Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The War on Women the Pansy Ass Liberals Want to Ignore...

It cracks me up to listen to America's pansy ass leftists drone on about their made up "Republican War on Women."

Their idea of a war is someone invading their make believe "Safe Space" or saying something that damages their delicate little feelings.

And now we have the lying ass Hillary Clinton acting all butthurt because Donald Trump said some mean things about her.

Cry me a river, bitch.

You want to be the President of The United States.

You want to be the leader of the leader of the free world.

And you curl up in the fetal position and play your sorry ass "poor picked on little woman card" the first time a political opponent says mean things?

The leaders of China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea will eat you alive.

Do you really think any of these people give a damn about your delicate little feelings?

Hell no they won't.

Your unconditional support of Planned Parenthood sickens me to no end.

The "Republican War On Women" you call it.

But you know, there is a war on women going on right now as we speak.

A real one.

Not only will they not do anything about it they won't even acknowledge it exists.

The following series of videos will show you exactly what a real war on women looks like.

Check em out then compare what you've just witnessed to the crap our pansy ass liberals call a war on women.

There you go libs.

There's your damned war on women.

As soon as you start talking about out on this one maybe I'll listen to what you have to say about it.

Till then why don't you just sit down and shut the hell up...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Excellent points, backed up with video evidence once again Kevin. Glad you included sharia and the current problem with the yard is women.
    As we know, the left only uses disgusting situations if it's to their advantage. That never have the balls to fix anything. They point out the problem, and cry and whine. They gentrify, and soften things but never really fix anything. And sometimes, they ignore rapes and murder so they can continue to collect money from the international community that encourages the behavior. Only to use the money to fight a false war against that very behavior back home. Senseless, hypocritical, evil behavior. Taking money from rapists to fight fake rape back home. And some people still eat it up. But personally, I belive those numbers are dwindling. Time will tell.

    Once again, Merry Christmas Kevin. And Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Edit

    Not yard is women, but yazidis women. Typo above...

  3. Video evidence is the one thing the left hates the most and that's exactly why I use it the way I do.

    And it's why they rarely ever try to counter my points.

    Instead I'm called a racist, a bigot, homophobe, or and Islamaphobe.

    And like our friend, Safe says, if that's all you got you go for it...

  4. And the last video is an old one that's been around a long time.

    It's funny, too. I once posted it on cjonline and they pulled the entire blog.

    It was too graphic, they said.

    Well, sometimes the truth is graphic...

  5. Found this. Kind of goes along with your blog here.

    6 Little Known Horrible Facts About Hillary Clinton

  6. Found this while out for a short surf. You all can take it for what ever. I dont know how much is real or B. S. Pretty long read so you may want to save it and then go back to it. I am still reading it. Maybe a bunch of bull but some of it sounds about right.

    The Clintons’ Greatest Shame
    Here are some of my favorite Clinton quotes:

    “C’mon, Bill put your dick up. You can’t fuck her here.” - Hillary to Bill at a political event.

    “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I know who that whore is. I know what she’s here for. Get her out of here.” - Hillary referring to one of Bill’s girlfriends.

    “These women are all trash. Nobody’s going to believe them.” - Hillary

    “I need to be fucked more than twice a year!” Hillary to Bill in the 1980’s.

    Here are some more quotes from that precious dumpling Hillary that give you a flavor of her relationship with Bill.


  7. I could give a good shit less about any of these lib pricks in this country, but the ones on cj would be in my sites as well as isis, Coward sons of bitches they are, won't get a gun but the dick heads are fast on the draw to the flag button. The scum of the earth they are.

    And this new prick today, I would take his ass out in a heartbeat.

    But other than that Merry Christmas Everyone!


  8. Well Middle I seen that screw over there. He is just the same dick that is always going around stirring up his own little pot of crap. He will get whats coming to him one way or another. What goes around comes back around. It just a matter of when and where. And to you lib freaks just think that every time something bad happens or goes wrong that it is a pay back from one of us. Your welcome and Merry Christmas to all my WHITE conservative friends and to all my other friends a BIG Merry Christmas to you also.

    1. Old Batt Ass thinks he is being slick but the joke is on him. He is getting a pay back for a present soon.

    2. Sara, that punk could have been Maingates twin if not him. Smelled the same anyhow.

      Middleoftheroad. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. That new guy is kanwatcher returned. I would know him anywhere. He used to post in the old days as George Thornton. He would get booted and always come back again.

    I made it my job to mock him and torment him. He would always get more and more pissed off and get crazier till he would eventually crack up and post something that would finally get him booted.

    It doesn't do any good to argue with him, it works better to make fun of him. He can't take it. It worked last time.

    1. SSAH, that is it Kanwatcher, I knew it was someone right off the bat, as soon as he started with his capital Letter words, didn't take long to roast that son of a bitch. He was burning up before half the day was over, damn problem is that all those assholes are sounding alike.


  10. I wonder if it is true what they say about Liberals. They all look the same You have to have a score card to tell them apart.

  11. Liberals may not all look the same but they sure do sound the same. Pretty obvious none of those back door bandits has had an original thought in their life.

    Their handlers just shovel it in one end and it comes out the other end. And it's the same stuff coming out as going in.

  12. Hey middle, you said you want to buy Jimmie a beer at the summit. I think we all should. We'll just drink them first then pass them on to Jimmie, right?

  13. Well folks the way I see this is they [Batt Ass & Gimmie jjimmie] are nothing but the scum under the snake's belly. They both will never show their faces. They have no guts at all. They have both had the chance to contact me bye way of F B or to even met me in person. And I get to give them their first beer. This Bud's for you two. Enjoy it. Of course I get to empty the bottle before giving it to them.

  14. Of course the newbie is Kanwatcher.

    He's not smart enough to change up his stupid little slogans.

    "Whatever they call themselves."

    Eventually his ego will get the best of him and he'll end up being booted again.

    These fuckers are a dime a dozen...

  15. And just do you know this particular blog has had 161 hits in just the last two days.

    These bastards sure are worried about what we're saying over here...

  16. I bet it really pisses them off that they can't troll this blog. You know they read it and there's nobody for those candyasses to go whine to. Gotta admit I love it.

  17. Looks like you all are picking up quite a few of those unwanted types on the blogs. Need to call in the 235 Post Busters and clean house. It has to smell over there what with those new old posters and the usual smelly ones stinking things up.

  18. Oh yeah, they just keep coming back.

    They're easy to spot, too. New guys shows up with next to no points, heads straight to my blog and goes into full attack mode.

    Lol... I wish I had a dime for every one of these little fuckers we've dealt with over the years.

    Like my mom used to say, "This too shall pass.."

  19. From an English professor - short and to the point

    In the world of hi-tech gadgetry, I've noticed that more and more people who send text messages and emails have long forgotten the practice of using capital letters.

    For those of you who fall into this category, please take note of the following statement:

    The use of capitals, known as capitalization, is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

    Is everybody clear on that?


  20. Is St.Jack off in his own world? Or is St.Jacko just in his off world? I sure hope he isn't really somebody's uncle.

  21. In case you were wondering.

    The hit count is now up to 265.

    Seems like there's an awful lot of people interested in what we're saying here in this little "Underground Bunker" of ours...

  22. Looks like ole Bat has some new trolls....Back without reason and now can always spot a troll by the point count and posting the same style of rhetoric. Looks like pet rock Mergatroid has a sibling....the sibling's name should be Regurgitroid.... (sorry I couldn't resist some wacky humor but what the hay it's about 3:30 a.m. and why I'm up is because of Jacob & Nikki needing to go outside....)

    Later y'all..... Rikki

  23. The little turdknocker is hanging in there this time. I've always been able to agitate him enough to get him to blow up and post something that gets him booted. I've dealt with this guy years ago. He posted under the name George Thorton first. I poked at him until he got booted. He came back a couple more times with the same result. He was gone a long time, but I'd know him anywhere. When he showed up as Kanwatcher I did what I always do and flagged everything he did that was even remotely a violation. He finally got booted. I think we have some new moderators over there because they are letting him get away with stuff that gets our posts pulled.

    Oh well, it's a liberal newspaper with liberal moderators and we will never win that fight.

    But I'm going to keep after the little asshole. And I wouldn't doubt if KawFire is him under another log in. This is one strange cat we are dealing with, but I know you all know that already.

  24. Kevin, there should be a honorary blog for the good guys that have gotten booted.... too many good guys have gotten the boot and SSAH is right, there's too many gone


  25. The CJ blogs have gone down hill with all the bs that the jerk off mods let go.Back when I got kicked off and my brother Dresser Dan got the ole boot you didnt have to do anything against the so called TOS rules. It was up to Sherm[The Sperm] You could get kicked out for calling someone a troll or any other really stupid off the cuff stuff. One time me and sarge were using letters mixed up. It didn't mean anything but the Libs thought we had some kind of secret code. I gave Sperm my two cents and invited him to come down and see me but he got cold feet or his phone got stuck up his.
    But know I see a new bunch of prick heads and mods to boot. Seems now it all depends on who and where it is going. But I keep track and watch the crap that goes on. I got you alls back when ever you need it
    So Happy New Year to all and lets all hope for better this coming year.

  26. things went downhill when Rick Anderson left....we blog hoggers called him the Blog Father... I miss Vent and things he'd write. I wasn't one of the original Blog Hoggers, I came along later on, but we had lots of fun on Station No. 3 closed.... I miss a lot of folks.... now there's the "untouchables" who get away with junk and the good folks get the boot.

    Sara, I'm glad that Kevin gots this Bunker...
    Since you said Happy New Year, it reminds me that there is still reasons to smile....(like visiting with you here) hugs. Happy New Year to you also.