Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday at last

OK, it's Friday, the day I don't drone on so much. So I'll keep this short.

And you know me. Here's Jingle Bells like you've never heard it from the great banjo player Bela Fleck and the Alash Ensemble. I know it's kind of odd sounding but I like it. That just shows my weird taste in music. Enjoy.

I really like the people President Elect Donald Trump is surrounding himself with. His cabinet picks are solid. The advisors are solid. He's talking about Tim Huleskamp for Ag secretary which is great, since old John Boner kicked him off the Ag committee for disagreeing with him. So a little payback for Tim.

Now I know what you're thinking. Mitt Romney. Yes, he's a little bit of a rat bastard for bad mouthing President Elect Donald Trump. But this says a lot about President Elect Donald Trump. It says he is a smart man, and can separate the politics from reality. This says he is a man who can forgive and get past issues when there is value to add. That's the difference between him and obama. obama is still mad at the kid that stole his lunch money in the third grade. He was thin skinned and held grudges. He did things that hurt America just to exert power over his opponents. President Elect Donald Trump is not that kind of a man. He is willing to take advice from anybody who has value to add.

Now, that doesn't mean he is bringing in any of these mainstream Republicans to join them. They are there to join him. This is a man who has a mandate. And he will follow it. And as long as these guys are on board with him, and help him achieve it, then so be it. But don't doubt for a minute if they don't, he will utter those words he is famous for.......You're Fired!

So have at it folks. It's a cold Friday but thank God it's Friday still the same.


  1. I'll be back go to run for a little while.

  2. Happy Friday y'all. Hoping today and the weekend brings you much happiness. I won't be visiting here much today or over the weekend.... just an FYI...ok?

    With that said, I'll visit with you when I can.

    Hugs ~ Rikki

  3. Okay time for one....Schools Feared American Flag Might Cause Post-Election Backlash, Good Grief who is raising these snowflakes anyway?

  4. Oh, and by the way. Ford just announced they are keeping their plant in Kentucky instead of moving it to Mexico. Apple says they are going to start building more iphones in America.

    The stock market hit new record highs and the dollar is rebounding like we've never seen.

    Looks like President Elect Donald Trump hasn't even taken office and the country is waking up. This is going to be a ride folks. Buckle up. This country is going to be reborn again despite the ungodly left's endless efforts to derail it.

    Funny, they always said what stopped obama from succeeding was Republican obstruction. Well, they are obstructing in ways nobody ever imagined already and guess what? It's not working.

    We're making America Great Again despite their best efforts to stop it. And if they won't get out of the way, we'll just run them over. Here comes the Trump Train lefties. Just stand there on the tracks and stomp your feet and screech and cry and watch what happens.

  5. OK Sarge...I took your advise! Tried posting the following on OBF just a couple of minutes ago, and got the error message again! Seems they really don't want you to post anything of any length! Whoda thought?? Anyway, this is what I tried to write.....

    Was watching yesterday, Obama in Germany for the 6th time during his Presidency.  He and Merkel doing a press conference, I guess.  He was saying how it was "their right" to protest and he was not going to discourage it,  Not a word though on the rioting, property damage, etc. or doing and orderly, peaceful protest.  Why is that? 
        Let's see, do you think Obama will follow the precedence that George W Bush set by not interfering in the new Presidents efforts?  Some how, I don't believe that Obama will be able or willing to keep his mouth shut while Trump is in office! 
       I still strongly feel that Obama, being a darker complected white man, (his Mother was white after all!) had the real opportunity to change and drastically improve race relations in this country, if he had just used his position and race as a mentoring tool for all of the young people of different race and color in the country.  Race problems seem to be the main talking point of all of these so called "protests" going on, in regard to Trump's Presidency! 
      I see in Obama the thing that I have seen in other children of men who were absent and not a part of their son's, in particular, lives.  The son, in spite of the lack of attention, love, and support of the father, crave so much for that love and attention from them, that they blame themselves for the father leaving and put the father on a pedestal, trying to live their life, for what they think, will make their father proud.
    Seems such a sad situation, when someone lives their life to get praise from a missing parent rather than thanking and loving the ones who were actually there for them, growing up!

    1. It took Gary had to edit a little but I think your message is mostly intact I hope You be the judge.

  6. Gary they are running a program that picks out keywords or phrases there is no one reading them just a machine. A dumb one at that.

  7. It did it to me again over there! Anyway, I wanted to say that I am really trying to keep things in perspective this morning.
    I got in touch with an old friend yesterday, that due to job changes and life, I have not had contact with in over 30 years. Anyway, I found out from him that he is dying of cancer. He's currently on chemo for the only treatment he has left, maybe to extend his life, but not fix anything.
    I also just heard last night, that an old friend that I worked with for several years at the National Guard, and was confirmed by a family member this morning, that he had passed away earlier this week. I am in shock!
    Both of these guys are younger than me and I guess, I always assumed that they probably were in better health than me.
    I guess my point is, life is way too short! We need to do all that we can to make things better for those that follow us. We also need to live our lives to the fullest and leave a legacy that strengthens the people we care about!

  8. Thanks Sarge! I just looked over there and saw what you posted. I also see that the second one that gave me the same message as the first, showed up! Whatever! Anyway, keep it all in perspective, Right?

  9. Gary I replied to you, the one you posted about your Friends, I had to change it 3 times I had to take the word die out and use passing away and the word damn, to nothing. Good grief.

  10. So the urinal replaced all the mods with ONE machine. LOL Imagine that. And those people thought they had job security? Maybe the head bean counters are getting smart. Look out mods the writing is on the wall. Your ole job security doesn't look real promising for the future. Ha Ha He He

    1. This is what happens when you demand a $15 minimum wage.

    2. Well Marsh what is it that Happens you left out something.

    3. Read the post I replied to and you will figure it out.

  11. back for a little while.....

    outside of current events.... i.e. political, cj, etc., how is everyone?

  12. needing to do some griping....

    those who know me - know that I sometimes walk with a cane. Arthritis - knows no age category - those who don't know me well once in a while come up to me and say things like "you walk pretty normal for having a cane" or "you look too young to be walking with a cane." Some people whether they know it or not are just plain cotton pickin' rude!

    I politely answer them - I have arthritis - my orthopedic doctor told me why I hobble - my left leg is slightly shorter than the right due to my left knee bowing outward because of arthritis. In time (when I get enough time built up to have it taken care of) it will be fixed.

    What I'd like to say to these jerks who don't know me from Adam (so to speak) is "MYOFB"!

    it's gonna be a while before I calm down and get back to my cheery disposition....

  13. ok, almost back to my cheery disposition.

  14. Rikki, I get similar treatment with my cane. I told one woman, who seemed to believe herself an expert, to MYOFB. Apparently no one my age should need a cane. I replied with "everyone your age should have a brain". She was pissed, but I wasn't. I walked away with a smile on my face 😁

    1. Rikki, you never, ever owe anyone an explanation.

  15. Thanks Preachers Kid (hugs). I may have to do that if there's a next time.

  16. Lol... I'd have probably said something like, I like to keep it handy in case I need to shove it up somebody's ass...

  17. Kevin - that is a fantabulous comeback.... may I borrow it for future purposes?? (smiles)

  18. L.N Get your punk ass back over to the cj blog where I can continue kicking your punk ass. Dickhead.

  19. Hes more likely so shit faced he cant find the door out of the bar. Going to drive home drunk. Thats what he does on Fridays. Thinks he is above the law.

  20. Do you guys smell something?

    Smells like bat shit to me...

  21. Just wanted to mention that they are having a show about Trump on Fox tonight at 9 pm. (Friday night) Sounds like it may be a lot about his personal life etc. Looks really interesting!

  22. Did the cat puke in here again? Thanks for taking out the trash Kevin.

    These godless lefties are getting pretty hilarious now. Listening to them screeching and stamping their tiny feet about President Elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks is just flat out entertaining. Apparently they think anybody cares what they think. Guess they missed the news. They lost. Shut up. Go home.

    Obama appointed communists, maoist, marxists, pedophiles, racists and a whole flock of criminals and idiots and the godless left and their media minions applauded.

    Well time to make America great again so get out of the way.

  23. Took this long, but . . .

    If CJ is using a machine (software) to moderate what gets posted, is ol' fish scum going to again spell "Pence" as "Penise"? If only, and then get banned for life.

    I guess better late than never.

  24. Good morning all you wonderful Bunker people.

  25. More nonsense from Steve-Cokie, two-headed, 1/2-brained monster of "liberal-illogic":

    They get credit for saying Trump won fair and square. But, they'll never say "get over it".

    "Trump callously exploited ugly strains of racism, sexism and xenophobia during his campaign."

    Obama's been doing that for 8 years, the entire Democrat platform. "Identity politics". Divide, cause tension, fear and mistrust each against all others. Incite violence, back thugs and brand others.

    "But the American Way must mean something else as well. It must mean that a relentless and independent press holds the new president accountable from day one. No backing down. No buckling under."

    We have no "independent press". But rarely, "journalistic integrity" doesn't exist, especially leftist media. Those "phony news sites" that Obama whined about? Leftist MSM, including CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. The print press, full-tilt left. Including our own local paper. None of them held Obama/Dems accountable during his entire 8-year reign of terror...unlawfulness in his DOJ/IRS/etc scandals, bypassing Congress, executive orders aplenty, etc. None of them held Hillary accountable for her many crimes/treasonous acts.

    "He (Trump) repeatedly insults reporters as “scum,” “clowns” and “dummies.” (He called Cokie “kooky” on Twitter.) He’s barred reporters he doesn’t like from his campaign events and threatened to loosen libel laws. Recently, he’s evaded reporters assigned to cover him."

    His calling "Kooky" was actually very tame compared to what most Americans would call her. "Evaded reporters"? So WHAT?! He went to dinner. BIG DEAL!! Obama's evaded reporters. Complain? More like "Ahh...give him SOME private time!" Hillary spent her entire campaign dodging reporters' questions about her illegal activities!

    “If Mr. Trump keeps up the posture he displayed during the campaign — all-out war footing — the future will hold some very grim days, not just for news reporters but also for the American constitutional system that relies on a free and strong press,” writes New York Times media critic Jim Rutenberg."

    I think Rutenberg needs to get out more, and see what actually CAUSED Hillary to lose? Americans clearly see that we can't "rely on a free and strong press", because the press has gone rogue! THAT was the STORY OF THIS ELECTION! Americans' distrust of the mainstream media, and how entwined they are pushing socialist-leftists' agenda, coordinating with Democrat campaigns. GET A CLUE!! It's YOUR FAULT, "Free Press"!

    "But that just means it’s more important than ever for journalists to say to voters: “What you heard on TBN, what you read on Facebook or saw on Instagram, is not the whole story.”

    No, what people DO realize is that what they get in the mainstream media is not the whole story, and the media lies, distorts, omits, "creates" false narrative, instead of "reporting" with no bias. Nobody trusts media.

    “In this election, there were a stunning number of fabricated stories masquerading as legitimate journalism,” writes Andy Alexander". Most of it from MSM, including Steve and Cokie.

    "And the only institution that can provide those “basic facts” is a free, fierce, fearless press. That’s the American Way."

    Sorry. The old "free press" is dying, rightfully so. Because of people like Steve-Cokie Roberts. Sounds like all they are doing is desperately trying to save their jobs by trying to convince Americans only THEY know "the Truth", at this point...doesn't it?

    Sorry, "Free Press". You just dug your own graves. Now then, go get a REAL job. See what it's REALLY like to be 'an American'.

  26. Good morning! Finally got a good freeze so fall is really here.

    I am feeling so much better. Thank you, all of you, for being the "wonderful Bunker people"!

    Hubby decided to make breakfast this morning and he does a great job! Life is really good!

  27. Nunya that took with out editing except the two headed monster part, Lol

  28. PK and why didn't I know you were not feeling well! But better late than never, now you enjoy that bowl of Corn flakes Hubby fixed you... Lol

  29. Jim, the ingredients in that bowl of cornflakes were scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, strawberries and coffee. Pretty darn good for someone who says he can't cook! I won't need to eat for the rest of the day. Oh, and HE did the dishes, too! Life is so very, very good!

  30. PK...Lol Tell Steve I do that everyday! Tell him careful he might get use to doing it, But glad you are up and around. You both take care.

    1. Oh and I am making a big pot of Chilli right now, it is that time for it.

    2. PK it was great but I should know better to have it that late in the afternoon, terrible Heartburn. Good Grief.


    Honestly, the Dems need to just drop it.... Trump won, they need to just get over it!

  32. Breaking News, todays race was won by a Young Mexican Kid, Last year he was Rookie of the year this year the Champion, 1st international Champion. Great Job, Oh and he learn English by watching Cartoons. Is that cool or what.

  33. OK.
    It's official.
    My cjonline and subscription is cancelled.

    I had figured something fishy was going on, with the stories of the Muslims supplied Thanksgiving dinner for the poor folks and the Washburn lectures.
    Now, we have a series at Cj that apparently seems to defend the local "infidel" and jihadi terrorist John Booker. The portrayal of him as an innocent child, and the "plot" by the FBI to put him in prison is appalling.
    I will not stand for this.
    It's ridiculous and dangerous to act this way towards a figure that chose violence in the name of religion. CJ can be cucked and favor Muslims all they want. They get no quarter from me.
    As I have said before, screw alisnackbar. Screw his ideology towards the "non-believer" and his pedophile Idol of Mohammed.
    Go throw rocks somewhere else,
    Ya fucking shit skins....

  34. Well bunker dweller whats UP!! And a good morning all.

  35. Morning Sarge! Didja drink plenty of beer to calm down that chili heartburn? LOL.

    Yeah, Hammer. Headline should have been more like "American Radical: John Booker Jr. THANK YOU FBI for stopping evil "radical Islamic terrorist"!"

    Well...gutters full of leaves, again. Really should install some of those gutter helmets, or something. Supposed to rain this week...need them cleared out. Still more leaves to fall, yet. Reckon I'll have to do it at least once more.

    May get out mower, and mulch leaves on lawn. I set the deck a bit higher, so it just shreds the leaves. Easier and faster than raking.

    Not in a mood to easily tear apart any leftist nonsense on the Pravda-Urinal, today. (They make it so easy!) Just have some breakfast, do a few things, and take it easy. Maybe toss a hunk of meat on the grill later today. Supposed to be decent weather.

    Have a good'un, y'all! (And, watch out for dangerous, pissed-off violent, zombied-out criminals...basically..."liberals"!)

  36. No But I did woof down a glass of Milk in a hurry. ): ): I got the same problem with the leaves.

  37. I did something I never do this morning. I watched a few minutes of CNN. Jake Tapper. Holy crap. It's even worse than I thought.

    They were talking about the godless liberals attacking the Vice President Elect at the play he took his family to. Good Lord. These people are nuts.

    They said it was perfectly fine because Joe Wilson said "you lie" during obamas state of the union.

    So two points. If you thought that was wrong then you have to think this was wrong. Simple.

    The other point was obama was lying. He knew he was lying. He won the lie of the year award for that lie. It's been proven without a doubt he knew he was lying. So there's that.

  38. Good morning folks....
    I've been watching the MSM still spew their biased idiotic ideology, and then to play that worn racism rant is just amazing. This election was not only to make America great again in the sense of getting back to more of a Constitutional government, but this election was also about showing this same MSM that out here in America, we have had enough of their liberal PC biased reporting. I would like to see Trump only allow news outlets that will report unbiased news and tell the truth to the American people into the White House press room. Then maybe the MSM might start to have a clue about why the American people elected Trump.

    Well, I will try to check in hopefully before Thanks Giving day. Been very busy not only at work but around the house as well.

  39. Well B-HO locked FOX news out on a regular basis and talked trash on them so President Trump should fell free to follow the precedent.

  40. And Obama's latest rant about "Fake" news stories is front and center.

    Social media was how we were able to organize.

    It's how we were able to overcome the complete and total bias of today's corrupt media.

    It's how we won the election.

    And it's also why Obama surrendered American control of the internet...