Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving...

Quote of the day:

"When asked whether my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I'm thankful to have a cup"

Author unknown

Even in a world gone mad we can all find something to be thankful for.

By sometime this evening this little house of ours will once again be bustling with activities.

The kids and grand kids will all be here.

I don't even have the words to express how thankful I am for that.

But none of it would be possible if it weren't for those who came before us.

So today I'd like to dedicate this blog to the friends and loved one's we've all lost along the way.

In ways both big and small they've shaped us into the people we've become and for that I'll always be grateful.

From my family to yours.

I wish you nothing but the very best this Thanksgiving Day...

Kevin McGinty



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here. I am thankful for so much like my family, God's blessings on my life every day.

    And I am thankful for my friends here on this blog. A finer group of people I couldn't imagine. Patriotic Americans who love their country, and loyal friends who I am proud to know.

    I'm thankful God blessed America instead of striking us with hillary clinton which is probably the punishment this country deserved for it's decline and rejection of Him. But he has once again shown us his grace as he always does.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. What a great time with friends and family gathered. Hopefully no hillary fanatics show up and begin berating you for standing up to tyranny and throwing out a failed godless left wing bunch of crooks and anarchists.

    So to all my friends, God's blessings on you on the day we set aside to thank Him for all He has done for us. And to our troll friends, you can choke on the turkey neck bone you will be gnawing on. This is a day to thank God, and you have done everything you can to support Satan so you can have Halloween, we'll take this day.

  2. Happy Thanks Giving and many hugs & blessings to my Room 235 family.

    Colossians 3:15 (NIV) Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

    Love~ Rikki

  3. I am thankful for having met all the people I have met in room 235, and those I will meet soon I pray. Hopefully at the next summit the good lord willing. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to all of yours, folks.
    Blessed to be with my family for this holiday.
    So very thankful.

    Then there's being thankful for the discussions at the table that will not involve Hillary Clinton being president.
    The conversations of how Trump will be.

    Truly thankful for the opportunity this country has to turn some things around.

  5. I too am thankful for my Family, and quite frankly, my brothers and sisters here at the 235 bunker.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and keep up the good fight.

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    1. Well let me try this again See Sargejr some of us ole people stil have to redo stuff. Happy T Day to all the bunker peeps.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    I am most thankful to God, for the intelligence, honesty, compassion, morals, integrity, selflessness and insight to be ABLE to be truly thankful for all the family and friends, and any blessings that God has granted to me, or will grant me.

    I am thankful, because of the same characteristics, to be able to withstand great disappointment and tragic sorrow, and to accept personal responsibility for any faulty actions that I may have done, or failures that I may endure. I am thankful for the ability to learn and to grow from them. I am thankful for the common sense to not blame others for my own shortcomings, lack of ambition, integrity or work ethic, or mistakes, and to not be envious of what others have, but to use others' success as a motivator to better myself, and to work harder and smarter if there is something I want to achieve or acquire.

    I am thankful to all of you, for allowing me to participate, and share important ideas and ideals, and do our small part to fight real injustice, intolerance, hate and just plain idiotic nonsense, in the struggle between, Go(o)d and (d)evil.

    I am thankful for a sense of humor, for without it, it would be impossible to notice absolute absurdities and hypocrisies that just beg to be made fun of!

    Everyone, have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Gobble, gobble. Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Beer, sports, food, and more Beer, Life is good. And PK I will have a beer or two for you.

    Poor Hillary!!!!

  10. Lol... There's a story over at that other website advising us on how to converse with family members this holiday season after such a bruising election.

    According to their so-called "experts" we're to take it easy.

    Be gentle, they urge.

    Be kind, they advise.

    Screw that!

    This afternoon as we gather at my sister-in-law's church we'll all be asked to share something we're thankful for.

    When my turn arrives a fully intend to tell them all that I"m thankful Donald Trump beat the hell out of Hillary Clinton and that the childish "Butthurt" her supporters are feeling right now will eventually subside.

    That oughta get things rolling...

  11. Christ what kind of families do those on the left come from? Good grief they whine over everything, they need a kick in the ass just to get them started.

  12. This morning I'd like to draw your attention to the right side of your screen where you'll notice two new videos I've posted.

    Warning: Do not view these videos while you're taking a drink of coffee. Otherwise you'll end up cleaning it off your computer screen.

    No need to thank me.

    They're brought to you by our good friend and fellow Patriot, Mr. Hammertime himself...

  13. Kevin can you give more of a hint where they or a name? I went to the right side.

  14. The two videos right under the flags...

  15. I am still looking Good Grief. Lol

  16. Lol... I'll post them in the heart of tomorrow'a blog.


    1. Yup!! I am glad you are not making me feel stupid. :):)

  17. Ol' Batshit's finally came out of the closet over on that other website.

    Doing his usual asking for links.

    He responded to a person named Betsy Jones by saying something about no such person exists.

    I pointed out that I had Googled Betsy Jones and in under a second came up with just shy of 12,000,000 results.

    Of course that5 wasn't good enough for Lester and he warned her he was inquiring about her IP address.

    Same ol' Batshit.

    I knew he couldn't go on much longer without running to the teacher...

  18. His stupidity and ignorance just amazes me. How he can possible be a lawyer beats the heck out of me. Must have had some help passing the exam as he clearly isn't smart enough to do it by himself. Maybe the capt can clue us in on him.

  19. Well Happy T day to all of the bunkerites. We made it through the day without beating any one up with a Bud bottle. Just because I went to wine with my food or else brother Dan would look like a fat tub of lard now instead of his just plain old fat gut like a hog. But we wish you all the best and cant wait to see you all at the summit if we dont see any more deer on the way. Until next time keep at them and hold the fort. Sara & Dan

  20. Sara Good to hear!! Damn I think I am starting to get hooked on facebook, talking to a lot of family I haven't talked to in 20 plus years ,feels great.

  21. A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you my friends. Saw one set of kids last week, seeing another tomorrow, so life is good.

  22. Let's see, right now we have our three kids and their spouses, 5 grand kids, two of my brothers and one nephew.


    Now that's a house full...


    "Wichita killing, abduction suspect living in US illegally"

    (Frankly, I'm surprised the Urinal didn't make the headline "Wichita killing, abduction suspect living in US undocumentedly")!!

    "A Dallas woman accused of killing a Wichita mother and taking her baby was in the country illegally when she was released from a Kansas jail this summer before immigration officials had a chance to request she be held, law enforcement authorities said."

    "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not receive the July 25 list of arrests from the Sedgwick County sheriff’s office showing Yesenia Sesmas’ name on it until the following day, and by that time she had already been released from local custody, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said Wednesday. The agency would have asked that she be detained if Sesmas, a Mexican national, had still been in jail, he said."

    "Even if ICE had made the request, it is not clear that the county would have honored it. Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter announced in 2014 that the jail would no longer honor ICE requests to hold inmates unless the agency presents a warrant or court order requiring them to hold an inmate in custody longer."

    It's time to Make America Great Again. Sedgwick County and Wichita should soon (around the end of January) get all federal funding stopped, until they decide they will follow the laws of this nation.

    All sanctuary cities should be defunded, federally, since they have decided they wish to no longer adhere to the laws that contribute to the welfare and safety of our great nation. That goes for the "sanctuary campuses", too!

    Since theirs is a "voluntary" disregard for the laws, and not forced upon them by the federal government (well...maybe somewhat by the Obama Crime Syndicate's extortionary tactics) then everyone in those localities must still pay any and all federal taxes, even though they will see no federal funding. Additionally, all residents who reside in those localities will receive no federal income tax refunds, or deductions. If the residents of a sanctuary locality wish to remain a sanctuary locality, and/or do not work to pressure their local governments and agencies to adhere to their oaths of office to follow the Constitution and to defend our country, then they will be considered "willingly paying federal taxes, but rejecting incoming federal dollars for projects and programs".

    In other words, it's up to the people in Sanctuary localities who are allowing the criminal activity of their local authorities who are disregarding and outwardly breaking federal laws to decide if they want to continue to support illegal immigrants (many of whom are dangeropus, as the Urinal article proves), or support their fellow citizens and demand that federal law be followed by their local authorities.

    If they want to retain "Sanctuary status", then they willingly pay federal taxes, but forfeit federal dollars in return.


    Bravo, Brock!

    BRAVO, ol' boy!!


    That oughtta make their air-filled heads explode, and drive them "Batshit" crazy!!!!

    We need to keep fighting the "Control Left", until they have absolutely no 'control left'!!!

    (Of course, we already know they have very little "self-control" witnessed by all the undies-soiling, tantrum meltdowns and acting like crybaby 3-year-olds they have been doing the past couple weeks!)

    1. It drove L n so crazy he wrote jibberish. Oh wait he always writes jibberish.


    "Security would be ensured through random drug testing, video monitoring and a requirement that residents check in and out. Employment is a condition of their release."

    Last sentence first. That's a fine idea, "employment". But, will someone who is a hard-working, honest, non-criminal citizen be denied the job awarded to the person who decided to be a criminal? How does that benefit society, and is that "fair"?

    First part, now. " Security would be ensured...?" "...residents check in and out."

    How can "security be assured" to the community, if "residents" come and go? Perhaps, a better statement would have been:
    "Security inside and on the property will be ensured, once the resident checks in, through random drug testing, video monitoring, and some of the 13 security officers, who will monitor 24 hours a day. Once the residents check out, and are amongst the public, nothing can be absolutely ensured."

    If they do this, they need to be absolutely certain that those who are in that program are not incorrigible beyond redemption...and only in for low-level, non-violent crimes.

    But, I guess this is better than Emperor Obama just flat-out releasing many thousands of violent criminals, including violent illegals, to cause anarchy, murder and mayhem amongst us.

  26. Well I guess everyone is fat and sassy today.

  27. Looks like ole Battshit is about to blow his self up over on the urinal. He is melting down fast LOL

  28. Yes skipper, he is melting down to a big pile of bat shit.

    1. One thing about it His smell will only be in the urinal and we wont have to smell it. Of course being in the urinal how would they [CJ] even know there was some Batt shit that needed to be cleaned up. PEE U