Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And it just keeps rolling

The Trump train, that is. I know, it's pretty early to claim much. But good grief, look what we are seeing already.

Ford is staying in Kentucky instead of moving to Mexico. Carrier is staying instead of moving to Mexico. Apple is talking about moving production back to America. Not bad for a President Elect who hasn't even taken office yet. He's done more before he takes office than barack hussein obama did in his eight years IN office.

We heard from the geniuses on the left the market would crash and possibly not recover for years, if ever. What do we have? New record highs and a market running on jet fuel.

I get really tired of hearing how obama saved us from the great recession. See there's a little thing called facts that just contradict that whole fantasy. See, the recession was over when obama took office. The definition of a recession, for our economically illiterate friends is when the economy contracts for two consecutive quarters. The economy has already stopped contracting when he took office. The recession was over. He had nothing to do with it. His job was to manage the recovery, and he did a real great job of that, right? The worst recovery in modern history. Not a single quarter with GDP growth over 2%. Record numbers of people out of the workforce. Record numbers of people in poverty, on food stamps and welfare. Manipulated statistics to try to advance a narrative that was built on lies. Some recovery.

But the left never sleeps. Now I hear the Southern Poverty Law Center, a godless left wing hate group announcing there are hate crimes happening all across America. 10,000 teachers report to them their poor little snowflakes feel "insecure" about their future and that's a hate crime. They claim there are hundreds of hate crimes against somebody. Of course they aren't counting the hate crimes that are actually happening, not manufactured, against Trump supporters. Those are real. Not some poor sap feeling insecure because America elected Hitler, but assaults, shootings, vandalism. Real crimes.

Of course the Southern Poverty Law Center labels anybody who disagrees with the godless radical left to be a hate group. That's their reason for existing. To spread left wing hate of anything and anybody who dares challenge them.

They label any group that opposes the murder of unborn children a hate group. They label any organization that doesn't whole heartedly endorse marriage of sexual perverts a hate group. Same with individuals. They labeled Ben Carson as someone who was dangerous and needed to be watched, because he is an unapologetic Christian. That's a hate crime to these morons.

So I say we ignore these people. Let them screech. Let them make demands. Let them stomp their tiny feet and wave their tiny hands in the air and whine all they want. Then let's get on with the job of making America great again. Screw these people. Why do we care what they think? They'll never change no matter what anybody does, so let's just forget them.

Maybe Trump is right. Throw the flag burners in jail. Maybe we need another Alien and Sedition Act like John Adams had. Throw these commie traitors in jail. Abe Lincoln did it. Just starting the conversation as our godless left wing friends like to say. You know, raising awareness.

Get out of the way, we've got work to do.

#Make America Great Again


  1. And as always, go back and read the latest comments on the last blog if you haven't. Nunya posts early, before I get this blog up and I hate anyone to miss his comments. They are always important, as are any others that got posted early. Hate you to miss them.

  2. From Instapundit this morning. Here's your godless left wing democrat party at work. This is the OSU Diversity Officer....

    “Stephanie Clemons Thompson urged her followers to have compassion for Artan after he expressed a desire ‘to kill a billion infidels’ and then tried to kill as many as he could at OSU. She also urged people to ‘think of the pain he must have been in,’ and used the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHisName (which BLM uses to denote victims of police brutality).”

    Hey, it’s not like he wore a Trump hat to class or something unforgivable like that.

  3. Yup things are looking good wait till he takes office than he can really start kicking ass!!

  4. Whenever I hear "pain" being used by a denizen of the P.C. crowd, I always think of Dr. Smith on "Lost in Space," whenever he wanted out of something (usually work) he would mutter "oh, the pain" in order to get sympathy. I suggest the Ohio State bureaucrat who wrote those words of sympathy for an Islamist terrorist to concentrate instead on the pain of the victims. Actual pain, as in fractures and open wounds, not "insecurity" and hurt little feelin's. You know, like with seeing something scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk.

    Wanna play "Identity Politics" with the Remf? Just guess the identity of Ms. Thompson.

  5. True dat, Captain. The terrorist's pain is over for now. Until he gets cast into the lake of fire by God.

    But there are a bunch of real actual people, innocent American citizens, victims of Islamic terrorism who are suffering.

    That's not "diversity" to preach that kind of mindless brain dead sympathy for the devil, that's just a diseased brain in a position of power at a university, which explains a hell of a lot about what's wrong with our universities.

  6. More foolishness you may find entertaining, courtesy of Hand-Job!!

  7. The dick head again good grief, that asshole never learns.

  8. Anony what's your point Boy? Can't do much more damage than the other dickhead obama.

  9. You sound sort of nasty to be Jakey-Wakey, but I suppose you COULD have lost your sense of humor. You certainly aren't Bat, though.

  10. I don't know Ken St Jacques used that Red fairy thing really often, but like over on cj he is scared of his own shadow. Gut prick to me and has always been.

  11. Didn't the rawstory link give it away? Boy that site will rot your brain. Case in point with our little visitor, right?

  12. Who are you guys talking to? There's nobody there!

  13. Nancy Pelosi won reelection to minority leader, proving several points about the godless democrat party.

    They have no clue what cost them the election, or how out of touch they are with the majority of Americans.

    They enjoy having a senile botox injecting wealthy west coast nonsense babbling elitist head their party, leading them to historic losses in both Federal and State governments.

    They are possibly suicidal, but certainly extremely stupid.

    I for one celebrate the godless democrat party for keeping as their leader the one individual who will certainly lead them down the road to complete irrelevance and probably destroy the party. They couldn't have done a better job from my point of view.

    Congratulations Nancy, and the slowly disintegrating godless democrat party. Keep it up! We're rooting for you all the way off the cliff.

  14. That is what Ken he got ID'd pure panic, and he can't give thumbs down to everyone every morning, I would say he is lonely. But tough shit for him.

  15. The left just can't accept the simple fact that the American people rejected them.

    They're no smarter than the NFL and ESPN.

    Ever since they allowed themselves to become left wing political platforms instead of focusing on sports their ratings and subscribers have gone into the toilet.

    I say let em have at it...

  16. Perhaps you can't ban all flag burning but you can ban flag burning used to intimidate others. You can't burn a cross to intimidate people so no reason that can't be applied to flags. I say don't ban it. It helps us identify the enemy and when we do, we need to attack them legally. Boycott their businesses. Contact their employers especially if they are government employees.

  17. Marsh or just shoot the son's of Bitches.

  18. Well Marsh, looks like your suggestion of boycotting their businesses was very timely.

    Today the cereal giant, Kellogs, that's made it's fortune from selling it's junk to working class Americans for decades has chosen sides.

    I've signed the petition and it'll be a cold day in hell before any product they sell will ever be allowed into my house ever again.

    What a bunch of dumbasses...

  19. Someone besides me should post a list of Kellogg's product I am all in on this one.

  20. Here's a link to their product portfolio.

    Not sure whether it's a complete list or not.

    What I do know is that I just threw away the last box of Frosted Flakes I'll ever buy again...

  21. I'm with ya Kevin, but fortunately we have been buying the generic cereals for sometime now. My boys eat like horses, so ya gotta keep the grocery bill down somehow. But I wouldn't buy another Kellogg product in he near future either.

  22. Now, I'm curious....
    Are the foolish rabble routers gonna loot and pillage Charlotte? The officer was exonerated and won't face charges in the shooting that burned and trashed a large chunk of downtown Charlotte.
    Turns out the piece of dindu trash had a stolen gun (not a book) he illegally purchased a week earlier and was rolling a blunt in his apartment parking lot. Must of been the remedy for those headaches he suffered from.
    Even more troubling was the reason if the illegal firearm acquisition. Mr Scott felt he needed it because of growing hostility he had from his family and his domestic situation with his gang banging nephew.
    The situation could of easily been de-escalated, but he refused to drop the stolen firearm in his and 10 times by 5 officers.
    Thankfully he was shot, and our world was left with one less bad guy.
    Maybe it will be a learning lesson, and the next violent firearm possessing offender really will read a book. I doubt it...

    PS. I wouldn't recommend ankle carrying a (stolen, and purchased for 100$)Colt 380 with one round in it. Along with being crime, most would consider it faux pas. He probably should of stuck with Colt 45,it would of paired better with his blunt...

  23. So the moral of the story is pulling a .380 with one round gets your dumb crazy ass shot when you pull on five officers with weapons drawn and aimed at you just as quick as if you had a real gun.

    Sorry dindus but there was no other possible outcome.

    But now the riots will start. And the black lies terrorists will turn out. And obama will say something stupid.

    Another thing easily predictable.

    1. It's called the Barney Fife method of concealed carry.

    2. Marsh, I bet he wasn't as good at bullet maintenance as Barney was. He kept his bullet polished at all times.

  24. By the way. Just had dinner at the Blue Moose Grill. Must have been a dozen TVs in that place. Not a single one tuned to FOX news.

    Sorry obama. Just another one of your pathetic excuses for you and your party's failure. You lost because America is sick of you and your godless friends.

  25. And that my friends you can take to the bank...

  26. Daily left-wing Trump/Kobach-bashing idiocy from those unholy morons at the Pravda-Urinal:

    No excerpts or comments, specifically, from that hogwash. It speaks for itself.

    Now, this:

    Also, O'Reilly had a former ICE investigator on who swore it was extremely easy to buy a "3-pack" nearly anywhere. A 3-pack is a resident alien card, SS card, and driver's license. Anywhere from about $100-$300, depending on quality, competition nearby, etc.

    They specifically mentioned L.A.'s MacArthur Park as a hotspot for that. With the SS and can vote!

    Don't have a link for that, but should soon be able to find it.

    Liberals love to tout "No real prosecuted cases"! That ONLY means that it's so easy to do, that it isn't being caught!

    If they are so worried about "election integrity", why do those hypocrites fight with everything they are worth ( very little..."worth")to block secure, verifiable voter ID laws?

    Well...the answer to that is easy. And EVERYONE knows it. They NEED those illegal votes, since liberals are still greatly in the minority (even though they have a lot of "divisive" demographics foolishly backing them them, despite being against all the Dem-divided groups' best interests).

    Did I ever mention that the Urinal's new website SUCKS?!

    And, Obama is a clueless idiot, who would never, ever, EVER admit to being wrong..about ANYTHING?!

    And, Democrats are the definition of pure stupidity, by leaving Satan's spawn, Pelosi, in charge? They just don't they? I'd say they are all as idiotic as old MFA...but NOBODY even comes CLOSE to that! I hope she gets sliced, diced, shredded and pureed the next 4 years! Evil beeatch.

  27. President Elect Donald Trump. Troll level Grand Master.

    He trolled the godless left with his tweet about flag burning, and now they are burning every flag they can get their hands on. Posting videos and pictures on every site they can access. Going absolutely nuts in all their baseless arguments against something that will never happen.

    President Elect Donald Trump has complete control over these people. He can make them do anything he wants, by the thousands, with a single tweet.

    There is no more meaningful expression of hatred for America than burning our flag. There is no expression of your desire to see this country destroyed than burning our flag. So President Elect Donald Trump getting the godless left to openly and vigorously express their hatred for the rest of us in such a vile fashion is a masterful move.

    Not that we don't already know how much they hate us, it's certainly no secret. But this just ramps it up and makes it very very public. And the ignorant godless left wing idiots are just proving to us we elected the right man.

    #President Elect Donald Trump
    #Making America Great Again

  28. Good morning room 235, SAAH Right you are, and down the road those peope will have a rude awaking, hahahah dumb shits.

  29. Saw this on Instapundit in a comment about this....

    "This reminds me of the old story about Norman Mailer (of whom I'm no fan) speaking at Berkeley in the 70s. After pissing off a good many people, he invited all the feminists in the audience to please hiss. Many did.

    "Obedient little bitches," he muttered."

  30. Trump's next tweet might be.....

    No one should be allowed to perform the unpatriotic act of punching themselves in the nuts. Perhaps a year in jail or loss of citizenship.....

  31. It was interesting to see what brands the octopus now known as Kelloggs owns. It was started as a health conscious company. Now selling Pop-Tarts (a carb grenade if ever such existed) and Pringle's (potato chips that give no satisfaction) among other unpleasant foods. I'd like to say I'm boycotting them, but if this be said, I must have consulted the Never-Erring Ouija board about a decade ahead of time. And even then I only ate the corn flakes. Sadly, I switched to a brand from Poland (this was in Kuwait) and never came back. If I eat any flakes, likely to be some generic. As for cereal, unless it's some form of Chex, I don't eat it. Who knows who owns Ralston-Purina this week? I can't keep track of such things.

    But looking at that photo that was posted of the Rogue's Gallery that is Kellogg products, I can't honestly say that I ever consume any of it anymore.

    But I remember when it was just a cereal company, they used to sponsor The Beverly Hillbillies. And the first few seasons, the cast would do the commercials for the corn flakes. Then they started putting sweetener into the flakes. Now this.

    Oh well.

  32. Good Grief I just bought 4 box of Townhouse crackers on sale, oh well that will be the last, should printed the list out last night. ( I am looking ashamed.)

  33. You should be ashamed, Jim. Buying Townhouse instead of Nabisco anyway. But that may be just that I buy what my family used to buy. Nabisco, Folgers, Quaker, Castrol, Wheat Chex ... Damn, am I an 'effing tool!!

    The force of "habit."

  34. LOL, Ken my grandson eats them all the time, but he isn't as cheap as me, he buys them when he is out, I buy them on sale half of what he pays, so when I take him shopping I ask him if he plans on buying them , I tell him no I will give him a box, I am still working on him to be more frugal. He keeps me busy on that when he has a dad my son that tells him buy what you want on his credit card. But Iwillnevergiveup!! Lol

  35. In a year of relentless violence, Chicago has hit another gruesome milestone, exceeding 700 homicides on Wednesday for the first time in nearly two decades, according to official Police Department records.

    The 700-mark was hit when a 25-year-old man was fatally shot about 6:20 a.m. at 93rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in the Burnside neighborhood, said Frank Giancamilli, a police spokesman. Then at about 8 p.m., a 24-year-old man was shot and killed at 6800 block of South Cornell Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood, he said.

    A fatal shooting also took place early Thursday, but an autopsy hasn't confirmed that the death was a homicide.

    The year got off to a violent start with 50 homicides in January and rarely let up even after the end of the summer — the peak season for shootings.

    The numbers are simply off the charts. The 701 homicides through Wednesday marked a nearly 56 percent jump from the 450 killings a year earlier. With one month still to go, that represents the most homicides since 704 in 1998. Does anyone in this country Care?

  36. Yup me too and he is still rubbing their faces in it.

  37. Kinda nice to finally have a president that has our back for a change...

  38. You know the libtards are going nuts. Just wait till morning when they start unloading on him.

  39. The lib can't unload a bb gun, whatever they through a Trump is like water on a duck's back, and he is just getting warmed up, Now we got mad Dog on board I fell better hahahaha, Come on man the Lib's are shitting their pants, it will take 50 years just for them to pull their heads outta their asses. We are moving forward folks.

  40. The Trump Train.

    Climb aboard or get the hell out of the way...

  41. Kevin you need to add more cars to that train, they are lining up to get on. ALL ABOARD>

  42. No problem.

    There's plenty of room for everyone.

    Well, except for Batshit.

    President Trump doesn't want him stinking the place up...

  43. Axle grease, Kevin.
    Axle grease.

  44. I loved it! When Trump looked straight up at the media and called them dishonest...he was pointing to EVERY mainstream network, leftist website, and print entity...INCLUDING the little ol' shrinking "Topeka Capital-Journal"!

    Since the media is SO dishonest, a frothing-at-the-mouth pack of rabid dogs, here's what Trump OUGHT'TA do!

    White House press conference/press briefings?

    HEY! We have the internet. (Thank you, Al!) See...the Demoncrats throught they had it ALL sewn up, kings of "social media" to get Obama elected, and conservatives had NO CLUE how to engage with it! Guess they were wrong, huh?! (As usual). So, let's just use the internet to take it a step further. Heck with the White Hosue Press Corps!

    Let Trump, or the press secretary, do the briefing. On camera. In an empty room.

    Then, so-called "reporters" can send in their questions (and accusations/vile comments/etc.).

    Just as how they get pointed to in the press room, behind the President, or press secreatary, a monitor will show which question got asked by whom, when the so-called 'reporter' gets picked. It can be through Skype, or whatever, even, so the moron so-called "reporter" can be seen in actual time.

    The question will be answered, the "challenge response" from the rabid dog will also be answered, and the entire thing will be on record for access, anytime.

    So, when the New York Slimes or CNN twists the words, omits stuff, or outright's all there to watch and read, as it happened...and not as the lying news outlet SAYS it happened, or wrongly-'deduced' what was meant. When the leftists at, say, the Capital-Journal take a fragment of a sentence, and build a lie around it to concoct a stupid anti-conservative story, it will be there to see the truth.

    In fact, in print, and online, if any story springs from a press release, conference...whatever...the "news" organization will be REQUIRED to provide a link to both the actual transcript, and the audio/video proof from the event of which they took a statement, or fragment of a sentence, or just a word...and twisted it into something completely false...and the links must contain the ENTIRE transcript, AND the ENTIRE video.

    Screw the press. Basically, same access. No need to be IN the same room. No need to be IN the White House!

    Trump can say "HEY! You all have the exact same access as before at the briefings! You ALL didn't get picked, you won't here, either. Just no real need for you to be IN the White House to ask stupid questions, throw unfounded accusations and lies around, and attack us! You have gotten what you EARNED! We will welcome tough, REAL questions, of important matters...unlike the previous administration! I do NOT want to be asked idiotic questions like from the New York Times' Jeff Zeleny, who asked Obama "During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office? Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?"

    "ENCHANTED ME?! HUMBLED ME?! What the hell kind of questions are THOSE?! I don't have TIME for that nonsense! I'm too busy trying to repair the TREMENDOUS damage that you people have done to this country! question, and I need to get busy Making America Great Again!!"

  45. Here's something from the Urinal. Not sure what to make of it?

    "Currently, residential psychiatric treatment facilities (PRTFs) receive a payment each day a child is in their facility. However, they also receive payment on days when the child is out of the facility but a bed must still be reserved — “reserve days.” The child may be in the hospital, or at home, or elsewhere."

    “Again, this policy is to align PRTF reserve-day reimbursement with (intermediate care facilities) and (nursing facilities) reserve-day rate policies and state regulation,” de Rocha said. “So they will still be reimbursed 60 percent of their daily rate even when they are not providing care for the patient.”

    Being paid for someone who isn't even there, at the time?


    “The real tragedy in all of this is that it’s putting in financial incentives to keep kids from going home and working on reintegration,” Christie Appelhanz, director of the Children’s Alliance of Kansas, said."

    WAIT! So..."what's best for the child IS to go home and work on reintegration...BUT...if YOU cut funding from 100% when they are aren't even there, to "only" 60% when they aren't even there, WE will DEFINITELY consider not doing what's best for the child...and keep them here...JUST TO KEEP THAT 100% FUNDING!!!"

    Is that what I'm reading, there? Not REALLY about the children, after all? All about the "funding"? They just admitted it?

    Shameless. Pathetically shameless. Sounds like "greed" to me.

  46. Damn....lost another post! It was a good'un, too! I'm tellin' ya...better get Jill "Franken" Stein to check out those machines!!!

    ("It's "FRONkin STEEEEN...NOT "Franken STINE!!!!")

  47. Kevin you need to add more cars to that train, they are lining up to get on. ALL ABOARD>

  48. OK...WTH is going on?! I copied that first "lost post", and posted again. BOTH of them showed up after. I went back to the Urinal, then came back here...and the latest re-post ALSO disappeared...AFTER it was posted in here!

    WTF??!! Gotta get to work.