Sunday, May 29, 2016

Boot the Son of a Bitch...


Quotes of the day:

 As we honor brave American soldiers this Memorial Day, may we never extend such respect towards confederate soldiers, the isis terrorists of their day.

  Other nations being complicit in the slave trade in no way excuses the confederate states of the millions they murdered, the war they started, or theREAL American soldiers killed fighting the war of southern domestic terrorism.

The confederate terrorists lost.
On their own turf.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free For All Friday...


It's that time boys and girls.

It's Friday and the floor's all yours but you already know that.

And I know I don't have to remind you what we're really celebrating this Memorial Day Weekend.

While you're out there soaking up the sun, burning your burgers, and tipping back a few beers don't forget to give a toast to those who didn't make it back.

Because we all know if it weren't for their sacrifice everything we now enjoy and often take for granted wouldn't even be possible.

Happy Memorial Day, guys...


Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Day Another Hate-Driven Left-Wing Meltdown...

Quote of the day:

"So we could end up with an orange man in the White House. Orange is the new white."

Alan Lunn playing his ace in the hole, (the race card.) on Lucinda's blog 05/20/2016

Hmm, what to talk about?

Hey I know, let's talk about the left-wing haters, agitators, communists, and other assorted losers in life's lottery and how they're losing their minds over the prospect of an American president putting the interests of the American people at the top of his list for a change.


Somehow or another just the thought of having a president that refuses to bow down and kiss the asses of other world leaders sends them into a feeding frenzy.

Last night's hate driven meltdown during a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico was yet another example of the hatred and insanity good, decent, hard working American citizens are up against.

As the good folks of Albuquerque waited patiently in a line that stretched out for several blocks for what may be their only chance to hear the next President of The United States speak in person, the bought and paid for agitators of the left also waited.

Shots were fired.

And the hate fest began.

They stormed the barricades police had set up to protect those who wanted to hear Trump speak.

They knocked over tables and set fire to every piece of Donald Trump merchandise they came across.

They got in the faces and screamed and called those line every foul and nasty name you can think of.

Pushing, shoving ruled the day. 

Punches were thrown.

Mothers tried to shield their children.

They hurled anything they could find and started breaking out the windows of the Convention Center.

They jumped on top of police cruisers and busted out the windshields.

They hurled rocks and bottles at police officers and the horses they were riding.

And they caused all this carnage under the excuse of "Stopping the Hate" all the while flying their Mexican flags.

Here's a little advice for those of you trying to convince American citizens  while squatting illegally in our country not to vote for Donald Trump.

Leave your Mexican flag at home.

If you love Mexico so damned much how about taking your illegal asses back to where you came from.

Ah, don't bother.

President Trump already has a plan for that...

Kevin McGinty

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag means different things to different people. To some, it represents Southern heritage, independence and defiance of the federal government's never ending quest to destroy state's rights.

To others, it represents a civil war where those represented by the flag fought for the continuance of slavery in this country.  Some who believe in the former meaning of the flag dismiss its representing slavery.  I believe to them it does not represent slavery but while there may have been other causes for the Civil war it cannot be denied that slavery would not have been abolished soon after the war if the South had won.

I am not from the South so the Confederate flag has no meaning for me and thus, I have no reason to fly it. Even if I was from the South I would like to think I would not fly it because it does represent a dark time in our country's history and because the Confederate flag has been used by many in the past to symbolize their hatred of blacks.

I want our country to be united and I see the flag as being divisive. I frequently rail against the divisive actions of Obama and the "Unholy" Left so I would be hypocritical I did not also come out against flying the Confederate flag.

However, I will not disparage our American men who fought for the Confederacy. They are Americans and this was recognized as soon as the war ending. Grant and Lincoln both believed in treating the South with dignity and respect to heal our country. I follow their lead.

I will not fly the flag and I will honor all American veterans including those who fought for the Confederacy. We, as Americans, must challenge and question the wars our government wages, but we should always honor the men and women who fight them because as soldiers they must fight the wars their government command them to fight.

As Memorial Day approaches, a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, let's set aside the need to further political agendas that divide.  Let's mourn all those who died in service to this country.

Our country is as divided today as it was just after the Civil war. I believe Lincoln is one of our greatest Presidents and I will honor his legacy by working to unite our country.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Making America the Greatest It has Ever Been

Promoting the notion of "White Privilege" is destructive to racial harmony in America and is disrespectful to blacks.

The concept of white privilege is intended not to better the lives of blacks but as a way of demeaning whites; it is the racial version of Obama's “you didn't build it.”  It is an attack and it divides Americans along the lines of race.

There is wealth and opportunity disparity in America, but attacking those who have worked hard, who are not racist and who are allies in the battle against poverty and crime, does nothing to live the poor out of poverty.

It is a trigger to the natural defense mechanism of fighting back when attacked.  I am not a door mat and my instinct is to fight back when attacked. I am a reasoned being and try not to succumb to the urge to fight fire with fire but the longer the attacks on me because of my race the harder it becomes to not get angry and push back.

There is absolutely no basis for the contention that whites are privileged because of their skin color. More whites live in poverty than all the other races combined. There are no affirmative action programs or race preferences directed solely to whites as there are to blacks.

Of course, people will disagree, so I will not belabor the point, but will ask “so what?”  So what if there is white privilege?  How does taking away white privilege help poor blacks?

The answer is simple - it doesn't. We have to stop trying to tear down whites based on their skin color and look to raise up the quality of life for all of America's poor regardless of race. I can get behind initiatives to help the poor better their lives but really, how likely do you think I and others will be to help groups that tell me I am racist (even if I think I am not), tell me my success is not due to having hard working parents who sacrifice luxury in their life to clothe, house and educate me?  The taunts of "white privilege" insult not only me, but my parents and grandparents who worked so hard to give me privilege.

Yes, I admit I am privileged but it isn't because of my skin color, I am privileged because my parents gave me a nice lead in the relay race of life.  Unlike so many of the poor I didn't have to start at or even behind the starting line as I entered adulthood.

I am compassionate and want to help others to live a good life. I recognize the advantages I have that they and their children don't have, but I am unwilling to help those who disparage me and my ancestors because of our race.

And, promoting white privilege is not only an attack on me, it is disrespectful to blacks. Privilege is not something occurs genetically in one race.  Remember when life began on this planet all races started naked and in complete control of their destiny; privilege was not given it was taken.

White privilege, if it truly exists, tells the tale that one race was able to advance further than another. It says one race was so superior to another that it was able to oppress and keep them imprisoned in poverty. Is this the message we want to promote?  Not me; I believe all races are equal, no race is superior to another. It is, however, the message that those who chant "white privilege" are delivering.

We are Americans and we have always helped our own. I and others like me want to help the poor, but I will not help those that try to destroy me or my family.

Set aside your hate for me because of my skin color and let's wrap ourselves in the colors of red, white and blue and we can begin rebuilding race relations and make America greater than it has ever been.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Free For All Friday...

I don't care if you don't support Trump as long as you work to defeat Clinton.

It is Friday which means it is your day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Won't Be Long Now...

Just a quick update to let everyone know things are moving right along.

I picked up the camper from my son's place and hauled it out to Truckhenge and the two of us picked out the perfect spot, got it leveled, and the jacks are in place.



Before we left his place though we threw a bunch of junky old firewood he had laying around his pasture and threw it in the back of his truck and unloaded it while we were there.

It'll be good enough to get things started.

Ron pointed out several piles of wood he had scattered around and said we could help ourselves to whatever we needed.

Trust me, we'll have a fire that'll last as long as we want it too.

I'm meeting up with Sarge and his grandson in the morning and we'll be hauling out the tables and chairs and other assorted Summit stuff.

Won't be long now...


Kevin McGinty

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summit Update...

Just a quick note to let you guys know what's going on with our little get together this weekend.



I ended up having to put new tires on the camper and since my son who lives outside of Hoyt has the equipment and a much stronger back than I do he went ahead and took care of it.

Shot gun's been cleaned.

I've bought 200 clay pigeons and since my wife's decided she wants a .410 she saw at Academy Sports last week I'll probably pick up a couple more cases (there's no such thing as too many) while we're out there this afternoon.

Something I didn't mention earlier is that if anyone has access to a bunch of two liter plastic bottles we can fill with water and use for targets it might be a good idea to bring a few.

(Ron's asked that we don't shoot up a bunch of glass bottles.)

Fire wood's ready.

My son in law's got his stereo ready.

I've downloaded a little over 300 songs on my phone again this year.

And since I have no idea what kind of music everyone likes I've included a little bit of everything from Beethoven to 50's and 60's rock and roll to Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash and ZZ Top.

So far the weekend weather forecast is supposed to be beautiful.

But because of all the rain we've had lately the spot we had last year will be one giant mud hole so Sarge and I are headed out this morning to find another spot.

There's still no official start time.

Sarge and I will be there all day long finishing things up and he'll probably start cooking somewhere around 1:00 pm (ish) or a little later.

However if someone shows up earlier or even much, much later and wants to eat it's not a problem at all.

A quick reminder that there's plenty of room to pitch a tent if anyone's interested in spending the night.

And if anyone has any questions, suggestions, or concerns lay em on me.

And that my friends, is about all I have for now.

I'll see you Saturday...


Kevin McGinty

Friday, May 13, 2016

Free For All Friday...


I just checked and double checked the extended weather forecast and unless it changes the weather for our little get together next weekend should be perfect.

I won't bore you with a lot of details but things are coming along right on schedule.

I'm planning on hauling the camper out there sometime Thursday or Friday to start setting things up.

Sarge, you and I probably ought to head out there sometime earlier in the week to check things out.

I'll give you a call sometime this weekend.

Other than that, this is your day.

Have at it...


Kevin McGinty

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Liberty for All

The greatest threat to our country is loss of liberty.  When we are no longer free men and women we are powerless and ultimately will become slaves to the State.  The threats to our liberty come not only from the government, but from their allies in the media who launch insidious propaganda attacks.  The attacks take decades to become effective, but effective they are.

The government employs the “frog in the pot” tactic to rob us of our freedom.  They know they cannot use the full power of the government to shackle us overnight because we would fight back   so they instead do it slowly.  Their goal is to  convince us to pick up the shackles and wear them proudly like some ornate bracelet.  This attack on freedom began the day we became a country and put in place a government for it is government's nature to control the people. 

Freedom has and always will be under attack and must always be defended.  The government is a powerful and deceitful enemy because they are a benevolent enslaver; they are the good master rewarding their slaves with food, shelter, medical care and even phones. Many people are decieved and happily wear their shiny shackles. 

Perhaps, while not obvious, the greatest liberty stolen from Americans is the freedom to fail.  No one is allowed to fail anymore.  We bail out failed businesses and we bail out failed people. We are told businesses are too big to fail and it is the purpose of government to take care of the people.   Nothing but destructive lies – businesses and people must be allowed to fail.  Failure makes not only the individual stronger, but also makes our country stronger.  It was not John McCain’s successes in life that allowed him to survive the years spent as a POW, it was his exposure to adversity and failure prior to being captured that forged him into a strong individual that could withstand the harsh conditions imposed upon him. He was a prisoner but he never was a slave. 

When we protect our children from chalk boogeymen on the sidewalk and give them safe spaces we rob them of the ability to grow into strong individuals.  The knife is deadly because it is beaten and placed in fire by the blacksmith.  It withstands the beatings and the fire to become strong, sharp and deadly.  

The government has abolished life’s forge and replaced it with the right not to be offended, the right not to be held accountable for your own poor choices and the right to punish the strong, the winners by taking their spoils of victory and  distributing them among the weak and worthless.  We must care for our weak, but not reward those who choose to not provide for themselves. 

This election may be the turning point for our country.  The choice is between Hillary Clinton who by her lies has shown she is without morals and Donald Trump who by his actions has shown he is equally immoral.  I will vote for Trump because unlike Clinton who will further the government agenda of crushing our will to be free, he will by his nature destroy the government cartel’s power.  He craves the power they have and will take it from them. This is why they oppose him. 

I hope Trump becoming president against monumental odds will give others who are not politicians the courage to stand up and run for election because it is the people who need to govern; not politicians.  He will expose the Republicans and Democrats for who they are – different sides of the same poison coin.

Trump is not our savior, but he is the poison pill that will weaken government so the people can begin taking back their liberty  Remember liberty is not given it is won.  The revolution to win it back begins at the ballot box and continues from rising up against the government using our God given rights that the founders fought to protect and codify in our United States Constitution.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nice Try Batshit...

Batshit, did you really think for one minute you were fooling anybody besides yourself with that stupid "Zulu Warrior" crap?

The only thing you did was further expose yourself as the blatant racist you've always been.

You whined something about us (white people) being ready to pay reparations owed to your "your people."

What the hell do you think we've been doing for the last several decades?

While "your people" and admittedly more and more of "my people" sit around on their fat asses collecting welfare the rest of us are working our asses off to pay for it all..

You and your friends had better hang on to your lazy asses.

The working men and women of  America have had enough of it.

And that, my friend is why Donald Trump is going to be the next President of The United States.

Get used to it.


You claim to celebrate the working man.

And that, you communist loving piece of shit, is a fucking lie.

Long live the resurgence of the "American Working Man!!!"

And welcome to the Revolution!!!

Kevin McGinty

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

False Narratives for the Sheeple

The left is very good at creating false narratives to lead the sheeple astray.  Here are just a few that are told so often that many actually believe them to be true.

Trump is anti-woman.  They cite his attacks on Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly as examples of him being anti-woman.  They actually demonstrate just the opposite.  He may be crass, he may be rude and he may even be juvenile, but his attacks on these two women are actually examples that he treats women like equals.  “Lying Ted,” “Little Rubio,” and “Low Energy Jeb” didn’t whine and cry when he attacked them.  They took it, excuse me for this, “like a man.”

Beyond that, look at how he treats women around him.  He provides opportunities for them to succeed in business, promotes them to positions of power and treats them, as he should, as his equal.

On the other hand, look at Hillary “Stand By My Man” Clinton.  Not only has she stuck by her cheating husband, she has enabled him and allegedly tried to silence one of his rape accusers.  If that isn’t anti-woman then tell me what is.

The Right is Against Transgendered People using the Bathroom of Their Choice.   The left accuses the right of labeling transgendered people as perverts and peeping Toms.  This is a lie.  Transgendered people having been using restrooms without incident for decades.  It has only become an issue when men, not transgendered people, but when men wanted to use the women’s restroom and women’s locker room.

In the past, no one complained that men were not allowed in the women’s restroom because it is just common sense to segregate restrooms and locker rooms based on gender especially when minor children are present.  No one can convince me that there are not pedophiles and perverts who will exploit being able to go into women’s rest rooms unabated to catch glimpses of women and children doing things that should be private.  I have no problem with a true transgendered person using the rest room or locker room that bests fits both their physical and psychological identity, but they must transitioned to that gender either chemically or surgically.  What about the person that is in the process of transitioning, but not completely transition?  Again, common sense.  Use the restroom or locker room they best identify with and be discreet.  If you’re a man transitioning to a woman then takes steps not to expose your genitalia to women or children.  It really is that simple.

Border Security is Racially Motivated.  Border security is necessary to protect American citizens against terrorism, the spread of disease, and economic theft.  An unsecure border leaves us vulnerable to terrorist coming into our country to kill us; nothing racist about wanting to protect Americans.  People coming here legally are screened for diseases.  People coming here are not.  Do we want contagious diseases being spread because there are no screenings?  Again, not racist.  We have over a hundred million people in this country not working.  Why should they compete with illegal immigrants for jobs?  How is it racist to care that all Americans of all races have an opportunity to work?  Hint, it isn’t, but the truth seldom makes a good narrative to lead the masses over the cliff.

Black Lives Matter.  All lives, including black lives, matter.  The problem with this narrative is not that it is false in the sense that black lives don’t matter – they do, but those propagating the meme really don’t care about all  black lives.  They care about black lives to the extent that they can further their anti-conservative agenda by making conservatives appear to be responsible for the plight of some blacks.  You will only convince me that the race baiters, the BLM movement and other supposedly pro-black groups care about blacks when they fight against job robbing illegal immigration, when they work to ensure that parents parent, when they go into the poor neighborhoods to provide job training and  march in the streets demanding that there be justice for the hundreds of black murder victims, men, women and children who died at the hands of a person living in their own neighborhood.

Oh there is more, but this is enough to get the converstation started.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Paul "Benedict Arnold" Ryan

Paul Ryan, GOP Speaker of the House, exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.  Ryan told Jake Tapper, CNN, that he is “just not ready” to back Donald Trump.  He said his reason for not backing Trump is because he thinks we need to unify the Republican Party.

In the beginning the Republican Party pushed to have each candidate pledge their allegiance to the Republican Party and declare they would not run as an independent if they did not win the nomination.

This was primarily directed at Donald Trump because they did not believe he could win the nomination and they did not want him to hand the general election to Hillary Clinton by syphoning off Republican votes.

The question I have for Ryan is if you are not going to support Trump then who will you support?  Clinton?  A third party candidate?  How is not supporting the presumptive Republican nominee helping to unify the party?  It is not and this is why the people are so upset with the Republican Party; they do stupid things that ultimately shoot themselves in the foot and hand power over to liberals.

Crosby Stills and Nash sang, “… if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”  Trump is not the one I love, but he is the one I am with and I will support him.  He is the presumptive GOP nominee and Ryan and others better love him or they will get Clinton as our president.

What choice does the GOP have except to support Trump?  I do not put it pass them to try and rig the convention to take away the nomination from Trump but that will be the last nail in the GOP’s coffin.  Does it matter?  Of course not because they do not care what the people want or what is best for the people.  They only care about their own self-interest.  Simply put they want to control the people; they want power and the money that comes from that power.  They are not serving us.

Trump only has popularity because he is saying what the people are thinking.  He is giving the people a voice that has been silenced by both parties.  Average Americans want a country that is great.  Great means putting the interest of the American people before the interest of foreign countries and illegal immigrants and by keeping us safe from terrorist.

Ryan and the rest of the establishment GOP do not get why they cannot win a presidential election and why the people are angry.  I will be contacting our Congressional delegation and share my thoughts on Ryan and demand they do not support him or I will not support them in their upcoming election.  I urge you to do the same.