Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cleaning up some old files...

You guys are all well aware of the fact that I run a blog over on another website.

And just like this one it's attracted it's fair share of internet trolls whose mission in life is to spread hate and discontent.

Before that other website started their policy of forcing users to post under their real names there was one poster in particular (who will forever remain nameless) who turned the anonymity offered by the internet into an art form.

Through threats and intimidation this particular anonymous poster was more or less given free reign to treat the place as his own.

But hey, you guys know the story so there's no need for me to go on about it.

Not that any of that matters anymore but last night as I was cleaning up some of my old files I came across an old email titled "The answers you seek" and for no particular reason I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Is it connected in any way to anything I've talked about today?

I have no idea and I'm not suggesting it is.

Like I said it was just something I ran across last night while cleaning up some old files.

Kevin McGinty


  1. Yes they are!! Or as I would say it they are fucking assholes. But that is just me with my opinion.

  2. So he's a troll in other places? Figures. And I thought it was just us he was attracted too. Kind of makes sense for guy like him to get "passed around" I suppose.....

  3. Some folks have no life at all so they get their jollies by being trolls like the forever nameless one you're talking about. If he is an actual lawyer, then he knows the penalties for stalking! the creepazoid really needs psychiatric help in an institution with no exits.

  4. Rikki, what does jollies even mean. Lol

  5. Today's gonna be huge, boys and girls.

    Despite the tens of thousands of letters, middle of the night phone calls, emails, and death threats America's 538 State Electors will gather today to cast their votes for Donald Trump officially making him the 45th President of The United States.

    What do you suppose the chances are that once it's all said and done our reality challenged friends will finally accept the fact that they lost and go on with their lives?

  6. Not a chance in Hell they will whine for the next 4 years.

  7. Funny...the more he tries to prove his "intellectual superiority", the more idiotic he becomes. That's what happens when he goes from having his head stuck up his own arse, to sticking it up other liberals' arses. Can't help but spew out fecal matter...and he spews like a volcano. But, Satan love him...he's just doing what he's been programmed to do. Poor little troll boy.

    Now, then...if there has ever been ANY proof of the extreme-left editorial slant at that dying little tabloid of a newspaper, the Urinal...and any doubts about their intention to shut us up, and 'control the narrative' is the day ANY doubt is removed.

    Matt, the Johnson, (Editorial Page Editor) has just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has 100% pure hate in his blackened heart for Trump, and would rather have backed a proven-lying, treasonous, big-money 1%er, foreign-money/influence-interfering-in-a-campaign, disrespectful-towards-Americans, anti-American bitch of a wench.

    He goes on to savage a Muslim woman for DARING to vote for Trump, but tracks back a bit by saying 'Oh...I can understand, because of Obama's refusal to put "Islam" in "Islamic State" and jihad.....blah, blah, blah...but his clear intent is to say she crossed the line of conventional liberal group-think, and she's an ignorant bitch to vote for Trump, because she doesn't see things exactly how Matt, the Johnson, sees them!

    The limp Johnson writes:

    "Two days after the election, Asra Nomani wrote an article for the Washington Post titled “I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.” To most people who loathe Trump as much as I do, this headline is probably a bewildering, grating oxymoron."

    The point is...this line:

    "To most people who loathe Trump as much as I do..."

    So much, as proven, that flaccid Johnson manipulated the blogs, backed (and ignored the rules for) far-left bloggers, while using conservative bloggers as targets and getting them banned, and tye clearly-obvious "change" of the blogs to freakin' Facebook...right before the "control the news".

    What a pathetic excuse for an "editor". That wasn't "objective". It was all about...(just like Emperor Obama, and this blog's 'Guest of Dishonor') HIMSELF!

    Yes, Matt, the Johnson...and Buttstache. "Birds of a feather, fluck together."

    The Johnson should get a different job. A more REAL job. About all he'd be good at, though, is a shady used-car salesmen, dressed like Herb Tarlek. He WOULD look right at home in one of Tarlek's suits!

  8. Kev asks: "What do you suppose the chances are that once it's all said and done our reality challenged friends will finally accept the fact that they lost and go on with their lives?"

    None. In fact, Obama and his gang of commies, socialists, Muslims, domestic-terrorists and criminals...with help from Hollywood hypocrites and big-money leftist 1%ers AND the lying media...still have one more month to come up with some devious, dishonest crap to still try to derail this. If there is any group of desparate, dastardly, rabid anti-Americans that would ever's this current bunch.

    It's NOT "a done deal" until Trump is sworn in, and Obama is in the history books (as the absolute worst president ever, his "legacy" one of dismal failure at every level, because of his own pretentious, condescending, egomaniacal self).

    Do NOT sit back and relax...just yet! They are already proving, at every turn, that they will NOT accept this! AND, they WILL try ANYTHING...and I mean still try to stop Trump! Obama still has one month to (create) and declare a "national emergency" or "constitutional crisis" or something...and if you don't think they are huddled together at this very moment trying to figure out how to do it...think again.

    That should be obvious.

  9. It is obvious.

    I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one seeing it...

  10. Obamma and hs queen bitch will never fade away. You can bet your last penny that he will do nothing but stir up the B S pot. He is already planning how he is going to start lecturing to young mindless libs. All in hopes of him being the next Tee Shirt Commie. Like the Fat Gal said. It aint over yet. And he is just one of the bunch. They have a whole line up ready to go out

  11. I pray they have extra security on Trump for the next 33 days, these crazy asshole idiots out there may put out a hit man on him, Hell M Moore is now offering money to those not to case their vote for trump, He should be arrested for that.

  12. Isn't that illegal to pay people to vote a certain way? Funny how that all works.

  13. SSAH Nothing is illegal as long as we have the lib's in control of the white House.

  14. "Obama takes some blame for staggering Democratic losses"

  15. Seems at this point more electors broke away from casting an electoral vote for ol Hillary than President Trump....

    But that's not what they said...

    I thought there were aliens or something?

  16. One thing I would like to bring up for discussion..... Conflict of Interest within the Electoral College.... Former President Bill Clinton is one of the electors for New York - he voted of course for Hillary..... this should not be allowed because he didn't vote the will of the people, he voted as an impartial supporter of Hillary being directly linked up to her.

    Does this bother anyone else here in Rm. 235?

    I know Bill's vote did absolutely no good for Hillary because Trump was confirmed as the winner of the 2016 election - but Bill Clinton shouldn't be an elector with his "very personal" relationship with Hillary.

  17. Well I don't know if anyone notice Trump won again today, Good grief he is still kicking ass!!! Lol

  18. Everything those bastards do bothers me, Rikki...

  19. And not only did Trump win the day but Hillary lost all over again...

  20. Damn it, where is Maingate,I want to hear from that asshole bigly, Good Grief!!

  21. looks like battle and company are having another melt down over at the other website....

  22. Well it looks like I am home alone again.

  23. If they weren't so damned disgusting, Martin Sheen and his ilk might have been funny. Just because they have name recognition doesn't mean they know squat about anything. Who do they think they are? We know what they are. What happened to all those who said they would leave the country if Trump won? Do they need help packing their bags? I'd be happy to help drop kick them over the border.

  24. Today seems a rather quiet day over at the other website - folks like batty, alan, keri, etc., etc., all seem to be very absent.... they probably won't be popping up anywhere anytime soon either...

  25. They're all waiting for the next round of talking points...

  26. probably so - probably going to all get vocal when they see what Melania will wear for Inauguration Day...

  27. Kevin, I have a talking point for them: Get over it!

  28. looks like batty is building up his troll accounts over at the other website... I hope that cj is happy with what changes they made because all of their efforts and crap remains the same over there.

  29. ***I interrupt your regularly scheduled evening with this news flash***

    Pizza's in the oven.... soon to be devoured....

    ok, I return you now to your regularly scheduled evening.....


  30. Meanwhile, over at that little failing, shrinking rag of a leftist/communist propaganda tabloid, ran by intolerant hypocritical liberal idiots, the Urinal:

    Well....first the city council scoundrels DOUBLE their own pay. Wish I could do that. They seem kinda like those whiny, immature, unskilled, uneducated burger flippers who want a 109% raise for their unskilled labor, to approach starting wages of skilled workers, huh? (Which will actually be LOWERING the skilled workers' worth, in effect. How "FA-HA-haaair" is that?)

    That was bad enough. Now this from "the city scoundrels":

    "City votes to raise TPAC funding by $400,000"

    Hmmm...why did they do that? I's ONLY about 1/2 a million not, huh?'s WHY that is the kicker.

    Here's a clue, and the "justification" is immature, irresponsible and just plain criminal...a gross mismanagement of taxpayer dollars...if you ask me:

    "Governing body members made the move as they voted 7-1 to transfer $1.6 million in excess revenue the city has on hand in its general fund."

    $1.6 MILLION in "EXCESS REVENUES"?!'s like..."HEY...instead of returning money to the taxpayers" (whose money it actually IS)..."let's SPEND IT!! YEEEEHAW!!"

    Or, "instead of not raising taxes, or even LOWERING them, because we are getting "an excess"...let's SPEND IT!!! YEEEEHAW!!!"

    Or, "instead of investing it, and growing an even stronger "rainy day fund" that we will CERTAINLY someday REALLY need....let's SPEND IT!!! YEEEHAW!!!"


    Assholes. It's OUR MONEY, morons! It's NOT "YOURS"!!!

    Vote'em ALL out next chance. They obviously have a spending addiction that they just can't control.

    1. Nunya, that's exactly why I moved out of Topeka and shawnee county.

  31. I see ol' Batshit is making a total mockery of the Urinal's new format and their very own little "verifiable identification laws" (of which they and Batshit VEHEMENTLY oppose in the MOST important instance to have verifiable ID...the leftist-commie hypocrites they all are) and they are accommodating his shenanigans.

    We should send the Urinal a case of Kleenex to wipe their chins, and a case of Buttstache's "personally-endorsed-through-experience" personal lubrication product that he so highly-recommended here. Seems like they'll all use up a LOT of BOTH on each other!!

    You and the boys at the Urinal just keep your chins up, Battso! (Makes it easier for you all to swallow what each other have to offer!)

  32. Doing more test, damn I keep messing up my account.

  33. Well, I have to wonder what obamma will really do when he gets kicked to the curb. I heard somewhere that the obammas were staying in washington dc and setting up some kind of shadow government. Try to disrupt Trumps presidency and save obammas self serving delusional legacy. Makes me wonder what the lefty's are planning. Nunya said it, it's not over yet. It wont be even when Trump takes office. These worthless pukes wont settle for the resounding defeat they were given.

  34. So obama let a bunch more gun toting drug trafficker felons out of prison.

    I get tired of the godless left lecturing us about "keeping guns out of the hands of criminals" when what they really want is to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights, so they are defenseless against the hordes of thugs and criminals they support.

    So now he's let some eleven hundred violent drug dealers, most of who used guns in the commission of their crimes out of jail, back on the streets of our cities already overrun with drug addicts and violence.

    And he's let thousands of muslims from terrorist harboring countries into our country unvetted and free to roam about creating havoc all the while collecting welfare to support themselves while they foment hatred for America.

    He's put more people on welfare and food stamps and driven more people from the workforce than any president in history.

    He's attacked and persecuted the Law Enforcement officers in America, creating false narratives of racism and sending the corrupt DOJ to attack them and drum up fake claims. He's praised and openly endorsed, as has his party, the domestic terrorist group black lies matter which loudly and frequently calls for the murder of police officers and has inspired and probably carried out several attacks and murders of law enforcement officers.

    He attacks and persecutes Christians, like making the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charity pay for birth control and abortions under his socialized medicine scheme he and his party cooked up, obamacare.

    He has destroyed our health care insurance system making it unaffordable and unusable for most Americans using a propaganda machine that sold it on lies and deception.

    It's actually starting to look like this guy doesn't like America, and is doing everything he can to destroy it or plant the seeds of destruction. Hell, it's not starting to look that way, It IS that way.

    But I guess the joke is on the godless left since America voted and we now have a President Elect who loves America and will dismantle and rebuild much of what this godless bunch destroyed.

    You liberals need to take a hard look at what just happened. America doesn't like you much right now. And all this nonsense you keep pulling isn't helping you. It just proves we were right all along.



    He will be like we need it to be.. Read this!!

    ACTION NOT WORDS: - When Four Russian diplomats were kidnapped by a team of masked gunmen in Beirut on Sep 30th 1985, the USSR didn't bother with negotiations.. The Kidnappers were affiliated with Iranian backed group Hezbollah, so Colonel Yuri, the KGB Station Chief in Beirut sought out Grand Ayatollah, the spiritual leader of Lebanon Shiites, and told him " How unfortunate it would be if a Soviet nuclear missile landed on Ayatollah's resident or on Iranian holy city of Qom?".. "The patience of great power can run out".. "The USSR can proceed to serious action with unpredictable consequences" Colonel Yuri added.. Grand Ayatolla was left wondering.. "Are these crazy Russians really that crazy, to drop a Bomb in Qom".. Soon after, a Commando team from KGB's elite Alpha Force arrived in Beirut. They kidnapped a close relative of hostage takers' leader Imad, castrated him and sent his several body parts to Hezbollah HQs with a message that other relatives would be next. The Hezbollah had made a mistake.. They were not dealing with nice Americans who had opted for negotiations after they kidnapped their (US) CIA Station chief - Hezbollah later killed him after several months of negotiations... They were dealing with USSR. They were dealing with the KGB who were more ruthless and more ultraViolent than Hezbollah. Just TWO days after the Alpha operation, the Soviet hostages were released. No Russians have been kidnapped in Middle East since. The Jerusalem Post's correspondent at the time put it "They do things - they don't talk".



    January 20th The Cavalry is coming.. Hmmm maybe will Obama pardon Al Baghdadi and his ISIS THUGS TOO

  36. knock knock.... anyone here?

  37. Well Good Morning Skippey!! I am just about ready to go back to bed for a few more Z's

  38. Yeah, rub it in my face.

    I'm getting ready to go to work...

  39. Yhep me also. Looks like knock knock didnt have any thing to say so off I go. See you all in the sun up.

  40. About to the half way point in loading my truck.

    I'll drop by tonight and post tomorrow's blog.

    In the meantime you guys have yourselves a glorious day...

  41. I'm shocked! The "two-headed monster with one half brain" (and takes both heads to write one column), Steve and Cokie, have actually written something that is based mostly in...REALITY?!

    Did Hell just freeze over???!!!

  42. Now, then...over at that dying, shrinking local Communist-propagandasite ran by uber-leftists and intolerant haters of all sorts, The Topeka Pravda-Urinal, their "Editorial" today is about Brownback giving an "honest" State of the State address, and admitting his total failure.

    Other REAL mitigating factors not mentioned (and there are many)that explains this state's predicament, but pretty much ONLY "Brownback's tax cuts" to blame.

    How predictable of the Urinal.

    of course, their prediction of "Kansans may experience a few severe shocks in 2017 — from the possibility of a costly Supreme Court ruling on school finance...", which is just ONE of the ONGOING mitigating factors that are not blamed at all (but IS a HUGE part of the problem) is written as "it's not worth rehashing that and considering the damage that just throwing MORE money into a failing system is doing to the rest of the budget" thing.

    Also, next time "government employees" start complaining about pay and benefits, maybe show them what's coming up in my next post?

  43. Straight from the BLS website:

    This first part about private-sector:

    "Employer costs for employee compensation averaged $34.15 per hour worked in September 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today."

    "Wages and salaries averaged $23.42 per hour worked and accounted for 68.6 percent of these costs, while benefits averaged $10.73 and accounted for the remaining 31.4 percent. Total employer compensation costs for private industry workers averaged $32.27 per hour worked in September 2016."

    Now, the "public sector":

    "Total employer compensation costs for state and local government workers averaged $45.93 per hour worked in September 2016."

    "Compensation costs in state and local government
    State and local government employers spent an average of $45.93 per hour worked for employee compensation in September 2016. Wages and salaries averaged $29.06 per hour and accounted for 63.3 percent of compensation costs, while benefits averaged $16.87 per hour worked and accounted for the remaining 36.7 percent. Total compensation costs for management, professional, and related workers averaged $55.25 per hour worked. This major
    occupational group includes teachers, averaging $62.39 per hour worked. Total compensation for sales and office workers averaged $32.05 per hour worked and service workers averaged $35.16."

    Did you see that, in there?

    Allow me to point it out:

    "This major occupational group includes teachers, averaging $62.39 per hour worked."

    Averaged $62.39, as opposed to private-sector $32.27 per hour worked. GOVERNMENT sales and office workers (what the hell is government doing having 'salespeople'?)averaged $32.05 per hour worked and service workers averaged $35.16. Management, professional, and related workers averaged $55.25.

    Doesn't seem to me that they are doing all that badly! At taxpayer expense. And then, of course, those who work in government do not contribute one penny of net-positive tax revenue to the level of government in which they are employed. Also, they receive lifetime pay and benefits from that level of government's taxpayers, for not working...often retiring in their 50's, to live off the taxpayers for 20...30...40 or more years.

    "Budget shortfall"? "School finance"? "Need more taxes"?

    No...we need to get freakin' government UNDER CONTROL! THAT'S the problem. Too few net-positive private-sector taxpayers to EVER pay for too much, too-expensive, too many well-paid-forever government employees AND all the OTHER things we need. Even if we stopped the LLC won't pay for ALL THIS "GOVERNMENT"!

    Government needs to be downsized to ONLY what we need, and to what they are actually RESPONSIBLE for doing. Government retirement plans need to get away from "guaranteed pensions", and into 401k, etc., plans...JUST like their "bosses" (the taxpayers) have to endure.

    And, we need to quit allowing taxpayer money to go through teachers to unions to lawyers to sue...the taxpayers...for more money! We taxpayers are paying BOTH SIDES of that nonsense!


  44. And in the words of our good friend and fellow patriot.

    "So there's that."

  45. Seems like the godless democrats just cannot accept change. That's a symptom of a much larger mental illness, but that's a topic for another day.

    Same thing happened in 1860. The election of Abe Lincoln brought the democrats to the breaking point. They acted pretty much the same as they are acting today. Threats of secession followed, just like today. Demands the laws not apply to them were made, just like today. Refusal to accept the election, just like today.

    Actual secession soon followed that, and a civil war was needed to end the rebellion by the seditious democrats.

    So I guess things never really change, do they? At least not if you are a godless democrat.

    I'm getting very tired of hearing how hillary won the popular vote. When someone says that they are either deliberately ignoring our constitution and the rules governing our electoral process, which speaks to sedition and a frightening lack of respect for the rule of law in America, or they are willfully ignorant of basic civics and government.

    Either option should disqualify them from voting. If they hold our country and our rule of law in such contempt they should not have a say in how it is run. If they are so stupid they have no idea how our country operates even at that simple of a level they should have no say in how our country is run.

    Now, you godless lefties need to sit down, shut up and let the adults clean up the mess you made. We've to to.....

    Make America Great Again!!!

    I say we consider passing another alien and sedition act like John Adams did. Throw these seditious anarchists in prison until they repent and learn to behave.

  46. Now Safe, don't you think that's just a LITTLE harsh? Alien & Sedition Act - you're cracking me up here.

  47. Oh I don't know. It worked pretty well for Adams....

    And Lincoln just suspended habeas corpus and threw all the newspaper writers he didn't like in jail. And the left loves him.

    Just spitballing here. Just tossing out ideas......

  48. And you know, it WOULD be cool to see ol' Mousey peering forth from the recesses of his 10 x 12 until he gets with the program. But if he has to reform to get a release, well ... . The Carr brothers will be out before him.

  49. FACT:

    Barry Switzer seen in Trump Towers. Says he met with President Elect Donald Trump. He is going to be Secretary of Offense. Says Trump will Make the wishbone great again.

    Another great cabinet choice in my opinion.

  50. But Osborne broke the Wishbone in '71, so perhaps he should be Sec of Defense.