Friday, July 8, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Quotes of the day:

"I unapologetically stand with #Blacklives matter."  Battlestache 

"By any means necessary"  Battlestache while he was pretending to be the black militant, Zulu Warrior.


Are you happy now that you got exactly what you've been calling for you son of a bitch?

Just like your hate driven, racist president you've sided with every thug that's come along.

You've sided with every criminal that's tried to take on the cops and ended up dead as a result every time.

The blood of all these dead cops is on your hands and you know it.


Anyway, it's your day so you might as well jump right in there and get started.

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaJuly 8, 2016 at 3:33 AM
    Good morning.Power off here from 4:30 am until 7:30 pm. A few LARGE branches from tree...but nothing hit thankful for that. Need to find a chainsaw! Guess it's to the home stores tonight!

    Hey! How's about those BLM folks, folks?! Looks like Obama's racist "Civilian Army" is coalescing, and doing live-round training down in Dallas.

    Boy...the consequences a community agitator in total power can unleash when he goes full-tilt hatred and divisive, huh?

    Death toll has risen overnight. Dallas has become an active war zone, with the police on one side, and murdering, racist, socialist ObamaZombies on the other.

    Getting nearer Election Day. Remember my predictions of the "possibility" of those anti-American assholes ramping things up to suspend the election?

    May be, unfortunately and needlessly, a bloody summer.

    Assholes. (The ones who support Obama, and will support a proven lying, dangerous, traitorous wench in November...IF elections even held. Maybe that's why they aren't so worried about the Shrill? They have it all planned...and KNOW Trump won't get it, Shrillary won't get it. Emperor O remains in power?)

    Have a nice day!

  2. SargejrJuly 8, 2016 at 3:52 AM
    Well I see the police have been bushwhacked in Texas, many dead. and to boot it was involving Black lives matter mob.

  3. Just so everybody knows because I'm late in getting today's blog up and running I've taken the liberty of copying and pasting Nunya and Sarge's comments from yesterday's onto today's.

    Carry on...

  4. That works for me!! And as for batshit, nothing he says is worth a quote, he is the number one racist asshole.

  5. And the same goes for that asshole Starprick.

  6. The people who support the black lives terrorist group have blood on their hands this morning. Buttstash, the entire democrat party, the occupier of the white house and the entire godless left wing.

    These people called for this to happen. They chanted for it. They promised it. The already carried out several murders of LEOs. And now open warfare.

    And what do we hear from their president? Another call for stripping the rest of us of our right to defend ourselves against these animals. And one more pronouncement of "racial disparity". Which is a dog whistle to the black lives terrorists that might as well be a high five.

    And a promise to wait for the facts before commenting further. That's a first. Everytime they have the chance to further the myth of cops gunning down blacks they jump like it was a pile of watermelons. But if its a muslim terrorist or a black lives terrorist suddenly we wait for the facts. No hasty judgements.

    These people have set America back in every way they could. Race relations. Economically. Military strength. Morality. All reversed and heading the wrong direction.

    "Fundamental transformation" indeed. Who the hell gave these people the right to "fundamentally transform" my country? And the country of my forefathers?

    This war is escalating fast folks. And they want to take our guns and our rights. I say we don't let them. I say we turn this ship around and get it back on course. I say we take our country back from these interlopers who are trying to steal it.

    Trump may not be everything you want in a president, but he sure as hell isn't a godless left wing enemy of America. And the other choice is. Without a doubt and beyond question she is an enemy of everything we hold dear.

  7. So here's a little look at Alton Sterling, one of the black men who was shot by police. Of course the narrative is he was shot for selling CDs and he was a good guy and blah blah blah.


    Friends and family tell us that Alton Sterling was a great guy. That may well be the case, but he is also a convicted sex offender felon with a violent temper, who had six arrests for battery, two domestic violence charges, multiple illegal weapons charges, and who had fought with police over weapons before.

    In 2009, the affidavit of probable cause contends that a police officer tried to pat down Sterling when Sterling resisted arrest, and the officer ended up “wrestling with the defendant on the ground” at which time a “black semi auto gun fell from his waistband.” The officer grabbed the back of Sterling’s shirt during the incident, and he was able to arrest him without further incident.

    A felon with a rap sheet 46 pages long, Alton Sterling is hardly the innocent victim that the race-baiting, narrative-hungry media portrays him to be, and the weapon he had upon him at the time was clearly illegally possessed.

    Sterling was killed while armed and resisting arrest by two Baton Rouge police officers in an incident caught on camera from two different angles.

    Despite claims by the less-educated members of the media that Sterling had been subdued when he was shot, you can clearly see that Sterling was fighting the two officers, attempting to buck the officer in the mount position off of him. The video also clearly shows that Sterling’s right arm was not controlled, and he was actively using it to try to fight when officers discovered that he had a gun on his front pocket on that same side.

    Sterling was subsequently shot and killed.

    Ironically, area residents protesting Sterling’s death carried hand-drawn “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” signs.

  8. Damn Safe, I don't think it could be said any better...

  9. And here's what the race baiter in chief had to say about Alton Sterling:

    “All Americans should be deeply troubled by the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota,” Obama wrote in a Facebook post. “We’ve seen such tragedies far too many times.”

    I agree. I'm deeply troubled that people would defend a violent felon in possession of an illegal handgun who violently resisted arrest and got himself shot. I'm troubled that the only reaction from the unholy left is to blame law enforcement and then
    try to take my guns from me, without even wondering how a violent felon got a handgun.

    I'm troubled there are animals like this on the streets I walk instead of behind bars where they belong.

    I'm troubled that there are demonstrations in support of violent felons instead of the police officers who have to confront these thugs where the situation could have been reversed had the felon been able to reach his gun.

    I'm troubled by a president who creates racial hatred where it didn't exist, then blames white America for it.

  10. SSAH, your first one in now on CJ. :):)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Safe, you are spot on bud.
    I'm trying to simmer down, myself.
    This shit ain't cool. Never was, never will be.
    But, hammer knows when he should keep his mouth shut.
    I'll be back when a cooler head prevails. Call it weak, or whatever. This is a time when I should speak out, but better not. Hope you guys understand...
    On the flip, peeps.
    Be safe everyone.

  13. And the other one now is over there, your voice will be heard. :)

  14. Hammer, I'm always safe. And I'm posting now while I'm still plenty pissed off. I know what I say is probably a little over the top but I mean every word.

    And I understand you guys wanting to cool off before you jump in. That is probably the smart thing to do. But nobody ever accused me of doing the smart thing.

  15. Thanks Sarge. Guess old buttstash didn't silence me after all, did he?

  16. Not happen you are here and there to stay one way or the other. Piss on batshit.

  17. And Safe, I owe you an apology for the way I hogged the blog all week.

    I've been on vacation all week and even though I've had more than enough things to keep me busy I still managed to find time to run my mouth.

    Anyway, that got me to thinking maybe you and I should trade weeks back and forth instead of just throwing something out there when the mood strikes us.

    What say you?

  18. I know you guys read Shoebat. Be sure and check this one out. It's early, be here's another interesting development.

  19. That works. You were steamrolling so I just got out of the way. Long as folks have something to read and a place to converse I think we're gold.

    I'll get something up next week. Certainly no lack of topics. When your country is under attack by godless heathens there's always something going on.

    We're kind of war correspondents from the front lines these days.

    Everybody agree?

  20. Well you two get your shit together,,, HEAR ME!

  21. Yes sir! Can do. Improvise, adapt and overcome. That's the bunker motto.

  22. Deal...

    Next week is all yours then...

  23. And what a fucking hypocrite you are, Batshit.

    All the sudden you're urging "restraint and compassion" in people's comments?

    Why the sudden change of heart?

    Did you call for restraint and compassion when Dylann Roof the white shooter did what he did?


    You were front and center calling all white people racists.

    You blamed all white people for his crime.

    You joined with the rest of your fucking race baiting scum bag buddies and demanded everything southern be destroyed.

    You called every confederate soldier and their descendants domestic terrorists and demanded every trace of southern history be destroyed.

    You've thrown your stupid fucking "White Privilege" crap at every one of us dozens of times.

    You pretended to be this militant black guy named Zulu Warrior and threatened to make things right "by any means necessary."

    And now that the domestic terrorist is a black militant and part of the domestic terrorist group that you pledged your allegiance to just pulled off the biggest mass murder of law enforcement in US history you call for restraint and compassion?

    Fuck you and fuck those like you...

  24. Hey, I've been away, visiting the future, but I'm back now to report what I learned on the first Wednesday after the first Monday in November, 2016.

    It's bad news, I'm afraid. Your guy lost. Bigtime. Not even close. To make it even worse he took down 15, republican senate candidates and 46, representatives. Come January, 2017, Hillary'll be in the White House and the Democrats will have a majority in both houses.

    It could have been worse. You could have been left with a lot of egg on your faces. The wisdom of the electorate prevailed, though, and you'll all be able to resume your silly muttering until 2020.

  25. To all the previous comments. ..ditto.

    Buttsucker is one of the most racially divisive posters out there. Now he pretends to be a voice of calm and reason?

    What a dick.

    I had a post on CJ pulled. ..abuse warning with no indication of which post or why. Just how do they expect us to conform to rules when you have no idea which rule you broke.

    "License and registration please"

    "Here you go officer, is there a problem? "

    "You broke the traffic laws of the State of Kansas Mr.Henry"

    "Which ones officer?"

    "Just sign here,court date is the 27th "

    "There is only a box checked "traffic violation""

    "Just sign the ticket Mr. Henry"


    "You have a nice day Mr. Henry, and no more violations please"


  26. I got back on that other website late last night and noticed a few comments had been deleted but wasn't sure which one's.

    What I was sure of was that ol Batshit had been busy sucking up to the mods again.

    But it seems his little flag party fell way short of his expectations.

  27. good morning- I just heard a new riddle on PBS, on the Star Gazer program...

    Q: How can you tell when the Moon is nearly broke?
    A: When it's on its' last quarter.... (smiles)

    Not sure what to say anymore about batty - whatever is wrong with him and those like him is "no little mental problem"

  28. Delusional comes to mind.

    I mean how else can you describe someone who believes he can travel forward in time?

  29. it could also be starman - you know how he keeps blaming you for his comments disappearing...

  30. I haven't had any coffee this morning- no milk for the coffee... today is grocery day for hubby n' me.

    The idiots over at the journal - delusional does fit them well.

  31. personally, I think that the mods are growing weary of their shit.... been monitoring the threads on their own initiative. starman, batty, and the other delusionals - they need a hefty dose of something medicinal.

  32. I know right.

    And PHenry I wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about losing a comment or two here and there especially when you consider Batshit has had every single one of his deleted and that useless little puke, Fish, has lost several dozen...

  33. I had comment pulled addressed to starman, I told him i was leaving for the night that he would have to play with himself. I repost it and change on word with to by, good grive they are picky.

  34. well, you know how I feel about the delusionals at the journal.. "delusionals at the journal" hey that would be a great book title ... I need caffeine.... I'm willing to go for coffee straight .... I'm not making sense currently...

    (is ok to giggle at that because I am).

    later ~

  35. Try it rikki.

    Drink it straight and you'll never go back...

  36. Just remember when you are commenting on the urinal you are behind enemy lines. Buttstash isn't your worst enemy there, the urinal is no friend to you.

    The only reason they don't just boot Kevin is he's the only blogger anybody reads. He's making them money so they tweak him a little by pulling a few comments but leave him alone otherwise.

    I say keep up the good work. Even with a few comments pulled the message is getting through. You're reaching a lot of people in spite of it all.

    Plus people see for themselves how stupid the godless left is by reading baitboy's and the other useless idiots comments. A few of their fellow travelers think they are geniuses but most people just laugh at them.

    Keep it up. Ignore the assholes. People are reading and learning. If they pull a comment post two more. We are winning this fight.

    As Sarge says "Don't doubt me"!

  37. Also I notice these days most comments get pulled on weekends. That's when the interns are working and I'm sure buttboy gets more traction with them.

    During the week most of your comments stand and the idiots get theirs pulled.

  38. Safe nailed it again.

    Unless they pull it as soon as you post it people still read it.

    Pulling a comment 6 or 7 hours after it's been posted really is lame.

    But so is pretending to be a Zulu Warrior and a Time Traveler...

  39. Has everybody had a chance to read our time traveler's comment?

  40. I read it kevin I see you left it stand so everyone could see a real asshole at work, Time traveler good grief.

  41. ok, Kevin.... trying a mugs worth of coffee without diluting it with milk.... I must in honesty admit that straight coffee - it's do-able.... but I still like milk with my coffee

    (smiles). going to check traveler's comment will be back momentarily...

  42. Lmao...
    I just envisioned the time traveler with same personality of (what's his name?) the guy on Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    Let's do the time warp again....
    Lame, lame, lame.....

  43. It is lame.

    But then so was the whole Zulu Warrior schtick...

  44. You gotta love the way one of those other uninspiring bloggers is matching me blog for blog over at that other website.

    Keep at it, buddy. Sooner or later you'll get a comment...

  45. I think maybe trying to revive that Golden Age of Community Blogging that dumbass time traveler used to go on about...

  46. Looks like another losing day for Batshit and his little guppy friend.

    Batshit lost about a dozen and his worthless sidekick, fishpuke lost every one of his... Again...

  47. That's funny stuff over there. Buttstash just never stops plumbing the depths of his stupidity, does he? But then it's a bottomless well, so.....

    But you guys are slapping him so hard his momma must be feeling it.

    Hey buttboy. How's it feel to get owned by all these people? And running up to the big house to tattle just gets you slapped around some more. Must be getting painful.

    Oh well, trolls gonna troll.

  48. And the funniest part is how he lost again.

    Sorry Batshit but your attempt to get me blog removed failed.

    Kinda like you, a fucking failure.

    A failure at your toilet cleaning job.

    A failure at being a decent human being.

    And just a general failure in life.

    But I do appreciate the way you took my suggestion and threw that other blogger a bone over there...

  49. LMAO....

    Well what do you know.

    Looks like Batshit did it after all...

  50. What did I tell you about the intern moderating on the weekend? Guess old Safe knows a little something. One of those brainless chimps who the best job they could get was weekends at a fifth rate virtually bankrupt newspaper is passing judgement on you.

    Sad. And pathetic. But he sure loves buttstash. Probly be meeting for drinks at some gay bar when he finished his shift.

  51. I wonder if the new mod has any clue who he is dealing with? I am sure he will either kiss Batt Shits ass or he will be history come monday morning.

  52. I noticed they had removed the third "Quote of the day" which was a silly little Dr. Seuss quote by the way I went in to add a fourth one only to be greeted by a warning that I wan't authorizes to access this page.

    Figured for sure I'd been booted.

    Tried again a little later and everything was still up and running including the, oh so offensive Dr. Seuss quote.

    There's a lot I could say but because I know for a fact everything I say here is being read over there I'll just leave it alone.

    For now...

  53. And like always, Safe.

    You nailed it...

  54. I think I might buy SSAH one of those power Nail guns. ,Good Grief!

  55. From Kev's OBF:

    Christian Gin: "The opening quote of this blog is targeting. It has been removed."

    Microaggression time! OHHHHH...the HUMANITY!!!!

    Who the hell is this "Christian Gin", anyway?

    I take offense at that moniker! It insinuates that Christians are synonymous with alcohol, and I can deduce that means nobody else is! It's...TARGETING!!!

    Is this "Christian Gin" person just another loser with so little talent that he has to settle for a weekend gig as a blog monitor at some podunk little failing newspaper in small town Kansas? Kinda like Auntie Em?

    What happened to Auntie Em, anyway?! Did she get promoted to the Police Reports or Garage Sales sections?

    Did they just trade one clueless hyperpartisan liberal hack for another, because Auntie Em was so ineffective and most left-wing loons always are? liberals are wont to do, Auntie Em got thrown under the bus for the out-control blog section caused by Batshit, and got moved?

    I'd like to welcome "Christian Gin" to the Urinal with a heartfelt "Screw you, punk", but I suspect Buttstache has already personally "welcomed" him (btw...using the word "him" is targeting, and gender-specific labels shouldn't be allowed in the gentler anti-microaggression New Amerika). I suspect Batshit has already performed the act of my heartfelt welcome, "Christian Gin" may have been waiting with his finger on the "delete post" key until Buttmunch performed satisfactorily.

    I resent someone having a name like "Christian Gin", and he shouldn't be allowed to appear in a news publication that "promotes diversity and inclusion"...( long as it's the "targeted" diversity and exclusive of many to elevate inclusion of many "targeted groups" over a few "targeted groups".)

    The appearance of the name "Christian Gin" is's as horrific and scary and disturbing to many as...well...writing "Trump '16" in sidewalk chalk is to braindead young college students!

    I...uh...I'm so PLEASE REMOVE that....that...HORRIBLE NAME!!! Ohhh...woe is me!!! Excuse me, while I retreat to my safe space....whaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaa..............WHAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

    Two words for "Christian Gin"...7 letters total (4 the first, 3 the second)...and I don't even need to say them here.

  56. Good Morning Rm. 235 family (smiles). dogs got me up early so here I am visiting on the computer.

    I tried coffee straight yesterday (Kevin's suggestion) it was ok, it's do-able, but still like mine with a little milk in it (if I have half n' half that's even better).

    to all of you I raise my mug of coffee to y'all. Flavor today.... Panera Bread brand Salted Caramel flavor (smiles).

    On agenda today, work in the garden. My leaf lettuce is done.... starting to go to seed. Been trimming leafs off them and they shot up and now look scraggly. Going to pick green beans, kale, and see what else is ready. My purple leafed basil needs trimming too.

    Got tomatoes finally but they're all little and green though. They'll probably be ready all at the same time...

    Saw what happened yesterday over that the journal... now we know who's at the journal removing the comments.... Christian Gin. Probably a newby. not sure what happened to Auntie Em, but every now and then she has live blogs, her recent one was a while back ago where she highlighted the guy from the Expo Center trying to reach out to the community about what concerts they'd like to see come to the Expo Center...

    well - just keep being who you are - good always conquers bad - though sometimes it takes a while to see it happen.

  57. From Kev's "Two Candidates" blog on the Urinal:


    "African-Americans had their history stripped away by slavery"

    In yet another divisive racist diatribe from Buttstache, he is completely are so many Americans...about the true history of slavery.

    Quote: "Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America.

    And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage."

    12.5 million rounded up and shipped. 388,000 to North America. 32.2 TIMES as many shipped, mainly, to Brazil, Central America and the Carribean. And, for a MUCH longer period.

    Quote: "In fact, the overwhelming percentage of the African slaves were shipped directly to the Caribbean and South America; Brazil received 4.86 million Africans alone!"

    Hey, Batshit! How about directing your anger and hatred to some REALLY, really bad people?

    An interesting link:

    If you click on the "Animation" tab, it shows dots crossing the ocean, by year. You will notice that starting in 1545, slaves were being shipped to south of us, and ramped up, and up, and up....and nary a ship headed to North America until about 1710....which means a century and half of black Africans were rounding up other black Africans, and selling them to slave traders...who were largely of Latino/Hispanic/whatever origin, a lot Portugese.

    As the trade in North America expanded throughout the 1700's, the number of dots coming here mostly looked like wide-scattered shot pellets, while the main shot was still greatly concentrated to south of us.

    We did experience sporadic more-concentrated groupings until around 1776, when it slowed down considerably...even stopped completely some years...until a few more around the 1790's, then a period of a few years in 1800-1807 where it picked up, and virtually stopped to the U.S. after that, with only about 3 ships more until the timeline stops at 1862.

    Meanwhile, the volley of dots coming across to those south of us continued at a high rate, tapering off only approaching the mid-1800's.

    So, your self-righteous indignation, and learn the truth. I, personally, have NEVER owned a slave, nor has any of my ancestors. YOURS, on the other hand...MAY have been involved in rounding them up, or even owning them. I suspect that you wouldn't know.

    Take your "victimhood" racist crap, and shove it up your racist ass.

    Did you learn anything, today, Bat?


    Didn't think so.

  58. Have it your way Batshit.

    Just be prepared to tread very lightly from here on out...

  59. This too shall pass. Monday when the regular staff is back on and the intern or whoever this little turdknocker is crawls back to his safe space things go back to the way they were and he gets warned to lighten the fuck up.

    Buttboy and baitfish have been on a pretty short leash lately and I would expect that to return to normal.

    This little critter shows all the earmarks of a freshly graduated student of the WU school of journalism if there is such a thing. Otherwise known as a campus garbage baby. Signs are fear of any opinion not approved of by the ungodly left and tears at the sight of sidewalk chalk.

  60. Funny. Just heard obama say about the black lives terrorist group how you can't hold the actions of a few against the whole group.

    Of course the ungodly democrats want to suspend the constitutional rights of millions of gun owners based on the actions of a few criminals.

    So what's it going to be mr obama? Do we or don't we?

  61. SSAH that is well said and is now on CJ. Looking out for you my Friend!!

  62. has anyone noticed how batty and starman's comments parallel each other somewhat and how when you see one, the other is there supporting the other?? do you suppose that starman and batty are one and the same?

  63. No rikki not the same person but both are brain dead. And excuse the language both are ass holes.

  64. agreed on your calling them a.h.'s .... they are definitely that.

    it's a scorcher outside... don't really suggest anyone be outside for too long -

  65. just got in from harvesting the kale, green beans, and the very last of my red leaf lettuce.... jeepers... if y'all don't need to be outside, stay indoors.

  66. Amen to that.

    Finally got the last of the huge pile of tree limbs cut up and burnt about 30 minutes ago.

    Other than posting another blog over on that other website, taking a cold shower and eating supper, this old man is done for the day...

  67. good morning everyone - going to be another scorcher today - if you have to be out and about, be careful of the heat.