Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Example of What We're Up Against...

I'm not looking for a fight with nor am I looking to get myself booted from that other website I post a blog on.

But things are changing over there and they're changing fast.

I tried posting a comment on Kansas Truth Teller's latest blog earlier this morning.

It was immediately blocked along with a warning that the comment was awaiting moderation.

There was nothing what so ever about the comment to warrant such a warning.

There was no profanity.

Not a single personal attack.

And not a single insult to anyone.

I tried posting it again in it's entirety.

The second attempt was met with a warning that it had been blocked because it violated the site's policies.

The following comment is what now violates their policies.

"It's also a backlash of anyone who still posses the slightest bit of common sense.

There's nothing racist about deporting criminal illegal aliens.

There's nothing racist about putting an end to the job sucking trade deals previous administrations have inflicted on this country.

There's nothing racist about trying to install a sense of law and order back into a country gone mad.

There's nothing racist about rebuilding America's inner cities.

There's nothing racist about repealing the thousands of job killing regulations that are forcing small businesses out of business.

There's nothing racist about enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades.

And there's nothing racist about trying to keep potential terrorists from infiltrating our country.

In fact there's nothing racist about any of Trump's proposals.

But the race card is all the left has and play it they will.?

Evidently dissenting opinions are now a violation of the Terms of Service.

Kevin McGinty

It's also a backlash of anyone who still posses even the slightest bit of common sense.

There's nothing racist about wanting to deport criminal illegals.

There's nothing racist about wanting to put an end to the job sucking trade deals previous administrations have inflicted on this country.

There's nothing racist about trying to install a sense of law and order to a country gone mad.

There's nothing racist about repealing the job killing regulations that are forcing small businesses out of business.

There's nothing racist about trying to rebuild America's inner cities.

There's nothing racist about enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades.

There's nothing racist about making sure we keep potential terrorists from infiltrating our country.

There's nothing racist about any of Trump's proposals.

But the race card is all the left has and play it they will...


  1. Kevin take out the word Sucking!!

  2. I changed it to "Job Killing"

    "Your comment is awaiting moderation"

  3. Changed it the second time to "Job destroying"

    "Your comment is awaiting moderation."

  4. Kevin I posted it on your OBL friday I edited a couple of other words, copy it and post it on KTT's blog.

  5. Ah, I've already edited and re-posted it.

    In the meantime they can....

    You know...

  6. That is ok Kevin Sherman and I had quitell the conversation the other day about my calling your blog deplorable. He sternly told me it was baiting you. That man has no sense of satire or any sense of humor. He did post my comment a day later tho

    1. And apparently no sense of relationships. Really, you were trying to bait Kevin? The guy is a moron.

    2. Ray, if that didn't show Sherman's total lack of any knowledge whatsoever, I don't know what will. We are in desperate need of prayers!

  7. You poor deplorable people. Can't you come up with nicer words and better semantics so as not to drive people to their emergency safe space shelters?

    I'm glad I'm done with Cj. Glad I never went through with the whole fakebook account. Unless you are half brained sjw liberal, they aren't interested.

    Perfect example as to why most folks on differing sides can't even have a dialogue. One side is too quick to bring out their emotional feelings and shed tears.... Silly liberals.
    Pity if they ever had to "man up" to anyone or anything.

  8. Sounds like the same old malarkey on Cj.... regardless of the changes.

  9. Heart breaking KC Chiefs loss today....

  10. Here's my point.

    Yes I realize certain words trigger those computer generated warnings.

    But those "certain words" were inserted into the program by someone who considers them offensive.

    And that my friends is the very definition of censorship.

    1. what I meant with my post above "same old malarkey" means that the mods are still jerks.

      I don't frequent Cj much anymore and when I looked at your comments today over there - it's just the mods still being jerks.

    2. And context matters. Jane, the new kid Dick sucks vs Jane sucks the new kid dick. To a computer both are offensive.

  11. off topic - it's almost been one month since my little Nikki passed away. 15 years is a long life in doggie years. Our cat (currently 10 years old) and Nikki had a love/hate relationship much like siblings do. Our cat has taken Nikki's loss hard. First she secluded herself, and just this week she's been real clingy - meaning she's gotta be where hubby n' me are and has to be touching like in our laps or curled up next to us over night. Currently she between me and the lap top curled up.

    Anyone who says pets have no feelings truly doesn't understand them.

    When Nikki got so frail I kept Jacob our Bassett separated from her - he's a sweetie but he's like a bull in a china closet - didn't want him to accidentally injure Nikki - so he's not taking her loss as hard as the cat is.

    Kevin, how is Miss Rosie? She's a cutie.

  12. y'all pretty much know I go to the beat of a different drum off and on.... (smiles) I like coffee... flavored coffee.... no decaf though.

    It's early enough in the evening to enjoy a mugs worth. A cousin in Albuquerque sent me some New Mexico Pinon Coffee... yummy! Pinon is the nut of pine trees from the pine cones. When these little gems are roasted, ohhh the flavor of fresh roasted warm pine nuts.. Well they have this flavor in coffee - it gives the coffee a woodsy hint.

    So, that's what's in my mug currently - pinon coffee. and yes.... my cat is here at the desk with me between me and the lap top computer. (smiles).

    Earlier I was moving around gathering laundry... cat followed and almost under foot.

    1. Sorry to hear about Nikki. I haven't been around much and this is first I heard about it. I've lost a lot of pets, and it kills me every time, then I turn around and go out and find another pet knowing full well I'm eventually going to have to go through it again. I do know that if the other family pets didn't get to see or smell the pet that past away, they will just be lost for a long time not knowing what happened.

  13. Rosie?

    She's her usual pain in the ass but we love her.

    And a couple of weeks ago on Veterans Day marked the day my Buster Brown died.

    It hit me like a ton of bricks and I doubt I'll ever really get over it.

    People often say something like, "Geez, it was just a dog" have no idea what they're talking about...

  14. Kevin (hugs) Buster - never met him, only remember the stories you shared. He sounds like a sweetie.

    About those kind of folks who say "Geez, it was just a dog" obviously never cared enough to adopt a dog into the family. Our pets are just as much family as anyone else.

    Pets hold a special place in our hearts always. Before we adopted Nikki, we had Bootsie (1/2 black lab 1/2 beagle) she looked like a medium sized lab with white toes and white chest - every where else, black. She was a gem, knew no enemies - loved walks and make new friends - she even charmed the trash men who came by on Wednesdays....they'd take their gloves off and pet her then put their gloves back on and continue on. She passed away of old age too - Nikki we adopted from the humane shelter - Jacob we got from Topeka Best Pets that used to be in N. Topeka next to Dillons. Topeka Best Pets didn't last long - too bad - the people were really good with their animals and what I liked about them is that they didn't get their animals from puppy mills.

    Oh, Bootsie.... we should have named her "Digger".... because that's what she did to the back yard - they weren't holes.... nope them were craters and when we would fill them back up she'd bitch us out.... bark bark bark (smiles). She also played with the toads.... was curious about the possums - when we would be out and about and late getting home to feed dinner to her, she's bitch us out for being late.... bark bark bark... (smiles) when I asked her if she was done, she'd start back up.... to that I replied - "I didn't think so"

    Pets love unconditionally -

    P.S. the cat is still on the desk between me and the lap top...

  15. News Nugget, Jimmy Johnson won his 7 championship, Joins the King Richard Petty and Dale Earnhart. Two nights I watched History being made. Life is good.

  16. yep - caught the win too (smiles)

    oh.... to the tune of "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas".....♫
    ♫♪ It's beginning to smell a lot like bacon.... ♫♪ All through out the house ♫♪

    Y'all know I go to the beat of a different drum.... hee hee

  17. On another weekend matter, isn't it odd how well Marine LePen is compared with Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel? The usual suspects seem to be going all-out again to trash her as well. I suppose any true patriot must be willing to accept that sort of mistreatment.

  18. Before the "Brexit" vote and the Trump win shocked the elites of the world to their core thought of her as representing those on the fringe (Deplorables) if you will.

    Not so much anymore.

    This Revolution we speak of has gone global and those in power will say and do anything to stop us.

    It's funny how the one common denominator (immigration) ties it all together...

  19. Speaking of mythological racism, you remember how this president, his party and the entire godless left has perpetuated the myth that Police Officers are "systematically racist"? And how the racist Eric Holder and his corrupt Dept of Justice has railroaded Police departments with the same false claim?

    Remember how when Gabby Giffords got shot by a crazy person the godless left screeched it was Sarah Palin's fault because she used crosshairs on a campaign flyer? Even though they did the same thing? (By the way, they weren't actually crosshairs, they were printer registration marks, a story for another time).

    Well, I remember all this.

    And I remember this current president inviting a domestic terrorist group to the white house and heaping praise on them for perpetuating this myth, all the while calling for the murder of Police Officers. And the lapdog media following suit.

    And I don't watch the NFL because they have allowed this hateful rhetoric to be exhibited on the field during games.

    So what has all this caused? Well for one, the shooting of four Police Officers this weekend alone. One death, others seriously wounded. Fifty eight (58) Police Officers have been shot and killed this year. Fifty eight.

    And all we hear from this godless left wing president, the godless media and the godless left is a fake story about unarmed black men being gunned down by racist police officers.

    One more thing I expect to see change. Not the godless left, they have shown they will continue their dangerous and radical agenda in the face of any truthful confrontation. But when the President shows respect for Police Officers, and rejects the hateful domestic terrorist groups, and when our Law Enforcement Officers no longer have to fear a pack of Washington racist godless left wing DOJ lawyers descending on them like vultures at the slightest fabricated reason, we will see a change.

    This will take time, but I have hope. Just one more example of what this revolution we fought for will bring.

    Keep up the caterwauling you godless left wing radicals. That's all you got left. And in case you haven't noticed, America doesn't care any more.

  20. The MSM is nothing more than the propaganda machine for the elitist socialist/communist godless left wing radicals that take their ques from the likes of George Soros. The elites in the left will stop at nothing to create anarchy to bring this great nation down. Soros has done this to many other nations and made billions doing it. I totally believe that is Soros goal for this country just because he thinks it is the loftiest goal he has left, to take down the U.S. Conservatives and god loving patriots have helped win this election, but the fight has just begun. The MSM and the elites will double down on their bullshit racist rants and try to stay in control. The leaders in the democrat/socialist/communist party will do nothing to stop the "useful idiots" from carrying out their agenda and anarchy evidenced by obamma in his latest socialist globalist cruise around the world, still bashing trump and this country.

    CJ is just falling in line with the censorship and control of what the elites consider are the deplorables of this country. Now the elites are going to start controlling what is said across the internet. Quite frankly, if CJ is going to control all content especially differing opinions from the socialist/comunist PC agenda, then CJ isn't worth your or my time anymore.

    The only phobia have as a deplorable infidel is I am deffinately a democrat/liberal/socialistaphobic

  21. I saw one godless liberal ranting about everything she would lose under President Elect Donald Trump. One of the things she was worried about was the evil Trojan horse called Net Neutrality.

    She said that meant she would have to pay more for Netflix. I say it gives the government control over web content. My logic is if the godless left thinks it's a good idea then my default position is I oppose it.

  22. Just saw this on PJ Media from Megan Fox. Addressing the pathetic little miscreants out on the street calling for the destruction of the American constitution and the electoral process because America didn't agree with them. Says it pretty well. She asks their parents....

    "What have you done, parents? I'm speaking to the parents of the current college-aged child. What have you done? Was it the participation trophies? The helicoptering? Never letting them lose? I want to know so that I do not make the same mistake when raising my own young brood. Like most things the Boomers unleashed on the world, their millennial children are profoundly despicable, immature, entitled, privileged, volatile, ignorant brats intent on getting their way despite rules, laws, and the rights of others."

  23. Glad you brought that up, Safe.

    I came across a meme last night that makes that exact point.

    Give me a few minutes and I'll have it posted...

  24. I'll tell you what the parents have done......They have given all control and raising of their kids and their kids education to the public school system which is controlled by U.S. Department of Education. Get rid of that department, save the country tons of money, and save our kids from the needless brainwashing they get through the schools. Bring control of the schools back to the states and local school districts, make parents responsible for raising their own kids. When parents relied on the schools for everything and took no part in teaching their kids right from wrong and quite frankly some morals, the democrat party won a great battle. Creating a governmental department in the name of fairness, was the beginning of the downfall of our education system.
    Made a business trip to Atlanta Georgia last week. I usually pick up a news paper just to see what is going on in other parts of the country. In the life section, there was an article about the first woman black panther, and how great of a movement it was. She is now a law professor at Emory University. That my friends is what we are up against. The radical liberal hippies of the 60's have taken over our universities. Hence, we now have the likes of obamma, his radical communist agenda, and the anarchy that is being pushed in our streets today.

  25. That's exactly what's happened.

    And doing completely away with the U.S. Department of Education that was brought to us by the former "worst president in US history, Jimmy Carter, is exactly what need to be done.

  26. Oh, and just so you know, new blog up and running...