Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nice Try Batshit...

Batshit, did you really think for one minute you were fooling anybody besides yourself with that stupid "Zulu Warrior" crap?

The only thing you did was further expose yourself as the blatant racist you've always been.

You whined something about us (white people) being ready to pay reparations owed to your "your people."

What the hell do you think we've been doing for the last several decades?

While "your people" and admittedly more and more of "my people" sit around on their fat asses collecting welfare the rest of us are working our asses off to pay for it all..

You and your friends had better hang on to your lazy asses.

The working men and women of  America have had enough of it.

And that, my friend is why Donald Trump is going to be the next President of The United States.

Get used to it.


You claim to celebrate the working man.

And that, you communist loving piece of shit, is a fucking lie.

Long live the resurgence of the "American Working Man!!!"

And welcome to the Revolution!!!

Kevin McGinty


  1. I am in total agreement with your blog here Kevin. And I really enjoyed blasting CJ this morning.


  2. That piece of ratshit ,batshit is a danger to all of the people of this city, and he needs to be in the state hospital. He gets his ass handed to him every time and he is now going nuts. Just keep a good eye on that prick.

  3. And if in the event that my comment on cj gets pulled, my rights revoked..... here's my post blasting Cj.

    Ok, time to unload on CJ…..

    I know I said I was leaving CJ, and after I post this comment – this could be the literal end of Rikkitikkitavi for I’m going to post a most deliberate and blunt comment which could get me booted – if it happens – then it happens. It’ll only be a reflection of the double standard that the CJ Mods display.

    After yesterday’s comments by Zulu Warrior – and the worst of those still visible – I must openly question the integrity of all of the CJ Mods who are to monitor these threads by the standards of their rules of civility.

    Personally, I feel that the all of the CJ Mods have failed miserably – especially with leaving up the post by Zulu Warrior on Lucinda’s current blog:

    “Zulu Warrior 05/10/16 - 05:08 am
    I am the black gloved fist raised in defiance

    I will be ever vigilant. I'm putting all of the racists that frequent this blog and others on notice. I have watched and remained silent but not anymore. My sister Lucinda has the courage to speak the truth and she will not be spoken to in any way other than yes ma'am and no ma'am. Brothers and sisters have lived under the boot heel of the white man long enough. The democrat party is our vehicle to our rightful place atop this racist country. Allah and his prophet Muhammad will guide young African men and women by ANY means necessary.”

    According to the Rules of Civility, this post by Zulu Warrior is threatening, abusive, has racist and hateful language and expression, attacking, discriminative towards white people, promoting terroristic attack with “Allah and his prophet Muhammad will guide young African men and women by ANY means necessary.”

    Excuse me but “by any means necessary”? I have seen countless people booted off of CJ for less offenses and Zulu Warrior’s terroristic thread is allowed to remain? The CJ Mods clearly are in conflict with their rules of civility if they allow Zulu Warrior to remain. Way to go CJ Mods, you’re doing one helluva job!


  4. Thanks Rose (hugs).


  5. A quick riddle for you Sarge: you have one round left in the magazine and both Hand-Job and Tattle-Stache are running away from you? Which one's the lucky guy?

  6. I posted another comment on Cj.... happy to share it here too.

    In looking back through CJ archived articles,

    I searched for anything related to 9/11. I found this:

    "Topeka West Army Junior ROTC members commemorate lives lost on 9/11 with ceremony"

    Folks, this article is a good read. I sincerely hope that events like this one is continued as a reminder of what happened due to the evilness of the terrorists. Tragedies like this should never be forgotten - the innocent lives lost at the hands of evil people should never be forgotten.

    In reading articles of such (prior to 9/11 ), I can't help but wonder if little warning signs popped up but no one chose to pay attention until it was too late.

    Fast forward to subject of Kevin's blog. Zulu Warrior's posts should be labeled terroristic threat and for CJ Mods to keep Zulu Warrior's post still visible says much to their lack of integrity, their evident double standard in regard to the rules of civility, and by their not pulling Zulu's terroristic threatening post leads one to feel that they support his lunacy.


  7. I would wait till they are almost side by side with one being just a little in front of the other one. Then go for a shot to the side of the head on the back one forcing the bullet to ricochet into the other ones head. Knowing that I didnt get a clean kill shot I would run up to them while they are lying on the ground crying and use my knife to end their problems.

  8. Ken it would be me, the lucky guy at least I would get one.

    1. But I thought harder one in the mag and that means one in the camber that is two rounds I get them both. Lucky me.

  9. Yea, well ya know I don't worry in the least bit.
    Spear chucker vs 180gr HP. Win.
    Spear chucker vs M855 LAD Nato 5.56. Win.
    Hammer doesn't worry.
    Like the video, honey badger doesn't give a shit.
    Last time I checked EBT won't buy firearms, yet...
    Zulu better off shooting an arrow into the sky to bring rain to the Kapiti Plains.

    And just to be clear, hammer will never bow to another man. Black, white, yellow, or purple. That's just how he rolls.
    And speaking of rolls,its dinner time. Yum.
    Peace and chicken grease folks....

    1. Oh, before I go. I know it wasn't directed at me but I'll answer anyway. You have learned hand and batshit left with one in the mag. Well, to be honest it would never come out of the holster. Those two are kbar material. Close, and intimate.
      We don't waste ammo.
      Ain't nobody got time for that.

      And that my friends, is your Screenshot for the day.
      Hammer has left the building......

  10. Hammer, trust me I got the time for both them assholes.

  11. Hammertime....

    Drops the mic and walks off stage.

  12. With his held high and fist raised in defiance...

  13. His head held high.

    Stupid smart phone...

    1. Funny I read your previous post and my mind inserted head in it. Did realize it wasn't until I read the next post. The mind is amazing.

  14. Replies
    1. eht dnim si na gnizama gniht.....thgir??

      hee hee.... sorry I just had to be a smartie....


  15. Hammer.....they were running away......just like libs do....If you are good at throwing the Kbar you might get both, but libs are pretty fast, got lots of practice running.

    I have almost decided to get an AK shotgun. Researching now. 10 rd mags of can cover a crowd pretty quick.

    As far as side arm....15rds of 200g JHP @1250.....or maybe some 165s moving @1400....or wait some 140g solid copper penetrators @ 1500, environmentally friendly you know. Wouldn't want to be accused of lead poisoning someone....look what happened in Flint.

    Decisions, decisions.

  16. I guess no one is up over here either. Good grief.

  17. According to Weather Bug May 21st is supposed to be partly cloudy and a high of 84 degrees.

    A hell of a lot better than last year...

  18. They finally took Zulu down.. but then that was just an experiment by buttstasch wasn't it?

    You would think they would have learned we are not that stupid. But then they always underestimate Room 235 folks don't they? What arrogant pricks.

    Wonder if they will leave my response up? If not I will repost it in a more educational and less finger pointing form.

    1. glad to see his comments go poof....there's only one left.

      now the only thing left is for he mods to boot him.... which is what they should have done in the first place - but they are what they are....


  19. Good morning, rabblerousers!

    Nunya here.

    Well..quite the interesting day, yesterday, huh?

    Liberals drooling all over themselves defending a racist-laced terrorist threat against Americans!

    My buddy at the Sheriff's office thought invoking allah, and issuing a threatening statement "by ANY means necessary" did look a bit worrisome. We'll see what happens.

    SHAME on the Urinal for allowing a racist-diatribed Islamic jihadist terrorist-threat declaration to stand so long! (Well...they HAVE no much for that.)

    I see Cal Thomas has a very well-spoken, nail-on-the-head article about the follies of socialism over there. That's sure to get the ignorant idiots of the left riled up! yes, IS the schools...and mainstream media. Not learning history, or the value of liberty. "GimmeGimmeGimme!!!"

    Let's see..what else do we have over there? OH! In related news...Rebecca is over there calling for more money for college "professors". Y'know...those burned-out 60's radical-types who are indoctrinating our kids into Cal says?

    Maybe if we'd weed out the anti-American Commie assholes poisoning young peoples' minds...I'd have less of a problem with them.

    Good job pointing out the pure hypocrisy of "Zulu's" terrorist threat remaining Kev, and fellow Americans. Good job pointing out the idiocy of the defenders of that piece-of-shit nobody.

    Well...time for work. SOME of us have to try to keep this falling-apart machine working...and HOPEFULLY...after all the vicious, destructive vandalizing the liberals have done to it...HOPEFULLY...we can get new parts soon, and start to get it running PROPERLY again.

    Have a good day!

    1. Nunya, you might want to share this with your friend at the Sheriff's office also...

      "Zulu Warrior 05/09/16 - 06:05 pm


      represents the weak and pitiful who cannot handle a black man being the most powerful man in the world. A black man is your boss and you cant handle it. Sure your nice to the 1 or 2 blacks able to actually get a job around you. But secretly you hate their guts and know your better than they are right?

      Just address the great and powerful Barrack Hussein Obama as sir or Mr. Obama and keep your mouths closed. The people might not even let him leave in January, prepare yourself for a decade or more of bowing to a black man."

      That is the only comment remaining on Cj for this looney.

      The statement at the end of the post "Just address the great and powerful Barrack Hussein Obama as sir or Mr. Obama and keep your mouths closed. The people might not even let him leave in January, prepare yourself for a decade or more of bowing to a black man" also needs to be looked into.

      Thanks for visiting with the Sheriff's office about this.


  20. Looking forward to the blog meet. Couldn't make it last year due to a combination of health issues and the heat. It's hell getting old.

    I look forward to meeting all these friends I've never met. Plus I want to talk handguns with you gun guys. Thinking about a new weapon and I really want some feedback. You folks know your stuff. I want to pick some brains. Went to Cabellas this weekend just for fun and looked at some guns while I was there. Even took Mrs Safe and she didn't drag me away by the arm. She was actually interested so I may have a new gun in my future. She likes to shoot and thinks she might just be ready to move up. Life is good sometimes.

  21. As for Zulu/buttstash you all know that was just him trolling you. He knows he can post inflammatory crap like that and draw somebody out to respond with something he can flag and get you booted. And he knows he is protected so he can't lose.

    That guy is a full time troll. Everything he posts is intended to draw a response he can flag. That's what he lives for. He has some kind of psychological illness that drives him.

    Probably the fumes from the chemicals he uses when he's scrubbing the toilets up there at the Docking building. That has to have some effect.

  22. SSAH, the lib's have been calling us stupid Cons for ever, and now we are very smart that one of us would start a account and do what zule the spear chucker did. , Now we have that idiot yellow pearl saying Zulu was a crazy con and not a Lib commie asshole, he knows perfectly well that was batshit,

  23. Sarge, I agree. And since I believe Yellow Peal and buttstash are one in the same I'm pretty sure he knows who Zulu is.

  24. SSAH, I never thought they were the same person, but I always knew they were both Dickheads. Braindead pricks.