Friday, July 29, 2016

Free For All Friday

It's Friday so anything goes. As usual for me here's some great bluegrass for you. Freeborn Man kind of means a lot these days since if the democrats have their way nobody will be free.

So listen to this while you ponder the moment of silence for fallen police officers last night punctuated by shouts from the black lives terrorist group. And think about the difference between that and the honest display of support for police officers at the Republican convention.


  1. Good morning, Safe.

    From start to finish the democrat convention screamed of lies and corruption.

    They pandered to some of the most despicable groups of people America has to offer.

    But when the bottom of the barrel is where your base is that's where you have to go.

    And the only reason they bothered to throw law enforcement a bone on the last night of the whole thing was so the media could pretend it was major theme of their platform.

    The choices we have to make have never been clearer...


    just saw this on CBS news weblink.

  3. SSAH, ARE you commenting again? I say no more :):)

  4. Am I commenting again? Sure, I'm always commenting.

  5. Soooooo, where the hell is everybody?

  6. Nice weather. Everybody probably is outside since it's not 125 degrees. That's where I may end up later.

  7. Well just getting ready for some catfish. Seen you all have a new hand over at the urinal. Seems to be pretty up for the job. He already made soup out of the 3 stooges. Glad the dim slop is over. Gee these people can make others puke just by opening their mouths. Had to shut it off and go watch wrestling which was far more real then those dim wits. And now we get more e mails coming. Cant hardly wait to see what is in those. Looks like Hillary is getting more and more wrinkles from waiting to see how many of her little group bites the bullet. Of course we will never get the FBI to investigate her and her foundation. They are more worried about blaming Trump and getting them shut off before the people can see them.

  8. SSAH, ARE you commenting again? I say no more :):)

  9. Damn I been around for some reason when I go to post poof It goes back to my very 1st comment, then I refresh and it skips all over I think it is time to reboot.

  10. I joined - guilt-free - Black Olives Matter, bought a bunch of cans of large pitted black olives, and have been using them everywhere: salads, pizza, brown rice, sandwiches, you name it!

    Roger Ramjet

  11. Roger, now that is funny I may steal that and pass it on to a friend so he can slip it in over at CJ if you don't mind.

    1. Sarge, of course you can use it. Sorry for the late reply.

      I actually copied it from a restaurant in the US (Arizona?) that tried to make a joke about Black Olives to promote their food but of course it got gunned down (so to speak) and they had to pull it and apologize ;-(

      Such is the upside down world that we live in.

      Roger Ramjet

  12. #BlackOlivesMatter.

    Count me in...

  13. Meanwhile...back at the raunch....

    Over in the stale-piss-smelling Urinal, Buttstash has paranoid delusions, and demands to verify a poster's identity, Batshit will be Batshit...he'll surely demand the poster be removed:

    "Battlestache 07/29/16 - 08:26 pm"

    "I only ask because this user claims to be Keen. If he is, great.
    If he's not, then maybe we're addressing a problem that Keen doesn't know exists. In any case, I'm not asking the mods to "out" anyone. If it's not really Keen, I'm not asking to know the real identity." Buttmunch has a problem with the idea that someone may be posing as someone else. Yet, we never hear any objections from Batty about some moron always posing as the Koch Bros., and it's OBVIOUS that dickwad isn't:
    ChucknDave 07/30/16 - 01:26 am


    "Crissie, my brother, Dave, and I are not happy. We spent more money on you than we gave to the Birchers. Crisse, my brother Charles and I put you in office. We can pull the string we made so useful to you."

    Someone needs to tell Batshit that if he doesn't want to be a hypocrite (well...that might be an impossibility...being a far-left, anti-American, racist commie and all)...that he should do his duties as "official unofficial" moderator (which is all he tries to do, since he can't debate a subject with logic, truth and reason)...and demand...DEMAND I TELL YOU...that Chuck'n'Dave be banned from the website for impersonating someone, and for blatant lies and deception.

    Anyone think he's up to the task? After all..."It's ONLY faaaa-haaaa-haaaaairrrrrr...waaaaaa...huh..huh...WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

    Of course...we already KNOW he won't do it. he agrees with the lies, deception and hate spewed from "Chuck'n'Dave".

    That's just what anti-American, racist, far-left-liberal, hypocritical haters do!

  14. BTW...I object to #BlackOlivesMatters!!!

    It's racist against green olives!!!!

    ALL Olives Matter!!!

  15. Words of a friend:

    Hillary is the only candidate he's ever seen that has been continually caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and defiantly takes a big bite right in front of the people she is screwing over...and says "Yeah? What are YOU gonna do about it?!" she reaches in for another cookie.

    Meanwhile, her idiotic brainwashed loyalists keep chanting "take another...TAKE ANOTHER!!!",as they are left with fewer and fewer cookies for themselves......

  16. Oh...and Batshit...if I have offended you...I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry you're such a limp-wristed, racist, anti-American, hypocritical, lying, commie pansy!

    I hope you accept my sincere "sorry" in the spirit of which it was intended.

    OH! And how's your new buddy, Gin? I bet you two didn't get much sleep LAST NIGHT...did you? ;^)

  17. Another win for the unholy left from another Satanic leftist activist judge:

    Quote from that a-hole:

    “It’s beyond dispute that voting is of the most fundamental significance under our Constitution,” the judge said. “There is no right that is more precious to a free country than having a voice in an election.”

    What that moron left out is the word "citizen"...but, of course..."citizenship" doesn't matter to Dems trying to scrounge up as many illegal votes as possible. "Illegal" means nothing to them, with their "by any means necessary" M.O.

    What else has this "disciple of Satan" judge ruled on? Oh's a little something:


    "Attorneys from the New York City-based Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) challenged the Kansas dismemberment ban in state court last June on behalf of Kansas City suburban father-daughter abortionists, Herb Hodes and Traci Nauser. They asserted that a hitherto-undiscovered Kansas constitutional foundation exists for abortions—one that precludes banning dismemberment method abortions.
    Shawnee District Court Judge Larry Hendricks found the novel CRR position so appealing that within moments of the oral arguments last July, he imposed an injunction preventing the ban from going into effect."

    So appealing was the thought of dismembered babies, ripped from the wound for no reason more than the child was an inconvenience, that he decided against protecting the very-most innocent and defenseless of lives.

    His term is up in December. Whoever can...try to make sure he's put out to pasture, with the rest of the horseshit.

  18. Wow...the two "moderators" over there must still be spooning in bed!

    Whaddya think would happen if one of US posted something like what follows?

    rainfly 07/29/16 - 10:40 am

    "Bat Sh$T Crazy"

    "MICHAEL Your post make me wonder if the folks who support him are just as Nuts as he is, They would support this clown instead of what's best for our Country. Remember the USA Matters."

    Well...we KNOW what would happen.

    Think little Ginny will do anything? Or, will he let that pass, just like he does all of Batshit's crap?

  19. Oh, it'll eventually get pulled.

    But not before they make sure everyone gets a chance to see it first...

  20. The Urinal should fold and throw all of their commie-socialist employees out on the street. They do no journalism. Heck, I even bought one last week and the 10 pages (no exaggeration) for $1 was devoid of anything and not even enough to wipe up my dog's diarrhea. Now that's really bad.

  21. Gin and Toxic, what a combo.

  22. "Filler-blog" Twyher sure knows how to write interesting stuff that surely rivals Kev's in popularity and hits! An absolute business expert, unrivaled in breadth and depth of information!

    Excellent writing style! Like THIS:

    twyher's Blog
    BY twyher

    Sat, 07/30/2016 - 12:02pm
    "Lessons That I Learned From Starting a Company That I Use To This Day"

    He started a company that he uses to this day...and he's learned some lessons.

    Remind me not to invest in anything that dude recommends?

  23. Good morning bunker people, looks like this sundays blog of Kevin on CJ will draw his fan club of the walking dead,

  24. Sarge the haters and baiters always show up don't they? Good thing there's good people beating them down, right?

  25. Right safe beat the sonofabitch down, getting harder to do when he has all that CJ security around him.

  26. Sure is. Just don't let him bait you. You know he's protected by his butt buddies on the urinal so you just have to do the dance.

  27. Ya I see that Dick head is on Kevin's blog trying his same old shit, I hope Gin is paying attention to what he is doing, but doubt it. I see United flat out told battshit that he flat out couldn't stand him, or something to the effect. hahaha

  28. Sarge, batty and his troll buddies are once again getting away with their typical crapola....

    since I stepped away from the blog today, I've been busy. made some dough for bread sticks.... got them in the oven as I type this....

    going to have them with spaghetti this evening. I've got hamburger set aside for browning up with diced onion and diced bell peppers.... going to add that to the spaghetti sauce and pasta later on....
    it's a good day (smiles)

  29. bread sticks out of the oven...... now onto the browning the hamburger with diced onion and diced bell pepper....

    p.s. my house is starting to smell delicious... (smiles)

  30. Poor old dumb ass Batt Shit cant get any one to take his bait. Even got his bastard child Starfish trying to help him and they still cant get it. Wonder if their little punk boy Gin is up to the task? He seems to love old Batt shit and star face. Must be wanting to be a REAL CJ reporter so they put him on shit duty .Weekends sucking on Batt Shits rear till he quits or gets fired for talking back to him. LOL What a bunch of pukes.

  31. they're trying their damnedest to bait us over there.... not working... that bugs them more than going toe to toe confrontation with them. I'm getting more laughs just watching them try - and they're knocking themselves out over there.

  32. the three trolls over there need a padded room and a straight jacket....

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  34. In the first place I can't see where he said anything that was insulting. She probably wasn't allowed to say anything either by her Muslim culture or by the Democrats who scripted the whole thing.
    I have two points to make. #1 is who killed this women's son. Answer = another Muslim terrorist.#2 The same ones Trump wants to prevent from coming into this country and perhaps kill the rest of their family and several thousand others. Here is a third point. The poor women was standing their wearing a burka. That to me is very oppressive in itself. The democrat party is supposedly the party of freedom for women. I don't call it freedom to be forced to wear a Burka. All you critics try using your dam brain for a change. I would bet $500.00 that the DNC supplied this man a copy of the constitution for the speech. And since when does the Democrat party believe in the constitution. They have twisted it every way they can. PS- I bet that was the only copy of the constitution in the whole place.

  35. I noticed how the left demonized, mocked, and ridiculed Pat Smith for talking about her don being killed then lied to about it.

    Chris Matthews from MSNBC called her a liar and something like "I don't give a damn about this woman's feelings. Her emotions are her own."

    Did you miss that one, anonymous?

  36. Kevin that anonymous, has missed half of his life whining all the time. Hell he doesn't know his own name for pete's sake's.

  37. Someone needs to tell that prissy little punk puke Mini-Ginny that his boyfriend, Batshit, is CONSTANTLY violating at least one of the rules over at the Urinal.

    "repeats the same message under multiple threads or subjects."

    Not that it'll do any good. Ginny will likely find that much harder to swallow than Batty's load their mutually-satisfying relationship.....

    Wipe your chin, your damned job...punk! (Not that a clueless, lowly, leftist weekend blog monitor is any kind of a "real job", or anything...y'know? His other duties at the urinal likely includes cleaning the toilets...just like his new "partner"!)

  38. Kev...Spittin' Chris Matthews is even more braindead, hateful, racist and anti-American than Buttstash...who is 100%.

    If we're lucky, Matthews will choke on his own vitriolic spittle, on-air.

  39. Nunya, Hey my friend don't hold anything back, Have a great pal. :)

  40. Good Morning Everyone, Good Morning KTT also....

    I agree that I don't see where Trump's comment was offensive either..... and the media is having a hay day with it and Hillary is twisting things for political gain.... in essence she's using the parents - but she's used other situations for political gain - just another pebble she steps on without a care.

  41. By the way, I deleted anony-mouse's comment because he's an asshole and has no place among decent law abiding American citizens.

    And because I can.

    As for Mr Trump's comment. First, Mr Khan probably should have been venting toward Hillary since she voted for the war while in the US Senate and was in a position to actually do something to stop the war. Mr Trump opposed the war from the start.

    Second, what does Mr Trump's alleged misunderstanding of the constitution have to do with his son dying in the war? This was political grandstanding, using his sons tragic death for political gain and the democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

    The ungodly left didn't have a problem when president pen and a phone decided unilaterally to suspend federal law and allow illegal aliens to stay in the country. He did so because the people of the United States told him no on his request to revise the law and allow amnesty. So in direct violation of the constitution, he revised the federal law by decree.

    And by the way, the Supreme Court agreed with the Federal judge who ruled that was unconstitutional and a significant overreach of his authority.

    So let's not pretend this is anything other than what it is. They didn't seem to mind when Hillary called Pat Smith a liar when she told the world Hillary lied to her about the death of her son in Benghazi.

    Mr Trump will be running against Hillary and virtually the entire media in the campaign. We have seen that pretty clearly.

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. Hey pal, you happy that Hillary brought Khan and to used as a puppet? Good grief what the hell did Trump have to do with his son, hell he should have been jumping in Hillarys shit, and what the Hell did the constitution have to do with his son being killed by Muslims? And the father is a Muslim and even holding that constitution is against their Koran. There goes his 72 virgins, and by the looks of the other half he don't want lose them. It was one of Hillary's diversions. Not a damn thing to do with Trump, asshole.

  44. Glad to help. Hopefully you learned something. If you listen to your intellectual superiors you often do learn. Give it a try

    So if that was some of what you were trying to find out dare I ask what the rest was?

  45. Wow, these Globalists who have an (R) next to their names (Ryan, Romney, McCain, Bush, Graham, McConnell, etc.) are really showing their true colors.
    I'm looking forward to President Trump starting a new political party while he's in the White House.

    Roger Ramjet

  46. Roger, that's how the original Republican party came to be. The Republicans were born as the anti slavery party. The democrats remained the pro slavery party.

    Sometimes political parties no longer represent their members and a new party was born. Those globalists and establishment types no longer represent the bulk of the Republican party.

    The democrat party however still represents the bulk of their members. Pro abortion, pro sexual pervert, high taxes, income redistribution, anti police, anti military and pro socialist and communist. So it's still working fine for them.

  47. SSAH, I told my wife last night that the kid gloves were coming off: when one of my intellectually lazy family members or friends (about 75%) take a shot at Mr. Trump, they are going to get it from me both barrels. I've had it - no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    Roger Ramjet

  48. did anyone hear of the airstrikes ordered for ISIS targets in Libya? it's on the national news weblinks... cbs, nbc, abc.

  49. Good for you Roger. But you're going to be pretty busy. The ungodly left is going be ramping up the pointless lie filled attacks.

    Like this muslim guy at the convention waving around the constitution and whining about Donald Trump. Still haven't figured out what the supposed constitutional issue about limiting muslim immigrants is. And why he was railing about Donald not sacrificing like he did? Has Hillary sacrificed anybody? She voted for the war. Has obama sacrificed anybody? More soldiers died on his watch than Bush. And he surrendered the victory Bush won so now we have ISIS.

    If Trump had been president there would have been no Iraq war and his son would still be alive.

    So what was that all about?

  50. Of course I know it was just a tool for the dims to gin up a bunch of fake outrage for them to exploit and for the media to use. So I guess a better question would be where was the honor in it? Or maybe where was the truth in all the phony claims made?

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. Well good for Brian Duffy. He sounds like a democrat in the tank for Hillary and he's doing what all good Hillary supporter do which is whatever they are told.

    Mr Trump defended himself from a pointless attack by an individual working on behalf of the godless left wing machine. It's too bad Mr Khan let himself and his late son be manipulated by the heartless democrat party and let them exploit the death of his son and his pain.

    So how about my questions? Mr Khan waved around his little pocket constitution as if it had some role to play in Mr Trumps call to stop muslim immigration from countries with a muslim terrorist presence until we can verify who they are. What does that have to do with Mr Khan's specious claim about the constitution?

    How about actually addressing the insulting and misleading comments by Mr Khan which deserved a response instead of just feeding the godless left wing hatred machine?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. Well, that's a nothing reply, which is exactly what I expect from a nothing poster.

    So would that little meaningless platitude apply to Pat Smith as well? The woman whose son was left by Hillary to die at Benghazi and who Hillary called a liar?

    How about this? If you have something actually relevant to say, say it. If you can answer my questions, answer them. If you can't, then you don't need to be here.

    If nothing else, and I don't expect much from the likes of you, explain what that little pocket constitution he was waving around was supposed to mean. And why he can imply Mr Trump has never read it.

    Come on now. Give it a shot. If this is all you got, then I don't see why I should allow you to post here on America's second blog.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. OK then. That's pretty useless. If that's all you can contribute then there is no need for you here. Bye.

  56. Hi SSAH,

    Here's what I read on CNN:
    Asked if Trump's attack on the Khan family is a pivotal moment in the election, Clinton said: "Well, he called Mexicans rapists and criminals. He said a federal judge was unqualified because of his Mexican heritage. He has called women pigs. He has mocked a reporter with a disability."

    All of it lies, but repeated enough it becomes the truth.

    I've never seen Google News - top and center - headline one topic before for more than one day, but now the lies about Trump demeaning the soldier's parents is 3 days counting. And check out Brietbart for the father's deep ties to Saudi Arabia and the Clinton Foundation.

    That's what we are up against. All the TV/cable stations (even Fox is going left), Google, Facebook, Twitter, the slimy Republicans, etc., etc.

    But it's the ordinary people at ground level that do the voting. If they are slamming Trump but have done nothing else than to listen to or watch those globalist/NWO organizations that allow themselves to be brainwashed, then I'm giving them a jolt.

    Roger Ramjet

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. I know Roger. As long as these soulless godless immoral lying left wing haters of America are working against us it will be a fight.

    They are determined to get as many Islamic terrorists into this country as they can.

    God help us.

  59. That's exactly why we can never let up.

    I get emails from time to time from well meaning but otherwise useless people asking why I don't lighten up every once in a while.

    We can't.

    The left never rests.

    They never let up.

    And until they're beaten back into the shitholes they crawled out of they never will.

    Nobody ever said a revolution was easy...

  60. Lighten up? And surrender the United States to a bunch of godless terrorist loving baby killing sexual pervert worshiping commies who would turn America into Turkey?

    These people already elected a Muslim born in Kenya to the presidency and now they want to hand it over to a lying scheming manipulating bitch who has probably already handed state secrets to the Russians and has for sure got the blood of four Americans on her hands and probably a lot more than that.

    And they get their panties in a wad cause Trump answers a personal attack from a Muslim who is an immigration lawyer profiting off getting Saudis into the country.

    Well they call all just STFU and get the hell out of our way. We're taking our country back and if a bunch of godless heathens get their poor widdle feelings hurt along the way that's just too damn bad.

    They better get used to saying President Trump. Cause it's coming.

    I'd like to see him pass an alien and sedition act like John Adams did. Throw these seditious bastards in a dark hole somewhere when they start their shit. And deport these illegals waving Mexican flags and burning American flags and assaulting our women and children.

    Now don't get me started. I might say something that might offend some segment of the democrat human centipede.

  61. Throwing sarge a bone here. There's a new blog up....