Friday, February 27, 2015

Howard Stern for Secretary of State...

Howard Stern obviously missed a few of the government required "Politically Correctness" classes somewhere along the way.

Hearing someone tell one of these freaking terrorist loving sons of bitches to fuck off is like a breath of fresh air.

Kevin McGinty


  1. hadn't heard from him in quite awhile...don't think he is a flaming

  2. testing...testing...had to go in and fix my profile again....quite awhile since I've been over here; had all those chrome issues, got error messages again today....document-expired nonsense...probably because the watchers are watching kittycats these this will post as desired...

  3. yes!!!! it did!!!! purrs, purrs and warm evenings with chili and beers all around!!!! glad this is fixed!

  4. Lol... Sorry cats, I didn't realize I'd left you over here all by your lonesome...