Sunday, May 22, 2016

Making America the Greatest It has Ever Been

Promoting the notion of "White Privilege" is destructive to racial harmony in America and is disrespectful to blacks.

The concept of white privilege is intended not to better the lives of blacks but as a way of demeaning whites; it is the racial version of Obama's “you didn't build it.”  It is an attack and it divides Americans along the lines of race.

There is wealth and opportunity disparity in America, but attacking those who have worked hard, who are not racist and who are allies in the battle against poverty and crime, does nothing to live the poor out of poverty.

It is a trigger to the natural defense mechanism of fighting back when attacked.  I am not a door mat and my instinct is to fight back when attacked. I am a reasoned being and try not to succumb to the urge to fight fire with fire but the longer the attacks on me because of my race the harder it becomes to not get angry and push back.

There is absolutely no basis for the contention that whites are privileged because of their skin color. More whites live in poverty than all the other races combined. There are no affirmative action programs or race preferences directed solely to whites as there are to blacks.

Of course, people will disagree, so I will not belabor the point, but will ask “so what?”  So what if there is white privilege?  How does taking away white privilege help poor blacks?

The answer is simple - it doesn't. We have to stop trying to tear down whites based on their skin color and look to raise up the quality of life for all of America's poor regardless of race. I can get behind initiatives to help the poor better their lives but really, how likely do you think I and others will be to help groups that tell me I am racist (even if I think I am not), tell me my success is not due to having hard working parents who sacrifice luxury in their life to clothe, house and educate me?  The taunts of "white privilege" insult not only me, but my parents and grandparents who worked so hard to give me privilege.

Yes, I admit I am privileged but it isn't because of my skin color, I am privileged because my parents gave me a nice lead in the relay race of life.  Unlike so many of the poor I didn't have to start at or even behind the starting line as I entered adulthood.

I am compassionate and want to help others to live a good life. I recognize the advantages I have that they and their children don't have, but I am unwilling to help those who disparage me and my ancestors because of our race.

And, promoting white privilege is not only an attack on me, it is disrespectful to blacks. Privilege is not something occurs genetically in one race.  Remember when life began on this planet all races started naked and in complete control of their destiny; privilege was not given it was taken.

White privilege, if it truly exists, tells the tale that one race was able to advance further than another. It says one race was so superior to another that it was able to oppress and keep them imprisoned in poverty. Is this the message we want to promote?  Not me; I believe all races are equal, no race is superior to another. It is, however, the message that those who chant "white privilege" are delivering.

We are Americans and we have always helped our own. I and others like me want to help the poor, but I will not help those that try to destroy me or my family.

Set aside your hate for me because of my skin color and let's wrap ourselves in the colors of red, white and blue and we can begin rebuilding race relations and make America greater than it has ever been.


  1. KTT...well said, as always.

    And, now...for some more amusement, straight from the Porcelain Pisser. Stupidity knows no bounds with liberals over there, it seems.

    On the same Matt Johnson piece, good ol' Buttrash Battlestache had this bit of clueless nonsense:

    "What a shame it is that we're going to end up with Hillary Clinton as president just because republicans refused to nominate a serious candidate."

    Um....the liberals have a doddering old 60's-hippie-brained anti-American Communist, Bernie Sanders...

    ...and a doddering old lying, conniving, abject failure at everything, anti-American Communist...Hillary.

    "Serious candidates?!!!"

    BTW...Handjob's relatives, yesterday, were quite the unusual critters! Dumb as hell, noisy and annoying...(they must be liberal)...those pea cocks!

    And, the guinea?! Man, oh man....the squawking THOSE things did when they ganged up all together (I think they were too chickenshit to do anything by themselves!) I think maybe they all tried to poo on some cars over there? I thought I was watching an Occupy rally!!!

    The only thing more annoying-sounding and screeching than any of THOSE?!

    That wicked witch....Hillary.

    Well...back to bizzyness!

  2. Excellent article Kevin! I admire your writings.

  3. Texas Rose this is ktt's blog, but at times they sound close in their writings.

    Yes Ktt you did say there was a new blog. I was deciding if I wanted any more verbal abuse. Lol

  4. Great piece KTT.
    I believe this might of been a conversational piece from the other evening as well. I like the whole relay race of life analogy. When a generation seems to be a little better of than the last, I don't believe it's privilege. It's the way things should be. My kids will have it a little better than me I hope, and that has nothing to do with race or racism.
    But, when you have a whole "culture" with in America that refuses to better themselves or their children, this is what you get. This situation is just am excuse for poor upward mobility skills. And the way I see it, the liberals seem to attempt to gain votes by setting the stage for the blaming of others for one "culture's" failings. Hence, "white privilige."
    Once again, great blog. A further extension of the discussion of race versus culture arguments would apply here as well. Just my thoughts...

    1. Excellent thoughts and yes, it is always easier to blame someone else than take responsibility.

  5. Sorry for not giving KTT credit for a well written article. Thanks Sarge for the heads up. Great article KTT.

    1. No problem. Heck people got us confused at the Summit too :)

  6. KTT, we all (yourself, Hammer, Safe and me) had a good conversation about this Saturday. It's the sort of goofy "logic" that only a PhD could have thought up. Since it flies in the face of common sense, it's difficult to know where to start in dealing with it. You've done a pretty good job of it here.

    If "white privilege" were an object instead of an idea, a cat would dig dirt over it.

  7. Justice done in Baltimore.

    The latest trail of a police officer on the trumped up phony charges relating to the death of heroin addict Freddie Gray was found not guilty of all charges.

    This is going to be repeated every time. These charges are entirely politically motivated by a lackey of the ungodly left wing obama race division agenda.

    Look for riots, fires, destruction, looting and much violence probably starting tonight.

    But at least an innocent cop wasn't sacrificed as a scapegoat to keep the terrorists at bay.

    Look for the black lives terrorist group to rear its ugly head again, and expect police officers to suffer at the hands of the acts of terror they inspire.

    1. The cop was exonerated by his fellow cop who was made to testify from. Once the cop testified it destroyed the prosecutors case but the judge wouldn't dismiss the charges.

  8. SSAH, yup on the mark again. Watch and wait.

  9. President peace prize is selling the Communist regime in Viet Nam weapons now. Want's to "normalize" relations with them.

    He still doesn't want us to have guns though. He thinks we're dangerous and can't be trusted. He's not looking to "normalize" relations with us people who cling to our guns and our bibles. We're still his "enemies" who need to be "punished".

    This guy seem a little confused to anybody else or just me?

  10. SSAH, He is a asshole just like all those liberals that think we shouldn't have gun's, how the hell do they think this country stays safe.

  11. Well, they stay safe by hiding in their safe zones and crying over sidewalk chalk.

    We stay safe by doing what you fellows were doing at the summit. Shooting the shit out of stuff.

  12. Remember what I said Saturday evening about gratuitously pissing off the Chinese? As if on cue, President Peace Prize decides to help arm the Vietnamese. That outta make 'em REAL happy in Beijing.

  13. Well Captain if he would stay out of it maybe the sons of bitches would kill each other off. Obama can kiss my ass.

  14. So I heard at least a couple three people introduced themselves to Sarge as buttstah at the summit.

    Hey buttboy, how's that make you feel? You've been reduced to a joke people play.

    That's just sad.

  15. SSAH, that being said I didn't even draw my gun, imagine that his fear is nonsense.

  16. Replies
    1. Too funny. Didn't think of it that way but absolutely correct. Reduced to a joke.

  17. And he has no one to blame but himself...

  18. Yup too bad he let his hate destroy himself.

  19. Thanks Kevin, Sarge, and everyone who hubby n' me met.... just wished I could have met more folks before we had to leave.

  20. What is funny is he so desperately wants to be relevant and respected and instead ends up as a joke and a stinky avatar.

  21. KTT, I would be interested in if he had a real life, I can't see how a hateful Person can never show some real feelings for others no matter who they are. Damn I can't imagine living like that.

    1. You guy's are doing what MLK wished for, "judging him for the content of his character."

  22. Sarge, he has a life. Swamping out toilets in the Docking building. We should all go up there and leave him a present sometime.

  23. Time to get the fly swatter out.... flag the nemesis on the other blog.

  24. Papadew. nice to hear from you again, you must visit more often, hope all is well with you and yours.

  25. Good morning!

    I see Bat is over there 'celebrating' something that is absolutely none of his business...again.

    What that poor, confused, hateful racist DIDN'T get to celebrate was the fellowship, friendship and fun of all who attended Saturday.

    I guess that was even more of a reason for all of US to celebrate...not having a racebaiting hatemonger around to dampen spirits! (Like he does on CJ).

    I 'celebrated' the absence of 'fascist-led political-correctness' hogwash, and enjoyed the freedoms the Constitution 'guarantees'. (UNLIKE Bat...and CJ.)

    Now, then...gotta LONG busy day, and gotta get at it! SOMEONE has to pay for government, government waste, lazy people and "gubmint gimmegimme" scam artists sucking the life out of this country!(I guess that makes me kinda stupid...huh? Actually...just 'responsible', with some dignity and integrity. Unlike way too many Obama/Hillary/Bernie commie voters!)

    A tune dedicated to those voters...and especially, Bat (who needs to take the BLM "sheet off your (own) face" before throwing accusations around):

    "You the kind of gentleman
    That want everything your way
    Take the sheet off your face, boy
    It's a brand new day"

    "If you're walking 'round
    Think'n that the world
    Owes you something
    'Cause you're here"

    "You goin' out
    The world backwards
    Like you did
    When you first come here"

    Gotta get to work! Have a great day!

  26. Nunya, as always a great piece of work, weather is turning crappy but have a good day!

  27. Read the comments on CJ about summit. Man you guys have neutered BS. He has lost his mojo.

  28. Hey, KTT, you helped. But yeah, he seems a little less feisty these days.

    That still doesn't absolve CJ though, does it?

  29. power out at Cj.... "Jonathan Shorman ✔ ‎‎@jshormanCJ Power out at Capital-Journal. Appears to be somewhat widespread "

    could this be a sign ? ha ha :) sorry I had to have a little fun with that.

  30. New blog up. Took Pikes suggestion. Someone tell him to join us over here.

  31. I posted this over on CJ, though it was fitting here too.
    How many of you remember the Tiananmen Square Protests?
    This event in world history has been blotted out of school books in China - there are generations of Chinese children, Chinese teens, and Chinese young adults who do not know this even happened. Why? Because it is forbidden.

    Let's cross the big pond over to the USA... look what's happening here!

    History is history, the Confederate Flag, Stars and Bars, good - bad - and ugly - is what it is - part of American History. You can't rewrite American History -