Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's getting crazy out there

But it's been crazy for a while now, so it doesn't look too different.

Harry Reid on the Senate floor croaking out his bile, hoping to cause division and hatred as always. Popular vote he sez. Didn't win it he sez. So what I sez? Harry says there has been a rise in hate crimes since the election. That is absolutely true. One of the few things he has ever said, probably in his entire life that is completely true. But the hate crimes are against those who voted for Donald Trump. Committed by godless left wingers who are angry at the American electoral process. Being a supporter of President Elect Donald Trump is a dangerous thing. Even being presumed to be a supporter is dangerous. There have been people attacked, beaten up, threatened, their property vandalized, they are vilified, demonized. They are called names, they are blamed for things that haven't actually happened. These are hate crimes. And they are being committed by angry Anarchist left wing radicals.

Now the news tells us the delicate little snowflakes at Topeka High are having a walk out because they "sense" there is a rise in racial tension. There's no evidence of it. There haven't been any incidents of it. Nothing has happened. But they "sense" it is there. Perhaps a rational person would look within. If there is racial tension maybe it is you. If nobody has actually done anything, maybe it's you that is having racist feelings. That makes you the racists, little snowflakes.

This is just ugly stuff. They lost. It's just that simple. America rebuked their destructive agenda. But being destructive by their very nature, that doesn't satisfy them. These are people who will inflict their will on this country by any means possible. If it takes violence and force, then that's what they will do. And they call us the fascists. I'm pretty certain they don't know what a fascist actually is. Because if they want to see one up close, look in the mirror. A pretty good definition would be a group of people who will inflict their will through government using central control by an ever growing, ever stronger and ever more powerful government force, that will use any means necessary to control the population. That's them, folks. That's what they're doing.

But my hope is that as President Elect Donald Trump takes office and begins to sweep these godless liberals out of the nooks and crannies of Washington DC and into the dustbin of history, and we begin to see a government that serves all the people instead of just their party sycophants, then we will start to see real change.

As this economy starts to grow again, as jobs return to America and government shrinks, as people once again openly and proudly express their love for America and reject the haters who attack her it will change.

As our police officers realize they can do their job without the fear of a corrupt and racist Department of Justice descending on them like a hawk on a field mouse with pretty much the same intentions, we will see law and order come back.

As expressing your hatred for America stops being praised and encouraged by the president and instead is met with the scorn it deserves we will see change.

When racist terrorist groups who call for the murder of police officers no longer are welcomed to visit the white house, but instead treated like the terrorists they are, we will see change.

When this country has as it's leader again a proud and patriotic American, who can inspire the best in us instead of inspiring worst among us, change will follow.

So be patient friends. We are on the cusp of a change. We are going to Make America Great Again.


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    1. Well said SSAH, and every word was truth!!

  2. Good blog Safe. Ya know, with all that post election temper tantrums the Dems are having - the media making sure we all see it...etc., I have decided to no longer watch or read anything about the post election crapola -

    The Dems are acting like asses, but then to - their animal mascot just happens to be an ass - so they're being true to form.

  3. Here we go.... From

    "Black-Owned Restaurant Facing Boycott After Catering a Trump Event

    Chef Don Studvent, a Black business owner in Detroit, Michigan, is under fire for catering an event for Donald Trump's son. His 7-year old restaurant, the 1917 American Bistro, serves well-prepared dishes ranging from grilled shrimp, salmon and chicken to blackened or deep-fried catfish. But they are facing a potential boycott by other African Americans and others protestors against Donald Trump's presidency."

    So the same hypocrites who drove businesses to bankruptcy because they chose their religious beliefs over providing a service they objected to are perfectly happen with this.

    Demanding a business bake a cake or whatever, otherwise it was "discrimination". But when a business owner caters an event for someone they disapprove of, they punish them.

    If there have ever been a worse group of hypocrites than the ungodly left I hope I never meet them.

    But isn't this just exactly what we would expect from them? And isn't this just exactly what drove 60 million Americans to vote for President Elect Donald Trump?

  4. Here's something to think about. You know how all the screaming meemies go on and on about money in politics? They cry "we have to get the big money out of politics"! They screech "the people should decide, not the big money corporations"!

    Well, surprise. hillary outspent Donald Trump by a two to one margin. hillary got all the big money from wall street, the banks and Soros. She had all the money in the world. Donald Trump ran his campaign on a much smaller budget, and the money didn't come from the big corporations.

    So it looks like the people spoke and not the big money. So what happens to that theory? Twice the money and she still lost. So you would say, well, the people spoke, right?

    Well, not is you listen to the same godless left wing nuts. They decided it was big money deciding elections. Well, now they are proven wrong. A more humble group might admit their assumptions were incorrect. But, this is the godless left here.....

  5. As usual, Safe, we're on the same page.

    I just posted today's blog over at that other website...

  6. Nope not giving Alan Lunn even a thought or the rest of those asshole.

  7. Safe, excellent blog.

    Hypocrites they are! Everything they ACCUSE conservatives of doing, the liberals are actually doing. Yes, there have been some remote instances of conservatives actually doing stupid things, but nowhere near the scale of the left. Soros actively recruits demonstrators. They are paid to ride chartered buses from one location to the next. There's been an ad on Craig's list offering $1,500 a week to protest Trump's election. If they don't like it, they have no choice but to suck it up and deal with it. We had to for eight years. Apparently we are to roll over and take it, but they shouldn't have to because they're so delicate, perfect and incredibly narcissistic.

    1. You're right PK. They're displaying their self centeredness for all to see -

  8. Hello PK, glad to hear from you, I was about to email you to see if you and Steve are okay. :):)

    1. We're doing great! I'm not tiring out as fast, thank you God! I am overdoing sometimes and I just need to figure out when to quit so I won't be overtired or have pain I could have avoided. Most of the time I know, but not always. Sometimes I push too hard. It's getting better!

  9. So how about these sanctuary cities? We are hearing from a bunch of these people now telling us they will continue to violate Federal law and continue their illegal and unconstitutional practice of harboring criminals.

    Anybody realize this is exactly what started the Civil War? The democrats in the Southern slave states decided the Federal laws regarding slavery were not acceptable and could be ignored because they didn't agree with them. The Federal government disagreed with them and implemented sanctions. The southern democrats responded with secession. This led to the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln refused to accept this dissolution of the Union.

    So things never really change, do they? Democrats still believe they can violate Federal law if they disagree with it. The difference now is we have had a president for eight years who agreed with them in his disregard for Federal law. Now we have a President who does not agree with rebellion against the Union.

    Perhaps like Abraham Lincoln, he will implement sanctions against those democrat strongholds that believe they can rebel against the Union just like their democrat ancestors did. You are either part of this Union or you are not. If you choose to not be a part of the United States by open rebellion, then expect consequences when we have a President who upholds the oath he took instead of ignoring it.

    Here's that oath by the way. Our last president never intended to keep it from day one. I'm hoping this one feels differently.

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  10. Let's hope that the post election temper tantrums from the Dems don't lead to a current day civil war.

  11. Message from this deplorable Trump supporter to the Democrats.... Donald Trump won, Hillary Clinton lost - accept the reality of it - stop your damned nonsense - in 4 years we'll meet up with you again -

  12. OK, demonstrators. Enough is enough. Your signs show your hate and discontent for President-elect Trump, but it is time to take your pouting and go home.

    Our democracy was built on elections and we Americans have to accept that fact whether we agree or not with this election's outcome.

    Whether you agree or not with Trump, he will be our next president.

    The world is watching us, so like it or not, show your maturity and responsibilty.

  13. If the lefties over on Cj get to big for their britches, just remind them that they need to get with the sign of the times - the Golden Age of Blogging has entered a new chapter - it's called the Trump chapter. The Hillary chapter has come and gone by the way side and has passed into history as of November 8, 2016.

  14. If obama pardons hillary, President Trump should pardon Julian Assange. And award him the American medal of freedom.

  15. You thought their heads were gonna explode over the election?

    Just wait till the media gets wind of Kris Kobach being considered for Attorney General.

    If there were ever a time to buy shares in duct tape this is it...

  16. Make sure the duct tape has "Remember Nov. 8, 2016".... lol

  17. This is just insane. For eight years we put up with a president who did not and would not follow the law. Now we have a president-elect who says he will follow the law. So...these idiots say they're going to continue as they have been doing and keep breaking the law. Bill de Blasio, there's a prison cell with your name on it waiting for you.

    I'm hopeful the Trump administration will take these criminals out. There needs to be zero tolerance for this behavior.

  18. I was cleaning up after my dog and just before I scooped up a pile, I saw an eyeball staring up at me. My first thought was how did that anti-Trump person get in my backyard. On further examination, I realized my dog must have swallowed the eyeball when he shredded one of his stuffed animals. I picked the pile up, wrapped it in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash bin where it belonged. That is pretty much how I feel about the swiveling snowflakes.

  19. Rose If the lib's had half a brain they would have paid those numb nut to vote instead of paying them to riot.

  20. The funny thing is that it's come out that half of those delicate little snowflakes that are out there raising hell like the world's about to end didn't even vote.

    Here's how I feel about that.

    If you couldn't even bother to vote then sit down and shut the hell up...

  21. We can do this all night long, Lester...

  22. Is lester out here again sticking his ass in the air again just to get it kicked again. Good grief.

  23. Yeah, he's trying to be cute.

    The smell of fresh bat shit was a dead giveaway...

  24. This is just insane. For eight years we put up with a president who did not and would not follow the law. Now we have a president-elect who says he will follow the law. So...these idiots say they're going to continue as they have been doing and keep breaking the law. Bill de Blasio, there's a prison cell with your name on it waiting for you.

    I'm hopeful the Trump administration will take these criminals out. There needs to be zero tolerance for this behavior.

  25. Having a discussion with a gentlemen after adoration and waiting for my son to get out of his church class this week.
    He told me that last week when he got home from church, after the rosary, etc... He started watching the Trump victory last Tuesday. He told me that it was too much and he broke down in the fact that our resident is now President Trump.
    I asked him if he ever broke down at the fact that those same people that wanted Hillary encouraged the killing of police?
    I asked him if he supported the killing of human life up to one day before birth, just because of choice?
    I asked him if he believes in the church, or the faith (because there is a difference)?

    Anyways, I thought the gentleman was going to cry. I kind of feel bad because I had to break it down for him. And hate that he was weak in his derived decision based on faith to vote Hillary. (I mean, really?)

    Needless to say, I'm sure I won't be invited to adoration or will be spoken to by the priest...
    It won't change a dam thing.
    I'm good with how I feel and the reasoning why. Most of the left couldn't justify anything, especially their violence. I'm here to resist, and will continue to do so.
    That is what strength and a conscience does for ya.

    Enjoy one more day of good weather folks, old man winter comes soon...
    Later peeps.

  26. These kids make me sick and then to think their parents must be the same! They are worthless and the future of this country is in danger with their kind. Makes me think the return of the draft and giving them a few years of military environment is needed.

    Then the school administrators are evil flesh that encourages this action and wouldn't have allowed a similar event id Hillary won. Actually, with the liberal schools at all levels, this generation doesn't have a chance.

    Need to get a wall up and the illegals out! Need to get the schools to stop this liberal agenda and teach the truth about our history. It is okay to have a few gates in the wall to let people in that meet certain requirements and want to become Americans and not change America.

  27. Hammertime, That's what I like about you, you say it like it is, don't like it too damn bad. Be well my friend keep on enjoying what you do.

  28. Hey Bunker people good morning, they say it may hit 80 again today enjoy.


    "With chants of “T-High unified!”, 400 to 500 Topeka High School students marched to the Statehouse"...and then... "When asked by a reporter why she thought less than half of the student body chose to participate in the march, she said she thought some students weren’t comfortable participating in the event."

    400-500, out of 1800. Only in liberal mathematics can less than 1/3 be considered "unified".

    “I think it’s because it’s very political and they’d rather stay out of controversial issues because it’s still an uncomfortable thing for a lot of people here,” she said."

    OR...maybe a LOT of those more than 2/3 knew it was a bogus event, with no reality behind it? Perhaps they didn't want to just follow a "stupid trend", and become one of the sheeple falling for manufactured, meaningless "protests"? Could even be some of them realize they don't know jack about the real world, and have no real undertsanding about what's going on, at all, and decided not to be a hypocrite, and act like they do? COULD be...SOME of them even wanted to do what they were in school to do...and spend their time..y'know...DOING SCHOOLWORK?!

    But, those wouldn't have the same liberal-slant impact as what this story is written to falsely convey through "yellow journalism".

    "Oh...we're SURE the entire student body agreed, it's just a FEW of them decided not to participate."

    "Outside of Topeka High School last week, a student said she witnessed an argument between white and black students related to the election. She said the verbal confrontation between the two groups nearly turned into a fight. Jordan Large, a junior, had said several students in the school’s LGBT community were crying and anxious as a result of Donald Trump’s victory."

    Doesn't mention who may have started "the argument" (IF it even happened), but most likely the angry losing side taking its cues from MSM to protest, kick and scream, whine and incite violence, rather than the other side, who had no reason to start confrontations.

    No mention of any of the poor little LGBTXYZ crybabies actually being treated wrong...but, what the heck...ANY reason is a good reason to "play victim", see scary shadowy figures and display your emotions, right?

    If Hillary had won, would ANY of this had happened? Probably not. Conservative-minded folks...even teens...are more mature, and grounded in reality. If anti-Hillary protests HAD happened, would the schools be so accomodating...wasting precious time and taxpayer money on "cry rooms, therapy puppies, coloring books" and who-the-heck knows what other "good for a 4-year-old to shut them up" nonsense?

    Probably not. they would have told them to "Shut up. Quit whining. Get over it. And GET BACK TO CLASS!"

    Sheesh. THIS is what they are doing in schools, these days? They call it "diversity". I call it "child abuse".

  30. I saw the mob of unruly teenagers gathered around the Statehouse steps. Looked a lot less like a political protest than a "hey, we get out of class for a couple of hours if we follow these idiots on their march. Let's go!"

    If you could ask each and every one of those poor aggrieved snowflakes what their real complaint was the best they could do was repeat some fabricated godless left wing talking point they heard somewhere without a clue if it's even true.

    These are future voters friends. And frankly, it's pretty scary. They are little clones of these idiots who almost elected a criminal to the presidency.

    Let's hope President Elect Donald Trump will wipe up the mess and we get some voting integrity, a solid constitutionalist Supreme Court and a solid Dept of Justice that supports our law enforcement instead of harassing it.

    And we already know our guns are safe for at least the next four years, probably eight. We have a President who respects the second amendment and does not "think the Supreme Court got it wrong" as hillary said when she thought only her cronies were listening.

  31. Poof and another one bites the dust over to the urinal.

  32. Random thoughts.....

    They just found an oil field in Texas with an estimated 75 billion barrels of oil.....

    Univision just announced a layoff of 200.....

    I'm starting to enjoy this winning stuff.

  33. And another thing. Seems foolish to me for the godless left wing snowflakes to declare a violent war on us. We're the ones with all the guns. Some 300 million of them. They're the ones who are proud to not have any.

    Just doesn't sound like a smart idea to me. Things can get wet pretty quick. Unless they can convince the U.S. Marines to rebel and join them, I don't think it's going to go well over the long run.

  34. From Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:

    Hillary Clinton Supporters Doxxing, Harassing Electoral College Voters. Normally I’d say nothing would come of this, but it is 2016, after all, so I’ll say “Do you want a civil war? That’s how you get a civil war.”"


    Though Hillary's speech is quite sincere and touching, it lacks what her supporters need to hear....Hillary should have reiterated that she lost the election, she conceded to Donald Trump, and that the post election protests & legislation to abolish the Electoral College isn't benefiting anyone.

    I realize that Hillary poured her heart & soul into her campaign - that losing the race for the White House was devastating for her - but her supporters should note that Hillary is moving forward, getting on with her life and they should do the same.

    All of this negativity, that the post election protestors are displaying is just nothing more than a selfish, self centered childish temper tantrum..... it needs to stop.

    Instead of them wasting energy on post election temper tantrums..... these protestors need to channel their energies towards looking for a candidate for 2020.... but they're too drunk on their hatred to think ahead.

  36. Actually Rikki, it's a strategy.

    It's an attempt to demoralize Trump supporters and make them believe the majority of the country's against us.

    They also want us to just give up the fight because it's not worth it.

    This is exactly what we can expect for the next 4 years.

    To those involved I only have one thing to say.

    F You!!!

  37. I agree 150% with what you just said Kevin.
    The photo of Hillary yesterday must have been a "come as you are" kind of thing.... she looked as though she didn't have facial make up on, she's looking aged.

    All I can say is that they need to get used to Donald Trump and also when he runs for re-election 2020.... so 8 years of Trump.... hoping Mike Pence picks up the baton for 2024.

  38. I seen something on the show Family Feud the other night. It really showed the contrast in how the black and white family thought pattern worked. The question was "You just learned you boss is going to fire you, what is your response".

    Black family was answering, first answer was cuss him out, second was trash the place and third steal something. All three were strikes. White family stole the game with the winning answer of looking for another job. Which was BTW my answer yelling at the TV. Seems simple, look for another job.

  39. The Democratic Party has been fractured for years, now they're literally shattered with Hillary's loss. It's no wonder the post election protests are going full's because they lack direction.

    Of all the mistakes that Hillary made through the campaign process, there is one mistake that no one has mentioned.... Hillary was so sure she had the win within her grasp and was banking on that to the point that she was probably already getting her cabinet in place.

    Then reality set in, you can almost hear the cracking of the ceiling. She allowed herself to become delusional with the notion of winning that she didn't really prepare herself adequately in the case of a loss.

    Enter devastation.

    10 to 1 you'll never see her campaign again - instead you'll see her VP choice. They had slim pickins as far as candidates go for the primaries - only two. How many did the Republicans have? 17.

    Scandal, false hopes, corruption - this is what the Democratic Party has been laden with. Don't look for more than 2 or 3 Democratic hopefuls in 2020.

  40. Well been busy had to relist the house, fired the old realtors and got a new one. Plus I drop the price a good deal. Got tired of paying property upkeep, Insurance, and taxes, and utilities to boot. I just had to Adapt improvise and overcome.

  41. Well at least we won't have to see Tim Kaine in 4 years....

  42. Aj4A--Heres what I posted on the urinal blog, apparently it didnt pass 'moderation':

    Why do the dems NOW care about the popular vote?

    After all, in 2008 Hillary claimed to have won the popular vote in the primary*.(with all Hillary statements, a lie.)

    All through the Dem primary we heard how only delegates matter, and Hillary had them all sewn up.

    The irony.

    So when you get a dem whining about the popular vote, remind them--Trump won the most delegates.

  43. Remember buttstash? Spewing on and on how there was no possible mathematical way Trump could win. Big talker. All that was based on electoral votes. Of course now they're all crying a different tune, aren't they?

    Well, if that's all you got, then shut the hell up and go home.

  44. 'Hillary has 263 electoral votes, right now' -Battlestache

    Looks like shes...shy a couple of those electoral votes.

  45. And Battlestache--voice of the millenials--is just a gray haired white guy.

    I SWEAR AshMcG posted in chat once he was black. If he is, he must be a cuckold, because his wifes kissing a fat old white guy.

  46. Well with the way ole battshit ran his mouth on CJ urinal and the way he does now its no wonder he goes to the bar every Friday early. Must not be much demand for lawyers like him. Not hard to see why he has all that free time to post on the urinal and here. No wonder he didnt get the last man standing award. He cant even add and subtract numbers

  47. But, but, but he's a trend setter...

  48. No he is a Asshole simple as that!!

  49. Yea, I'm gonna have to side with Safe. Liberals with no guns promising violent resistance. I'm shaking in my boots.....

    But let's be real. You know what you get with a liberal/Democrat with a gun? A mass murderer.

    And hey Kevin, there's only one thing guaranteed with a trend. And that's fading... Like blue jeans in a dryer..... Fade fade fade.
    And no offense to Howdy, but what do you call a million lawyers at the bottom of the sea?
    A good start.

    Btw, you guys gotta check out how long my mullet is now, and high I jacked my pickup...
    It's Bigly huuuge....

    Catch ya on the flip folks.

    1. Bite Me, Hammer!

      What is black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?
      A Doberman.

      The new format is just where the problems with cj start. You've probably noticed that while I'm an occasional writer here (but I read here several times a day), I'm pretty much extinct at the urinal. I know Kevin could use the help, but he's more than capable of handling their sort and more of my friends are over here. Besides, there's more real discussion here.

      Frankly, I don't know how Kevin puts up with them.

  50. Just tried to post on OBF that Kevin had just put up a while ago on the Urinal. Man, I hate their new format! I just wrote this WONDERFUL smart, and informative post, then tried to post it, and it gave me that error message. I had gotten one before, and was told my post was probably too long to post. Do they limit you on length? Anyway, I tried to copy it because I knew that I would probably lose it otherwise, and it would not let me copy it! I hate writing something and then losing it and try to remember what and how I wrote it the first time, in order to repeat it! So, I guess you guys lose out on my fantastic post! :) Anyway, I still think the new format on the Urinal SUCKS bigtime1

  51. Lookin' for a guy huh? Is that you Bat scum? If it is, I'm sure KTT doesn't want or need your shit! Just sayin'!

  52. Sorry Gary.

    And I have no doubt your comment was one for the ages.

    And I'm also sorry but it appears Lester couldn't stick around...

  53. And just so you know that particular photo has been stolen and there's a pretty good chance it'll make an appearance over at that other website in the coming days...

  54. Well I guess I better jump in and say good morning.

  55. Gary always post your good ones here first, and if it doesn't take over their and I will copy and it remove some of the keywords out, I have plenty of practice doing that. Thanks to SSAH and Nunya, Lol