Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The big lie fest is underway

Well, the big democrat lie fest called their national convention is under way. And no, I didn't watch a minute of it. I've seen it all before.

"We'll protect your right to kill your unborn children for convenience sake". Cheers. Yaaay!!!

"We'll protect the right of teenage boys to shower with your teenage daughters in the same locker room and use the same bathroom".  More cheers. Yaaay!

"We'll bring in millions more uneducated illegal aliens with no job skills and multiple contagious diseases and put them on welfare". More and more cheers. Yaaay!

"We'll raise taxes and kill even more jobs. We'll raise the minimum wage and leave more unskilled workers out of a job. But welfare for everybody"! Even more cheers. Yaaaaaay!

"We'll welcome hundreds of thousands of unvetted muslims from terrorist supporting countries without even a clue who they are even knowing there are ISIS terrorists among them". Exuberant over the top cheers. Yaaaaaayyy!!!

"We'll promote killing of police officers by racist terrorist groups and invite them to the white house and celebrate them and make them national heros".  Crazy wild cheering.

"We'll repeal the first and second amendment so the only speech that is allowed is government approved speech and the only people who have guns will be criminals and terrorists".  Standing ovations and ten minutes of cheers.

And it goes on. The only interesting thing from last night was Bernie Sanders removing his soul and handing it over to hillary to swallow. His followers should be mad at everybody involved now that they know his whole campaign was a fraud and the party they support screwed them and rigged the primary so they never had a chance. And that the guy the worshiped and believed in so strongly in the end is just another democrat minion doing as he is told and never really meant any of the commie crap he was spewing.

So I won't watch any of the rest of it either. It makes me ill just sitting through the highlights. It's like seeing a bunch of fascists parading around waving a flag they don't support and making promises to people they have nothing but contempt for.

Robots supporting fascists. That's quite a sight to behold.


  1. Well, this kind of sums it up, doesn't it? Michelle Obama said this:

    "this election and every election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives."

    So that draws the line for you. The ungodly leftists think it is their job to shape your children. We believe it is our job to shape our children.

    That alone should be enough to cause you to reject the ungodly left wing message.

  2. Well SSAH, at least she love this country now, after becoming a millionaire and don't have to pay for a damn thing. And Milked the taxpayers for millions. And Asshole bernie rattled on about all the free shit that all the low lifes should get free, and never mention how to pay for it, Free college is like obamacare, will go sky high as long as they know the government is footing the Bill. Fucking assholes.

  3. The problem isn't that Hillary is an unethical,corrupt,lying,criminal, dirt bag. Everyone knows that. The problem is that her supporters don't care.
    You can see that by looking at the scum bags on the urinal.

  4. Skippey, you are dead on the money there. Those people are brain dead walking zombies.

    And Sarge, the ungodly left always gets confused about the word "free". It doesn't mean what they think it means.

    Nothing is free. It just shifts who pays for it from the person who benefits and uses the service to the working stiffs like us who have to pay for our own and now theirs as well.

    Free doesn't mean it just falls from the sky at no cost. Just means somebody else pays the bill.

    This seems to be very confusing to the left. Maybe that's why obama ran up the national debt to $19 trillion plus and growing. And the Republicans let it happen, so shame on them.


  5. Saw this simple perspective posted on a friend's page:

    Dear Representative,

    You've been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, and your basement is infested with raccoons.
    Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement.
    You want them gone immediately...
    You call the city, 4 different exterminators but nobody could handle the job...
    But there is this one guy and he guarantees you to get rid of them, so you hire him.
    You don't care if the guy smells –
    You don't care if the guy swears –
    You don't care if he's an alcoholic –
    You don't care how many times he's been married –
    You don't care if he voted for Obama –
    You don't care if he has plumber's crack...
    You simply want those raccoons gone!
    You want your problem fixed!
    He's the guy –
    He's the best –

    Period Here's why we want Trump –
    Yes, he's a bit of an ass –
    Yes, he's an egomaniac, but we don't care.
    The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless and illegals are everywhere –
    We want it all fixed!
    We don't care that Trump is crude, we don't care that he insults people, we don't care that he had been friendly with Hillary –
    We don't care that he has changed positions –
    We don't care that he's been married 3 times –
    We don't care that he fights with Megan Kelly and Rosie O'Donnell –
    We don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslin terrorist.
    This country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us –
    We are being invaded by illegal's –
    We are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hasid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in –
    "AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED" and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want –
    We're sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and sick of illegals –
    We just want this thing fixed –
    Trump may not be a saint, but doesn't have lobbyist money holding him –
    He doesn't have political correctness restraining him –
    All you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he's also not a politician –
    He's not a cowardly politician –
    And he says he'll fix it –
    And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.
    Also we don't care if the guy has bad hair –
    We just want those raccoons gone.

  6. I watched it off and on last night.

    The thing that struck me the most was how every single speech struck the exact same data driven tone.

    For the most part they spoke of a bright future.

    They spoke glowingly of America.

    They spoke of love and country.]

    It's too bad none of it matched up with reality.

    The reality is that every single one of the sons of bitches lied their asses off.

    They hate this country and always have.

    And they'll continue doing everything they can to finish tearing it down if we're stupid enough to let them...

  7. And just so you know, Safe the photo you used with today's blog has been stolen...

  8. Word has it that it may very well end up on the other website tomorrow morning...

  9. Oh, that's cool. I thought you meant I stole it which of course I did.

  10. Lol you two asshole are okay in my book.

  11. Lol... It takes one to know one...

  12. Your photo will fit perfectly with tomorrow's blog over on that other website.

    But I'm still looking for videos...

  13. Now that is funny photo or avatar? Both are cool heheheh

  14. Well the haters and baiters are flooding you over on the urinal. And this guy crazy willie. I've tangled with him before. He's one of those "I'm a moderate so you have to listen to me even though I hate everything you believe in and support everything the godless left believes in". He's a squirrel from way back.

  15. He's a squirrel alright. But I'd take him over Batshit or his little butt buddy any day...

  16. Did you see where Batshit came on there bragging about getting one of my posts from last week's blog?

    Like anybody even gives a shit.

  17. He also crawled back under his rock when you pimp slapped him. He's just pathetic.

  18. He's doing everything he can think of to draw me into a pissing match so he can go running to his new best friend.

    Lol... What a dope...

  19. Lol hahahahhaha Hell I never pay attention to your comments anyhow, It hard enough dealing with my own. and Fuck Battshit. HEAR ME BATTSHIT! YOU PRICK.

  20. Well...as that asshole Batshit goes on...and on...and on (naturally, getting away with violating the rules over at the Urinal by repeating the same nonsense over and over) about why all the blacks side with Dems, and few with Republicans....that's because of the promise of this fine Democrat, and the work of the fellow Dems mentioned in the linked Huff-n-Puff article:


    They are siding with the people who hates them most, fulfilling the prophesy of their beloved Dem in the article, and Batshit unapologetically stands with them!

    What a hypocritical, ignorant ass...to support this racist agenda...huh?

    Batshit...you are truly a pathetic, uninformed moron...asshole.

  21. The Dem play the blacks like a drum, and they just take, hell they have been taking for ever, what is it going to take for them to wake up.?

  22. Well, buttboy had to do something after Kevin handed him a beat down when he was bragging about getting a comment pulled from a week old blog nobody is reading. So he slithers back with his usual repetitious trolling. He's a one trick pony that one. That's all he's got so that's what he goes with. Not the brightest guy you will ever meet as demonstrated by his career choice of swamping toilets in the Docking building.

  23. I'm not watching that circle jerk of a democrat convention but I did hear a blurb from Sandra Bland's mother about how her daughter died after an unlawful traffic stop and unlawful arrest.

    Only problem is the traffic stop was lawful and the arrest was lawful. That's been amply demonstrated. She killed herself because nobody would come and bail her out. All she needed was bail and she walks right out the door. That's what happens when you get arrested.

    But that's the difference between the conventions. The Republicans have heroes from Benghazi, Marcus Latrell, parents of people killed in Benghazi because they were abandoned by hillary because she had an agenda to protect. Parents of people murdered by illegal aliens who were still in the country after committing crimes because the democrats want them here.

    The democrats have parents of criminals killed committing crimes and pretend it is the high ground.

    Guy killed while assaulting a police officer trying to take his weapon. Criminal who obama says looks just like him who got shot who jumped a Hispanic man in the dark and tried to kill him by beating his head into the concrete. Got himself shot instead.

    But the narrative is more important than the facts to democrats. So it just goes on and on. And the criminals presented by the criminal organization passing as a political party run by a criminal are selling a message. Vote for the party of criminals. Anybody that does deserves what they get is all I can say.

  24. Here's another difference for you.

    Shooting deaths of Police Officers is up 78% this year.

    The Republican candidate is promising to support Police whole heartedly without reservation. He is the law and order candidate. They believe the crime problem is the criminals, not the police.

    The democrat candidate whole heartedly without reservation supports the black live terrorist group that calls for the murder of police officers. They are the party of criminals over police. They believe the crime problem is the police instead of the criminals.

  25. So the dims bring on Michael Brown's mother to pander to the criminal vote.

    The woman who abandoned him at birth and left him to be raised by his grandmother. Who was arrested for assault for attacking her mother in law who was selling t shirts profiting off the false narrative created with "hands up don't shoot".

    So honoring a criminal who tried to kill a police officer, by bringing his mother who abandoned him at birth and is a criminal herself. So she can announce "he dindu nuffin".

    Is it possible for the dims to go any lower than this? Of course it is. Just watch.

  26. Ah hell Safe, they're just getting warmed up...

  27. Kevin..... batshit is trying be all nicey nicey to you on your Keen Umbehr blog.... that jerk

  28. Lol... I know.

    He wants so badly to start a fight but can't figure out a way to do it due to his fake endorsement of Mr. Umbehr 2 years ago.

  29. turn of events - here's the low down on the bullshit at the urinal.... we already know that we aren't allowed to flag batshit at the urinal.... evidentally that carries over to emails....

    Quinn, Tomari


    Smith, Eric, Smith, Sherman, Deshazer, Emily, Gin, Christian, Wingerter, Justin

    Today at 12:25 AM

    I have asked you to contact our online staff when you have a complaint. Eric Smith is our online news editor. Have you communicated with him?

    If I were to weigh in on the posts below, I would have unpublished yours and sent you a warning. I can’t recall ever communicating with Battlestache, but he/she appears to be posting in a civil manner and not attacking you but disagreeing with your opinions. That falls in line with our terms of service.

    Thank you,


    Well Room 235 family......here's the latest email I sent to Tomari Quinn and the rest of her stooges..... When I emailed Tomari, I didn't cc anyone else. I was just trying to reach out to her about batshit.... her reply below she included her stooges...... that's ok, I hit "reply all".... so they all got what I blasted in return.

    Quinn, Tomari

    Smith, Eric, Smith, Sherman, Deshazer, Emily, Gin, Christian, Wingerter, Justin
    You and your staff seem to go to great lengths to protect Battlestache and you repeatedly turn a blind eye to him. I am sorry to be such an inconvenience to you all - I was trying to be civil myself in contacting you. Evidentally, just like with Christian Gin warning other people on blogs not to flag Battlestache..... evidentally, we cannot email you about Battlestache either.

    Hasta La Vista.....