Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dang, That Had to Bern

This video is priceless. It captures the mood of the country and it isn't pretty. #BLM protesters, anti- Trump protesters and protestors without a cause have assaulted people with impunity.  The police rarely did anything to them and the good people with the guilt complex have just cowered and slipped  away.

Well that was then and the video captures what is now. People are sick of the attacks and are beginning to fight back. This is a good thing because when one side is violent and the other side is passive there cannot be civility. The US and the USSR didn't coexist because of mutual respect. They did so because of assured mutual destruction.

Maybe people like the woman in the video will think twice before she commits assault and battery against someone knowing they too might pepper spray her.


  1. Yeah, the American people have had just about all the bullshit they're going to take from these pieces of shit.

    Skippey mentioned it earlier but thousands of bikers are now joining together and placing themselves between theses friggin thugs and the people who want to see Donald Trump speak.

    And of course they're crying like a bunch of spoiled little kids as a result.

    Too fucking bad...

  2. Yeah...but..but...

    Isn't it the Constitutional RIGHT of LIBERALS to use any means possible to deny anyone they don't like their Constitutional rights?!

    Getting in others' faces, getting violent and nasty, disrupting whatever they can, getting extremely racist and mysoginistic, pooing on cop cars and calling for the killing of cops, mass vandalism at their disrespectful protests of..."well...we don't know...but we just like getting high and drunk and protesting and assaulting and raping and tearing shit up"'s a MANDATE that they do whatever they can to shut up any opposition to their anti-American, anti-Constitutional Socialist/Communist/Fascist agenda!

    Conservatives, on the other hand, are expected by the leftist media, college professors, schoolteachers, politicians and just plain ol' gibmedat parasites and uninformed brainwashed liberals of society to just shut up, bend over and take it.

    It REALLY bothers liberals when conservatives start fighting fire with fire! And, if you make them even flinch one bit, make one statement of reason against them, mention a conservative candidates on campus....they just turn into big mushy steaming piles of shit, and go off crying and wimpering about how 'mean' they were treated, and how the person who offened them needs to be shut down. (Hey...that reminds me of someone! Good morning BATSHIT BUTTSTASH...MFA!!! It's FRIDAY! Gonna take the afternoon off to go drinking, and close down a business, or two, buddy?!)


    "HEY!! WE own those tactics!", say the liberals. "They were invented, and are patented and copyrighted and wholly-owned by US!! We're sorry...but OUR 'rights' BEGIN where YOURS ends...and that means YOU have absolutely NO rights. So, sit down, shut up and DO AS WE SAY!!"

    Yep...too bad. The gloves are off. Way past time to teach those spineless punk liberal pukes some lessons and realities that they never got taught in their little pansy-ass fantasy-bubble of 'rainbows, unicorns and lollipop Utopia' bullshit, driven into their mushed-out brains by the unholy anti-American left in media and schools.


  3. Nunya here...

    I see Loosey's over there trying to make some kind of statement about Shrillary's FBI investigation being no big deal, since she claims it's ONLY about a dozen agents working the case...and not 147! Don't wanna drive up her numbers, so will refrain from stating the obvious over there. besides...she doesn't read her own shit, she has stated.

    Maybe she'll wander over to read THIS:

    Uh...LUUUUCY!!!! " there anybody IN there...just nod if you can hear me......."

    Um, we realize you are in the throes of deep dementia...but let me try to explain something EXTREMELY simple?

    "The fact that there is an intensive FBI investigation into Shrillary's actions AT a reason to be concerned about a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE."

    Did you get that, hon?


    OK. Didn't think so. That's OK. We understand. Now, just go back to fantasyland, dear.

    (Someone...get Loosey her drool cup...!)

  4. What the hell no notice of this blog? But anyhow good morning you all.

  5. Yup it is time for this country's real Americans to start kicking some Liberals asses. Way over due.