Friday, January 22, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Alright guys.

It's Friday all over again.

It's your day.

So you might as well get started...

Oh, don't forget to say hello to the shitheads.

Hello shitheads...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Good morning all the sneaky shitheads, We still got the White snow but if driving watch for that Black ice. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Sorry forgot to say good morning to the room 235 people.

  2. Good Morning everyone - happy Friday.... sure is nice to see the trouble making lefties behaving themselves over on cj... been quite peaceful over there lately without them stirring up their typical nonsense.

    I'll be out and about most of today, so I'll pop back in and visit later this afternoon.


  3. Good morning friends, and good morning godless left wing liberal losers who haunt this fine blog.

    Hope all you godless liberals are enjoying the last year of the liberal nightmare that has kept us all in misery. Hope you will hate watching Hillary get flushed right down the toilet when she gets indicted for crimes against America. Hope you hate the demoncrat party scrambling to find a new anointed candidate so they don't have to run Bernie, who the majority of communist loving democrats actually want as their candidate. Hope you hate watching obama fade into history as the worst president ever, even worse than the peanut farmer who previously held that claim.

    And most of all I hope you hate every minute of the coming Conservative revolution. When the grownups take the car keys away from the teenagers and lock up the liquor cabinet and put America back on course to being the light on the hill, the greatest country in the world that has done more to advance the cause of freedom, peace, liberty and equal rights than any country that has ever existed. The country that has created more economic prosperity and lifted more people out of poverty than the rest of the world combined. And that includes all the reversals in our progress the ungodly left has forced on us in the past seven years.

    I know I'm going to love every minute of it. Watching the ungodly left choke on their own bile and stomp their tiny feet and wave their arms and jump up and down, spittle flying out of their mouths.

  4. SSAH, that comment gets around, with a few minor changes, point was made I know you cans still read CJ. Check and see if it is okay with you? Oh and thanks for the material. hahahaha


    1. Glad to help. I saw on CJ you were going to check for new material and I had just posted that one. Glad to see the message get around. That's what matters.

    2. Well SSAH, normally when you post I was always just about to say that. Lol You are a good person, Hope we get to meet at the next summit.

      IWNGU and neither will you. Lol

  5. Hot Damn. Just got my email notification that today's blog's been posted.

    And it only took 16 hours this time.

    Woo hoo!!!

  6. Well Kevin I would be glad to give you some suggestions, but you never listen to me, so you are on your own pal. :):) But most of us dummies know when it is Friday.

  7. Good morning, how the hell is everything going here in the bunker? Like Rikki said it is quiet over on CJ. Kind of nice for a change.

    hey Cap'n, why are you buying food stamps from some of those low lifes? shouldn't be helping them out at all. It's the ones that are even willing to sell there food support for cash that are the ones that are abusing the system. Pukes!!

  8. On Hillary......
    She needs to go to prison for a long time for treason against the United States and its people.
    I'm betting other people are thinking this way too. I wonder if the reason she stalked the women that ole Bill fooled around with was because she was jealous that she didn't get to fool around with them. Big ole Cow!!

  9. EFH, I am pretty sure that anyone that would vote for Hillary has a serous mental problem. I know they have a attention disorder.

  10. Well good morning to all in the bunker and a big good morning to all our shit head friends here and at CJ. I got left over at the last two blogs. Guess I zzzzz ed off. Any way that's what Eniley Post Toasties told me. I was ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ off to much.
    But on to new happenings. Looks like the lib tards in melt down now. They are trying to throw everything they can find at us . Poor ole Hillary Dickery Dock is having some real bad weeks again. Just makes a person want to send her a puke card. maybe a get back in jail free card. With her Old worn out husband and her homely so called step daughter going all out she shouldn't have to worry a bit.
    But to be fair to Hillary How many people really think anything will come from all of this? I just don't see her getting anything but a little scolding and finger wagging for what she has done. Maybe Bill could get on tv and wag his finger at her. We have had so much corruption and lies for so long it just doesnt look like anything will ever come around. And then there come Trump. I like Lucy's new image Trump Tramp. Stay warm and stay safe folks

  11. Good Morning - had a great day yesterday.... today... well hubby n' me are talking about heading to Lake Shawnee to get some photos of the Eagles ... Yep we got the camera batteries recharged and we're ready to trek on out south to the lake.

    The eagle's nest is at the south end on Westedge road near 45th street on the eastside of the shore. The nest is the largest tree nest visible.

    Changed up my flavored coffee... got French vanilla in the mug this morning.... that's because I couldn't find any Wild Blueberry at the store last week (smiles).

    Maybe after hubby n' I get our photos, I'll post them on my FB page.

    For now, y'all have a good day -

    P.S. it sure is nice to see Open Blog Friday on CJ not cluttered with the nonsense posts of the lefties... peaceful


  12. News Flash Just read this. maybe Lucy or one of the great CJ mods could pass this on to Hillary and Obamma
    BTW........... "lotsa shootings" in Chicago, right now,,, 22 days into the year, is 34 killed and 181 survivors.

    6 and 33 just for this week.

    So far,,, they are ahead (getting more killed) than every year since tracking began (2009), someone getting shot every 2:24, someone gets killed every 14:49.

    BTW,,, CPD hasn't shot anyone this year.

    Wonder how CPD's #crimeisdown is doing

  13. More News
    Lotsa shootings going on,,,,,,,, same old same old......

    BUT,,,,,,,,,, In all of 2015, all 2998 people shot, there were FIVE self-defense (legal) shootings. Self Defense Justified Homicide.

    So far, January 2016, 3-in-the-morgue because they attacked a gun-owner who was allowed a gun, and decided to use it as it was designed.

    3 down-for-the-count, 2 shot-not quite so finally.

  14. Liberalism 101 for out libs that really dont understand anything.

    Another Right-Wing Extremists, right?…

    "The liberty's of people never were ,nor ever will be,secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them."
    Patrick Henry

  15. Another lesson for our Libs. And we all know how much Libs like Facts. Now pay attention even if your poor.

    There’s Gun Control…and then there’s reality…
    In 1998 The state of Massachusetts passed the strictest gun control legislation in the country. Proponents promised that it would save lives and prevent crime. Since its passage

    Firearm Murders are UP 87.7%
    Robbery with a Firearm is UP 20.7%
    Aggravated assault UP 26.7%
    Gun Licenses are DOWN 86.7%

    More proof that gun control only affects lawful gun owners.

  16. And just for all those Liberal Females out there.

    Typical Angry Liberal Feminist
    SO WHAT if Muslims are gang raping women?!?
    Those evil Christians wont pay for our birth control!

  17. I've been throwing around the idea of posting a blog over on cj about the Muslim rape culture the left wants to pretend doesn't exist.

    And I'm think tomorrow morning's as good a time as any.

    That ought to make more than a few heads explode...

  18. Kevin sounds like a plan. Thanks for the update. Try not not using to much material in your write up, save some for us.

  19. I like Alan but the guy is delusional when it comes to Obama not being a narcissist. He comes up with some of the most moronic stuff, but I still like him cause at least he tries to constructively defend his position. He sucks at it but at least he tries.

  20. KTT, it is hard to defend something when you have no facts to use. But yes Alan gets an A for effort. Go for the heads exploding Kevin. I lost 45 friends (?) on FB for my share of the crap going on in public swimming areas. Funny thing is is that 35 of them were liberal women. How in the hell can you defend the behavior of Muslim immigrants and be a woman? And they tell us we men think with something other than our heads. Sorry Rikki, Texas Rose, PW, and all the other ladies I know you are different. But a liberal woman is truly a mystery to me.

  21. If you are referring to my post about Bill Clinton and also the stuff I posted about my dad.... I don't apologize for any of what I posted...

    Bill Clinton should have been in jail for bold face lying and the relationship with my dad... well - it is what it is.


  22. Ray for the record most of those liberal women might be thinking that is their best chance of getting laid. Now I have to go and pray for forgiveness for saying that.

    1. It's ok. I thought it, but didn't say it. I have learned a little restraint through the years.

  23. Well old batshit hasn't posted in several days. With any luck, he'll keep up the trend. Brother sent a selfi to me, BBQ`n in shorts & a tee shirt holding a beer. 60 degrees in Colorado today.

  24. political affiliation has absolutely nothing to do with promiscuity - promiscuity is when folks who partake in promiscuous behavior lack common sense.


  25. Good morning, anti-shitheads! Nunya here!

    I feel poetic this morning!

    There once was a blogger named Battle,
    Whose style was self-righteous prattle,
    If you tried to debate,
    He'd well up with hate,
    Like a child, would whine and go tattle!

    There ya go! That should satiate your appetite for "the fine arts" for today!

  26. The thing about battle was he had no substance so once the mods started pulling his off-topic posts, his disruptive posts and his attack posts he had nothing.

  27. You guys crack me up.

    And don't worry, Nunya, you poetry is always welcome by the moderators here in the Bunker...

  28. One more thing though.

    You guys are way too generous towards Alan.

    He's a liar and a hypocrite...

  29. Kevin you left out that he is a shithead!

  30. I strongly agree with those last two statements.

    1. Nothing like having Skippey's approval. :)

  31. Alan is so far out in looney toon space that he doesn't even know what he is posting. Just does what ever his peers tell him to do. He is in the same club as Lunatic Looney Lucy. They like to put the shit out but when you make them eat their own they turn tail and run. They never can back up their posts with any real truthful info. Evident by any of their ignorant posts. What good is a post if it is a bunch of Liberal Lies? Any of the Looney's can do it. Just look at who posts and what they say. Pure B S like Batt Ass. And of course there is Jack Off Jackie who cant never ever put up a sentence just thumbs his little nose at us.

  32. Oh yeah...

    And he's a shithead, too...

  33. Oh, and just so you guys know, I just posted a new blog...

  34. Ok so good morning to all the shitheads from CJ blogs Thought I had better stop by and see how you all are doing. Looks like every one is up to snuff. See some new people around and of course my ole bud MOTR. Keep up the fight folks and will be seeing you all at the summit.
    So Sara thinks I look like a scare crow? Maybe she better check in at the next Wizard of OZ festival to see where she is from. But any way.
    Did any one see the cartoon picture of Trump putting on lipstick in todays C J Opinion??? page? Now that just goes to prove the point we all know about that rag paper.
    Thought I might take it over to Sara today as she is having a Denver party. I know how much she likes CJ and Palin as they have the same first name. Should be worth a few "YOU ARE A ______ remarks. If she dont kick me out. Any how stay warm and keep your powder dry and your ammo ready.

  35. Found some more C Town info. Just for the record Maybe ole Jackoff Jackie should be checking this stuff out seeing as how he has a daughter in C Town. And maybe ole Blue[ Dim Witt In DC] might want to relocate Sure they could find something for him to do. maybe help Batt Ass clean urnials.

    In 2015 they had a total of 7 "No Hitters" in Chicago.
    Dates without a reported shooting or homicide: 1/7, 1/12, 1/15, 2/5, 2/18, 2/24 and 2/28.

    Had them days not been just too dam cold to go out and bust a cap in a homey's azz, I think they'd have easily beaten 2012's record 514 killed (finished with 502).

    As it is, if you need a Gunshot Trauma Doctor, you need to be in Chicago,,,, seems like the best experts are there.
    2013: 455 dead from 2,159 total shot
    2014: 460 dead from 2,619 total shot
    2015: 501 dead (and 55 undetermined "death investigations") from 2,995 shot.

    Either that, or Da Boyz needz ta spend mo time at da range cuz day accuracy stinks.

    I pull this from heyjack*****.com (use the s's, not $ signs), they do have a Recommended Reading List, that they check every day, Second City Cop tops it.
    Chicago Reads

    Sites we read daily and so should you.

    Second City Cop
    Crime In Wrigleyville & Boystown
    Southport Corridor News & Events
    Alex Wroblewski Photo
    Avondale & Logan Square Crime Blotter
    Uptown Update
    The Beachwood Reporter
    The Man On Five (Old Chicago photos)
    EveryBlock Chicago
    Get Behind The Vest

  36. Looks like gimmie some jjimmie is back on maybe as milich?

  37. Okay are we staying here or moving up to Kevin's new blog here in the bunker??

  38. Well darn it I am getting left behind again. darn naps Emiley Post toasties told me about those naps.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  39. Geez....I kinda feel like I got hung out to dry over at the "Heckler" story on CJ! No backup at all? That's OK...a few of them actually responded with some respectfulness, and I tried to answer respectively. A few did the usual pit-bull "we're liberals so we won't get booted attack " shit, and I made a mention of them,and to let them stand.


    No backup?


  40. OH!!! That was me...Nunya. And, what's up with these "click-jack" attempts on here? I JUST ran all my malware software....

  41. Yeah, those goofy things show up from time to time.

    And as soon as I come across em they go all poof and stuff...