Friday, February 27, 2015

I Stand With Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas...

I never thought I'd see the day when defending the Constitution of The United States of America would be considered extreme.

But that's exactly what's happened.

Do yourself a favor and watch this quick 3 minute video and see an extremist we can all be proud of in action.

God help us take our country back before it's too late...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Good video I seen that on the tube also. Might have been on FNC Any way I got a big pot of chilli going for the round table folks,if they all aren't snowed in. That's the nice thing about small ton and country living. Most everybody has 4 wheel drive and a little snow doesn't stop them from coming by on a day like this. And if someone needs help or something we can usually find someone to run for them.
    But any way I am just sick of all these idiots we sent up there to do our work. I did see where we had two that stood up to the rino's and stood fast. I need to thank them. Its just a big show any more. They are letting this bunch of turds run and do anything they want. By the time this piece of snot gets out [if he gets out] it will be so far gone that we all will just have to take care of ourselves, family,and friends. We will no longer have a voice and we will be put down. I hate to think like this but I don't see it getting changed to the better. I keep hoping every time I see people like him and others stand up that some more would stand up and say YesYes Like Groudy? He is another voice I like to listen to. Just sick and tired of these libs that claim they are for the good of our country. And sick and tired of being called a racist. They keep it up and I will be a racist and they won't like it cause I won't care what color they are. Gee Kevin maybe its a good thing I cant post on CJ any more.. Iam sure they would send the Feds after me. Keep your powder dry and be prepared. Its not over yet just starting. And the beer summit is going to come off this year

  2. Sorry Kevin, I just got the e-maill that this was on. But I seem to be always late, well except for happy hour. Sare Socks nice to see you out and about. Did I just hear you say Beer, lol And good blog points well taken. All id find with us , aall stay well and safe.

    Reliance; . aka who ever hahahahahah Adapt Improvise and over come, simple as that.

  3. damn talkers on those Sunday television shows blasting the "radicals" in congress again...saying Johnny Bourbon needs to get them under control...members of the Rovian National Cabal, the lot of them. had not watched them lately but made the mistake of doing so this morning...old Schieffer had a substitute.
    maybe, just maybe next Sunday will be warm enough that I can have coffee on the porch again instead of bothering with those blowhards...
    those 50 or so radicals, of which Louie is one, are doing what we, the people want them to do and the dc crowd just can't stand it...

  4. noticed too that several of the liberal progressive posters haven't spent much time around the cj this weekend...maybe they got nasty letters from the internal ripoff service enforcers that they owe the fed their refunds for their obamadontcare subsidies that were figured wrong...
    but I had fun giving 999 a panty wad so large that he/she called me anti-American... that was well worth it...arguing that bogus separation of church and state nonsense again.