Thursday, June 2, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Hillary Clinton is probably a bigger liar than Obama.

It is Friday so it is your day.  Have at it.


  1. A welcome change - KTT I tried to get something done about bat and got the same result as everyone else received over time.

    P.S. yes Hillary is a professional liar.

  2. Yes it is.

    Here's a bad joke... but cute/funny.

    Q: Why couldn't the orange cross the road?

    A: It ran out of juice..

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (smiles)

  3. Ok - after stewing about how I was going to reply to Tomari's defense of Battlestache.... I sent this moments ago...


    Myself and countless others have tried to follow the "flag" the comments routine in regard to Battlestache - he baits, he taunts, he is disrespectful - and he is offensive. I guess that your rules of civility don't apply to him - because time and time again you and the other moderators always come to his defense."

  4. They always have and they always will, Rikki.

    Truthteller's right.

    It is hopeless over there...

  5. agreed Kevin & KTT.

  6. Good morning! Got a philosophical question (that racked my brain for about half a millisecond before coming to an answer).

    Q: If Shrillary or Emperor Obama ever said anything honest, does it make a sound?

    A: Nobody knows. (And, nobody ever will.)

    A tune dedicated to both of them, and lyin' liberals, in general:

    "Demon" by Guster:

    "When I speak I cross my fingers
    Will you know you've been deceived?
    I find a need to be the demon
    A demon cannot be hurt"

  7. Philosophical question #2:

    Q: If Buttstache ever got his head out of Urinal mods' asses, would it make a sound?

    A: Nobody knows. (And, nobody ever will.)

  8. Good morning everyone another week gone bye, damn boring over on cj and that starasshole needs a good kick in the ass.


  9. as far as things go over that the dumpy cj.... it comes to choice. I know I've said I'm done with them before... this time is different - it's permanent. For them to allow bat**** to get away with blasphemy had sunk cj to a whole new level.

    So, Tomari, and all the minion Cj mods and the assholes bat****, stj, star****, and the rest I'm forgetting their names but they've all given us grief over time....they can get their rules of civility and cram it down their throats and then get the urinal and shove it you know where.

  10. A perfectly-suitable little clip dedicated to Shrillary and her wickedness:

  11. Rikki to be P C it is called (they can shove it up their ass.) anytime you need help let me know: Lol P.S. We all know you are a lady:):)

  12. Actually...the gal in the video isn't NEARLY as wicked and annoyingly "shrill" as Shrillary. (And, the gal in the video has better fashion sense!)

  13. Wonder if Batshit goes through cases of Carmex over at the Urinal?

  14. Nunya Batshit most likely uses Vaseline that way he is covered on both ends.

  15. Rikki

    What was Tomaris response to you?

    1. KTT,
      "I wish we had an ignore button. That would solve many issues.

      My reply:
      Truly for Battlestache not be a problem the problem needs to dealt with from you - ignoring hasn't worked and it's been suggested for far too long. He delights in being an irritant - not just on the gay marriage issue either....

      I'll be honest with you, I wouldn't mind if you were to remove his posting privileges - he's gotten away with much more than some who have been booted off of CJ.

      I do sincerely appreciate our conversation here Tomari. I am asking that you would please do something about him."

      Tomari's reply:
      "Time and again, our moderators have closely examined Battlestache’s comments. He’s not crossing the line. You feel he’s baiting you. You feel he’s trying to irritate you. Yet he doesn’t appear to be calling people names or breaking any of our rules.

      You’ve asked us more than a dozen times to remove his posting privileges, but can’t point to any times he’s broken the rules, only that he irritates you.

      Please ignore him.

      Then my final reply to Tomari:

      Myself and countless others have tried to follow the "flag" the comments routine in regard to Battlestache - he baits, he taunts, he is disrespectful - and he is offensive. I guess that your rules of civility don't apply to him - because time and time again you and the other moderators always come to his defense."

      "Time and again, our moderators have closely examined Battlestache’s comments. He’s not crossing the line. You feel he’s baiting you. You feel he’s trying to irritate you. Yet he doesn’t appear to be calling people names or breaking any of our rules.

      You’ve asked us more than a dozen times to remove his posting privileges, but can’t point to any times he’s broken the rules, only that he irritates you.

      Please ignore him.


    2. Sorry KTT, I clipped and pasted from my email history too much. There's a repeat in there.

  16. So, another Trump rally, another attack by democrat terrorists. Getting to be the norm now.

    Is this really what it's come to democrats? Have you all slid that far down the sinkhole of society that you think this is a good idea? Are you really that stupid?

    Hillary is out there inciting these animals along with the rest of the party. They encourage it, and certainly never speak a work against it. Hillary even pays protesters to attend Trump events, that's a proven fact.

    The real irony is when this happens, when the American people see an angry mob burning American flags, waving Mexican flags, attacking and sucker punching people, throwing bottles, rocks and burning and destroying property and blocking traffic and people from attending a rally, it isn't having the effect you idiots think it is. You must have short memories because when you did this in 1968 you handed the election to Richard Nixon.

    Remember a couple of months ago how the ungodly left and their media cohorts went out of their minds when a black lives terrorist taunted an old man until he got knocked on his ass and ran out screaming like a little girl? You would have thought it was a Klan rally from the news and the whining from the ungodly left. Now look at them.

    Everytime this happens it turns a few more people into Trump voters. So they may imagine they are winning the battle, but we will win the war.

    What is really needed at these democrat terrorist riots is a full show of force by law enforcement. No quarter. Lock them up, charge them with violating the civil rights of every person attending. Charge them with terrorism. And mostly, deport every illegal alien there, which is a bunch of them. After they finish their prison sentence.

    The only reason these riots continue is a lack of incoming fire.

  17. Well, this kind of says it all.

    Our supposedly booming economy added 38,000 jobs in May, while simultaneously eliminating 36,000 jobs. And the unemployment rate dropped two tenths of a percent. Anybody else out there think that is more than a little fishy?

    And only 24,000 of those jobs were private sector jobs.

    So what were you saying about democrat liars? Oh yeah, democrats lie. obama lies. His people all lie. And there are a bunch of idiots out there who scoop that shit up with a spoon and swallow it.

    If this continues this country is lost forever. Think about it. The greatest, most prosperous, most generous country in modern civilization will be gone forever. And what will be left? Some godless left wing utopian vision where we are standing in bread lines and living in hovels while obama and his cronies live in mansions and live like royalty?

    It's a war people. Don't ever forget it. We are lied to daily by this regime. And people wonder why Donald Trump is running away with this thing.

  18. Rikki

    Tomari is lying. If he hasn't crossed the line then why would his posts be unpublished? He probably has more posts pulled than most other posters.

    Ask her why if he hasn't crossed the line he has been unpublished. Look at the number of posts in Kevin's prior two blogs that were yanked.

    CJ lies.

  19. KTT, I'm done with her - and Cj - she hasn't replied to my last reply to hers.... doubt if she'll reply.

    Those folks over there do not know what integrity is. And I summed things up with her bluntly - "Myself and countless others have tried to follow the "flag" the comments routine in regard to Battlestache - he baits, he taunts, he is disrespectful - and he is offensive. I guess that your rules of civility don't apply to him - because time and time again you and the other moderators always come to his defense."

    those jack asses over there can get their rules of civility, favoritism, and bullshit and stick it where the sun don't shine.

    Things used to be fun over there.... once upon a time. Now it's nothing but.... (fill in the blank).

  20. KTT,

    Sorry I flew off the broom stick... please know that my anger is not pointed towards you or any of my other Rm. 235 family.

    My anger is pointed solely at Tomari, the rest of the cj mods, and the jerks that have infested Cj.

    1. No need to apologize. I knew where it was directed.

  21. From the great David Burge (Iowahawk) the following tweet:

    David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog · 1h1 hour ago

    "Whether it's lawn care or violent political riots, Lefties expect cheap immigrant labor to do it for them."

  22. Just wondering, somebody got threatened with getting booted by the urinal for baiting poor old buttstash. Check out OBF and he is baiting like crazy. I guess rules only apply to the people they don't like, right?

    Rules for thee, but not for me.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Maybe if you had the courage to identify yourself if let your post stay. Probably not as I don't like people who attack my friends.

      You only typed two truths. Hillary lies and I can type up a storm when I get ruled.

      And poof you're gone.

  24. Awwww, hammer don't get no cred. You're a piece of shit. You won't even talk about the one you fear the most. The gentlest one of the bunch,i am. And don't even acknowledge.....
    Keep your head on a swivel.
    Things aren't always how they appear. Mmmmm-kayyyyyy.

  25. Hand-Job, you're pretty funny. So is a wet-fart at times. I'm still admitted in New York (an exam you'd probably find hard to pass, better you stay in Kansas, right?) and as far as the Donald goes, I still have the Kasich bumper sticker on. Anyway Hand-Job, it's better to be a "has been" than a "never was," isn't it?

  26. Anony-mouse,AKA handjob: I know you're all my intellectual and moral superiors and I hate you for it and it makes me so jealous I post a bunch of gibberish I think is hilarious but anybody smarter than a toad thinks is bullshit. I'm just a sorry ass old man, a disbarred ex-con lawyer who did a stretch in prison for stealing an old mans life savings so I hate the world. And I walk funny from what my cell mate did to me if you know what I mean. But I did kind of enjoy it, so there's that.

  27. Hand-Job: I'm an anonymous coward who thinks he's a modern day Don Rickles. I lack Bat's manners and Star-Fish's amiable goofiness.

  28. HandJob how is your mother in bed, never mind I already know, I am sorry I didn't bring a bag.

  29. Handjob not only that your asshole father demanded to watch, no wonder you turned out to be a punk that goes into little girls bathrooms.

  30. Handjob where did you go I am calling you out, wait I did that a couple times already, and you turned me down, why? I so much want to meet your punk ass. How is it living all your life with no guts? I will make a point to ask you daily to come on by and talk to me man to man, I promise I won't hurt you. Come on be a man once in your fucking miserable life. Oh say hi to your old lady, yup right I know here also.

  31. Hammertime tell me what you think. So ice been going to a bar and there is a guy who open carries. He keeps it in his back waistband. Little twerp looking guy and a drunk.

    I think he is a jerk for open carrying. No need. Put it under your shirt. One it makes people with little kids uncomfortable and it puts you at a tactical disadvantage.

    I know he has a gun and so does everyone else. He lost the element of surprise

    1. I agree with you. But, I may take it a little further.

      I am not a big fan of open carry. Yes, it's ones right but I'm not a fan of it. Open carry often projects more about the person than any given situation. It can create fear by those that do not like guns, which is not a good thing. Open carry can be prone to snags and possible drops unless in a full service three point holster. It's just not conducive for what firearms can provide, protection at the rare moment your life or your loved ones life may be in jeopardy.
      I've said before open carry is faux pa unless at the range, or otherwise appropriate. I really believe that.
      Now addressing your most important point,tactical advantage. The best advantage their is, is not knowing. That's why I like concealed because truly nobody knows who's carrying, and who isn't. That's tactical. Secondly, if you open carry I can approach you in a manner and either disarm you or make your weapon worthless. That's tactical. Open carry says "here it is" and that's not so smart.
      Now since you got me started, here's another one of my beliefs. Carry concealed, and you should carry at the one or two o'clock position. It's just the most natural place for you to pull and be where you need to be effective.
      Another note, I probably only carry twenty percent of the time. At times and places my job can place me in. At times that I have my family with me and happen to be in a situation unfamiliar or uncontrolled and the laws allow it. I believe that without my family with me, and either avoid or defuse the situation where I had a gun pulled on me. Perhaps in person I could explain, but you may already be familiar with what I'm alluding to. I read body language, body posture, and personal distance in those situations. Awareness, if you will. I've come to realization that most likely your forking your wallet over when a gun is in your face. I say most. The most difficult situation would be pulling on an already drawn weapon. I don't care who you are, it's a dicey proposition. But, your hands and body can do more for you than one would think. And I do understand many people don't necessarily see it the way I do.

      There's my two cents, and it was a bit of a rant. Not the most well put together, but it's reality in my eyes.
      And in short, if you open carry on your backside you probably have a small penis. It's your right, but you absolutely know nothing of "manners" or tactics. Period.

    2. Great points and well said. I agree with you.

  32. Replies
    1. Yeah his post stayed up long enough. Unfounded personal attacks.

  33. I won't delete any posts that are just counter to what I believe but nasty false posts have got to go.

  34. Handjob...nice try, you pathetic insignificant, impotent little piss-ant.

    I'm just disappointed you didn't have anything more than juvenile idiocy...and more attack me, asshole.

    No...I'm not mad. I'm not bothered at all. You have absolutely no power to do that.

    Now then...about my cowboy boot? I wouldn't waste a good boot up your jail-contracted-AIDS ass. About my guitar? I might CONSIDER sticking the neck of my redneck Tele up your wazoo clear to where you'd choke on it...except for two things.

    I'd have to wrap it in a rubber waist-wader bootleg to keep from getting your jailhouse AIDS on it...and I probably would meet an obstruction before it got to your throat anyway.

    Cumin' down the other way...if ya know what I mean?

    Probably one of the members of the liberal, anti-American, Socialist/Communist/Fascist gang of the "CJ Star 69" club, you, the other liberals and "the staff" gather around. Of course...most of'em are suck prickless wonders, that obstruction wouldn't occur until the backdor entry reached the back of the front teeth, anyway. Naw...we'll leave you to do what you do. We really don't care. (Just don't force us to condone it...which is plenty fair...asshole.)

    Naw...don't wanna ding up a perfectly good guitar. Or...tear up and infect a perfectly good set of waders.

    Some of us have to work hard for a living, and pay our bills.

    I can't afford that.

    Not when I have to work hard to pay mine...and all you far-left, lazy-ass, greedy, "gimme-gimme", anti-American, Socialist/Communitst/Fascist, racist, sexist everything-else-est...bills...too.

    So here's what I got to say to you.

    Karma is a bitch.

    And...with no help from anyone here....YOU...sir (or ma'am...or confused-about-exactly-what-the-DNA-says)...will discover that fact of life.

    For the sake of the world...the sooner the better.

    Funny how things work out...ain't it..? (Unless you are you...or your Godless comrades won't be so funny...y'know..when fate and reality catcth up?).

  35. Oh now I see who it was that went Poof it was our old gut less perverted Handjob, I bet he was still angry about finding out his mother got laid by the whole football team, get over it handjob she said she loved it.

  36. And for the record..... Anony-mouse.... I always know that I'm noticed by my Rm 235 family!!

  37. Interesting I was warned that if I didn't cease to deliberately bait batshit I would be suspended. I have asked Eric Smith how I was baiting when I was simply clarifying my education and career path? I have not got a reply to that one yet. PW

  38. Sarge...I saw it while on break at work. Could not respond until I got home.

    Y'know...because I don't have all day to suck off the taxpayers (and CJ mods) and blog. I have to work to support myself..AND support the Gimmegimmies and disgraced motherfuckin' lawyer liberal Handjobs that suck off the people who work hard for a living, and disrespect the people who put their lives on the line to ensure they have the freedom to be worthless cocksucking dickheads, and still be able to bitch abouut the system that gave them the right, in the first earn millions or fail, or to be a human go rogue...and be a hypocritical fuckin' dickhead liberal.

  39. Additionally..several people had a legitimate point about Batshit over there. HOW many people can any of you remember that has had SO many posts removed...and still gets free rein on that piece-of-shit website? Seriously?

    THAT..alone...should be the evidence.

    I'd say "Screw the Urinal's moderators"..but I already know they are already screwing their own liberals' asses and Buttstache, Loose, Pattysnakes, their 'Star 69' little, anti-American, Socialist/Communist/Fascist Godless game.

    I will be MORE than willing to have my taxpayer dollars earned (EARNED) spent to pay to send any Socialist/Communist/Fascist to the country of their where they feel "comfortable"...their own chosen "Safe Zone".

    Only thing is...they must agree to never return to the Land Of The Free. NEVER!!!

    Go ahead. pick your commie/socialist/fascist country. Which one looks appealing to you?


    They ALL look like SHIT?!

    Then answer this, assholes.

    WHY the fuck are you liberal pukes trying to turn US into SHIT?!

    Here's your ticket.

    Get the fuck out of the United States of America...and even "good luck" ain't gonna help you stupid assholes outta the oppression and dictatorships of...where we are glaldy buying your fuckin' ticket outta quit fuckin' up our stupid, illiterate, ungrateful, "twitterized" numbnut pieces of commie shit.

  40. Ahhh....I guess got THAT out..huh? Hope I don't get booted for being honest and "American". (Hear'tell that happens a LOT over on some puke-ass newspaper full of spineless pricks running the rag...the "Urinal"? )

  41. Nunya, I didn't see a thing wrong with your comment, it was right on the mark as always!

  42. Our little internet tough guy cracks me up.

    Remember when he threatened to infiltrate our little get together, record it, and exposing us on some imaginary website?

    I do.

    What'd he do instead?

    He stayed hidden behind his computer monitor like the coward he is.

    Kinda reminds me of Batshit...

  43. Good morning to all the bunker patrons and a great big kiss off faggots from the CJ Urinal.
    Just a few notes to let you know what is going on with big brother Dresser Dan Got the ole cry baby home and he is up on his cane now. So looks like he may be up and hauling ass down the road by the 4th of July. Other wise some body else will have to put up with him.
    We have been watching the bunker crew and the so called CJ Urinal crew. Just got to say that nothing changes over on the urinal. They still have sthe same ole wore out loosers that they have become famous for. And of course Auntie Em who just so happens Cant Understand Normal Thinking. And of course Batt Shit the only Black Queer guy to have a blog on CJ. M W N
    But some of the stupidest are still living and sucking off of their mama's milk. CJ Ole gimmie some jj, Yellow Piss, St jackoff and of course who could forget Patty from no where and her sister Looney Toon Lucy. So looks like nothing much has been going on.
    Hated to miss the summit but we will be back with a better bottle and bigger boots to stick up Libtards butt's

  44. Good morning!

    Gosh...I feel kinda bad that I ain't contributing to OBF and the other Kev/KTT blogs over at the Urinal. Could be that the few of us who were booted , (or in a couple cases (like me)...just decided not to wallow in the liberal-run horseshit over there)...are keeping the posting count down to only about 10 to 20 times the activity of the other pathetic baseball/lifestyle/sexist man-hating "women's issues"/"how to run a business...badly" blogs, instead of just completely burying them deep, like it used to be.'s almost a "vacuum" over there on Kev and KTTs blogs...huh?! OBF is only at 170, at this time.

    Hell..."Beg to differ" would have shot way up if Kev hadn't followed so soon with OBF, I suppose...and it STILL gets more responses than any of the others!

    Speaking of which:

    Another whacky "Kinnetism" (the last one posted on "Beg to differ" while no one was looking):

    "Transgenders are not gay or straight. They are people who were born with one set of sexual tools when the brain wants another set of tools. Once the tools are changed by operation that person has every right to go to the bathroom their tools fit. This argument is stupid."

    Yes...THAT argument IS stupid!

    If transgenders are not gay...OR straight...what are they?!

    "The brain wants another set of tools"? Maybe...the brain NEEDS to face reality?

    What does a DNA test tell you?

    You are what the results of that is. No amount of "tool-swapping" or wishing will change that. Or, are liberals "science deniers"? If someone, say, gets dug up, and they are decayed enough to not be able to determine gender or to identify, and they use DNA...what will the results be?

    If they were born a male...then it's going to reveal "male". Same for female.

    I don't care what crazy stuff someone does to themselves. Just quit making it a problem for innocent the liberals are doing.

  45. Good Morning everyone -

    Sara, good news on Dresser Dan. Glad he's doing better.

    I'm more than tired of the nonsense over at the other place - what's crazy is that the jerks and the head jerk whines, complains, gets folks booted and guess what.... the jerks come over here because they miss those who can't post on Cj anymore... but they're too chicken shit to come out from behind the shadows... cowards - just plain yellow of them.

    They're a real piece of work, try to talk all tough over on Cj, when their feelings get hurt, they run cryin' to the mods and folks get booted. cowards.

    Then come over here - but too afraid to comment - they know there's no skirts to hide behind here - they have proven time and time again that they're crazy cowards - too afraid to face off here.

    So, for all the cj mods....and all the assholes (i.e. anony-mouse, batshit, and all the other chicken shits) that have flagged, pushed until folks got booted and just cannot seem to live their lives without us..... UP YOURS!

  46. Things to do today:

    Turn of AC - open windows and turn on ceiling fans - check.

    Make salad out of leaf lettuce,kale from garden place in storage bag - check.

    Dice up green bell peppers,celery, add to romain lettuce from store and place in storage bag - check. (yes, I have two storage bags worth of salad ready to eat) (smiles)

    Do kitchen chores - partly done.

    Set time aside for guitar - goal not reached yet.

    Cook up stuff for the week, so that it can just be microzapped as needed - goal not reached yet.

    So.... I'll visit periodically through the day here -

    It's really nice outside - y'all enjoy some rays...
    Hugs always.

  47. dang... where's spell check when I need it....

    Turn OFF, not Turn of....

    but I think y'all caught the jest of what I wrote anyhow.


  48. too much to do, too little time.... going to have some chores to carry over into tomorrow.

    baked up some boneless chicken thighs for dinner - sprinkled with Montreal Chicken Seasoning, sea salt, and black pepper... worked in the garden, didn't need to water anything with all the rain we had over night last night, but the earth boxes needed water, they're holding some of our tomato and bell pepper plants.

    stopped long enough to wish everyone a restful evening - and we'll visit again tomorrow.

    hugs -

    1. I have 3 earth boxes/ They are great for when I dont have any room in a garden. And I have BLK [I want to be PC so I only grow BLACK] Raspberries out my

  49. Good morning.

    Busy day, ahead of a busy week.

    I see ol' Buttstash thanked the mods over at the Urinal.

    That was nice of him. He was "celebrating" he wiped his chin after slobbering that Big Gulp....

    Here's a song to celebrate:

    Have a good day!

  50. Saw that. I didn't go back and see what comments were deleted but whatever it was isn't going to erase the ass whipping Pike laid on him.

  51. That was an epic beat down for sure.

    And when he thanks the mods that's a little wink to them and a message to you guys that he can do whatever he wants and there's nothing you can do about it.

    But that didn't save him from Pike pimp slapping him like the little bitch he is.

    Anybody else notice bait fish boy showed up five minutes after buttstash left? Weird isn't it?

  52. Yeah, the stupid son of a bitch got a few comments deleted like always but it didn't change a thing.

    And the only reason his little bitch got on afterwards is because Batshit finally told him he could stop sucking for a while...

  53. Good Morning (smiles)

    I raise my coffee mug to my Rm 235 family.... (hugs).

    What's really funny is how those lefties come over here and snoop around -

    I've calmed down from being incredibly angry at Tomari and the cj situation in general.

    Onto a more cheerful topic - things in the garden are growing aweseomely - can't wait for our "trial and error" potatoes since it's the first time we planted potatoes in the garden.

    Picked a lot of peas last evening - got them in the freezer - gonna take a while to get enough peas for a dinner. Beans haven't done anything yet. Our cucumber plants are flowering so it won't be long before we have cucumbers... love refrigerator pickles where you get fresh cucumber, slice them put in some onion slices with vinegar/water salt n' pepper.

    Our leaf lettuce is growing rapidly - kale is doing ok, but slow growing compared to the leaf lettuce.

    One year (several years back) we tried broccoli - it was nice to trim off broccoli trees for salads, etc., but at the end of the season when we cleared out the garden and took out the broccoli trunk.... golly gee whiskers it let out a strong stench - hence, we just buy our broccoli from the grocery store.

    I can hardly wait for my zuchinnies to start... has anyone ever had buttered yellow corn with zuchinni? It's awesome. You just need a little butter, a dash of salt n' pepper... that's it. My Mom called it succotash. Some folks use lima beans in with their corn for succotash - Mom liked zuchinni.

    Today IS gonna be a beautiful day - y'all enjoy some sun rays.
    Hugs as always ~