Friday, November 25, 2016

Leftover Friday...

Sorry to be so late getting this thing up and running this morning.

And I'm also sorry for taking the lazy way out again but with all the comings and goings around here the last couple of days have pretty much worn this old geezer completely out.

Anyway, yesterday I promised Sarge I'd post a couple of Steven Crowder videos our good friend and fellow Patriot sent my way.


Kevin McGinty


  1. Since I'm so late getting this thing up and running this morning I've taken the liberty of moving our daily dose of Nunyaisms from yesterday's blog over here.

    I know how you guys hate missing them...


  2. NunyaNovember 25, 2016 at 4:59 AM

    "Wichita killing, abduction suspect living in US illegally"

    (Frankly, I'm surprised the Urinal didn't make the headline "Wichita killing, abduction suspect living in US undocumentedly")!!

    "A Dallas woman accused of killing a Wichita mother and taking her baby was in the country illegally when she was released from a Kansas jail this summer before immigration officials had a chance to request she be held, law enforcement authorities said."

    "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not receive the July 25 list of arrests from the Sedgwick County sheriff’s office showing Yesenia Sesmas’ name on it until the following day, and by that time she had already been released from local custody, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said Wednesday. The agency would have asked that she be detained if Sesmas, a Mexican national, had still been in jail, he said."

    "Even if ICE had made the request, it is not clear that the county would have honored it. Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter announced in 2014 that the jail would no longer honor ICE requests to hold inmates unless the agency presents a warrant or court order requiring them to hold an inmate in custody longer."

    It's time to Make America Great Again. Sedgwick County and Wichita should soon (around the end of January) get all federal funding stopped, until they decide they will follow the laws of this nation.

    All sanctuary cities should be defunded, federally, since they have decided they wish to no longer adhere to the laws that contribute to the welfare and safety of our great nation. That goes for the "sanctuary campuses", too!

    Since theirs is a "voluntary" disregard for the laws, and not forced upon them by the federal government (well...maybe somewhat by the Obama Crime Syndicate's extortionary tactics) then everyone in those localities must still pay any and all federal taxes, even though they will see no federal funding. Additionally, all residents who reside in those localities will receive no federal income tax refunds, or deductions. If the residents of a sanctuary locality wish to remain a sanctuary locality, and/or do not work to pressure their local governments and agencies to adhere to their oaths of office to follow the Constitution and to defend our country, then they will be considered "willingly paying federal taxes, but rejecting incoming federal dollars for projects and programs".

    In other words, it's up to the people in Sanctuary localities who are allowing the criminal activity of their local authorities who are disregarding and outwardly breaking federal laws to decide if they want to continue to support illegal immigrants (many of whom are dangeropus, as the Urinal article proves), or support their fellow citizens and demand that federal law be followed by their local authorities.

    If they want to retain "Sanctuary status", then they willingly pay federal taxes, but forfeit federal dollars in return.

  3. NunyaNovember 25, 2016 at 5:19 AM

    Bravo, Brock!

    BRAVO, ol' boy!!


    That oughtta make their air-filled heads explode, and drive them "Batshit" crazy!!!!

    We need to keep fighting the "Control Left", until they have absolutely no 'control left'!!!

    (Of course, we already know they have very little "self-control" witnessed by all the undies-soiling, tantrum meltdowns and acting like crybaby 3-year-olds they have been doing the past couple weeks!)


    MarshNovember 25, 2016 at 6:49 AM
    It drove L n so crazy he wrote jibberish. Oh wait he always writes jibberish.

  4. NunyaNovember 25, 2016 at 6:32 AM

    "Security would be ensured through random drug testing, video monitoring and a requirement that residents check in and out. Employment is a condition of their release."

    Last sentence first. That's a fine idea, "employment". But, will someone who is a hard-working, honest, non-criminal citizen be denied the job awarded to the person who decided to be a criminal? How does that benefit society, and is that "fair"?

    First part, now. " Security would be ensured...?" "...residents check in and out."

    How can "security be assured" to the community, if "residents" come and go? Perhaps, a better statement would have been:
    "Security inside and on the property will be ensured, once the resident checks in, through random drug testing, video monitoring, and some of the 13 security officers, who will monitor 24 hours a day. Once the residents check out, and are amongst the public, nothing can be absolutely ensured."

    If they do this, they need to be absolutely certain that those who are in that program are not incorrigible beyond redemption...and only in for low-level, non-violent crimes.

    But, I guess this is better than Emperor Obama just flat-out releasing many thousands of violent criminals, including violent illegals, to cause anarchy, murder and mayhem amongst us.

  5. There... That oughta get things rolling...

  6. We had a visit from buttstash but I wiped it. Troll free zone. Otherwise everybody must be like me. Turkey overload.

  7. You need to leave the post up for a little bit so we can all laugh at their desperation. Gets boring with everyone agreeing. Need a little comic relief. Let them stay for a bit and then delete the,

  8. Thanks Kevin, I will give you feedback in the morning when I check them out.

  9. Fought some battles on Wanamaker, tree's up, lights up. It was a good day. Time for a few little sumpins...

    As for the troll free Zone, I don't mind them getting whacked before I see them. Doesn't bother me either way. But if I wanted to read cry baby drivel I would subscribe to Huffpoo or Vox. Or watch the Young Turks... Lmao
    Similar to how I use the remote or the mouse, I avoid the "fake news" being trolled by the MSM. Big trolls or little fat rock throwing trolls matters not.

    Cheers folks!
    Happy Friday night!

  10. Just heard Castro died. They're already talking about him as some great leader and statesman.

    He was a brutal dictator, a murderer, a hard core commie and a puppet of the Soviet Union. He allowed Soviet ICBMs 90 miles from our shores.

    Sickening. Obama loved this guy, he never met a commie dictator he didn't like. Guess it takes one to know one. No doubt he'll go to his funeral. It's not like he was an American Police Officer murdered by obama's black lives terrorist friends or something.

    I say good riddance to bad rubbish. The only good commie and all that....


    "Fidel Castro clung to socialism, mentored new leftists" (Obama, just like him!)

    Yes, Obama's mentor has finally descended to the fiery pits, to spend eternity with all evil dictators' Grand Mentor, "The Tormentor". (Say "Hi" to 'Dolf, down there, Fidel!)

    "Along the way he became godfather to a resurgent Latin American left, mentoring a new generation of leaders: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Rafael Correa of Ecuador."

    AND, to Barack Obama, and other socialist/commie leftists in the U.S.!

    "For many he was a champion of the poor who along with Ernesto “Che” Guevara made violent revolution a romanticized ideal, a symbol of liberation who overthrew a dictator and brought free education and health care to the masses."

    Ah, yes...that nice "Che" fella! Beloved by Hollywood and college kids, all over the U.S.! "FREE education and health care to the masses!" It's entirely FREE! FREEEE, I tell ya! NOBODY has to cover the costs!!!! That's REAL "free-dumb", baby! (How's all that working out for them? Apparently, the Cubans love it so much, they've just been DYING to get off the island for over half a century!)

    "Comparing it to “walking on broken glass,” Castro allowed a few seeds of a free-market economy to bloom. Scores of small-scale private jobs were legalized. Cubans were allowed to use dollars, encouraging exiles to send money to relatives on the island."

    "But as soon as the crisis eased, Castro decried the inequality that even limited capitalism had begun to create. The government began taking a greater cut of remittances. Many private businesses were taxed or regulated out of existence. Years later, economists and even Castro’s brother would allude to the about-face as a critical error."

    "Decried the inequality"? Who's that remind us of? "Taxed or regulated out of business"? Our very own socialist/commies just LOVE that idea! ESPECIALLY...Obama. Hillary would have followed suit, and doubled-down.

    Yes, the Urinal is running an AP piece, designed to "soften the image" of a ruthless thug.

    And, we should expect nothing better from those Batshit crazy SOBs.

  12. It is about time that nasty SOB died, Good Grief.

  13. Any bets on whether or not Obama attends his funeral? Can't make it to slain cops funerals or the General killed in battle but I bet he makes to Castros

  14. my dad is in hospice care currently - cancer spread to his spine, hips, and pancreas in addition to already being in his lungs. Because of the cancer in his spine and hips he can no longer walk.

    the time frame left is about a couple of weeks (or less).

    my dad and I haven't always gotten along - he's done a lot of damage over the years. I have forgiven him what he's done in the past and my sister asked if I'd play Amazing Grace on guitar at his service when it comes. I said yes.

    I'm a mixed bag of feelings - part sad because he is my dad - part not sure how to feel because of the history -

    not sure how to close this comment here, so I'll just close it with


  15. He doesn't want an obit in the paper.

  16. Rikki not much one say over that situation, Best I can do is say is move on with your life the best you can, if there is any forgiving to do, you can always let the lord handle it. Jim. Hugs to you.

  17. Thank you Sarge - hugs back at you and Ghost also.

  18. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Rikki.

    And I know exactly how you feel.

    It was pretty much the same way when my dad died.

    On the day we buried him I couldn't help but think about how horribly he had treated us all.

    1. Thank you Kevin - hugs. we just got back from visiting him - they've had to increase the pain med dosage and time interval from 4 hours to every 2 hours.

  19. Well for the record I am flying my flag at half mast this week, but it isn't for that piece of garbage Castro, It is for our fallen Police Officers and Military Troops.

  20. It's official...

    The same lying bitch (Hillary Clinton) that accused Trump of destroying our democracy when he said he'd wait and see whether he'd accept the outcome of the election is now challenging the results of the election.

    Story on Drudge...

  21. Well. she and soros and the rest of the crooks have had time to pad the machines, but I don't think it will stand up in court. Liberal are proving they are ass holes.

  22. But let her get her hopes up, than bam she will be crying again. Couldn't happen to a worst person.

  23. Lying hillary was going to protest. It was inevitable. That's how they roll...

    I am more intrigued about Bezos' faux newspaper running the Russian propaganda listings of certain websites. I think the WAPO may have just went all in on the lose your credibility sweepstakes. And when Soros is finally in hell, it's apparent we may have Bezos to contend with.
    Boycotting Amazon is gonna be a pain, I'm not gonna lie. But hey, gotta do what ya gotta do...

    1. Sorry, here's the link if you are interested.

  24. Rikki, I've only met you once, but your faith will get you through everything. Don't over-think. Follow where Christ leads you. You have the best guide there is.

  25. thank you Preachers Kid - many hugs.

  26. Man, oh man...Keri just pulled a "Nuclear Lucy" over at the Urinal!

    She didn't just throw "some" at the wall...she exploded like Fat Man, full atomic blast of utter nonsense! LOL!!

    "...the evidence presented here is documented and undeniable."


    She jumps around from here to there, back to this, fast-forward to that! She's even MORE "Forrest Gumpian" than Illucid Lucy!

    Here's some examples of PURE HYPOCRISY, if not just plain stupid nonsense:

    "They funded and built lobbyist groups, in reality, politician cash-exchange groups."

    (Yeah...Dems would NEVER do THAT!)

    "They funded and built central messaging entities: The Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, American Enterprise Institute, ad nauseum."

    (Speaking of "nausea", how's about all those Soros-funded leftist groups??!!)

    "They identified and funded elected politicians who were willing to relinquish OUR Democracy for their cash and power."

    (One word: "Hillary".)

    "The politicians inserted complicit attorneys into the judicial system,"

    ( activist judges on the left to twist up the Constitution, huh? Ginsburg, Sotomayer, Kagan...all moderates! LOL!!!)

    "They created and passed legislation to change the media rules – eliminated the Fairness Doctrine."

    (The media no longer has any rules, nor does it have ANY credibility.)

    HERE is the absolute FUNNIEST ONE:

    "They identified and promoted their wedge issues, i.e. identify domestic and foreign "enemies" (abortion, guns, God, gays, Communist, Muslim, poor, unions, teachers, women’s rights, unemployed, black, Hispanic...)"

    (WTH???!!! REALLY??!! THAT is the ENTIRE one-and-only platform Democrats run on!!!)

    "With regulations lifted, they were able to create a conservative media propaganda voice, right wing radio saturation and Fox "News" - 1996, fueled by wedge issues to control the hearts and minds."

    (How DARE they allow voices to be heard that don't align 110% with the far left!!! HMPPHHH!!! LOL!!!)

    "They attained a strong Supreme Court majority (2005)"

    (Whyyyy...those evil SOBS!!! Not supposed to put in anyone but anti-Constitutional socialists! Didn't they know that?!)

    Anyway...that's just ONE SMALL PART of her nuclear-meltdown nonsense. I could tear her apart, line-by-line, it's so idiotic, hypocritical and frankly..."weird".

    I do applaud her putting in links to "voices of her enemies", so anyone dumb enough to believe her tripe can tune into to get properly educated, and deprogrammed. LOL!!!

    OH...geez...she never ends!!'s something: "By sheer luck, we are one state away from the Republican Party calling a Constitutional Convention."

    (About time states took back states' rights!!!)

    OH!!! HAHAHAAAaaaa! "Send this essay to elected Democratic officials at every level of government."

    Well, now...the one and only Truth Telling Soothsayer, so important is her essay, that it should be the left's new Bible!!!! LOL!! Wooooo!


  27. We know the liberal pukes always want a medal and have to win anyway they can. It would be difficult to rig an election, but less difficult to do some modifications after the election, then do a recount with the modified corrupted data.

    So if this was to happen, it would throw the whole process into a cluster. There would be civil unrest and maybe even war?

    Then with all the unrest, court battles and everything else you could dream up, could obama just stay in office and try to squelch the with E.O. and military?

    I know I always over think things, but you just never know.

  28. Divemaster, I don't think you over thought it one bit.

  29. I went over and looked at keris blog. I would never bother reading nonsense like that but I did note one thing.

    It wasn't her blog. It was a reprint on some godless left wing bloviating gasbag's article she copy and pasted.

    Funny thing, that used to be against the TOS of the urinal. They busted Kevin for posting the same blog here and there. And he wrote it!

    Not to mention the implications of CJ printing it. She may have had permission or not, lefties are notorious liars but did CJ? Printed verbatim. What left wing website did that appear on and did they give permission? Copyright questions abound.

    But none of that matters. It's the usual godless left wing excrement. So rules don't matter, right?

  30. And by the way, now that hillary is muckraking into the whole phony recount godless left wing tactic to discredit the election I think President Elect Donald Trump should announce he's changed his mind and will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all of hillary's criminal activity. Want to bet she backs out of it five minutes later?

  31. Anonymous, You used up all the KY jelly on your sister long time ago.

  32. You know what they say about the best part. His must have landed in some Batt Shit

  33. As screenshots take place regarding attacks, my advice would be to leave original attacks so there is evidence to prove counter attacks/points. There would also be proper connections to said IP addresses. Not sure deleting all ridiculous tirades by some foreboding troll is the best offense or defense. Plus, there is entertainment value I suppose. Examples of idiocracy and stupidity can be humorous.

    Just sayin, and I know I'm only a contributor. Just some cheap advice. The true decision makers are Kevin and Safe. I stand by there decisions, and I'm fully aware of the fact they may have already taken this into account.
    They both realize that winning this election has raised the stakes quite a bit.
    But at no point does a guy like me worry about pitchforks and torches.
    Cuz, well you all already know....

  34. Good point about leaving his comments up Hammer.

    Don't worry.

    His comments have all been saved and when the time is right will moved over to his own website so any potential clients can get a better idea of the kind of person they're thinking about hiring...

    1. What was I thinking?
      This place has always had a certain degree of preparedness.
      I should of never questioned it.
      Carry on...

  35. I don't like the fact Trump said Clinton's are nice people and have been through enough. Clintons are serious law breakers that have and continue to live above the law, and their daughter is doing the same. I believe the daughters husband family has been jailed for crooked dealings.

    However, perhaps Trump is just hoping to slow down the rhetoric until obama is gone. Then he can let the new AG do the Clinton's in and he can stand back (as a president should) and say we need to let the country law enforcement handle the situation, not a presidential job.

    1. I'm hoping that's Trumps plan for the diabolical bitch. let his AG take care of business like it should be. I agree, not a presidents job to to take the law into his own hands. Of course, that could be one of the prerequisites of Trumps AG is to agree to throw the clinton mob in jail.

  36. EFH, If the new AG doesn't follow up on Hillary's law breaking the he or she wouldn't be any better than the last.

  37. So is it he real SSAH and Hammerime posting here or is it L.n posting as them?

    Man that guy is whacked.

    If you don't understand what I wrote go to OBF on CJ.

  38. Trust me when I tell you the people you mention are exactly who they say they are.

    I know them all personally and will vouch for each and every one of them.

    Ln (Battlestache) is up to his tired, worn out tricks of trying to bait someone into saying something he can use to run to the mods with to get them booted.

    But you're right, the guy is definitely whacked...

    1. I was kidding. Thought you'd might get that from my whacked comment about him.

  39. He's a troll. A POS troll. And the urinal is a POS troll fest website.

    That is probably the stupidest thing he has ever done. And the fact that the urinal allows that crap tells you everything you need to know about them both.

    He isn't allowed to troll us here so he does it there. He's just another godless left wing liberal loser.

  40. L.n. Battlestach is a sick son of a bitch, and always has been, he has never been the same since Kevin kicked the living shit out of him when he thought he was the king of the blogs with his little 500 comments, that is when the prick lost it. Kevin got over 1020 comments on one blog. He has been butthurt bad.

    1. Oh and he has been CJ's snitch ever since.

  41. Okay, Marsh got me to bite on Cj. So I visited. Cj got a click from me. Although it was an interesting path I had to take to get there...
    Here's what I know:

    L. N. has got to be one of the most whacked dudes there is.
    It's funny since I haven't been around there in quite some time that my name would be mentioned.
    He does seem to take a liking to a few of us.
    He's the type of guy who thinks he can set trends from the back of the line, while riding somebody's coattails.
    And thank God they aren't my coattails.

    Ain't nobody got time for that.

  42. Rikki, I am sorry you having to deal with these issues about your father. Sometimes it helps to leave the past in the past. Some people, no matter how hard you might try to explain things to them, they will only understand what they want to understand and not hear what you say. You can't help these people. They have to want to help themselves. Please don't blame yourself for their actions. My thoughts are with you. You are a strong woman. I pray you have peace and calm.

  43. Thank you Texas Rose. Sending you lots of hugs.

    Dad is deteriorating a lot more since I posted my initial comment.

    Will be leaving shortly to head back over to spend more time with him.

    Love, Rikki