Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free For All Friday...


It's that time boys and girls.

It's Friday and the floor's all yours but you already know that.

And I know I don't have to remind you what we're really celebrating this Memorial Day Weekend.

While you're out there soaking up the sun, burning your burgers, and tipping back a few beers don't forget to give a toast to those who didn't make it back.

Because we all know if it weren't for their sacrifice everything we now enjoy and often take for granted wouldn't even be possible.

Happy Memorial Day, guys...


Kevin McGinty


  1. Good morning everyone, let's start this off right Batshit go screw yourself. You commie son of a bitch. Everyone stay dry and safe. Except you batshit drive yourself off a cliff.

  2. Good wet, soggy morning!

    Every American should give a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all the brave men and women in, or who have honorably served in, any of the military services of the United States of America. And, not JUST on Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day...but EVERY day.

    The special days set aside to honor them should be celebrated, and fun SHOULD be had...for the freedom to choose what kind of celebrating you wish to do, and the liberty to do it, was a gift to ALL Americans from those who served our country to defend those freedoms and liberties.

    Let's enjoy ourselves, but NEVER forget the reason we are able to do so. Let's also make sure we have people running the country who will also honor and support them (instead of people who detest everything those who fight for liberty and who fight for the Constitution and the preservation of our country stand for).

    If at a gathering, take a few moments to show deserved respect, and to honor the people who so bravely stand between liberty and American exceptionalism, in contrast to some failure-prone dictatorial, oppressive form of government that disallows Socialism/Communism/Fascim, etc.

    EVERY American SHOULD give a heartfelt "Thank You". Sadly, there are way too many disrespectful, un-American Obama/Hillary/Bernie voters out there who would recoil at that suggestion, and offer up a "____ YOU!", instead.

    Using, by the way, the freedoms available to them by the brave people who have fought, and many who have been wounded...or gift to even THOSE disrepectful ingrates those freedoms.

  3. Hey, Rikki...

    Just looked again at the "Canon in D" you posted. Looks like they transposed the key to "C". So, it's actually "Canon in D (in C)", or "Canon in C". Which is perfectly legit, and perfectly fine. It's the exact same melody and structure.

    Normally, the song key is the first chord chosen, and the root note of that chord is what defines the chord. You'll notice that in that video, the first chord is "C". Actually, except for a few passing 'D' notes, the 'D's are pretty sparse in that key!

    I found an example of a lady teaching it in "D", as you'll note that the first chord she plays is a 'D' chord. It's a little tougher for novices to play the song, because there are a couple of barre chords in it, and barre chords usually come after you have learned at least the main group of open chords (or "EZ Chords") What the "C" key video did was present what a LOT of songbooks do...and transpose the actual song to "EZ Chord". There's nothing particularly bad about that except, if you put on..say...a Beatles recording, and try to follow many "EZ Chord Beatles" books to try to play will be in the wrong key! (Beatles songs are tough enough to try to play along to, because they did a lot of studio 'varispeed' on the tapes, to slightly raise or lower the pitch of the entire song, so a normally tuned guitar may sound out-of-tune on a LOT of Beatles songs.)

    Anyway, here's a link to the lady showing how it's played in "D".

    The reasons for key changes (or tuning down, or using a capo) are either to make it easier to play, or to better-suit the singer, so the singer can stay in his or her range. (Stevie Ray Vaughn tuned all the strings down, as did Eddie Van Halen, in the David Lee Roth days).

    One more thing. I found a book that you may find interesting...IF you can find a copy. You have probably seen "Chord Books". They are handy, but they probably just have all the, say..."A Chords" in various places on the fretboard, the "A flat", the "Am", etc., all grouped together.

    THIS book starts "A" chord, and then lists a BUNCH of other chords that will normally transition nicely from that chord. Once you find that next chord, say...F#m, you can then go to the F#m pages, and try out the third chords. You can then continue, if you want to add another, etc.

    It's good for just trying to find new chord sequences that you may not have thought of, and to try to create "your own thing".

    I have found some unusual, cool-sounding transitions from this book, and learned some new and different chords.

    It's called "The Guitar Player's Songwriting Bible". It won't show you how to play any known song, but it will be good practice, and maybe even help you write a few new ones! It's never a bad thing to get your fingers to twist into a new chord shape!

    Here's an Amazon link to the book (which says "not available at this time"...but may be able to locate it elsewhere, if interested):

    1. Thanks Nunya. Will give this a try. I have a long weekend planned into next week. Yay me! (smiles).

      Over on the Albuquerque bunker blog I have three guitar tutorials that I found on youtube.

      I'll post them here too...

      God Father theme

      Fur Elise


      Will have to look into me getting that Guitar Player's Songwriting Bible....

  4. Looks like gimmegimmejjimmieminnowstarfish is getting pretty nasty over there on the Urinal...calling people names, personally-attacking, etc. Y'know...just his normal disrespectful violations of the rules (kinda like all the anti-Trump protest morons!)

    But...that's all 'OK with CJ', apparently.

    Time for work. Have a great day!

  5. Oops...I got a few more try annoy liberals!

    Here's an odd thing that popped up in a big red banner on the Urinal:

    "The username Homey has not been activated or is blocked."

    WTF?! Hell...I didn't try to log on, or anything. Why is it telling ME that?!

    Anyway...I was just pondering something.

    I was kind of disappointed that our good friend, Philly, couldn't get Tunafish to join us at the Summit. She seems like she might have had fun.

    But, occurred to me that there may have been reasons he didn't want to join in. He may have just been being noble. Maybe he DOES care for her (bless his hardened-black heart!) and just didn't want to put her through the embarassment of being seen with him? That sounds...plausible. (But, not really realistic. I doubt he has a noble bone in his tiny, scaley little aquatic body!)

    Probably, more like...he probably doesn't want her hanging around any REAL all of us out there, what with his chickenshit inadequacy issues, and all? Withering metrosexual cowards don't well in the company of...well...guys who realize that we are...OBVIOUSLY..."guys"! And, the girls who realize who THEY are, also!

    That sounds more believable.

  6. Well...I see Mr. Friday Afternoon (MFA) has announced his plans to knock off early today, and go try to ruin another bar!

    in keeping with his Communist tendencies...only the finest Russian Vodka, and a nice Cuban cigar, as he dictates his own "Terms of Service" in his next victim-bar, and lays down the law on what words and phrases will NOT be tolerated!! he sucks on that cigar (amongst other things)let him remember one thing.


  7. Hey...careful over on the Urinal. After that odd thing...I did a little poking with some software. Strange 'activity' over there, right now.

  8. Yup and battshit is up to his old friday tactics, still the asshole.

  9. I would be very cautious about the urinal these days. It's more than obvious that buttstash has connections there that run pretty deep. Maybe he cleans toilets there part time, and he peeked and acquired somebodies password to their system, I don't know.

    But it would not surprise me if his ties were deep enough to get users names and private information. That could be very dangerous to those of us who value our privacy. He is just the kind of flaming asshole who will go after you in your personal life to stop you if he cannot stop you by getting you booted.

    Of course, that also goes two ways. By doing that, he opens the door to others doing the same to him. Many of us have connections we would never consider using unless the situation left us no choice.

    Sounds like Nunya is already doing a little poking around there. I think the ungodly left seriously underestimates the level of sophistication in our little blogging family. They do so at their own peril I might add.

  10. Rubio called Trump a ‘con man’ but now thinks he should be president

    Long a star of the mainstream conservative movement, the senator from Florida — and onetime presidential candidate — is one of the starkest symbols of the Republican Party’s rapid capitulation to Donald Trump.


    On television and on the stump, at debates and in speeches, Donald Trump is reminding the American people that they are going to die.

    The reminders aren’t explicit, and they probably aren’t part of an intentional strategy. All the same, much of Trump’s rhetoric could have the effect of bringing his viewers’ omnipresent fear of death closer to their conscious minds, according to Sheldon Solomon, a psychologist at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

    That includes his emphasis on terrorism, unsurprisingly, but also his preoccupation with immigration. This focus might be helping Trump, since Solomon’s recent research shows that people who are thinking about death are more likely to say they support him. Study subjects who were prompted to talk about their own death later rated their support for Trump 1.66 points higher on a five-point scale than those who were prompted to talk about pain generally.

  12. Well that's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard but I just consider the source and give it the credibility it deserves which is zero.

    Guess it never occurs to these brain dead godless left wing haters that Trump is winning because for eight years they have done everything they could do to destroy our civil society and our country, and we've had eight years of this godless Muslim president who hates half of America with a passion.

    And slightly less useless is the Republican Party that let him do it.

    So maybe we're just sick of this shit and ready for a President who loves his country and will put America first.

    Just maybe that's it. Think about it you disbarred lawyer criminal thief and crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under.

    Fuck a bunch of godless demoncrats

  13. Hey anonymous, why don't you shut the fuck up? You make no sense at all. And that to me, the death of any argument would be when you start psychologically analyzing something.
    Simply using the arguments of perverted psychologist to reach for any sense tells me one thing. You are a loser.
    The world has passed you by, you had your chance.
    So sorry.
    Enjoy the wallowing.....

  14. Hey guys....I said the Urinal was showing a few signs of infestation...not HERE! Where all y'all?

    BTW, my 'software poking' is perfectly legal, legit malware-reporting stuff to check websites before you decide to enter. I was not hacking (not that I couldn't...but I don't like jail. Too many moronic leftist-voting 'gimme-gimmes' in there)! It came up with "suspicious activity", and after that banner that SHOULDN'T have shown up indicating I tried to log in under "Homey"..when I certainly did NOT...I decided to poke around.

    I see ol' Batshit is STILL driving slavery/confederate flag bullshit into the ground! HEY BUTTMUNCH!!! Check your family history, asshole. Make absolutley SURE your ancestors weren't the greedy, asshole black African folk who sent other black African folk into the interior to brutally enslave and 'death-march' the interior African natives to the coast to sell off! BTW...asshole...better check to make sure YOUR Black American ancestors were not amongst those blacks who owned black African slaves...'k? Which...there were MANY...especially down in the Delta. Look it up. PBS even has webpages about it. PBS...being an official "Liberal Indoctrination" GOTTA believe THAT...don't ya?

    Why don't you research the TOTAL history of "black African slavery"? Why? Because you don't wanna know the TRUTH! In fact, the (yes, it was wrong!) history of the United States' involvement in the "slave trade" in those days (and before and after)was relatively short, and MILLIONS of black African slaves lighter than a LOT of other countries. Brazil. The Carribrean Islands. The list is long.

    So...fuck you, you unholy asshole, Buttstache. Quit living in the past and blaming innocent...everyone else. The future is NOW!

  15. Anonymous twerp:

    Fuck you, too. The REAL American people are worried about things because the Unholy Left...the Godless democrats..the Obama's... the Clintons...the admitted socialist Sanders....and all their societal-suicidal braindead, idiotic "gimme-gimme' lazy, shiftless, good-for-nothing lemmings ("taught" by the drug-addled hippie-commie radicals from the 60's and their former lemming students)...are threatening "America".

    It really is as simple as that. Only anti-American assholes would even try to deny it.

    You denying it?


  16. Nunya, you need to let it out and tell it like it is. Lol

  17. Yep, the new click tracker cj installed is at work. They are crunching everybody under an auspicious algorithm. Go figure, right? Desperation for advertisement.

    I don't know ya real well nunya, but your message above was eerily similar to "message to Harry Manback",with the ending of your message. It was perfect. Not sure you are familiar, with the group that made it is. But I'm willing to bet you are.
    In my opinion, the greatest drummer still performing, is in that band.
    And yes, Danny Carey from Paola Kansas.
    Seen the band three times live.

  18. BTW..compadres!

    We MAY have a new "compadre", who may wanna join the converations. A good friend of mine. Told him about all you fine, fun-lovin', Constitution-lovin' respectful and decent folks...and the good time and EXCELLENT "AMERICANS" last weekend...and he showed an interest in possibly joining in on conversations, "Summits", and even "cofee brunch" stuff (which was mentioned before...and I am in agreement with). (Side note: To keep out asshole 'riff-raff', liberal 'try to fuck up your life' threats (which is just what they do..since they have no real lives of their own) brunch-type stuff might be kept to email only contact? Not publicized when or where, here? Baltimore? Albuquerque? Anywhere liberals can congregate and say absolutely nothing...but fuck up everything?)

    Anyway...IF he decides to join in...I will know....I will confirm. Once I confirm...(IF he doesn't find this to raucus)...if you guys trust me...he is "family"...just like the welcoming feeling you all gave ME last weekend! Guaranteed!

    Time for dinner after a LONG OT week!

    Take care, all! (And...take your are all embarassing yourselves!)

  19. Just thought of something. (Dinner can wait a few more. Still good here...not like I work for the gubmint, and started imbibing at 1:30 pm on the taxpayers' dime! I had to WORK all day! To pay for assholes that brag about imbibing on gubmint time!)

    My good bud remindes me a lot...or vice-versa..of our good friend, Capt. Howdy! (In the MOST honorable way!)

    Ya wanna hear it straight? No bullshit?

    Yep. Two peas in a pod, right there!

    BTW...Hammer! I never have addressed you back since last weekend! MY honor to have met such an intelligent, cognizant, respectful young man! (Sentiments shared by all...guaranteed!)

    I'll check the "Manback" thing out. Never heard of it. But, I (we, I'm sure!)appreciate your interaction, suggestions, feedback and...most importantly..."friendship". (Something I'm sure most self-absorbed liberals just cannot really get a grasp on..."friendship".) ;^)

    1. Harry manback is a little spoof they did. But I'm almost sure you heard their stuff. You ain't that old, man. Lol. If you want a little taste, YouTube Tool's cover of "No Quarter". Last Halloween they actually performed it, dressed as Zep as a tribute. Their stuff may not be your style, but I recommend it.

      And thanks for the kind words. Certainly nice to meet ya. And yes, the left isn't about friendships, or people. Only agendas. Solutions looking for problems.
      And i think everyone here or at the summit is just one thing. American.

  20. Hey'ya, Sarge!

    I got LOTS more in my ammo box!


  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi everyone,
    after I got home this afternoon, I picked a grocery bags' worth of leaf lettuce and kale from the garden.... we had a break in the rain and I figured it was my "window of opportunity".... going to make salad out of it... late dinner..

    will check in tomorrow morning to see how everyone is.

    Later - Rikki

  23. Rikki..

    My best (and...speaking for the rest of us ornery ol' farts..OUR best) to you and hubby, Rikki. He got a good got a good man. ;^) (I knew how that was once upon a time...until Jesus called her home). Cherish EVERY moment, darlin'. And ya' know what? I have a feelin' everything is gonna be OK. Just..a feelin'. If you believe it, if he believes it...believe it..and everything WILL be matter what. My prayers to you both.

  24. thank you Nunya (many hugs). My hubby was a Godsend beyond words when he and I met back in 1984... from that time forward... 31 + years (January will be 32). We've come through a lot - always together.


  25. Well I say good night, been a long day. Have a great weekend.

  26. Good morning!

    Insane "Kinnettism" of the week:

    Patty says: "Steve and Cokie Roberts are right wingers."

    Can anyone possibly BE more insane than that?

  27. Over on the urinal buttstash and blue boy are attacking PW and Kalaks, both of whom are their mental and moral superiors. They are belittling their profession by lying and pretending to know what they are talking about, which they obviously don't.

    This is rich when a couple of mooks like them try to belittle a couple of true professionals. I mean buttstash is a janitor in the Docking building and Blue is an orderly and empties bedpans for a living.

    Pretty sad but Kalaks and PW both handed those two a beat down that left both of them a big puddle of quivering goo.

    Maybe they learned to show some respect for their betters.

  28. Inquiry:

    When you guys use the term "PC" or "politically correct," what do you mean?

  29. I'm getting tired of seeing gimmegimmiejjimmiestarfish calling PW 'swife'.

    Someone needs to take him out.

    I'm positive that he doesn't mean it as 'term of endearment', but most assuredly means it in the most disrespectful way.

    Like this, for instance:


    "A slang term used to call someone a real motherfuckerly, shady, and or cheap ass bastard. Kind of synonymous to a cheapskate but really much worse."

    "If somebody stiffs you a tip they are a swife piece of shit. If someone comes to your house and eats your last cookie without permission they are a swife ass motherfucker. If someone cuts you off and then tries to brake check you they are swife as fuck."

    Why is this kind of behavior tolerated by pretend-moderator, Batshit, over there?

  30. Mr anony-mouse

    We mean politically correct. Pretty common term unless you have been living under a rock or in jail.

    Any other retorical questions?

  31. Thank you Vets (all) for your selfless service to our Country - without your sacrifice - we wouldn't be enjoying the freedoms that we hold so dear.

    Things we take daily for granted wouldn't be possible without your service to our Country. Hugs and God's blessings to all Veterans of the past, present and future.

    God Bless America -

  32. Up and at it, get those grills ready, time's a wastin.

    1. when's lunch? just let us know where n' when and we'll show up and help you enjoy bbq (smiles & hugs)

  33. Mouse asks...."When you guys use the term "PC" or "politically correct," what do you mean?"

    It means liberals are thin-skinned wussies, use "political correctness" as a passive-aggressive weapon, and people like Batshit (especially) are what those two links referenced above mean.

    "Politically correct" is just another weapon in the liberals' arsenal to destroy the Constitution, specifically targeting the First Amendment.

    I can write that on a sidewalk in chalk...if you'd like? And, can run away to your 'Safe Space'...where the realities of the world are not allowed....where liberals are most comfortable, and have no need to engage their reptilian brains.

  34. Putting on my liberal "non-thinking cap".

    "Political correctness".

    In this new era of gender-neutral restrooms, locker rooms and showers, and the societal acceptance of rejecting all possible differences and obvious realities to differentiate between the sexes, in order to advance the cause of "equality" and "inclusiveness", I propose that all existing media (music, books, magazines, movies, TV shows, etc.) available to the public that specifically mentions or portrays a "romantic relationship" between a man and a woman, or references ANY differentiation bwetween the two, be removed from public access. It is "politically incorrect" and "unfair" to the LGBTQ..XYZ community, and an insult to them, unless EXACT EQUAL TIME is given to any combination of participants in that media.

    No longer will songs with lyrics and titles depicting the relationship between, specifically, a man and a woman.

    For instance, with the song "When a Man Loves a Woman", it would have to be retitled to be gender-neutral, and all references to gender diffences in the lyrics must be either edited out or re-recorded to be gender-neutral, or the song will be banned.

    This criteria will be enforced for ALL media. This also includes ALL 'art', such as sculptures, paintings, etc.

    The tragic loss of a great deal of music, movies, television shows, books, magazines, and art, in general, will be a small price to pay to advance the noble cause of "political correctness".

    All media depicting "romantic relations" between the LBGT..XYZ members of society, though, shall be encouraged, and broadcast freely to the public. The televison networks of NBC have already started the process in earnest.

    The High Priests of the Temples of Syrinx will store all banned media, available only to those who rule, to never be available again to "Common Persons".

    From Rush, 2112:

    "We've taken care of everything
    The words you read, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
    It's one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why"

    "We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls"

    Yes..."political correctness". The 'freedom' to destroy 'free speech', the First Amendment, and the entire Constitution of the United States of America.

  35. Hey Sarge....just imagining what a dedicated liberal might think ("non-think"?), and trying to point out the hypocritical idiocies of the left! Fortunately, there are still (hopefully) enough REAL Americans to push back against nonsense!

    A burger and a beer will fix ya right up!

    1. Good point Nunya a burger and 6 Beers should fix it.

  36. One more explanation for Mouse:

    "Politically correct".

    Anything a liberal utters or writes, no matter how disgusting, vile, accusatory or demeaning to anyone, is not subject to the rules of "political correctness".

    ANYTHING a moderate or conservative utters or writes can be targeted by the left, and twisted into "politically incorrect", no matter how innocent and innocuous.

    For example, "anchor babies" and "unholy left" are considered to be EXTREMELY offensive to anyone on the left, and those terms 9and the people who used them) MUST be banished from the public.

    But, the left is free to use, say, the disgusting term "swife", or any other vile word, term or description...with impunity.

    Hypocritical? Absolutely, 100%.

    Typical liberalism? 100%

    Liberalism cannot exist without pure hypocrisy as its keystone.

  37. PC means pretending a man can transform himself into a women by merely saying it to be or even with hormones and surgery. Sex is what you are born with, not changeable. True there are rare exceptions where a person may be born with traits of both sexes, but that is the exception and not the rule.

    PC is not speaking out against allowing males with male genitaila being allowed in areas where they will intentionally or unintentionally expose said genitaila to women and girls.

  38. Let me put it this way.

    Political Correctness is fucking bullshit and isn't allowed on this website.

    I hope that helped...

  39. Conservative friends of the bunker. PW has asked me to pass this along. As most of you would expect she is one pissed off woman at Battleshit and BS after Friday and Saturday. She and me and her request are flagging all of Bshits confederate posts with this statement; See your own terms of service/ rules of civility: ◾is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual, community, association, group or business.

    There are literally millions of people who have ancestors who served with honor and courage in the Confederate Army for one individual to demean, disparage, defame and be deliberately inflammatory towards these ancestors is extremely offensive and uncalled for. And these veterans are officially recognized by the United States as serving with honor.

    She has asked me to ask you in joining her in teaching batshit a lesson ruralpreacher

  40. Ray I add this a Confederate basher, especially a veteran, and even more so an officer, is to ask them it they knew that Confederate soldiers are officially American Veterans by Act of Congress. They are usually stunned.

  41. Sarge that is because America used to be about reconciliation, unity and building a better country together. Today the majority of the democrappy party is all about divisiveness and destroying the country.

  42. BS sounds like he has come unhinged.

  43. I can't flag on the urinal anymore but I agree.

    Also buttstash and blue boy's attacks on PW and Kalaks should be flagged. Personal attacks and lies. And baitboy just about everything he's posting is a violation.

    Anybody need more evidence the urinal hates you and let's those godless left wing do whatever they want?

    1. No argument from me and part of the reason I don't blog or post over there anymore. There are good people there but it is a cesspool and doesn't deserve my blogs.

  44. Well as long as they get open Blog Friday and maybe Mid week Wednesday that is all that is really needed and I bet the ones still hanging in there would agree.

  45. New blog on both websites alert...