Monday, November 28, 2016

How about this recount? I thought not accepting the outcome of the election was death to our democracy?

Perhaps I was wrong. But it was hillary herself who said it. The godless left spent the last month railing and screeching that President Elect Donald Trump was undermining the very foundations of our society by not saying he would accept the outcome of the election without question. Now that wasn't just another godless left wing political tactic after all, was it?

So suddenly, Jill Stein, godless extremist radical left wing irrelevant candidate who didn't get enough votes to even register in the count, wants a recount. What, does she think they'll find 60 million votes? She says the Russkies hacked our voting machines. Voting machines which are not connected to the internet or any network whatsoever. Voting machines it would be virtually impossible to hack. But there you go. I suspect she is keeping a close eye on her toaster as well, in case the Chicoms have hacked it and that explains why her toast is always burning.

And surprise! hillary is going to join the fight for justice for Jill Stein. What a hero of the people!

But we know what this is all about. It is the desperation and brains exploding of the godless left. They are completely insane at this point. They have lost their collective mind. (See what I did there?). They cannot and will not admit America has had enough of their destructive ideas that have left America broke and demoralized. And that a popular candidate beat them, and beat them by promising to "make America great again" which is a concept they find detestable and goes against every principle they hold dear.

It's so crazy that even on the urinal the mindless drones are losing what little thread of cohesion they once had. Buttstash is claiming to have been me posting all that time, along with being Nunya and Hammertime. So he is refuting everything we (he) said. What a weird and convoluted thought process that freakshow must possess. And the rest are getting nasty and trolling at a record level. It's like the cockroaches scrambling for their lives when the lights come on in a dark room. A lot like that. Exactly like that. In every way.

So my thought for the day is if the godless left actually cared about voting integrity, which they don't, they wouldn't be going after imaginary boogeymen. They would be supporting real voting integrity. Photo ID. Proof of citizenship when registering. Heavy prosecution of voter fraud. Purging the voting rolls of dead and improperly registered voters. But they fight all those things tooth and nail. Interesting, isn't it?

What really makes them angry is they lost. They lost after working so hard to register millions of illegals to vote. After stacking the voter rolls with people who would vote multiple times. With people who would vote in the name of dead people. After all that work, and all that illegal activity they still lost. And they just can't accept it. I mean nobody goes to those lengths of criminal activity and loses. So they figure something untoward must have happened.

It's call the American people, losers. And there's still enough of us to outnumber you with all your illegal shenanigans. We won. Simple as that. Now get the hell out of the way. We have work to do fixing eight years of damage you did.


  1. Yup it is a new blog alright., This recount is going no place, even if it did she would lose again then she would have to take another week of throwing fits hahahahah

  2. I thought it was extremely odd seeing the behavior of Jill Stein in all of this.
    I knew she was green party, just didn't think it was that kind of green....
    Besides that, who really cares about a recount for a 1% vote getter. I know I don't. I bet the American people don't either.
    The outcome of Trump winning proves that.

    Well written blog Safe.

  3. Pretty obvious there is more to this story. Some kind of devious operation by the godless democrat party. But then do they do any other kind of operation? No. The answer to that question is no.

  4. Ohio State attack. Somali refugee runs into pedestrians then jumps out and stabs nine people. And what do we learn from this you might ask?

    Well according to the godless left, this....

    We have nothing to fear from muslim refugees. They are all carefully vetted and only racist xenophobic islamaphobic haters would doubt that.

    And what we really have to fear is students being allowed to conceal carry on campus. Because of course one of them might go berserk and shoot a bunch of people at random.

    I mean these situations sure prove their point, right?

  5. My guess is that this whole thing is being financed by Soros. Otherwise how is she getting the amount of money being donated? This is another pay-off, and a way to keep Hillary's hands clean in the process! Whether it is buying a house for Bernie to shut him up or get him to go along with Hillary or a pay-off to Stein, it probably all comes out of Soros to keep things stirred up! I would love to see Sessions go after Soros next year! There has to be a lot of illegal corruption and pay-offs that he is behind and he needs to be fried!

  6. Don't know if any of you have read this article in the Urinal on Kobach's homeland security plan in line with Trump and illegal voters. The Liberal idiots, Bat, Maingate ? and Alan doing their usual!

    Kobach’s Homeland Security plan in line with Trump’s fury at election results

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    1. Darn, not fast enough. I had some good screenshot material. Maybe next time.

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  9. Sorry. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to wipe him but he is so worthless and obnoxious I just can't stand this POS taking up space among decent people.

    If you guys want I can leave his crap up a little longer. I can wait until I hear from you.

    I just look at it like when you step in dogshit. You don't walk around with it on your shoe, you scrape it off. And that's exactly what he is.

    Remember last time I let him go. He gets exponentially nastier by the minute. He can't help it, it's his particular mental illness.

    Give me some feedback. This blog belongs to all of us.

  10. I can't type fast enough either, but that last comment by ole buttstache just proves his homer lifestyle is nothing more than a deviant behavior and a deviant lifestyle choice. Nothing more. Now they even have a couple two or three deviant scoyus judges running in line with their deviancy.

  11. Nah, you were just taking out the garbage Safe. I would never ever hold that against ya...
    But hey when you got a 66 year old man acting like he's twelve, it's probably best he gets deleted.
    With all these handles and pseudo personalities he claims to have, one might think he was born on Halloween.
    Ya know, seems so comfortable hidden.
    And in the dark.

  12. I can easily live without reading his bullshit.

    I suppose it might be different if I gave a damn about him or what he has to say.

    But I don't...

  13. The only time I think about buttstash is when I'm scraping him off my shoe.

  14. SSAH dump that worthless SOB as soon as he post if you can why give that prick a platform.

  15. Man, is Chicago nuts or what?
    If you notice, the lines haven't been set in recent weeks.
    Problem is the cashiers cage is running out of cash to pay out on the overs.
    Rahm and Barry should be proud.
    I thinks it's a travesty, but I'm not sure I honestly care anymore.
    It's hard to care for individuals who don't care and respect themselves.
    The way I see it, they are losing democratic voters at a record pace.
    So sad.
    No way I would set foot in that city without mechanical assistance.
    And let's remember 8 died in shootings this weekend, and that's not counting the 3 that the police had to put down while committing violent acts.

    At least those gun laws are working.
    You betcha....

    1. Be sure and peek at the stats so far. Democratic Barbary at its finest.

  16. I used to visit Chicago regularly in the 70s and 80s. Have friends who live there. Back then it was safer than New York, although that polarity has switched. The lake city I lived in was Cleveland, which back then had Republican mayors, and was much safer than either.

    But now the only time I go to Chi-town is through O'Hare, and not willingly at that. Because, let's face it, compared to Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington Dulles, and Detroit Wayne, it's an overcrowded, slow pain in the pants. From a Dem's point of view, I'm sure it has plenty of patronage jobs and as such, is the perfect addition to their one-party paradise.

    But bad though it is, compared to the streets of Chicago, it's a veritable "safe space" of its own.

    I've been even more intermittent than normal, but some of you (the FaceBook folks) know why. I had an operation at the VA on Wednesday afternoon, but I'm recovering fine. Oh yeah, HammerTime, Scott, Andy and Shawn give their regards. Even after an operation losing a nut, I still made it to Thanksgiving Day dinner. :-)

    1. Good to hear from ya Cap'n! Give the family my regards. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  17. Dang Captain. Didn't know. Don't do the Facebook it being the mark of the beast and all, but best wishes for a speedy recovery. Sounds like everything is under control at this point.

    I just figured you were hanging out in the old country. Bet that's where you would have preferred to be.

  18. Didn't know either.
    I just figured you were so happy having Donald Trump as president that it left you speechless.
    Take care my friend...

  19. Sending Get Well wishes your way Captain.
    Hugs~ Rikki

  20. Capt, I knew about it from facebook, but you are still I ball ahead of those lib's that have no balls, stay well and again best to you and yours. Jim

  21. Thanks folks, I really just do this and FaceBook, so that's how I keep in touch with the world. CJ is so out of it now, I mostly look at it through Kevin's links on FB (so don't stop those, Kevin). KTT still writes a good blog, but other than that CJ's a depressing wasteland. Keri would be funny if she didn't just cut and paste a lot.

    This is a much better community. Believe me, I know. And it's nice being known by my real name instead of Beatnik Bandit, Captain Howdy, or Springheel Jack.

    Thanks again for the good wishes!!!!!

  22. Anonymous you are right when you leaving asshole.

  23. Good morning All-

    Best wishes for a quick recovery Ken!


  24. President-elect Donald Trump debuted a new hat over the weekend, previewing his upcoming inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.

    The hat was spotted by reporters who watched Trump leave his Mar-a-lago hotel on Sunday afternoon and left for the airport back to New York City.

    The hat read “USA” on the front with the number “45” on the side.

    This is a sign that Trump is willing to use his skills as a master marketer to embarrass the media and speak directly to the American people.

    This is a bold statement by Trump:
    trump 45 hat

    Gotta love @realDonaldTrump new hat. On Sun. #trump wore #45 it’s a nice swipe at recount efforts. @fox @ThePolitiChicks @BreitbartNews

    — Michelle Mears (@therighttalkusa) November 28, 2016

    In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 27, 2016

    Liberals suddenly care about “vote tampering” now that their candidate lost. They know Stein’s challenge can’t be successful, but that’s not the point of this effort. Instead, the goal is to undermine and Trump’s presidency and destroy the Electoral College.

    Trump is showing his leadership abilities and is trying to unite the country after one of the toughest Presidential elections in history. Apparently, the liberal media doesn’t want unity.

    What do you think about Donald Trump’s hat?

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  26. Dont worry You will never be a judge

  27. Is Anonymous still shitting out of his mouth? Good Grief.

  28. Was that Hand-Job or was it Bat-Shit?

    1. There's a difference? Which one's smarter? Come on, tell me. I want to know.

    2. Hand-Job's a lawyer and probably better educated, but has self-control issues. Bat's not quite as educated, with more self-control. Unfortunately, Bat's taken it into his mind to hate us, mostly from envy. Hand is just a misanthrope and can get creepy.

      Learn anything yet, Mousey?

  29. Ken from me to you I didn't see them.

  30. Don't know which one it is. It's like trying to decide if the dogshit you stepped in was from a lab or a pointer. Still dogshit. Still smells the same.

    As for which one is smarter, same principle. Is moss smarter than alge? About equal I would say. Call it a draw.

    1. Safe, this has the feel of Hand. Bat wouldn't compare himself to Hand, but vice-versa ... . You know it.

      Besides, I have sort of a "spidey sense" to the presence of Hand. After all, I'm just "that sort of guy" right, Hand?

    2. Mousey, aka Hand-Job, if you have any testicles at all I would suggest you spit them out. They don't belong to you.

    3. Hahahahah You got that right Ken. hahahahahha

  31. Saw goofy Jill Stein on Kennedy yesterday. She was babbling about the voting machines being hacked because the DNC got hacked and all those emails got hacked.

    Kennedy asked her if she understood something had to be connected to the internet to be hacked and the voting machines weren't connected to the internet.

    Stein's eyes just started rolling around and you could hear cuckoo noises just like in the cartoons.

    That woman is a special kind of stupid.

  32. Safe, perhaps ol' Vladimir is using the Jedi mind trick on Stein. After all, if one mind is very strong and the other very weak ... .

    But I sort of like seeing lefties spend their money uselessly. Think of the enormous wealth transfer that goes by the name of "Clinton Campaign." They spent ALL that money, and for what?

    A thought to brighten up your day, courtesy of The Remf.

  33. Nice try Idiot Anony your a complete fool and always was, puke punk I would say.

  34. Pray tell, Hand, what prompts this newest non-sequitur? The Donald (whom I didn't vote for) seems in fine health to me. Better than the Harridan, certainly.

  35. I'm confused. I get the personalities of the Larned(sic) Hand and Lester mixed up.
    Which one is the 66 year old tennis wannabe born on Halloween?
    Which one does community service picking up garbage on the highway?

    Ahhhhh, hell. Safe provided the best outlook I suppose. So I will find a stick and scrape off my boot and quit pondering which kind it is.


    First point is when a liberal says they will never, I take it as it will happen.

    Second point is this quote "I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively,” he said. “Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country,..."

    Now, I can't say I've been in a bar in quite a few years. But I'm pretty sure people don't watch Fox in bars...
    And in most restaurants that I have frequented, I can't recall any news feed being broadcast.

    Out of touch.
    And that's why they lost.

  37. So Ford stays, and Kentucky keeps more than 5000 jobs.
    Now carrier stays. Keeping 2000 more jobs.

    Hasn't even been inaugurated and already making America great again. Imagine what else can and will be done.

    That folks, is winning.

  38. More shameless nonsense from the "editorial board" at the Pravda-Urinal.

    "Over the past two years, there have been alarming signs of disintegration in American society. Racial tensions have been getting worse, confidence in law enforcement has plummeted, partisan enmity is at its highest level in years and none of these measures seem to be improving."

    That's what happens when Democrats stir the pot and foment hate and envy.

    "For example, after President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Pew Research Center found that 52 percent of voters expected race relations to improve. This proportion is at 25 percent after Donald Trump’s victory."

    "Eight years ago, 49 percent of white Americans thought race relations were bound to get better under Obama, but this number is down to 27 percent under Trump. For black Americans, the difference is staggering: 75 percent versus 5 percent."

    Barack Obama made race relations worse. Lest we forget, black Americans voted over 90% for Obama for one reason only. A thinking mind would consider it "racist" since they overwhlemingly voted for him only because he is black. Meanwhile, without millions of white Americans voting for him, he wouldn't have gotten elected. So, who's 'racist'? Dems' entire platform is to divide into demographic categories, to pit each against all others, weakening us, as a whole. "Divide, and conquer".

    "Pew has also found that the percentage of Democrats who have an unfavorable view of Republicans (and vice versa) has tripled since 1994. Meanwhile, according to Gallup, Americans’ trust in law enforcement dropped from 64 percent in 2004 to 52 percent in 2015."

    We can thank mainstream media, INCLUDING the Topeka Capital-Journal, for their proven socialist-progressive-leftism, and barrage of divisive propaganda, disguised as "news". Journalistic integrity is extinct, and the mainstream news organizations, themselves, will soon follow. We don't NEED or WANT you any more. The "real deplorables".

    "However, Topekans are doing their best to overcome this anxiety and mutual contempt. Two weeks ago, Topeka High School students marched to the Statehouse in a “unity march” — a gesture that received the support of Principal Rebecca Morrisey, other administrators, teachers and community leaders. By exercising their right to peaceful assembly in such a positive way, the students proved that post-election civic engagement doesn’t have to be marred by unthinking partisan acrimony or divisive rhetoric."

    WHO are you trying to KID?! That was a protest about one thing! A bunch of ill-informed crybabies...brainwashed students marching ONLY against Trump's election. "Unity"?! Bull!

    They didn't accept the result of the elections. Someone recently said that's a "threat to our democracy". The entire leftist media and every Democrat pummeled Trump for declaring he would "wait-and-see". Trump won, they've changed their attitude. Now, they are trying to interrupt the Electoral College process, and throw a wrench in the works. I hope Jill Stein goes down the toilet, where she belongs.

    Why do Dems do this? Because they are evil, no conscience. Hypocrites. Dems, mainstream media, and liberals in general can never get what they want legitimately (which is always bad for ALL Americans), so they have to lie, cheat, steal and destroy to get it.

    Just like this insane editorial. More Trump-bashing, trying to make it APPEAR that conservatives are to blame for all this. I'd say "shame on you, CJ", but we all know, proven time and again, CJ is shameless.

  39. Did I ever mention the Urinal's new website SUCKS?! No more continual-clicking on "More..." whatever, just to bring up the same crap, plus one.

    I'll stick to skewering the main page crap, to expose the blatant hypocrisies and lies from them.

    OH...BTW!!! Tried to comment yesterday, but didn't take. (Maybe we should have Jill "Franken" Stein audit CJ's servers, for CJ criminal-commie operatives hacking into this site?)

    ANYWAY...I saw that one of our favorite trolls gave a personally-approved endorsement of a personal-lubrication product! HOW THOUGHTFUL...but we don't need it.

    Apparently, it works so well for his all-day, all-night personal lube needs, that he just assumed EVERYONE needs to know how much he likes it! Roomer is, he even endorses the same product as a lip balm, to keep his lips from blistering from all that friction, and since he obviously lubes both ends at once, all day and all night...who better to endorse it?!

    Sorry, Trollsky...BUTT...nobody is interested in your personal, enthusiastic endorsement of your most-used all-day and all-night personal lube product.

    Maybe, Friday afternoon, MFA, you can share your well-qualified endorsements with your "buddies" down at the little bar?

    Then, again...I'm sure they already know.