Monday, November 21, 2016

Short Sweet and to the Point...

I'm not going to bore you with a lot of talk today.

What I will do is let one photo, one meme, and one video tell the story.

Here goes.


Any questions?

Kevin McGinty


  1. Exactly!

    Libs, don't you get that people who voted for Obama, even twice, are fed up with the way things are? Conservatives believe in self responsibility. Liberals believe in indoctrinating the stupid people. Get them to believe they will be taken care, have their heart's desires, the stupid people will blindly follow and worship their idols.

    Until the stupid people open their eyes and see how they are being screwed over, we're going to have a battle.

    The liberals need to get beyond this racist thing they're so bent on promoting. My sister-in-law years ago called me racist because I disagreed with Obama's health care plans, and still does anytime I disagree with what he does. There was nothing racist. I've disagreed on something with every president since I've been old enough to vote. That doesn't make me, or anyone else for that matter, racist. I want to live in a great country and I think we have a chance now.

  2. Did some thing just happen on the urinal?

  3. I'd like to take a moment a commend Kevin for posting videos that reach so many different demographics, especially when it pertains to age. The dude has some range. Kudos to him.

    Anyways, I'm not sure how many of you folks have seen the YT's in action. They are truly awful. Their meltdown on election night was epic. Crowder certainly drove the nail home on them.
    And again the YT are another example of how demented and backwards thinking the left and sjw's are.

    Louder with Crowder is a great show/podcast or live stream, however you can catch it. Worth every minute. He had one with Ben Shapiro a while back that was great. Did one with Tommy Sotomayor too, and it was epic.

    Just my two cents....

  4. Replies
    1. OBF has a bunch of posts go POOF Did some one just get the royal boot? Be the first one to go

  5. I hadn't noticed but it looks like they got Sarge and Henry B

  6. And Hammer, there's no need to thank me for anything.

    I do this because I believe in what I'm doing and never forget that this whole thing is a group effort.

    It's funny but just for the fun of it today I spent about an hour searching through other Blogspot blogs and without exception we kick all their asses.

  7. It's just Batshit sucking up to the mods again.

    The only difference is that now that he has to put his real name (L.N. Collier) out there he can't brag about it the way he's always done.

    The funny thing is that Sarge has other options and Batahit, well, you know...

    1. There's no way in hell anyone will ever keep sarge out of the fight.
      I'd put good money on that.
      He's the king of adapting, improvising, and overcoming.
      That's what winners do...

  8. If that's true about Henry and sarge, it sucks.
    But here's something telling:
    I noticed LN reference something about this "not being a competition". That's a common stance and take for a loser. It's funny how it's okay for them to allow conservatives to "sit on the back of the bus" in 2008 and 2012 then stress how we are all "Americans" and this "isn't a competition" when they lose a landslide electoral vote election.
    I guess I just figured losers would lose better. Boy was I wrong.
    They may just cry themselves dry in the next eight years....

  9. Well, if they just got booted, may be close to time for me to get my fake FB account that I have been working on, over there. We'll see.

    And, what Trump did to the networks yesterday, that goes for the Urinal, too. That "roomful of liars" includes the Capital-Journal.

    That video was great. Tell it like it is!

    Now, this, from the commies at the Urinal:

    Dunno if that girl had anything to do with it, or not:

    "Around one hour prior to the announcement, the following statement was posted to Gagin’s Twitter account (@lilgagin):"

    “I’m appalled that a snapchat was put out on my snapchat and posted on my account. I would never of [sic] done that & I apologize that it happened.”

    She says she didn't. Who knows? Maybe she did? point is, we don't know, yet. (Not sure why she "apologized", though.) Meanwhile, the Urinal figured, before anything was proven, that they'd DEFINITELY wreck her reputation and screw up her life. Facts not in, yet. What if she DIDN'T do it? Maybe her account was hacked by some plain, jealous nerdy-girl, out to hurt a cheerleader, vindictive because of her own unpopularity? Or, a jilted guy? Who knows?

    Doesn't matter to CJ. "There's blood in the water, and we're goin' on a feeding-frenzy"!!! (ESPECIALLY, if they can charge "racism"...even without actual, verified proof that she did it!)

    Feeling good about yourselves, CJ? Don't want to wait for the facts, before destroying someone? Someone who MAY be innocent...but we just don't know, yet? How's that make you feel, CJ? "Powerful"? Is this more of that "fake news" stuff that Obama whined about? Unverified? Unproven?


    Meanwhile, what other racist acts and actual racist-domestic terrorist organizations are KU actually allowing, and even PROMOTING?!'s one:

    "The University of Kansas is encouraging its students to get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement by providing a pool of student resources on the topic in its campus library.
    The materials include reading lists, advice on how to be a white "ally," and an explanation of why BLM rejects the "all lives matter" slogan."

    "For any white students who might wish to become an “ally,” the literature encourages them to “listen more, talk less” and “engage others who share your identity in conversations about privilege.”

    Hypocrisy, these racist, anti-American institutionalized-brainwashing "Liberal Indoctrination Centers" preaching "victimhood" and "white privilege"?

    "We ain't gonna see ANYTHING your way! YOU conform to our ideasl, and kneel before us...or YOU will be destroyed", seems to be their message.

    Meanwhile, the cop-killing spree the Obama Crime Syndicate started just keeps on going. With nary a word from the head antagonist. hell, he ain't gonna try to calm it down. He STARTED the whole thing! Him and BLM.

    Pathetic, huh?

    Let's hope Trump also invites BLM to the White House. bet it won't be to do more planning for anarchy and cop-killing!

  10. If that isn't enough...look what the urinal is doing with that story.

    It's the gigantic "Main Story!" Scroll down a bit...ah, yes...there it is again, under 'News". OK...they all do that.

    OOPS! Wait a minute..what's THIS?! It appears AGAIN, directly under the "News" section, in "Sports"!

    Well, hell...wanna make sure NOBODY misses out on THAT story about "verified racism", huh?!

    Y'know...especially, since it has been absolutely proven, without doubt, no questions...that she did it...and deserves to be thrown to the dogs!

    NICE JOB, with that "objectivity" and "truth in media", CJ!!!

    Y'all are a disgrace. No "journalistic integrity". A "roomful of liars".

  11. What's more, the Urinal's website STILL SUCKS! On computer, AND on phone.

    On phone, their little upper-left-corner "hamburger" menu still doesn't work, and if I scroll down to "Blogs", it takes me to "Page not found. We're sorry, but the page you were seeking does not exist. It may have been moved or expired. Perhaps our search engine can help." It doesn't.

    CJ Online sucks.

    Run by "a roomful of liars".

  12. Well, well...liberal colleges bashing "capitalism", and what do we have here?

    “This is our first endeavor,” Mazacheck said Monday. “It’s not uncommon for other universities to acquire private, commercial property.”

    "We’re going to continue to operate and manage and make a profit. That’s our goal.”

    "She said future profits generated will go into the Washburn University foundation “or to reinvest in the property.”

    Well, now. All THAT sounds exactly like what, say..."an evil corporation"...might do?

    Sooo..."corporatism and profits" good for the school?

    But, the commie-socialist faculties continues to preach the evils of "capitalism"?

    Hmmm....wonder how they justify that? I mean...with a straight face?


  13. Trump and Kobach are making talking-empty-heads explode all over the country!!! LOL!!!

    Including in CJ's "roomful of liars"!

  14. I love it! Got all the scared-shitless commie jackals "speculating" about what they can read in that picture of Kobach!

    Nice job with your "objective reporting" that you keep tossing at the wall, Urinal! Seems like the good ol' days, when that demented bizzaro-lady, Illucid Lucy, threw shit at the wall, just to see what sticks...LOL!

    1. I miss Lucy. I enjoyed reading her blogs. It was like reading the Onion. Just when you thought she couldn't get worse shed post something like Hillary sent me a personal email.

      Shame she is too cowardly to blog now.

  15. I don't visit CJ too much anymore. The only reason I was there before was because of the fine folks on OBF, and I refuse to get a zuckerburgface account or whatever the hell you call it, just so I can take more abuse from a bunch of whining left wing radicals like sherman, running a crapper of a news paper that sucks ass! Enough about that.

    I guess the real problem is, is that these young folks have been so indoctrinated they have no idea what they are doing to this country with their idiocies. It seems to be only their way and no other way is acceptable. What's truly amazing is that they wont accept the sounding defeat at the ballot box and are doubling down on their crap like in the video above. Racism is their almighty go to card, it's all they have left, and they have nothing. More has been done in the last eight years to "fundamentally transform" our Constitution, since a hundred years ago when the first socialists started doing damage to this country. The seeds were sown a long time ago my friends, they have been cared for and grown to what we have now, and it will not all be undone with Trump, and he may even add to some of the damage before his term is all over. We need an administration with a brush hog to mow everything down and go back to the original Constiutution and start there. Look back and figure out what has worked Constitutionally over the last 250 years, keep that and scrap the rest.

  16. Well friends, you knew this would come. The urinal made all those changes to shut down conservative voices right before the election. And was that just a coincidence? I think not. So now they are blocking and probably booting the same people.

    They figured the whole facebook no more anonymous bunch of pinhead logic would change everything. So the trolls create fake facebook accounts and just keep going, which was always going to be OK with the urinal. They figured the conservative commenters would just go away. So back to the old school. Block them. Boot them. Let buttstash boy have the blogs all to himself. That's just how it is.

    We are getting more views all the time. 7,329 last month. The urinal isn't about to give out their numbers, but I suspect it's a lot less than it ever has been. Apparently that's what they want. So that's what they got.

    The urinal is just one more democrat operative with a byline. We won this battle, but they won't stop. They have the media on their side and they won't rest until they have destroyed our country and all we believe in.

    The urinal probably figures they've already lost most conservatives even with their phony back door endorsement of Donald Trump followed by a complete trashing of him. So they are probably going for the godless left market. They can have that bunch. They deserve each other.

    I cancelled my subscription to that fish wrap years ago. When they started punishing conservatives on the blogs while letting the godless trolls run wild. I expect that they have lost a lot and will continue to lose.

    Remember, the newspaper business is a dying industry. The big ones are barely surviving, the small inept poorly run ones like the urinal are losing money continuously. They are run by out of state big conglomerates. They can't even print their own newspaper any more.

    No big loss. Topeka hasn't had a real newspaper in years.

    Just don't let anything they do surprise you. The godless left is desperate. The democrat party is in shambles. America has rejected the godless liberal theology. And President Elect Donald Trump is going to make this country great again. He's already started and he hasn't even taken office.

    The democrats are like an old baseball player who once was a real factor and now he's just slow and hobbled and can't hit anything, but he keeps trying because he can't admit he's washed up. Bill Buckner in 1986. The democrats just let the ball roll between their legs.

  17. I have my doubts that L.n. Collier is the man's real name....

  18. Rikki, I suspect that's a pretty safe bet.

  19. From Kurt Schlichter on TownHall

    "The left is trying to come to grips with its utter rejection, and its response to Donald Trump will be to fall back on an endless series of freakoutrages – hyperbolic, unhinged, hack media-fueled spasms of faux moral panic every time he dares do anything.

    Appoint someone to a job? Freak out – it’s an outrage!

    Go to dinner? Freak out – it’s an outrage!

    Actually keep promises made to the voters? Freak out – it’s an outrage!

    But it isn’t going to work. Not anymore. Not with the form of the Destructor Hillary and the rest of super smart Team Smugfail chose. Freakoutrage fatigue is in effect. You can cry Wolf Blitzer all day long and nobody cares.

    It’s important to understand why liberals are so angry and so scared. They are angry because they believe they have a moral right to command us, apparently bestowed by Gaia or #Science or having gone to Yale, and we are irredeemably deplorable for not submitting to their benevolent dictatorship.

    They are scared because they fear we will wage the same kind of campaign of petty (and not so petty) oppression, intimidation, and bullying that they intended to wage upon us.

    And their fear tastes like sunshine puked up by a unicorn.

    I was considering being magnanimous in our total victory, but that lasted until a bunch of loving, tolerant, peaceful anti-Trump demonstrators jumped my friend and hurt his dog. So now, their pain is my sugar, and I say let’s spend the next four years having our coffee Sudden Impact-style."

  20. From the Washington Examiner:

    "The Denver Sheriff Department will accept a penalty from the Department of Justice after a federal probe found it wrongly made U.S. citizenship a job requirement during a recent hiring spree.

    The sheriff’s department — the biggest sheriff’s office in Colorado — will pay a $10,000 fine after it required applications for deputy sheriff jobs to be U.S. citizens when hiring from the beginning of 2015 through March 2016. The department went on a hiring spree of 200 deputies as part of its ongoing reform.

    The Justice Department made the announcement on Monday, saying the sheriff’s department violated the Immigration and Nationality Act without having an exemption.

    OK, the Dept of Justice is a swamp that has gone completely putrid and not only needs to be drained, but burned to the ground.

    Did you get that? They are forcing them to consider illegal aliens as candidates for a law enforcement job. They are forcing them to include criminals, federal criminals for hire for Deputy Sheriffs.

    Is there a better example of why America threw this pack of criminals and anarchists out of office?

  21. Safe, I suppose that is obammys way of creating that civilian police force, by forcing law enforcement agencies to hire illegal aliens and criminals to help support the lawless DOJ. Hell it would be cheaper to pay the 10 G fine and keep hiring good patriotic US Citizens. It all started with that obamma and that worthless puke eric holder, and DOJ head lynch to carry on with their idiocies. I truly believe obama still wants to create anarchy so he can somehow stay in power, but the American people would not let that happen. Not anymore! I've had enough!

  22. We've all had enough.

    In fact if you'll take a look around to what's happening in other countries you'll notice the world's had enough of the leftist's shit.

    This isn't a time for the weak.

    And if we all stand strong and remain dedicated to putting an end to the insanity we will win the thing.

    It won't be easy.

    But the way I see it is that we have no other choice.

    Well, I suppose we could just fall in line and accept it.

    I think not...

  23. Has anyone thought if Congress can pass a law if something does Happen to move the swearing in Date of Trump, just incase Obama tried to declare Martial law.?? I have never even thought of that.

  24. The leftists are the most dysfunctional group of self serving,individuals.... they screw over one of their own, fraudulently nominate their favored, reek of corruption etc., and now look at election.

    They chose their animal mascot well - they're braying and kicking just like their mascot!

  25. Hammertime, My son could have me a new facebook account Saturday, but turned him down, not worth the time, Hell hardly anyone there anymore, and those that are are here anyhow, so I will just hang out here. It almost be worth it, just to harass Batshit, but hell he will show his worthless ass here anyhow.

  26. don't know what they're doing over at Cj....but things appear normal again.... disregard my emails.

  27. Rikki It is not back to normal I am not on there, still booted, as If I care. Lol

    1. The tribe has spoken.....turn in your torch.

  28. Sorry to hear that Sarge....hugs - damn them jerks anyhow.

    the jerk mods want a commune of like minded brainless idiots and when folks with common sense come on board they just freak out.

  29. Here's my thoughts as far as the other website goes.

    I know some of you guys wonder why I continue to post my blog over there.

    Fair enough.

    I do it because I refuse to let another conservative voice be silenced.

    I do it knowing full well I'm operating in very unfriendly territory.

    I'll do it whether they allow comments or not.

    And I'll continue doing it up until the day arrives when they finally pull the plug which is probably coming sooner rather than later.

    I don't do this as a hobby.

    I do it because I believe with all my heart that it's important.

    It's important to show like minded people they aren't alone and that it's okay to stand up against those who want to shut us down.

    By successfully placing Donald Trump into the White House will only make us stronger but that doesn't mean we can slow down.

    As you can clearly see the left will do anything and everything they can to stop us.

    I chose to fight this fight a very long time ago and there's no turning back now and I wouldn't even if I thought I could.

    I've known all along the day's coming when I'm no longer welcome over at that other website which is why I started this little Bunker of ours in the first place.

    When Safe gives out the numbers of how many hits we're now receiving he isn't exaggerating.

    We are growing but we need to grow even stronger.

    We need to reach and engage as many people as we possibly can.

    And that's where you guys come in.

    I'm asking each of you to re-post every blog Safe and I post on your own social media accounts.

    Spread the word far and wide and let's turn this little Underground Bunker of ours into a force to be reckoned with...

  30. Don't worry Kevin when you see the quick thumbs up for you that's me So far I can still do that, The only reason I was over there was so you wouldn't be the lone ranger, but I am not going back to CJ... I THINK!! lol

  31. Well I see Obama cheaping the medal of freedom, gave out 21 to actor and sports people. What the Hell did they do for freedom? Good Grief!!!

  32. Tyrone was having trouble in school. His teacher was always yelling at
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    If you thought Tyrone had become a heart-surgeon, there is a high
    likelihood that you voted for Hillary

  33. Kevin, I've always known why you post on the urinal. People read it. Even without comments people read it. We know that. It drives the godless liberals nuts which is why they respond with so much hate and vitriol.

    I have commented there, and rejoined after I got booted off. I probably won't do the whole fake facebook thing. Sounds like they are blocking truthful comments anyway.

    But keep posting as long as you can. There are a lot of people who read your blog but don't comment. Just like there are here. Those numbers don't come from the handful of people who comment here. There are a lot of people who just stay quiet and take it in.

    This election proved that. That's why the godless left was so shocked when they lost. And why they are going absolutely insane at this point. They can't stand the idea that America isn't interested in their nonsense any more.

    So keep at it my friend. And we'll keep pounding at it here.

  34. Well just because I will be here more, doesn't mean I will stop being a prick when a lib shows up to start some shit, all are ladies will just have to understand I am playing a role in self defence.

  35. I'm pretty sure they'll understand, Sarge...

  36. And if any of you social media savvy people out there have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can grow this thing I'm all ears...

  37. Replies
    1. Or I could start posting using a few of my 19 booted handles.Lol

  38. So Sarge... What happened over there anyway?

    1. I have no idea Kevin most of my comments were up for two days, it wasn't anything between me and Henry B over on KTTs blog I only had a few comments, and they were up for awhile with no problems, Then Poof. I guess they don't tell ya anymore.

  39. That's weird.

    Oh well, like you said, no big deal anymore.

    1. Well I can now learn how to use that facebook, I should get use to it soon, I just hope people don't think I am ignoring anyone if I don't reply fast.

  40. Did I ever mention that the Urinal's new website...SUCKS?!

    Limited main page shit, and you keep having to hit "More" whatever to keep digging, and it only loads a few more at a time.

    Oh well, whaddya expect from a bunch of amateurs who can't get a job anywhere else than a dying, ever-shrinking liberal-propaganda rag in a small town? And, the youngest ones certainly likely never got proper schooling, since they've grown up to be told WHAT to think, instead of HOW to think, by public schools.

    Here's an obligatory "Trump-bashing, illegal-supporting" article they posted from the AP (whose credibility is barely above "0" on the "trust" charts).

    Do you suppose they'll air the concerns, opinions and ideas of all those who may have been interviewed who SUPPORT securing our border, and are tired of rampant lawlessness and dangerous criminal ILLEGAL immigrants, drug/weapon/people smugglers, etc., in their backyards?

    Not anytime soon.

    The "Truth" is not on their agenda.

    Just like with the unholy "roomful of liars" at the Urinal.

  41. Good grief...."safety pins"?

    Geez...I say let'em look stupid and wear them. It'll be like a big scarlett letter on their forehead, identifying the crybaby idiots!

    Plus...those safety pins will come in handy to fasten their diapers!!!

  42. Anytime the ACLU (Anti-American Communist-Liberal Union) gets involved in just KNOW it's going to be absolutely INSANELY RIDICULOUS!!!

    Not to mention..."Anti-American".

  43. Diapers and Play-Doh.

    And these children are our future?

  44. Today's obligatory "Brownback-bashing" from the commies at the Urinal:

    "Fact Meter: Brownback falsely claims state income tax revenue growth"

    Well...kinda difficult to know the truth. It's amusing that the Urinal thinks anyone will believe their own little "fact-check, truth-meter" nonsense, when everyone knows they are "a roomful of liars", just like the rest of the mainstream media...right?

    CJ...nice try, but nobody (except braindead liberal lemmings) believes your spin. Since everyone KNOWS you are a "roomful of liars", as you have so clearly demonstrated...especially this past year...why would you even embarrass yourselves trying to pass yourselves off as the "arbiters of Truth"?

    It's just sad. And pathetic. are annoying, at best. Don't go away mad...just go away.

  45. Yet another lawless-Obama Shove-It-Down-Your-Throats "fail".

    By the time the smoke clears...I suspect the past 8 years will be a big black hole of absolutely no accomplishments, at all.

    8 years wasted, and needing to repair major damage from Hurricane Obama...the longest-lasting, most-devastating, destructive unnatural disaster this nation has faced in most of our lifetimes.

  46. The liberals should applaud loudly for this!

    Non-white ( in "India"...not like lyin'-liberal Elizabeth Warren "fake Indian"), and FEMALE!!!!

    Can you hear the left's THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE???!!!


    More likely, they'll go all-out vile, sexist, misogynistic, vitriolic-hate on her.

    It's what they do.

  47. And the funny thing is that they don't even try to hide it anymore...

  48. As someone once said, "liberalism is a mental disorder."

    It takes a real whacko to believe they know whats best for me and make decisions for me. That includes decisions about my money and where it should be spent, generally in the way of Taxes. I have never understood how people can be so arrogant to think that way. You know what they say, the "squeaky wheel gets the grease." Man the squeaking and squawking from the left is unbelievable right now.

    Maybe we should grease them up and let them slide right out of the country. Problem is, our very socialist and liberal neighboring country to the North doesn't even want them. That's very telling.

    And Nunya is right! The last eight years have been nothing but a waste. Bho is and always will be a worthless piece of crap that has disrespected our Nations highest office. Furthermore, it amazes me how stupid obama really is. He had to know none of his policies could actually ever become law, unless it gets jammed down our throat with a totally biased vote as in the aca, he had to rule like a king with a phone and a pen by executive fiat. Hopefully Trump will take care of all of his executive actions first day in office.

  49. Checking in here and taking a break from that facebook, busy place for sure, hard to pull away.