Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Day Another Hate-Driven Left-Wing Meltdown...

Quote of the day:

"So we could end up with an orange man in the White House. Orange is the new white."

Alan Lunn playing his ace in the hole, (the race card.) on Lucinda's blog 05/20/2016

Hmm, what to talk about?

Hey I know, let's talk about the left-wing haters, agitators, communists, and other assorted losers in life's lottery and how they're losing their minds over the prospect of an American president putting the interests of the American people at the top of his list for a change.


Somehow or another just the thought of having a president that refuses to bow down and kiss the asses of other world leaders sends them into a feeding frenzy.

Last night's hate driven meltdown during a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico was yet another example of the hatred and insanity good, decent, hard working American citizens are up against.

As the good folks of Albuquerque waited patiently in a line that stretched out for several blocks for what may be their only chance to hear the next President of The United States speak in person, the bought and paid for agitators of the left also waited.

Shots were fired.

And the hate fest began.

They stormed the barricades police had set up to protect those who wanted to hear Trump speak.

They knocked over tables and set fire to every piece of Donald Trump merchandise they came across.

They got in the faces and screamed and called those line every foul and nasty name you can think of.

Pushing, shoving ruled the day. 

Punches were thrown.

Mothers tried to shield their children.

They hurled anything they could find and started breaking out the windows of the Convention Center.

They jumped on top of police cruisers and busted out the windshields.

They hurled rocks and bottles at police officers and the horses they were riding.

And they caused all this carnage under the excuse of "Stopping the Hate" all the while flying their Mexican flags.

Here's a little advice for those of you trying to convince American citizens  while squatting illegally in our country not to vote for Donald Trump.

Leave your Mexican flag at home.

If you love Mexico so damned much how about taking your illegal asses back to where you came from.

Ah, don't bother.

President Trump already has a plan for that...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Here's what I said on the last blog but it goes with this one much better.

    Shots fired by the anti American Bernie the commie supporters at a Trump rally last night. These people are a violent dangerous group of people, bent on the destruction of our country and replacing our government system with a Socialist/Communist one.

    Bernie the commie should be placed under arrest by Homeland Security for attempting to overthrow our government and inciting riots leading to violence. In fact the entire democrat party should be under a cloud of suspicion.

    No wonder buttstash supports Bernie. He's obviously a commie in cahoots with the communist movement to overthrow our government.

    These people are traitors and terrorists and should be dealt with in the harshest way possible.

    Remember, a riot only sustains due to a lack of incoming fire. Let's end these Bernie the commie riots now.

  2. Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump – Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump

    The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!
    6:39 AM - 25 May 2016

  3. Yes they were.

    And like all leftists who never think things through their actions will only help Trump seal the deal...

  4. BTW that tweet was a personal tweet from Trump to me :)

  5. 1,000 violent godless left wing rioters just made 3.000 new Trump voters.

    These people are helping Trump far more than they are hurting him.

    Remember 1968. Democrat convention. Humphrey vs McGovern. Riots, protests, violence, long haired maggot infested hippies destroying Chicago. Humphrey won in a cake walk then lost to Nixon who should have lost. The rioters so dirtied the democrat party and the rest of America was so disgusted with them they cost the democrats the election.

    This year they only have an old white woman who is crooked as the day is long and is under federal criminal investigation for multiple offenses and a commie for candidates.

    And everything these godless fools do costs them votes they can't afford to lose.

    This is truly getting hilarious folks. Watch the democrat party eat itself alive again.

  6. It's happening right before our very eyes, too.

    Most of the libs are so brain dead they don't recognize it but a few of them do.

    Why else would they try to change the subject every time I bring it up over on that other website?

    Rather than face their own problems they try mocking Trump, Trump supports, and republicans in general.

    They'd rather talk about anything than the shit storm brewing within their own party...

  7. Why can I, you and others see the cliff rapidly approaching but so many others are in denial?

    They don't have to take my word for since Europe is already very close to the cliff. Still they pretend all is rosy and Hillary will make it even better. It is insane.

  8. But Truthteller, that's what you get when you're dealing with insane people...

  9. Think about it.

    Who other than an insane person could possibly believe all the shit coming at us nowadays.

    No one but an insane person could ever believe it's absolutely normal for a man to take a shower with your wife and or daughter?

    Like Safe says, these people are dangerous and must be stopped...

  10. I've been out of touch with recent events - just read up online the crap that happened in Albuquerque.... totally heartbreaking to see and totally unnecessary. Insulting to see some folks standing on AMERICAN soil and wave a foreign flag....

    My beautiful Mom is native of New Mexico and of Spanish decent (some call that Hispanic). My mom's family proudly consider themselves American, two of my uncles proudly served in the US Marines - one of whom served in Viet Nam for two tours. I am proud of my family - please know that not all New Mexico people behave like the idiots at the rally and I am grateful that none of my family would ever behave so un-patriotic.

    To see such a display of un American behavior in the crowd at the Trump thing is just.... you can finish my thought there.

  11. Speaking of crazy stuff I see where the federal government is banning certain words that are used to describe minorities. That isn't the crazy part - the crazy part is they define a Hispanic as someone who comes from a Spanish speaking country. So someone from Spain is a minority but someone from Italy or Portugal isn't? Crazy right?

  12. initially KTT, my mother's family on her mother's side going several generations to the 1600's come from Spain, they with other families came to New Spain and settled in Zacatecas Nueva Espana... now currently Old Mexico. in the late 1690's they with other families traveled north to what is now current day Albuquerque.

    Some Spanish people have a lighter complexion than others - and me... well my dad is German, that explains the blue eyes and fair skin color.

    1. sorry, it's me Rikki who posted this one with the anonymous... dang I'm tired!!

  13. crud... I meant "mid" 1690's... damned I'm tired.

  14. Yep. Exactly Kevin. Piss on them.
    And thanks for adding the Gadsden flag back closer to the top of the blog page.
    May she fly high, just below the red white and blue!

  15. Hubby fell ill in the wee hours of Sunday morning - I took him to ER... folks this is a guy who is pretty healthy for the most part... see doctors only for check ups... well, after they discharged him from ER, a few hours later, I took him back to ER...

    followed up with a specialist, who did a medical procedure and found something "suspicious". He has a biopsy scheduled in two weeks... he's got to let the prescription med work on him first.

    Please pray that this biopsy shows benign.

    Now you know the reason I was out of touch with the news about the riot at the Trump thing.

    And there are some families who carefully kept genealogical records... my mother's mother's family is one.

    1. he was discharged from the ER the 2nd time and is at work this evening. Light duty

  16. As always Riki, wish you guys nothing but the best.

  17. thank you Hammertime (hugs)

  18. Tell your husband we're all pulling for him, Rikki...

  19. thanks Kevin (hugs). it's being in the land of "uncertainty" that's really tough and also the wait.

    no one likes to hear that they are going to get checked for cancer.

  20. about the unfortunate actions in Albuquerque.... it breaks my heart. Albuquerque and New Mexico and Tucumcari especially Tucumcari hold a dear place in my heart. To see this behavior is just - I'm at a loss for words.

  21. not everyone in New Mexico is like the idiots who rioted....

  22. Good morning!

    Wow...looks like you guys are batting those idiot libs around like shuttlecocks in a badmitten game, over there! Keep up the good work! (Of course...the libtards make it so EASY!)

    Like in the following story. Adopting Lyin' Lucy's lyin' tactics...lyin' liberals are being told they are creating problems for the Dems by being...(naturally)...lyin' liberals lyin' about being Republicans!

    Seems lyin' liberals feel they just can't accomplish ANYTHING...honestly...huh?

    Lyin' liberals. On another subject..."Science deniers." More specifically, "DNA Deniers."

    Why would they deny "science"? Especially, science that is pretty much "settled", as in the science that says "You can repackage a person to "look" different, but you can't "reassign" the DNA".

    Science deniers. Lyin' liberals. Crazy, destructive, ignorant, hateful lot, those are.

    Have a good day!

  23. Rikki will be praying for and yours, I am getting to be a pro on falls they can be nasty.

    And good morning everyone.

  24. Thanks Sarge (hugs).

  25. Obama so dense. He thinks he is hurting Trump when he said Trump has rattled world leaders as if that is a bad thing.

    It is about time the US woke up and let the world know it isn't business as usual.

    Rikki - your hubby is in my prayers.

  26. Thanks KTT (hugs).

  27. Have we ever had a president with less class than this one? Going overseas and bashing on the next President of the United States. Campaigning at international summits. The most inexperienced hyperpartisan godless left wing president in our history, with a record of failure in everything he has done, with the world in chaos due in no small part to his actions and he has the balls to claim Trump is inexperienced and would make a bad President.

    The way the ungodly left is gearing up I think this is going to get a lot worse before it's over, and I think it's going to get even worse after Trump wins. These people are enemies of America, treasonous disloyal hate filled evil communists. And they won't take losing the election well. The real ugly stuff will just start at that point.

  28. And Rikki, our prayers are for you guys. Asking God to see you through this and give you the peace that passes all understanding.

    When one of the two three five family hurts we all hurt.

  29. thank you Safe (hugs). Where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name, Jesus is among us

    Matthew 18:20

  30. Obama said referring to Trump that the US needs to make good decisions. Wonder if by good decisions he means giving money to fund terrorism and nukes to Iran?

  31. Buttstash is certainly trolling hard over on the urinal. His claim about Trump, and now Blueboy joining in is just trolling, he can't even believe something that stupid.

    Here is what the President of the Albuquerque city council had to say:

    “The violence that we’re seeing this evening is absolutely unacceptable, and it is not the fault of Donald Trump, his campaign, or the attendees at the rally this evening. It is directly the result of so called public interest groups, such as ProgressNM and the Southwest Organizing Project, fomenting hate. These organizations this evening devolved from community action groups to hate groups by every usual measure. This was not a protest – it was a riot that was the result of a mob trying to cause damage and injury to public property and innocent citizens exercising their constitutional right to peaceably assemble.”

    I'm thinking if Trump was allowed to handle the rioters outside there would have been a far different outcome. Only an idiot like buttstash or blue would imagine Trump had any control over what happened outside his rally in the public square.

    When Trump is President, and Law Enforcement feels like they have the support of the President instead of fearing retribution from the ungodly radical left things may turn around.

    I am looking forward to him becoming President if for no other reason than that. The ungodly left loses their control over the country and crawls back under the rock the crawled out of when that happens.

  32. New Mexico State Police Chief - this guy labeled the rioters correctly... "morons"

    That is from the Albuquerque TV Channel 13... it's a good read.

    The rioters do not represent New Mexico - they just wanted some self gratification in the spotlight. Idiots.

  33. Well Trump has all he needs in the new
    delegates,that he needs, he is now the man, Lib's deal with it calmly. hahahahahah

  34. Nunya,

    I saw this on youtube - Canon in D (Composer Johann Pachebel b. 1653 d. 1706).

    I think that the 6th string....tune to D. I'm going to try to learn this also. Since you know how to play guitar, I thought I'd share this with you. (smiles)

    1. All other strings A,D,G,B,E as normal.

  35. I see the sick puke punk is back good grief you are a sick bird.

  36. We can tolerate dissenting point of views but sick posts must go.

    1. Unsubstantiated anonymous posts intended only to troll go poof.

  37. Are we supposed to care what a disbarred lawyer just out of jail for robbing his feeble old client of his life savings thinks about anything? Anything at all?

    I don't think someone who left an old man broke and homeless and thought it was funny has any room to criticize anybody, let alone the next President of the United States.

    Are you jealous of someone who didn't piss his life away robbing an old man and ended up doing time and being some big jailbird's girlfriend? I'm sure it was a great experience for you, but it sounds like it has given you some pretty deep homosexual fantasies.

    Sex perverts often project their sick fantasies onto others. Especially when they were subject to what I'm sure handjob was while he was in prison.

  38. Safe - you hit the nail on the head when you suggested Mr Anonymous was jealous. The left is jealous of anyone who is successful whether it be Trump or the Kochs.

    They support Soros and Clinton because they believe they want to help them. Naive and ignorant.

  39. Well played, Truthteller.

    The last thing we need is a bunch of perverts getting the idea they're welcome around here.

    1. They were definitely creepy and perverted posts.

  40. There is just something about the sound of Poof you are gone asshole.

  41. Nunya - I tried Canon in D with the 6th string tuned to D.... told you wrong... it sounded sucky. So the 6th string needs to be the bass E. With the bass E, Canon in D sounds normal.

    Going to get back with my guitar... later y'all

  42. Rikki, dos apparear to be in standard tuning, from watching the video. play some very nice, relaxing things. Sounds like you are knowing how to play pretty well, yourself!

  43. Thank you Nunya (smiles & hugs). There's even a youtube guitar tutorial for Fur Elise and the God Father theme and Bolero.

    God Father theme

    Fur Elise