Monday, December 12, 2016

A couple things to gripe about today

First off, since I'm among friends, can I just say how collectively stupid and destructive the godless left in America has become? I am old enough to remember when liberal democrats were patriotic people, Harry Truman, JFK, HHH. People who held views that included a more liberal view of social issues, but still believed in a strong America and defended her against the very type of people who populate the godless democrat party today. JFK was a war hero. He was also the first supply side economy president. He knew cutting taxes led to prosperity. And it did. Harry Truman won  WWII. Little known fact about Truman, when the steelworkers union decided to leverage the country's great need for steel to rebuild after the war and threatened to go on strike, Truman told them if the did he would draft every single one of them into the army. He broke their back and there was no crippling strike. That was before the labor unions bought and paid for the democrat party lock, stock and barrel.

What we have today are not liberals in the true sense of the word. Liberals always believed in supporting free speech, not suppressing it. These seditious godless leftists are truly totalitarians, fascists in fact. Far cry from "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country".

So anyway. About this phony Russian hacking "scandal" the left has drummed up to try to discredit President Elect Donald Trump. I even heard crusty old John McCain mumbling something about you can't deny the facts in this case. Well, the facts are....the NY Times and the Washington Post, two former newspapers now owned by the democrat party are making scurrilous claims based on "well somebody said they were pretty sure" etc. The CIA and other agencies that have become tools of the obama regime are saying it might have happened. The FBI says, we don't see it. Well folks, the Russians have been hacking into everybody's everything for years. Constantly. And our cyber security is poor at best, another failure of the obama regime. This is a ridiculous wild conspiracy theory that has at it's heart an attempt to discredit the election by the losers. They will never give up and this is just one more tactic. And any Republican who plays this game should be politely shown the door to the party and invited to take their democrat ways over to the democrat party. And yes, that includes John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both have wanted hillary's war with Russian she was working for. And that's a foolish enterprise.

And last, this electoral college business is past it's sell by date. Sorry, but it's a phony outrage by people who don't believe in our constitution and are ignorant of our governing processes. They are only undermining our country with this constant display of their ignorance, and giving the world reason to laugh at us. That we have this many people in our country who are this ignorant of why we have the electoral college is an indictment of our public school system, and makes it obvious what a miserable failure that institution is.

So there you go. Be sure to go read any comments you missed on the last blog. There's a couple good ones.


  1. Well said as usual, Safe.

    You can almost accept the ignorance of today's Safe Space college kids.

    But the one's like Batshit are old enough to know better.

    And we're supposed to look for common ground?

    I think not...

  2. Hey, anybody else remember when obama tried to interfere in Israel's election of Netanyahu? I do.

    But that was OK, because the godless left and obama hates Israel and are anti Semites to the core of their little coal black hearts.

    But hey, they are telling themselves, if we can create a fictional story about Russia at least we can use that to console each other. Especially since we have run out of all the other excuses why we got our butts kicked.

    Next excuse.......ALIENS!!!

    I love the opening paragraph on this article: “The recount efforts spearheaded by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein are expected to come to a close on Monday – with little evidence that they changed the overall outcome.”

    Folks I also love what Federal Judge Paul Diamond said in his decision on Jill Stein’s recount effort….
    “borders on the irrational”…. Stein’s recount efforts in Pennsylvania were rejected by Judge Diamond.

    Click the link and read the article in its entirety. I’m grateful that there was a Federal Judge who has the common sense to call this witch hunt for what it is….. “irrational”….

  4. How about next presidential election we have no losers, no winners and everyone gets a participation trophy?

    These liberal idiots don't understand that children need to learn skills to get through life and I'm not talking about scamming taxpayers out of their hard earned money. They need to learn to become employable. They need to learn to deal with disappointment. Life ain't fair and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. However, we have control over ourselves.

    So get off your butts, take a shower, put on some respectable clothes, get a job, become a productive member of society and see how far that gets you. If that's just too much, slither back into mommy's basement and continue being the social leech you always have been and will continue to be forever and ever.

    Unless you're responsible for yourself, I have absolutely no use for you.

  5. I posted this on Brocks Blog on cj but no reason not to post it here also, it is nonsense in having half the people pissed off at me, it is called sharing. Yup. I am watching the NFL to night , I Might add the pregame showing some of the players, giving Kids that are dying with cancer their dreams, some of these player are there for the kids and support them behind the scenes that you don't see. But I guess some will call them Unpatriotic also. And 72,000.00 People stand for our flag and the military saluting the flag at the NFL games are Unpatriotic also, quit acting like Libs. Quit whining and live your life don't let a few get the best of you. Boy cott your cereal you can get always another brand. Don't worry I can take your nonsense hits. BY,BY.

  6. Now the godless democrat are running with this fake story about the Ruskies "hacking" the election. Now we have democrat electors demanding intelligence briefings so they can make an "informed" decision.

    Who the hell do these people think they are? This is getting flat out sickening.

    You want a civil war? This is just how you get one. Bunch of ideological hacks overturning the will of the American people.

  7. January 20 can't get here fast enough.

    Glad y'all are supporting this revolution. Some exciting times are ahead.

  8. Don't worry Sarge, nobody's mad at ya.

  9. Even though they'd love nothing more than to overturn the election it's really not the goal here.

    The goal is to cast doubt.

    From here on out the battle cry will be that Trump is a illegitimate president.

    And that idiot over on that other website preached to me about finding common ground?
    I think not...

  10. Gotta wonder why commies in Russia would help commies in the U.S. lose (Clinton)? You'd THINK they'd try to work to install like-minded socialist-commie dictators, like Obama and the Shrill?

    Then comes Tillerson...whom everyone calls "a friend of Putin". Trump's trotting him around like a show horse, which fuels the speculation.

    Everyone knows our enemies, worldwide, have been thumping Barry's big ol' jug-ears, antagonizing his administration and laughing at us over our decline and his weakening of our country.

    You'd think they would want another dismal failure in there, to pound the final nail in?

    I dunno...maybe Russia has been doing much of their crap JUST to piss off Barry, knowing Obama's a yellow-bellied, weak-kneed do-nothing?

    Maybe Tillerson CAN actually talk some sense into Russia, and with America's renewed vitality and strength with Trump, maybe they WILL back off some?

    Don't know WHY they would try to install Trump? Are they trying to START a war...or avert one?

    And, that's just assuming IF it was the unlikelihood of them actually having any impact with "hacking", and assuming IF they even had anything to do with it, all?

    A lot of people missing a bigger point. HOW THE HELL DID OUR PEOPLE ALLOW THINGS TO BE HACKED, IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!

    WHOSE fault was THAT?!

    Wasn't Trump's fault. Wasn't Bush's fault. Who's been in charge (well...not really "in charge" of much of anything except trying to destroy us) this past 8 years?

    Wonder if whoever the hackers were wormed their way through the Shrill's "private server", and mined the data to all the other sites (DNC, etc.) to give them the info they needed to dig further?

    Anyway...not much about this makes sense...EXCEPT...the Dems are grasping at anything and everything else to blame, and to avoid ANY responsibility for their failures. Liberals can NEVER admit a failure, or face reality, or the truth. Obama and Shrillary are two of the most egregious examples.

    That's just what liberals do.

    That's what cost them the election.

  11. At the Pravda-Urinal, that "sucking sound" just getting louder and louder:

    Something has to be done about this unworkable Ponzi scheme.

    Gotta wonder, also...with the market breaking records, and KPERS funding depending a full 59% on the market...are they making agines there? Or, are they ignoring all that, and just want more "employer" (taxpayer) dollars?

    Looks like they are actually doing fairly well, this year.

    But...theirs is a "guaranteed" plan, unlike their "employers" (taxpayers), which means if the fund takes a hit, the taxpayers must cover it...which is a big part of why we are in this mess, in the first place, sine they took the same hit around 2008 that the rest of us did. Problem is...the rest of us just "lost".

    Now, WE have to try to make up for ours...PLUS theirs. And, losing 10%, 20%, 30% or takes MUCH HIGHER percentage gains to just get back to where the loss started.

    I lose 30% of $50,000, I lose $15,000, which leaves me with $35,000. Takes MUCH more % to make that back up, than 30%. To just get back to $50K, I would need a 42.9% gain, starting from the lower number.

    Time to change this. Why do the employers (taxpayers) bear the burden of loss, for OUR own, AND theirs?

  12. NO!!!! Let the monster rot in a cell, where he belongs.

  13. First of all, that mook was supposed to have the hard forty, but the godless liberal Kansas Supreme Court overturned that one. This is of course the same court that thinks they get to determine how much money is spent on education, since after all the Kansas Constitution is as meaningless to them as the United States constitution is to godless liberals anywhere.

    So then they overturned his conviction altogether and he got convicted of a lesser crime. Then he got a life sentence and got parole.

    I say lock these animals up. And you get one chance. If by chance you do get parole, and you screw up and violate, back to the slammer for your entire sentence, no parole plus ten or twenty for violating the public trust.

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime says Beretta....

  14. Nunya, you got a great point. Who exactly was in charge of ramping up our cyber security anyway? Seems like the last eight years is when it's gotten out of control. Before that it was more of a concept than a reality.

    Remember when the Chicoms hacked into the Federal employee database and got the names and info of 30 million or so past and present Federal employees? This crap has been going on for years.

    If the russkies hacked anything, which may or may not be true they have been trying to hack everything and anything they can. So have the Chicoms and the Norks. It's the new warfare and intelligence gathering.

    And because the obama regime spends all it's time worrying about trying to get sexual perverts to shower with our daughters instead of the important stuff, they pretty much have an easy go of it.

    Democrats aren't the smartest people in the world as we saw demonstrated in this election. All their dirty little secrets got released. And these are the people who are in charge of cyber security. It's called the Administrative division of our government. That's their job. Maybe if obama has given a little more thought to doing his job instead of "fundamentally transforming America" we wouldn't be having this discussion.

  15. And these are the same people that claim Hillary's private server was never hacked.

    How's that oath go, Sarge?

    Something about defending our country against enemies both foreign and domestic...

  16. Kevin and oath means nothing to the Commie Liberals same with laws, bunch of Pricks.

  17. In the case of the godless left.....

    We have met the enemy and he is US!

  18. I think it's going to be really really hard on the godless left for the next few years. Eight to be exact.

    They've tried every sneaky underhanded trick they can think of and they've all failed. This russky hacking fake news story will pass as well. All they have done so far is look foolish, petty, hypocritical and like a pack of liars. And we're laughing at them. And our numbers are growing.

    As they watch the economy grow, new jobs happen for real, not obama pretend jobs, wages go up, companies start growing and hiring again. As they see people get raises again, and be able to buy things. As they watch the American spirit reawaken and people laughing at the delicate snowflakes who are all butthurt over some microagression.

    As they see our law enforcement officers feel safer, be better equipped, knowing they have the support of a President who respects and honors them as the last line of defense against the thugs that are allowed to rule our streets today.

    As they watch the hordes of illegal aliens swarming into our sovereign nation in violation of our laws turned back at the border, no longer to drain our coffers drawing welfare and take our jobs.

    When they see our military grow strong again and resume it's role as the best fighting force on the planet, instead of a godless left wing social experiment filled with sexual perverts and weak leaders who are more about politics than fighting.

    When America stands proud again, patriotism is the order of the day instead of hatred for America.

    That's when the godless left will go around the bend. Especially when the rest of America laughs at their wimpering and whining and reminds them...WE WON!!!

    #Making America Great Again

  19. I can confirm, through a high clearance source that at least 75% of the KSC is godless and cares not for the constitution of the state or country.

    You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a justice by the books they read.
    Or at least I'm told....

  20. Referencing safe's point on wiki letting out the dark secrets of the left, I would tend to agree. They sorta showed all of their cards. Not the smartest people, that's for sure.

    But, I'm honestly worried we will never hear from Assange again. Sources I've read and talk to say all credibility in wiki may have vanished with Julian. Wiki may now be staged info release that may be nothing but lies sold by the left, on the recent credibility established by sharing the truth. The wording has changed. Pretty sure it's been taken over.
    And unless Assange makes an appearance soon, I'm going with that thinking.
    Too bad, what a huge service he did for the American people.
    Very brave man.

    1. Pizzagate may have done him in. If even the smallest percentage of what has been uncovered is true, proves we are dealing with evil on darkest of levels.

      Done by the very creatures that will gladly label you a racist or bigot for no reason and no proof. And the same people that arrogantly feel above being attacked in the cyber realm.

      Stupid crazy or crazy stupid.
      Take your pick.

  21. Huh?

    Child's car is "broken into". Some items are stolen. Items sitting out in plain sight. Car wasn't locked. Child thinks I'm a bitch because I won't feel completely sorry for child. I say child should have put items out of sight or taken items out of car AND locked car. I agree people shouldn't take what isn't theirs, but when child supplies an invitation, I just can't feel a lot of sympathy.

    So, I guess I'm a bitch.

  22. Well...THIS is B.S.!

    Sounds like some of those city council members are just like clueless teenagers demanding a 109% increase in their fast-food worker wage!

    DOUBLE the pay?!!

    How about, to keep up with all this crap...double MY freakin' pay!!!

    "Vote themselves" a pay DOUBLE! That nonsense has to come to an end.

  23. Have I mentioned that the new webpage of the Pravda-Urinal Fake News site....SUX?!

    Let's start with this, first:'s a good opportunity for more Brownback-bashing from our favorite leftist fake news site.

    "At a time when our state faces a $350 million projected budget shortfall and a $580 million reduction in anticipated revenue next year, Kansans need to be especially critical of how the Brownback administration is spending money. This is why recent news of an expensive, botched attempt to modernize the state’s data technology is so frustrating — it was a $17 million failure."

    That was bash #1, bash #2 next:

    "Why did the Brownback administration originally pursue the project?"

    OK, well....maybe the old , antiquated system needed it? "Executive Branch" Technology Management project, y'know? Maybe...ummm...I duno...for "SECURITY" issues...little 'minor' things like that? (NOT that there is any hacking prevalent these days, huh?)

    ANYWAY, whatever the reason, it was decided to be done "in house", using state government personnel. USUAL...with ANYTHING done by the state, under ANY was rife with incompetency, cost over-runs and just plain government red-tape 100% inefficiency.

    Now, if the plan had been from the start to outsource to a private company...what do you suppose the big-government liberal socialists at the Urinal would have written, once they gort wind of it?

    DAMNED RIGHT! They would have slammed it from the very beginning!

    Which brings me to another reason they SUCK! I thought I might to search through their website to see if I could find any earlier articles about the EBTM, and what they said about it.

    Their CRAPPY "search" function does nothing but bring up an outside "google ads" page!

    Anyway...another opportunity to pile ALL the blame on Republicans (specifically Brownback), and avoid asking WHY THE STATE WORKERS couldn't do what they were supposed to do, on time and within budget!

    Why is this state in financial trouble? Well...a $120 million State Capitol remodel cost $325 million. that $205 million sure would have come in handy now. ESPECIALLY, since KPERS took the same hit in '08 as the rest of us, but we have to make up for ours AND theirs. Especially, since the liberal judges they keep finding keep charging taxpayers legal costs to have taxpayer-funded employees sue taxpayers to spend more taxpayer money on the taxpayer-funded employees and entities. (This "conflict-of-interest" crap basically has the taxpayers paying for BOTH SIDES of the issue, paying employees to fund lawyers to use expensive court time to sue...OURSELVES!)

    ALL that money could have come in handy during and after 8 years of economic terrorism by Barack Hussein Obama, and his lawless, treasonous mob in D.C., and beyond.

    The Urinal sucks.

    1. Hell I had to update my account, don't know now if I will be billed twice for this shit, changed the whole lay out of the paper, can't print shit, the few instructions that is given sucks, Christ can't them asshole leave shit along.

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