Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summit Update...

Just a quick note to let you guys know what's going on with our little get together this weekend.



I ended up having to put new tires on the camper and since my son who lives outside of Hoyt has the equipment and a much stronger back than I do he went ahead and took care of it.

Shot gun's been cleaned.

I've bought 200 clay pigeons and since my wife's decided she wants a .410 she saw at Academy Sports last week I'll probably pick up a couple more cases (there's no such thing as too many) while we're out there this afternoon.

Something I didn't mention earlier is that if anyone has access to a bunch of two liter plastic bottles we can fill with water and use for targets it might be a good idea to bring a few.

(Ron's asked that we don't shoot up a bunch of glass bottles.)

Fire wood's ready.

My son in law's got his stereo ready.

I've downloaded a little over 300 songs on my phone again this year.

And since I have no idea what kind of music everyone likes I've included a little bit of everything from Beethoven to 50's and 60's rock and roll to Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash and ZZ Top.

So far the weekend weather forecast is supposed to be beautiful.

But because of all the rain we've had lately the spot we had last year will be one giant mud hole so Sarge and I are headed out this morning to find another spot.

There's still no official start time.

Sarge and I will be there all day long finishing things up and he'll probably start cooking somewhere around 1:00 pm (ish) or a little later.

However if someone shows up earlier or even much, much later and wants to eat it's not a problem at all.

A quick reminder that there's plenty of room to pitch a tent if anyone's interested in spending the night.

And if anyone has any questions, suggestions, or concerns lay em on me.

And that my friends, is about all I have for now.

I'll see you Saturday...


Kevin McGinty


  1. SargejrMay 17, 2016 at 5:21 AM
    Ken, I have plenty of those white cooler that were out there last year, you are welcome to as many as you want, I have a whole shed filled with them. The kind omaha steaks ship in.


    1. Sarge, I could probably use a couple or three of them. I'm still going to bring a lot of beer and can bring ice to fill them (I live @ 5 minutes away). I just don't want to lug that huge cooler around again (do you blame me, I think you helped me with it last year).

  2. What, no bluegrass? I'm not coming if there's no real music to balance out all that other noise!!!

    Just kidding. I wouldn't miss it. Music is the least of my worries. I'm there for the conversation and to meet all my friends I've never met.

    Mrs Safe is still on the fence about coming. She said she'll let me know. She doesn't talk politics and doesn't even read the blogs, not even my brilliant work. Hard to believe, huh? But I told here there would be some interesting people there.

    But I do have a shotgun I'd love to have her shoot. Neither of us has shot it. It's not a bluerock type gun. 870 with an 18" barrel. Home defense gun.

    Looking forward to it no matter what. If she comes I can have a beer, otherwise I'm on the wagon.

    See you there.

  3. SSAH, you and she can find a few out there that feel the same as you I for one am not big on talking Politics or Military stuff at a BBQ where drinks are involved, Hell Kevin doesn't drink. Hell most of the fun talk is about the lib idiots that post out here, and most of them will most likely be at the GOLDEN CORNELL talking about us. hahahaha hahahahahah

  4. Tell her to get off the fence, Safe. She'll fit right in with most of my family. My wife is more conservative than I'll ever be but she doesn't spend a lot of time talking about it and she never reads my blogs. As far as my kids go, well none of them are the least bit political.

    The whole thing is more or less a picnic and a chance to meet, as you say, meet you the friends you've never met...

  5. That didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to but you still get the point...

  6. Bluegrass music to drown out the other noise.


  7. Ssah, I still laugh at this even now as I type, OP and his lady Irene were sitting next to me and Cats, when kevin was passing out blank name tags so we would get to know one and the other, Irene looked him right in the eyes and said DON'T YOU DARE WRITE MRS Pinhead on that tag! Trust me he didn't. hehehehe

  8. Oh yeah, the name tags.

    I dug them out last night, too...

  9. And I just posted one of the two photos I took last year so you can get an idea what you'll you'll be looking for once you get there...

  10. What did you do with the pic's I sent you last year of us around the camp fire?

  11. Disregard, you put that up for how to spot us went they get there. cool! and not advertisement.

  12. Oh, I still have em but I used this one because it's next to impossible to identify anyone in it.

    I know who it is and so do you but a lot of people made it clear they didn't want their picture taken...

  13. Well this year everyone can take my picture, can't let all this beauty go to waste . don't ya know?

  14. Looks like there is a chance that hubby n' I can be there, but only briefly - really wanting to say hi in person :)


  15. Sounds good Rikki!!! Many said briefly last year but end staying longer after they started meeting people:):) Hugs

  16. Make it as brief or as long as you can, Rikki...

  17. it'll be awesome to meet everyone


  18. It was awesome to meet you and Mr. Rikki, even if just in my front yard (we're neighbors, even live on the same street). It's great to meet people you've wrote to for years.

    I invited Jake, and I know he'll NEVER come. I do believe he's afraid of us.

    We're meanies.

    Were there some way to get ahold of them it would be cool if we could get CyKlops & Groenhagen there, too. Has anyone heard from them?

  19. Mr Rikki and I enjoyed our visit with you also Ken. Awesome that we're neighbors :).


  20. Speaking of Groenhagen it just so happens that I'm Facebook friends with him. I'll see if I can contact him...

  21. Groenhagen could post here. No problems with a moderator, anyway. He can be sort of bombastic, but once you get to know him he doesn't seem that way. And he has damn good information to share.

  22. I miss reading Groenhagen. He was a good one. I doubt CyKlops will show up. By the time he travels by boat from his island the summit will be over.

    Maybe Allah could come and bring his drone. Remember when he talked about his drone he built and I challenged him to a drone fight with my drone I built from an old weed eater with a lawn mower blade I found out behind the barn? He wouldn't take me on. Maybe he could bring his drone and we could have a drone fight at the summit.

  23. I would like Alla to come, maybe bring his little monkey, too. The little simian made clear from his postings that he didn't agree with all Alla's lefty cant. And there is this difference between Alla and, say, Tattle-Stache: Alla had balls, Tat bawls up.

    Yeah, I miss Groany's postings. He was knowledgeable of conservative goings-on in a way that helped bring me up to speed on some things. His sparrings with Kansas Cowboy were always educational and entertaining.

  24. I sent him an instant message but haven't heard back from him yet. Either way I'll bring his latest book for you guys to check out...

  25. Well damn it anyway...

    Heard from Kevin Groenhagen a little while ago and he already has plans for this weekend. But I did send him a link to our little Underground Bunker and he said he's check it out.

    Then I got an email from our old friend Dresser Dan and he wanted me to let everyone know he'll be laid up in the hospital having a hip replaced.

    He wanted me to let you guys know he's doing fine and that his sister Sara was taking care of things until he's up and around again...

  26. Utterly atrocious, and brutal day.
    Ten hours, then first aid class.
    Do it again tommorow.
    Kevin your blog has me so pissed off over at cj, I'm staying away.
    I will get booted tonight for the mood I'm in.
    My shitlord attitude tonight would not go well.
    Fuck their indecent shower and locker room proposals.
    If Obama Jerk federal funding, I only wish one thing.
    He shoves it so far up his ass he cuts hi hand on his teeth.....

    And before I go, a big shout out to Skippy. I hear ya man. Do what you got to do. There will be other days. Take care of what you have to take care of. Hammers orders.

    Later bunker, and the great 235.
    See ya Saturday.

  27. And now dresser Dan is awol? Bummer, I really wanted to meet him. There will be other opportunities, I suppose. Hope everyone that misses gets well, does well, and has a safe and fun time doing their other business.

  28. Good morning, y'all. It's MFA's favorite day! (Wonder how our little confused, insane buddy is doing? Naw...just KIDDING!)

    Obama still has until November to push insane shit at us and muck up everything, and in between the election and January....(if there IS an election)...Emperor O. can (WILL) go hard and heavy with as much unrestrained destructive force as he can. After November...he'll have absolutely nothing to lose! (IF he hasn't found a way to keep his throne!)

    This just in. Just to drive home the whole "LGBT..XYZ" divisive agenda...the Emperor has just appointed the first openly-gay man to Secretary of the Army. This fella has expressed his desire to open up all military (or, at least the Army...good first punch, I guess) to the "transgendered".

    Let me get out my crystal ball, here, and foresee the "unintended consequences that will be morally-corrosive to our society, extremely expensive for the taxpayers, and morale-killing for the many, many thousands of well-adjusted young men and women who choose to honorably serve, to protect our country". (AKA, the "INTENDED CONSEQUENCES" of the Godless, anti-American Socialist/Communist/Fascist liberal-left.)

    Tell me crystal ball...what do you see?

    Well...there's something...

    The first scenario? Those young folks who are confused about having the genitalia that God gave them, and wish to deny their biological facts...want to change themselves...but can't afford to?

    Do a stint in the Army...and the taxpayers will pay the hundreds of thousands (millions upon millions $$$, if enough 'take advantage') for the V.A. to do their 'Extreme Makeover'!

    Recruiting posters...no longer "Serve to Protect". More like..."Join the United States Army! Free Sex Changes!!"

    Wait...something else popping up here...

    Oh...this is even WORSE!

    Once they get 'accepted', and into basic training, they make their claim for 'reassignment'. Being good liberals, the left will fight tooth-and-nail to not have them serve, actively, under the 'emotional distress of serving as a man, when he 'self-identifies' as a female'.

    SOO...a few dozen lawsuits later, any young person who wants a sex change, but can't afford it...join the Army. THEN, claim you want your "right" to a sex change, while enlisted! Furthermore, while all the other brave young well-adjusted men and women are working their asses off to become good soldiers...these pansies will be under the knife, in recup, getting dosed, and spending most of their entire stint doing nothing but getting a fuckin' taxpayer-funded sex change!

    Think it can't possibly happen?

    Look around at what's happening lately.

    Have a good day!

  29. Numya, the days when I'd say something like "that could never happen" went out the window a very long time ago...

  30. I have to say something about the summit. I intend to be there and am looking forward to it.

    I know some would invite the liberals from over on the urinal to join us, thinking it would be an interesting experiment. I would just say this. If any of you liberals (and I know you all read this blog) should decide to darken our doorstep, I suggest you tread very lightly and avoid me like I had the plague. I have no desire to talk to you, interact with you, share a beer with you or meet you at all.

    I consider those people to be enemies of our civil society, bent on the destruction of everything we believe in and everything we hold holy. Their stated goal is to destroy our current form of government and replace it with some perverted liberal utopia where they rule over the rest of us.

    These people are dangerous and not our friends. Some may just not be smart enough, or informed enough to know what evil they are doing. Those are your useful idiots. But many, if not most are fully aware of what they are doing, and going about it methodically and systematically. Those are your party aparachiks.

    I'm sick of working and sweating to provide for my family, paying my taxes and doing the right thing only to be told I'm a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, hater, extremist redneck.

    I'm told I'm opposed to women getting health care because I believe unborn children should have a right to be born.

    I'm told I'm a racist if I believe most all police officers are good people who put their lives on the line for our protection every day and are the last line of defense between us and the scum of this country, and I believe those who call for the murder of police officers are terrorists and criminals.

    I'm told I'm racist because I don't want my country overrun with disease ridden potential terrorist illegal aliens who are swarming our borders and nobody is even trying to stop them.

    I'm told I'm a bigot and a hater because fail to find the logic in allowing sex perverts free access to our children, and I serve and worship a God who demands I obey his commands and reject the Satan led drive to drag our country into the moral quagmire the left has worked so hard to create.

    So yeah, my feeling is if any of you ungodly left wingers show up, enjoy yourself but be very careful who you confront. I'm not the only one who has had more than enough of your destruction of my country. And sharing a beer isn't going to make me any friendlier to you.

  31. And it doesn't get any plainer than that...

  32. Over on the urinal one of the ungodly left wingers, I don't remember which one, they all kind of meld together after a while made some ludicrous statement defending the perverts in the bathroom issue that our founding fathers understood this stuff. And they created a government to prevent the "tyranny of the majority". Which is true, but not the way the ungodly left winger thinks.

    How many times have you heard the ungodly left say about some issue, well the majority support it. Abortion, gay marriage, the global warming hoax, whatever. They say that all the time.

    In fact, they often say the issue is settled because the majority of people agree with it.

    So that's where that tyranny of the majority comes in. We don't live in a democracy by design of the writers of the constitution. And having a majority of people supporting or not supporting an idea is not the decider.

    If it was, obamacare would never have passed and would be long gone. A majority of people opposed it from the start and to this day want it repealed. But suddenly that doesn't matter to the ungodly left.

    Their world is built on a foundation of lies, and that is a shaky foundation indeed. And that's why we are seeing it starting to sway in the wind. And that's why we are poised to take back our country.

  33. Long as I'm rolling, there's this. Richard Fernandez at PJ Media makes a great case that the harm done by the infiltration of the communist manifesto is greater than an attack by an enemy using bombs. He compares it to a software virus that destroys the system it resides in. His comparison is between Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Russia. Stalin did far more damage than Hitler did, and killed far more people. And we are seeing it happen all over again right here. Here is what he says:

    "Explosives can achieve gross destruction. But it misses things between the craters; by contrast a mental bomb can destroy civilization itself; its values, institutions, goals and even its grip upon reality. In the contest between Panzer division and Manifesto, the manifesto appears far the more powerful. The computer revolution has given us the tools to understand why Communism has so much devastating power. We can now recognize it as history's greatest and most dangerous piece of intellectual malware, whose only true rival is radical Islam. It tricks the social network into thinking you can get something for nothing; it promises freedom in exchange for enslavement. It presents a deceptive interface but its inner methods are all destructors. It subverts the operating system and like the computer viruses we are familiar with uses the host's own processing power to spawn more copies of itself. The more powerful and resource-endowed a host is, the more powerfully the malware can attack it. In the end it trashes everything and only a complete reinstall and rebuild can fix it."

    Read the whole thing here:


  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Well the big bad mouth shows up with a threat Good Grief you have us all shaking in our boots, You are so bad you can't even ID yourself, so fuck off punk.

  36. Oh Mousey, I'm quaking in my Wolverines over it. P-L-E-A-S-E don't come take a photo of me (or if you do, make sure I can get a copy - my FaceBook output has been going down recently). Yep, you sure put me in my place as a dunce. Last I heard, they're lettin' LOTS of those people in Amherst, Cornell, Case Western Reserve et. al. And if I'm a half-wit Mousey, I'd say you're somewhere between a quarter-wit and a bit-wit.

    Hey, Hand-Job, I've heard a rumor, perhaps you can confirm or deny: Cornell is about to be expelled from the Ivy League, to be replaced by Washburn!! True or False???

  37. Well, come on by hand job. But does your parole allow you to go where alcohol is consumed? That might be a hindrance to your travels.

    And I would love nothing more than to see you post pictures of our gathering on some imaginary website. Coming on private property where the use of cameras are expressly forbidden without permission. Taking pictures and posting them on some imaginary website. Sounds like a great idea. I'm sure pictures of people drinking beer and having fun will just stir up all kinds of animosity towards us.

    By the way, is your camera waterproof? Cause you come around us taking pictures you might be going for a swim. Just saying, it's a warm day and the river is right there. Be a great day for a little dip, don't you agree?

    Sarge, I think a blanket party for our guest would be a great idea, don't you?

  38. Oh, and hand job. Pretty much everybody that will be there has met at least a couple or more of their fellow attendees. So it's going to be pretty hard for a sneaky little shit like yourself to wander around unnoticed.

    So it would take a great big set of balls to show up at this event and think you could pass as somebody we know. Not that you actually would ever attempt it. We know you're a little chickenshit coward.

  39. Remember last year, buttstash tried all that "I'll be sneaking around with a camera" shit too. How did that work out? Anybody see him there? Anybody see any pictures posted anywhere?

    Really handjob. At least show some creativity in your imaginary threats. Don't just recycle the same old shit your partners in idiocy have used. I know you're not too bright so it's not easy, but that one's been tried already.

    Go ahead, think up something new and give it a shot. It's kind of fun making you look like an idiot. Kind of a hobby for us dwellers at the two three five.

  40. Safe, I can remember when you predicted the evolution ol' Hand-Job's postings would take. So I have a Q for you: did you take my "Never-Erring Ouija Board?" If you did I need it back Saturday.

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Ken, these guys are predictable if nothing else.

    But I'd be kind of embarrassed of the best imaginary threat I could come up with was some recycled stupidity that was used by a loser like buttstach to no avail last year. That's just pathetic. When you're such a loser that the best you can come up with is to steal another loser's worthless ideas, that's just sad.

  43. Just when I think I've seen how pathetic hand job is, he sinks even lower. There's just no bottom for this guy, is there?

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. And that wasn't Nunya, just another lose puke punk. HHH

  46. I'm sorry Mousy but your comments were turned over to the moderator and since he's a complete and total asshole he decided your comments had violated the terms of service that he makes up as he goes along so your comments have been deleted.

    Bottom line is this:

    Fuck you that's why!!!

  47. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. Hand-Job I didn't know you did stand-up. Can you do Improv as well??

    Kevin, perhaps he's trying to entertain us.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. I wonder if he thinks he is bothering us I am with you Ken he has plenty of work to do on his punk ass lines.

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. Interesting thing about the ungodly left and Jesus. They love invoking his name even though they hate him. They love pretending they have some idea what Jesus would want when they've never met him.

    They spend endless effort to demand no law ever be considered based on God's word. That's a basic plank of the ungodly left platform. They whine about the imaginary "separation of church and state" they all imagine is in the constitution. They scream like banshees when God's name is mentioned.

    Yet they will appropriate God's name and demand us conservatives can't possibly be Christians because we don't believe in the redistribution of wealth, or as it is really known, theft by government.

    Just seems odd that people who hate God and actually work for the other side drag his name out so often while pretending to know him.

    Here's a little test for you.

    Are you a Christian?
    Do you support and endorse gay marriage?
    If so you're not a Christian.

    Are you a Christian?
    Do you support abortion?
    If so you're not a Christian.

    Are you a Christian?
    Do you support forcing us to accept boys showering with girls?
    If so you're not a Christian.

    Plenty more questions like that, but you get the drift.

    There's a reason I call them the ungodly left.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Make no mistake Captain.

    I am entertained.

    Actually entertains me much more than watching to words of some left-wing idiot go all poof n stuff...

  55. Just gets stranger, doesn't it?

    So handjob. You think you know what God thinks even though you've never met him? Trust me, you will meet him and it won't be pretty. I've read his book all the way through. The last chapter is going to be a bitch for you and many of your godless friends. You are not going to enjoy it, believe me.

    You might actually pick up a bible and try reading it sometime. Except it would probably burst into flames in your hands. God doesn't really like servants of Satan messing with his word, so maybe not....

  56. All I can say is that the left-wing loons over at that other website have a lot of nerve calling this blog a vacuum.

    Just today alone we've heard from Jesus and Allah.

    Not too bad for a little blog that nobody's ever heard of, huh?

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. Kevin you taking the camper out today? I got my truck loaded ready if we go today or tomorrow whatever you decide.

  59. Well Kevin It will have to be tomorrow, too late for me now.

  60. Just finished setting up the camper.

    Lots left to do but it won't be long now...

  61. Kevin the spot does it have plenty of Elect, let me know or I will have to change some of my plans?????

  62. I walked it off and it looks like we'll be about 120 ft from the power. Between the two of us we have more than enough extension cords to make it work...

  63. Okay Kevin, I hope I don't have to adapt improvise and overcome!! :)

    1. Oh and when are you going back out there, my grandson and I will go tomorrow to unload my truck, there was a few things i wanted to slip in your camper. BUT?

  64. Just give me a call when you're ready. I need to get back out there too

  65. For you all that like liberal cartoons https://www.facebook.com/Occupy-Libtards-5-670970859684203/?notif_t=notify_me_page&notif_id=1463435148564710

  66. Kevin cool how much notice do you need? I think I told my grandson around 10;30 or so.

  67. Okay I will call you just before we are coming by your place...

  68. Couple of thoughts.....

    I see that there are two polls showing Trump has gained a ton of ground on the wicked witch. You can Google the polls, I'm sure you have seen them. Excellent, except I know that will only ramp up the liberal meltdown. It will be chernobyl scale too. Gonna be a shortage of chalk, I tell ya. But jot on tears, cuz.... Well, ya know.....

    I'm somewhat pleased with trumps list of SCOTUS probabilities. To me, that's the best unifying tool there was. Selecting the right SCOTUS judge will bring the Cruz never Trumpers back around. I know for a fact.

    And has anybody caught the whole "I'm putting Bill in charge of the economy" schtick Hillary is selling? My goodness, wouldn't the feminists just be fuming over that? A man taking over what a particular woman can't handle. And it isn't about women, just this particular woman. If Bill didn't have his concubines and nafta, what did he have? A dot com boom he wasn't responsible for. Failed pursuit of bin Laden,amd terrible mortgage policies. Liberals forget easy, though.

    Hope everybody enjoys the rest of the week.
    And nunya. Gimme something special for Thursday. Gimme a good rant, a music link, and what ever else you got. Been a rough week. And I need something from ya by morning. ;) I know gimme, gimme, gimme,..... Dam the luck.

    Peace and chicken grease folks..... See ya on the flip.

  69. Hello, looks like another fine day, hope it stays that way thru sunday. And good morning!!!

  70. Good morning! Another three-part one! (DAMN that 4096 character limit!)

    Looks like some numbnuts hasn't gotten the message that I can no longer be 'spoofed' with he/she/heshe pretending to be me!

    Anyway...over at the Urinal....a confusing little story about Bill Self, LLCs, etc.

    (No...I'm not confused...but the writer, and a LOT of the commenters are!)

    I'm not going to argue the merits, or demerits, of the Brownback tax exemptions. Obviously, something ain't working quite right, and something needs to at least be adjusted! But, it's the ignorance of people arguing with non-logic, and the inability for people to see what SHOULD be obvious, that irks me.

    I'm also not going to "attack" government employees, and this isn't to insinuate that we don't need many of them, as long as they do a good, honest hard day's work.

    This is all about a simple mathematical reality.

    I don't know how many times I have to explain that people working for a government entity are NOT net-positive taxpayers to THAT particular government entity! They are a tax-liability, in the sense that, even though some, say, state tax may be withheld from a state employee's paycheck, it is far, far less than what they are being paid by the ACTUAL net-positive taxpayers (only private-sector employees), or, possibly government employees of another government entity (federal, county, city, etc.)...but the person working for a particular government level NEVER...EVER...pays ANY positive amount into the entity of which they are employed!

    Using a stste employeee as an example, private-sector employees, and employees of OTHER government agencies pay for almost everything of EVERYTHING in a state employee's life, and on into retirement, and the state employee never contributes a net-positive penny to the state.

    If making $50,000 and benefits, and, say...5%...was withheld by the state, it actually just turns the salary into (5% of 50,000 = 2500), (50,000 - 2500 = 47,500)...$47,500. That $47,500 is paid by OTHER non-state government taxpayers. (Actually, the $2500 originated from the other taxpayers, also, so they are paying their taxes WITH taxes paid by others.)

    Puely mathematical, that state employee still needs $47,500 of tax revenue to remain in that job. That employee is a "net-negative" taxpayer. his other taxes..federal, county, city, etc., are ALSO paid out of his salary...which is derived from..."other taxpayers".

  71. Part two:

    THIS is why it's important to have the LEAST amount of "efficient, honest, well-run" government as possible, and still get the job done properly. AND, to restrict the governments to what is actually in their responsibility to be involved in, and to jettison the rest of the meddling crap!

    From the Urinal:


    "KCUR Radio reports that while Self — the state’s highest-paid employee — earns a taxable salary of $230,000 a year, he also gets at least $2.75 million annually from the entity that runs the school’s intercollegiate sports. Those millions go to Self’s BCLT II limited liability company, which is among the nearly 334,000 Kansas businesses that owe no state income taxes under the 2012 tax cuts."

    And, then...out the other side of the writer's mouth:

    "But it’s bad policy when you’ve got the highest paid state employee in the state not paying any income taxes into the state of Kansas.”

    About that "not paying any income taxes into the state of Kansas"? After writing "the state’s highest-paid employee — earns a taxable salary of $230,000 a year..."

    Anyway...that's a moot point, in the first place, even though it's an unintentional (or, knowing the Urinal's "Yellow Journalism" tactics...absolutely intentional) misleading statement. As just explained...even if he DOES pay on that $230,000/yr., if we go by this next example from the Yellow Journal Urinal:

    "Before Brownback signed the tax cuts, the top tax bracket was 6.45 percent — a rate under which Self would have owed up to $177,375 a year in state taxes."...

    He'd STILL not pay 'net-positive' taxes. Now...that figure they threw in there was for the OTHER millions in the LLC, I guess.

    Let's say he would pay the "top tax bracket was 6.45 percent" rate on his salary, only? $230,000/yr. That figures out as $14,835. So, 'withhold' $14,835 from $230,000, and he STILL hasn't paid a 'net-positive' penny "that can be added to the treasury"...he is STILL a $215,165 liability FROM the tax revenues generated by others! AND, that $14,835 he 'paid' into taxes...originated from the taxes paid to him!

  72. Part three:

    Yes, he...like all other state employees...contribute their small part to OTHER taxable entities...using the state-taxpayer revenue money paid to them. And, ONLY the private-sector can create the jobs that create "net-positive" taxpayers. those are the people who are paid from profits of the company from selling goods and services here, and abroad. THAT is the ONLY 'net-positive' tax revenue that can possibly be!

    THAT is why we need MUCH MORE well-paying private-sector jobs, and MUCH LESS government!

    Instead, we've been growing government, and shrinking the private-sector. And, those stuck in the middle (middle class)...are getting sucker-punched. those at the bottom are getting more and more perks. ALSO, paid for by the fewer and fewer private-sector net-positive taxpayers....sucker-punched AGAIN!

    And, then...we have this jewel of a statement from our favorite moron:

    "Battlestache 05/17/16 - 08:38 pm"
    "Tax payers pay his salary and he doesn't contribute. That's the point!"

    If roomers at the Golden Cornell are correct, swamping toilets at a state building is a government job?

    "Tax payers pay YOUR salary and YOU don't contribute. That's the point!"

    To be fair, Buttstache is not the only one over there, or anywhere, who just doesn't get the simple concept. You'd EXPECT idiotic liberals to not get it...but it appears even some non-liberals can't grasp that quite-simple concept.

    Hammer...here ya go! This is for all of us good, honest, hardworking, God-loving, Constitution-defending true Americans who are tired of getting ripped off by those who...as Steve Miller said..."makes his living off other people's taxes".

    Johnny Cash:


    Have a good day

  73. Hey....looks like Loosey the Lyin'-Hearted is getting her ass handed to her over at the Yellow Journalism Urinal!

    Quite amusing!


    1. I hope no one flags it. It needs to stay to show just how disgusting she really is.

    2. Looks like they pulled it

  74. And, Kev...good job publicizing the violence, hate and intolerance of the liberals TOWARDS THEIR OWN, even, at that nutcase Bernie's rally!

    Those liberal morons just can't help being angry, hateful, disrespectful and destructive...can they?

    I bet MFA wishes he was there to join in all that chaos! BUT...the butts dirty the toilets, they need cleaned. The Urinal staff needs serviced...he makes it so!

  75. Nunya, interesting essay. I agree with Dave Trabert that we don't have a revenue problem in the state of Kansas, we have a spending problem.

    I was disappointed that there was no heart for real cuts in spending after the tax cuts. I hold that tax cuts are never a bad thing.

    Liberals believe all the money I earn belongs to the government, and they will give me back the portion they think I should have. I hold that all the money belongs to me and I'll give the government as little of it as possible.

    The state of Kansas has a swollen massive payroll, bloated and kept that way by underqualified state bureaucrats whose job is to justify their bloated budgets and spend every penny of it so nobody notices they are over budgeted.

    The state operates with practices that are years out of date. Their procurement practices are horrible. They ignore all the best practices and modern technology available, they work in the dark so nobody knows or even can track what they do. Every office out there with the exception of public safety is bloated and overstaffed.

    You could cut the state employee base 20% tomorrow and nobody would notice a decrease in service. The remaining staff would have to work about as hard as the average private sector employee. Get rid of the patronage supervisors, the family members working together and put some real managers in place who know how to manage, then let them do it.

    The Brownback tax cuts weren't the problem. The problem is you can't grow spending with less money. Letting me keep more of my money is a good thing. The left has manipulated this situation and misrepresented it to the extent that the generally uninformed public believes what they say. And sadly, that's how people like the Clinton's and Obama's of the world are able to stay in power.

    Every penny the state spends is our money, taken directly from our paychecks or from fees we all pay. Accountability for how they spend it would go a long ways.

  76. Well Kevin I got slow cooker full of those little smokies in BBQ sauce going now and another one with Brats and smoked Sausage with Kraut going also and will precook what I can Except the steak burgers. And Hot Dogs.

  77. Sounds good, Sarge.

    And just so you know, Truthteller's Free For All blog is up and running...