especially with that border mess now. thoughts on it as talked about by Beck...parallels...with that Palestinian vs Israel mess in the middle east. I think it is La Raza that has long claimed that part of Texas, California and Arizona rightfully belongs to them...and these children are overrunning long before they are referred to as refugees, if they aren't already? think Beck is onto something with the comparison. no one is lobbing bombs yet but there have been a lot of shootings and beheadings going on down there for years now. the border patrol has its hands tied by the regime; now, given articles in the cj today, Topeka and Wichita counties are no longer going to allow ice agents to hold illegals for the 48 hours to decide whether or not to deport them. and what does Miller care? he's headed for his new job with the US Marshall's office, courtesy Holder...wonder if the Sedgwick county sheriff got some sort of plum job as well? and Holder does not like Kobach...this stinks to high high heaven.

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  7. Catsncats, Maybe you should tell us what you really think! I love you like a Sister I do.

    1. any of the exquisitely delightful whitefish?;-)

  8. Trust me.

    None of this is a coincidence either.

    It's a straight up attempt to create chaos and to overwhelm the system.

    I have no idea what their end game is but I do know we're not going to like it...

  9. Still Safe at Home here:

    Kevin, you are exactly right. This is all a well orchestrated plan, creating chaos and leading to God knows what. Glen Beck called it five years ago. Top down, bottom up. Create chaos from the top down, and work to exploit it and destroy the country from the bottom up.

    Why else do we have a president who had a dark background that is hidden, no school records to prove anything he claims? History of consorting with Marxists and extreme radicals. Communist anti colonialist father, Marxist hippy mother. Never held a job, but was supported by being on various boards of radical left wing groups many funded through George Soros and his shadow ops.

    Sat for twenty years in a racist radical church listening to a racist anti semitic preacher. Hung around with terrorists and radicals of every stripe.

    Won elections by having his dirty tricks campaign team dig up and release damaging personal information against his opponents.

    He is the tool of the sixties radicals who realized they couldn't destroy America by acting like the idiots they are, so they went mainstream. Cut their hair, took a shower and went to college. Now they run our educational system and have been training our children for 50 years to be good little statists.

    He is dismantling our military while creating his own. He is flooding America with aliens who will overwhelm us and destroy our culture. And on that one, there are far too many Republicans who are assisting him.

    He has millions of useful idiots who will defend him without any thought, using the most extreme tactics, lies, distortions and propoganda.

    It's not a good thing, my friend. And many of us are feeling like we are the last defense againg a country that has gone insane.

    I keep posting on CJ, but my comments on your blog get deleted about half the time. We are not only fightint the Marxists but the media who are blindly following this path of destruction.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I suspect just like me you will keep fighting until they come to take us to the reeducation camps.

    You know it used to sound like crazy conspiricy talk to say these things. Now it is frighteningly real.

  10. SSAH, You are right most of us has been saying those same things for years, I don't know how this is going to play out, but I am not going down easy. Nice to see you stopping in now and than, some days it gets a little lonely out here, I would go back on CJ but with my mouth I would be spotted a mile away, but at least here I have free speech. But it looks like Kevin has a pretty good crop of folks over there. Later my Friend.

  11. add the Alinsky protege shillary, Bill Ayers, Cloward and Pivvin with their Alinskyite brainwashing on how to overwhelm the system's social programs (with children), never letting a good crisis go to waste, creating a crisis, as in the current humanitarian one with the kids, hamstring the border agents, indoctrinating children in the schools and universities, the academics at most of them are full-blown liberal radicals from the sixties...beat people down with one situation after another and another and another...their entire game is aimed at breaking the human spirit in all of us, brainwashing the young people, and controlling us in order to hold their power. they want their utopia at our expense. Obama started this crap with that daca speech of his back in 2012. it filtered up via the media through central america. they don't give a damn about anything and if the situation these children are being forced to live in is not proof positive of using any means necessary, as preached Alinsky, to get to your desired end, then I don't know what is.
    I really have to give a lot of credit to Dinesh D'Souza...he owned up to his campaign money violation...pennies in comparison to the millions the Obama campaign got from murky and not-so-legal sources....they went after him because he stepped on Obama's toes with 2016 and his book. now he's doing a documentary on the Shillary...the Clintons are vindictive as well but he is not afraid of any of them, obviously.
    and Holder, of course..and too many others to list...they are banging away at every segment of American society in some form or other because they think they are at the end of the game...they may very well be, who knows? but it is critical not to give up, give in and bow down. that's what they want. if we make it through the next couple of years with even a shred left of our republic, we must bear in mind that we are going to have one hell of a mess to clean up and rebuild. probably take years. but we must be strong enough to do so, or at least get it started...God is on our side and I have faith.

  12. and my man Ted Cruz spoke out today to try to save Meriam, the Sudanese woman married to an American, who is facing death for not renouncing her Christian faith. petition for her at tried to go there earlier but it was down...that was right after hearing Cruz' speech about her so I figure it must have gotten a hell of a lot of hits...

  13. and that damned pkinnettsnose person just irritates the hell out of me with its stupid commentary completely devoid of anything resembling intelligence...ppppffffftttttt!!!!! neo, on the other hand, is pretty easy pickins...

  14. he's a godamn IDIOT!
    and NEO is okay on local issues..
    In fact,, I think neo is,,,,,,

    uH UH,,,
    Not gonna go there..

    the service members who died for nothing need to beat down the gates of the white house and throw the so called first family in the Potomac river in mass protest!

    and their lil' DOGs TOO!

    Okay,, Not the lil' dogs

    even they will be FREED!

  16. OooOoo I'm SOOOO pissed!
    I meant to say dead service members Families.
    but their Ghosts would be even MORE effective!

  17. well Someone removed my rant against Davis over at CJ..
    That's too bad because it was funny but true

    Freakin Babys.

    must not have like the fact that I said Davis would put a Washington TURD in every living room across the state.

  18. Still Safe at Home here:

    Cats, I think you and I are on the same page. You covered some of what I missed. I don't think most people know about Cloward and Piven. People don't know they invented a strategy that is named after them, and obama is carrying it out.

    They figured if the liberals overwhelm our society with welfare recipients, food stamps, unemployed, just every dreg that can get to draw from the taxpayers without contributing it would lead to the destruction of our system, to be replaced by the liberal nightmare utopia they all dreamed about on all those acid trips. The idea was to bankrupt America while creating millions of lifetime voters who would always vote to continue the destruction.

    Like I always say. Half of America works for a living, the other half votes for a living.

    And what do we have? Record numbers on welfare. Unemployment lasting over two years and the liberals want it to last forever. 47 million on food stamps and growing. 11 million new "disabled" on Social Security. Millions of illegal aliens dragging us down.

    And now this mess with all these illegal alien "children" pouring into the country in what is obviously a controlled effort. Most of these "children" are turning out to be disease ridden gang bangers. This is obviously a designed plan right out of Cloward and Piven. We can't find enough deadbeats in America to collapse the system, so we bring in a couple hundred thousand children.

    If America doesn't wake up soon, we are doomed as a country. We will be run by the people who created obama. They will be wealthy and live like royalty while all the rest of us toil to support them. Just like it always works in these Communist utopias.

    And someday history will look at America and wonder what happened. How did we go from the most free, wealthiest country in history to another Communist failure? And every arrow will point right back to barack hussein obama and the Marxist liberals who put him there and defended him to the end. Those are the people the old Soviets called Useful Idiots.

  19. Oh Oh Looks like we got us a TROLL POOF coming at you doc

  20. Sara it is just that Dick Head gimme, smell gives him away,

  21. Gimme you are talking out your ass Nunny doesn't come over here, try going over to CJ and talk to her, hehehehehehaw

  22. Thats what I said we don't miss shit as in gimme. But you always come limping back. How is your asshole president working out for you? That bastard is so dumb, for awhile I thought he was related to you.

  23. Yup, I thought you went on vacation. A late poof is better than no poof!

  24. Sorry Sarge.

    Been one of those weeks.

    Yesterday my day started at 2:30 out in Quinter and I didn't get home till almost 9:00 last night.

    My boss has a fit about texting and driving I'm sure his head would explode if he found out I was blogging and driving...

  25. Oh, and Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers out there.

    I'm gonna celebrate mine by mowing the yard.

    Woo Hoo!!!

  26. No Problem Kevin, Job comes first for sure. I kind of like slapping asshole gimme around brings back old memories. Seems I been doing that for a few years now. Being retired I try to do it on my day off,:):)

  27. We only know you are the biggest loser and has always been. Gimme! HeHeHeHAW

  28. And always will be.

    Be gone you whining little bitch!!!

  29. Dammit! I missed it.
    but I'll go dump the cat box.
    that outta give me the jest of it.

  30. Jesus Christ,, i can't believe how Goddamn stupid that Pkinnett is.

  31. Hey I am back, Vent I think you were bitching about that Pkinnett when I left over a week ago. Don't let the prick get to you. Thats how they survive.


  32. Joey59 06/17/14 - 11:16 am

    Well I just heard that Obama
    Just captured the leader of the Benghazi attack, Imagine that perfect timing, But wait I thought they said it was the video by a ragtag group of people???? Something doesn't smell right. It is no longer a phony scandal? Well maybe he can NOW capture Lois Learners missing e-mails. Is this the worst piece of garbage that this country ever elect president. how can the blacks in this country be proud of this guy. I don't think most are however.

  33. Joey59 06/17/14 - 12:05 pm

    This capture Benghazi
    leader in no way takes Benghazi off the table, It only proves that Obama and Hillary lied and 4 died. I hope everyone understands that. Libs don't come around here spinning you trash. 4 DIED AND THEY LIED ,NOW YOU KNOW THEY DID. Got it good, we will wait on you to apologize, I know we will have to wait forever, takes guts to admit you were wrong.

  34. Well put Joey, these libs would have to be blind death and dumb not to understand that. Shit wait they are !

  35. Got an abuse warning for a personal attack on Keri's blog. She must have friends on the CJ staff. I just called her out for her hateful blog against Christian men.


  36. I noticed that.

    And yes she surely must have friends on cj's staff..

  37. Oh by the way...