Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ben Carson Calls Out The Left Wing Media For Being The Partisan Hacks They Truly Are...

It was awesome watching Ben Carson pick apart and expose the so called journalists he was speaking to at The National Press Club the other day.

Of course he nailed it, too.

Like Dr. Carson said, the press is the only business in America that has the backing and protection of the American Constitution.

And there's a reason for that.

But the left figured out a long time ago that if they could take control of the American education process they could eventually mold an entire generation of kids into anything they wanted to see.

Colleges throughout this country have become nothing more than liberal indoctrination centers and the so called schools of journalism is no different.

Reporters nowadays no longer look out for the people by presenting the news of the day in a non-partisan way.

They've been taught since childhood to think and breath liberalism

And the one's who've majored in journalism believe with all their cold, non-thinking little hearts that it's their job to push the liberal agenda and to do anything they can to destroy anyone who doesn't agree.

Check out today's video of Dr. Carson calling them out.

I can't help but wonder as they offer up their applause if they're even smart enough to realize he's talking about them.

Kevin McGinty


  1. I enjoy the fact that Carson indeed has made his words a little sharper.
    And yes, the applause is odd because the comments are pointed at the media. Did they really hear his words?
    Used car salesman and journalists... Lol. Give me the used car salesman.

  2. I enjoy the fact that Carson indeed has made his words a little sharper.
    And yes, the applause is odd because the comments are pointed at the media. Did they really hear his words?
    Used car salesman and journalists... Lol. Give me the used car salesman.

  3. I'll take the used car salesman every time.

    At least you know not to trust them...

  4. he did a magnificent job of tearing them a new one....they probably thought about exactly what he said after the affair was over, and coming days will reveal whether or not they take his message to heart. regardless, that is probably the best butt-chewing they've ever had. lol.

  5. I like Ben because he is black, had to get on record. He as well as others have at least open some peoples eyes and mind, except the closed minded Libs. Had a little hard time getting here Kevin, But like always I improvised and adapted and overcame
    Middle Oct 11 3;42 am

  6. Lol.. I never doubted you for a minute...

  7. I was just over on the Bernie blog and seen a whole bunch of you all had your posts booted. Looks like ole Bat ass is right back on. Looks like Emily is doing the same thing to FL as she did on there before. She talks big but has proven she is a liar and a joke. I sure feel for you all. Some one needs to just tell them to go to.

  8. Is everybody that works as C J mods just plain stupid, or just a bunch of people so scared for their job they have taken to being the slim ball for someone else up the ladder. It must be a great place to work. Having to kiss Batt Ass ass just to keep your job. Its hard to have much respect for a person like that. they will be just like the rest of the Liberal rats. They will be thrown under the bus sooner or later. maybe thats why you see different mods all the time. Mods better watch their backs. Ole batt ass will get them fired Ha Ha he he

  9. This is now homebase. I'll still pop around CJ, but this is home. I have had my wig split a couple times on a couple other blogs, but never over TOS. Always been about not being able to type my thoughts, not a moderator pulling posts. I'm really pissed off, and I need a better approach. A little fresh air and down time should provide clarity. But don't worry, still gonna fight the good fight. Just need better tactics... Be well all!
    Nice to meet new folks here btw. If you are here, you are on the correct side of things.

  10. Man you all are sure having the pitts over there on C J. That is how the ole cookie crumbles with those jack holes. They use to just throw you off after about three warnings. Sherm was the head jerk when I was there. I don't know who is in charge but looks like ole MWN is the boss of them all. I wish the mods would just shit or get off the pot. They really should take a look at how stupid and ass kissers they look like. It must be hard for some of you that are new to this but some of the old timers have been around this crap for years now. It just keeps going on like it is now for you all. It will never get any better . They are bound and determined to kick each and every one of you off any way they can. They know they can and will not ever shut Kevin and shut him down so they go after the people that post and write blogs. take away the crowd and he has no reason to write is their thinking. Keep the faith and be prepared.

  11. Nunyabiz1 here. Not QUITE sure what to do to import me into this!

    Anyway...Carson is the epitome of evil, to liberals. High treason, to them.

    Liberal: "What the hell is that boy DOING?! How DARE he wander off the plantation and start talking 'white'! We have to band together and put him back in his place! We can't have him running around trying to thwart LBJ's plans "for the next 200 years!"

    That about sums it up, I think. (But...heck...since it's CAN'T be about 'race'...right?)

    Anyway, about a little something about Obama and Kroft on 60 minutes? Obama now being grilled by CBS?!!! Is the end of the world at hand?

    And, Obama didn't handle it well. Not well at all. BUT, he did slip in some strong hints of even more attempts to dismantle that pesky old Constitution.

    Gun control:

    Obama: "We are running out of administrative actions that could really move the needle in reducing gun violence in this country," he says. At the same time, he adds, "it is not realistic to think that this Congress will pass any common sense gun safety legislation."

    Meaning: "As Emporor, I will decree it, despite the Constitution, which I don't believe in" (despite his Oath of Office).

    On 'leadership", and his continual string of unmitigated disasters:

    Steve Kroft: He's (Putin) challenging your leadership, Mr. President. He's challenging your leadership--

    President Barack Obama: "Well Steve, I got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. My definition of leadership would be leading on climate change, an international accord that potentially we'll get in Paris...."

    Good grief! MAN, can that guy can dodge and deflect and twirl around like a drunken ballerina!

    Anyway, there is MUCH, MUCH more about Big O getting hammered by the mainstream media here:

    Upcoming topic?

  12. You're reading my mind, Nunya.
    I sat down last night and found the videos and it'll up and running tomorrow morning.
    Oh, and welcome to the "Underground Bunker."